TTG Chapter 302

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 302: Fatal problems

“That’s what happened.”

An Xuefeng coughed slightly. He briefly talked about the situation on the high platform, including the puppet master’s disguised clothes fish sneak attack, the tombstone of the hippie, and the slicing of the hippie.

According to an Xuefeng, the tombstone does have the smell of life playing people, but it is not a complete slice, but a residue of consciousness. As for the figure of the joking people, an Xuefeng said, “the suits and sun ornaments specially sent by the psychic media, coupled with the puppet master’s attack at that time, C-1 put on a scarlet cloak to avoid.”. Under the superposition of all kinds, it awakens the residual consciousness of life playing people.

Can these elements be collected again to arouse the residual consciousness of life playing people?

An Xuefeng said he was not sure, but anyway, now the tombstone is in the hands of the puppet master.

“I suspect that the puppet master has unregistered abyss nodes.”

An Xuefeng said: “she can still escape when the hotel is blocked. It should be the ‘extra’ node in the hands of the clothed fish. I will send someone to investigate tonight.”

Start at 10 o’clock. If other brigades have ideas, bring people here before 9 o’clock in the evening to prevent startling the snake. Each team can have up to two people.

“Just do as the security team says.”

Metaphysics Wan’an poverty first said: “the tombstone must be taken back. Soon, the west side will get news.”

Now is the weakest time for the puppet master. He must not let the hippie’s tombstone fall on the west side.

“There will certainly be people from the butcher alliance. I think the psychic media will take over the shepherd alliance this afternoon.”

Wang pengpai added that he was talking about what happened after an Xuefeng and Bingyi disappeared. The puppet master secretly attacked the butcher alliance in an attempt to turn the butchers into her puppets. As a result, the shepherd alliance was raided by the psychic media under the leadership of Pinocchio.

“I’ll go myself in the evening.”

The dark cloud said coldly, holding his hand unconsciously. Up to now, there is still no news of the clothed fish. He is likely to be taken away by the puppet master or imprisoned in that abyss. He wants to go now, but

Then he looked at an Xuefeng, frowned and asked, “what’s the situation of the bee Taoist priest now? Did you see the hair ghost when the butcher alliance invaded the shepherd alliance? Is Wu Laoliu all right now? And…”

Hearing him ask a series of tour guides, Qi Le orange couldn’t help but be surprised. Wan