TTG Chapter 301

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 301: Battlefield Orphanage

It hurts!

The severe chest pain left Wei Xun’s brain blank. He couldn’t help gritting his teeth. The smell of blood spread in his mouth. It was an Xuefeng’s blood. His blood is very hot and warm. Even if he is bitten, an Xuefeng is still kissing him, from strong to fine and gentle, which makes Wei Xun gradually relax.

He was covered in cold sweat and still had a sharp pain in his chest, but Wei Xun found that he didn’t count down much, and an Xuefeng’s hand was really stable. But even if the death countdown did not drop much, the mental fluctuation caused by pain still reduced the San value to 50 points.

Sure enough, the pain of doomsday punishment will seriously affect his mood. Wei Xun was slightly alienated. Just when he found this, an Xuefeng stopped temporarily. He felt something wrapped around his wrist with a trace of resistance.

It’s Wei Xun’s tail.

The thin tail tip trembled because of pain and was flexible and powerful. A red mark appeared on an Xuefeng’s wrist, but an Xuefeng only thought it was poor and lovely.

“Go on.”

Seeing an Xuefeng stop, Wei Xun said hoarsely, “don’t stop…”

Wei Xun’s words were full of breath. He gasped lightly and dared not exert himself. After all, every breath had to affect the wound in front of his chest. Wrinkling his eyebrows and looking at an Xuefeng, Wei Xun finds that an Xuefeng is also worried and looks at him.

One or two drops of blood splashed on an Xuefeng’s face, and the red blood fell on the hard jaw, adding a touch of brilliance.

This is his blood, the color he brings.

Wei Xun thought that he found a subtle connection between himself and blood, which was deeper than before. He seemed to be vaguely aware of how much energy… Or pollution was contained in the blood.

Butterfly Tattoo blood.

Whether to pollute an Xuefeng is only in his mind.

How strong is the pollution of Butterfly Tattoo blood? Can it pollute an Xuefeng?

But now is not the time to think about such a thing. Wei Xun still has a cut in his chest, which hurts like hell. When an Xuefeng saw that he regained consciousness, he slightly adjusted his posture, almost half holding Wei Xun, so that he could see his chest.

The returning knife is still set at the wound to open the wound. An Xuefeng opened a V-shaped blood port, which was very deep, but the amount of bleeding was not large.

The blade is right in the middle of the butterfly tattoo.

But… No.

There are no fragments in Wei Xun’s flesh and blood, which is different from that of the puppet master. It is also different from other guides embedded with butterfly fragments.

If Wang pengpai opens the knife here, there must be a thick layer of yellow fat, but Wei Xun is different. If the knife goes down, it will go to the sternum and then to the heart. But an Xuefeng still couldn’t find the butterfly fragments.

Thinking of this, an Xuefeng’s face became more and more dignified.

Not really, as he thought, butterfly fragments… Fused with Wei Xun’s heart deformity?

“Bite me if it hurts.”

Now that he has made up his mind, an Xuefeng will not stop. He took his left arm from behind Wei Xun’s neck, put his hand in front of his face and stuffed his fingers into his mouth. With a knife in his right hand, he strode decisively – a sharp pain came from his fingers. An Xuefeng’s hand holding the knife was still very stable. He didn’t stop until he saw a ball of beating red meat.

That’s Wei Xun’s heart.

He has begun to alienate. In fact, the sternum and heart are subtly different from human beings, but an Xuefeng still sees it.

Wei Xun’s beating heart is branded with blue and purple butterfly wings.

The blood flowed out, but an Xuefeng’s eyes were attracted by the residual wings of the butterfly. The broken wings and Wei Xun’s heartbeat fluctuated, as if they had come back to life. The blue purple soaked by blood filled with unique and sinking charm.

It makes people want to be close to and monopolize. An Xuefeng’s cheek is a little hot, which is stained with blood. The heat is spreading, winding down from the cheek to the neck, making people unable to extricate themselves.

“Do you like it?”

He heard Wei Xun chuckle. This feeling was different from the past and strange. Wei Xun supported his body with both hands, bare his chest and chamber, and the blood flowed down, just like a rose on the snow-white skin. I know it’s pollution, but it’s extremely attractive.

The temptation of blood, the temptation of heart, comes from butterfly tattoo… And from his whole person.

“Do you want it?”

Wei Xun smiled lightly, his snow-white eyelashes fell like a butterfly, and his blue and purple eyes looked at him like a smile. His eyes were different from those in the past. At the moment, Wei Xun seemed to have changed into a person. The temptation in the voice aroused people’s soul

The deepest and most primitive desire and hope. No one can resist——



An Xuefeng knocked Wei Xun out with a sharp knife. But he is not as calm as he imagined. His body is very hot. The accumulated anger that needs to be vented runs rampant in his body. An Xuefeng breathed heavily, and countless emotions flashed in his eyes.

“Meow – ha!”

In the cat’s fierce breath, an Xuefeng came back to himself and found that he was out of control. He kissed Wei Xun’s body, forehead, cheeks, eyes, neck, and even lower… The back of his hand was stabbed by the cat. An Xuefeng bit the tip of his tongue. In the severe pain, he forced himself to deal with Wei Xun’s wound.

Then an Xuefeng swept away the cat with a bow and back and hugged Wei Xun in his arms. Afraid of pressing his wound, an Xuefeng became a snake. He was in the most calm and rational state, but he still couldn’t help winding Wei Xun.

Under the dim yellow light, the long black-and-white snake rolled around the pale and beautiful man. The snake letter fell on his lips, which was strange and beautiful.



Wei Xun shivered, cold and painful. His brain was confused. He calmed down for a long time. There was still a little pain in the back of his neck – as if he had been beaten by someone.

Not only that, Wei Xun was sore all over, as if he had been bound for a long time and then loosened, and as if he had been run over by some car. His eyes were also swollen. He had shed a lot of tears in pain before, and his crying circles were swollen. When an Xuefeng opened his chest, the San value of his pain almost returned to zero. Wei Xun forgot what happened later. It seems that he fainted? But Wei Xun remembered everything before.

His butterfly fragments are different from puppet masters. They are not embedded in flesh and blood. Are they on the sternum or heart?

“Are you awake?”

An Xuefeng’s voice gradually returned Wei Xun’s reason. He found himself leaning on the man’s broad chest. The lake basement is cold and humid, but an Xuefeng’s chest is dry and warm. He holds Wei Xun in his arms like a big bear holding a little bear.

Wei Xun felt that his body was dry and fresh without the feeling of cold sweat and greasy. He should have been cleaned up by an Xuefeng. He looked down at his chest and found that the wound had been bandaged. He’s covered by An Xuefeng’s windbreaker, and the army green quilt was stained with blood and sweat and dropped on the ground. Only a prop oil lamp was lit in the safety record room, and the dim yellow light seemed a little warm here.


A weak cat’s cry came. Pancake was wronged and curled up on an Xuefeng’s windbreaker. She was fluffy and weak as if she had just fought with a dragon. When Wei Xun woke up, he immediately leaned in front of him, stretched out his claws and pulled the windbreaker, trying to get into the windbreaker and nest in Wei Xun’s arms.

But an Xuefeng sat up a little, and Wei Xun also sat up straight, and directly lifted the kitten down.

“It’s still a little burnt.”

An Xuefeng touched Wei Xun’s forehead and felt it was still a little hot. His body temperature is high. He feels hot. The temperature is definitely not low.

As usual, he will use props for Wei Xun immediately, but this time an Xuefeng took out some antipyretic medicine from the side.

The real antipyretic medicine was fed to Wei Xun with hot water.

“Get used to it in advance.”

Seeing that he was shivering with fever and cold, an Xuefeng held Wei Xun tighter. He pulled the windbreaker sleeve and wrapped them: “during the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, many props can’t be used.”

“When you were drunk on the journey to Western Hunan, you should find that the prop effects of those passengers have been halved, or even more.”


Wei Xun was dizzy and weak. He caught the stubborn cat and held it in his arms as a warm water bag.

Indeed, Miao Fangfei almost broke off her abdominal pain on the way to the first scenic spot. She said that she had made a lot of preparations and had all kinds of props, but the effects of the props were all broken.

“The problem of 30 degrees north latitude is more serious, and the hotel props are basically unusable.”

An Xuefeng said slowly, like telling a story, diverting Wei Xun’s attention: “in addition to the title, title exclusive props and personal exclusive props, all kinds of hemostatic and restorative agents sold by other hotels are difficult to use.”

This is one of the reasons why there is almost no solution at 30 degrees north latitude. Without the support of hotels, it is very difficult to overcome countless pollution monsters.

“So… Wang Yushu is easy to use?”

Wei Xun coughed twice and his voice was a little hoarse. He smashed his mouth, and there was still a faint smell of an Xuefeng’s blood in his mouth. My lips are a little numb. I don’t know whether I lost a lot of blood or I kissed an Xuefeng just now.

“Yes, the title of replicator is easy to use.”

An Xuefeng sighs that Wei Xun can always directly grasp the key points. The props copied by Wang Yushu can be said to be based on his title and can be barely used during the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Taking Wang Yushu in is equivalent to a small props library.

“The tour guide is more difficult during the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, but chasing dreams is the pioneer of Sahara, and there will be some preferential treatment.”

An Xuefeng talked to Wei Xun again. Seeing that he had recovered his spirit, he showed him the photo.

It was a picture taken by an Xuefeng at Wei Xun’s heart after he was unconscious. Ordinary cameras can’t capture Butterfly Tattoos. An Xuefeng used special props to capture a little virtual shadow. But the virtual shadow and what the human eye sees are still somewhat distorted.

Wei Xun looked at the photo. There was a thick and deformed black fog floating in his heart at his blood stabbing Hula’s chest. This is a special camera, pure abyss.

But in an Xuefeng’s description, his heart is tattooed with blue and purple butterflies.

Butterfly tattooed on the heart.

“It’s evil. It’s tempting me to dig out your heart.”

An Xuefeng played it down and skipped the time in a few words į Note 40; Dangerous situation. Wei Xun listened to a muffled smile, leaned lazily in an Xuefeng’s arms, played with his fingers and joked: “an team has a good concentration, huh?”

“And your performance was abnormal. Do you remember what happened?”

“I don’t remember.”

Wei Xun was curious: “have I changed more?”

“That’s not true.”

An Xuefeng shook his head, and then he paused: “except the tail, all the changes on you have disappeared.”

Tail… Wei Xun found that although his San value was almost full, his tail was still there, and

Also firmly around an Xuefeng’s thigh, close to his flesh.

Wei Xun’s eyes moved and rubbed the cat in his arms. Behind him, an Xuefeng coughed, put his hand down and firmly grasped Wei Xun’s disorderly tail.

“Can’t take it back?”

“I can’t take it back.”

Wei Xun said innocently.

Indeed, his tail seems to be born. Even if the San value is full and there is no alienation, he can’t take it back at all.

“Maybe it’s the butterfly tattoo.”

An Xuefeng thought: “the blood in your heart is also polluted by butterfly fragments. It’s really rare for fragments to melt into organs. It’s true for some monsters on the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.”

“How did you get the butterfly fragments… Can you tell me?”

An Xuefeng pondered for a moment and asked seriously.

“The relics left by my parents.”

There was nothing to say, but Wei Xun wondered, “didn’t you find out when you interrogated the wanderer tomorrow?”

“Even if you tell him such a thing, the hotel will affect his memory.”

An Xuefeng shook his head. People outside the hotel can’t know about Maria butterfly. Even if Wei Xun spoke of the Maria butterfly, it would become something else in their ears.

“Your parents… I didn’t find out.”

An Xuefeng said frankly, “what I found is that you and Wei Xuechen are orphans. Your enterprise is also run by Wei Xuechen. His means are not clean. There are a lot of things in the dark. It’s not what normal people can do.”

“… is that so?”

Wei Xun pondered: “I have some memories of my parents, but they are not clear.”


What is not what normal people can do?

“The orphanage you came to is very special.”

An Xuefeng said, “do you know that there is an orphanage called ‘battlefield orphanage’?”

* *

How many decades are there in one’s life? Most of the ten years of tourists and tour guides selected into the hotel are their youngest and energetic decade.

The dangerous journey and the uncertain future make many people indulge in Carnival and get drunk today. In fact, there are many pairs in the hotel.

Some people even get pregnant and give birth to children, and the hotel has special preferential treatment for pregnant women. They don’t have to take part in the journey from four months pregnant to four months postpartum.

In fact, many people take this to escape the journey and danger. Where will their children go?

Even if someone gives birth to a child in the first year of entering the hotel, the child will be ten years old at most when the ten years are over and they will go to the battlefield. Where will the child go?


In the ‘Battlefield Orphanage’, there are all such orphans.

‘In more detail, you can ask? Ask the black widow. ‘

On the way back? Wei Xun was still thinking about what An Xuefeng said.

“I heard that the black widow once gave birth to a child…but I’m not sure. In any case, the female guide must know more about the battlefield orphanage, and the hostel sometimes sends them related tasks to take care of the children. ‘

He and his brother, both from the battlefield orphanage?

My memory is gradually blurred, is it because my parents have gone to the battlefield?

No, it’s not right, time? It’s not right.

Wei Xun and his elder brother are quite different in age. If they are really biological brothers, unless their parents gave birth to elder brother in the first or second year, they will give birth to him when they are about to go to the battlefield. ?…That’s not right. However, he does look a lot like his brother, which is indisputable.

No matter what, An Xuefeng provided a very crucial clue.

“Oh, you guys? Are you back!” An

Xuefeng and Wang Pengpai were so happy when they returned home, and finally, they were finally liberated. This is his mother, Yin Yang Butterfly cried and laughed at the door on the way home. ?Gosh! His mother, Wang Pengpai felt that the eyes of the traveling passengers were not right when they saw them on their way home.

At last? Come back, at last?…

“Team An, C…Ah?!”

When he saw Wei Xun, Wang Pengpai’s smile froze on his face.

This, this, how do you take this out? Is it? Bingyi? It’s Wei Xun when you come back? This, this you, don’t you do something to cover up or something?

And why is Wei Xun’s eye circles so red! How does it look like the Yin Yang butterfly? !

At this moment, behind Wang Pengpai, the excited voices of Qi Lecheng and others came.

“Team An!”

“Team An is back?”

“Are you back? You’ve been waiting for you? It’s been a long time!” The excitement of the greeting suddenly disappeared, in the strange silence?, look at the circles of your eyes Wei Xun, who was flushing, looked at An Xuefeng who seemed to have scratches on his face…

Wang Pengpai put on a mask of pain.

It’s over.

The author has something to say: Wang Pengpai: Anxious, how can I save the wind commentary of the An team? ?


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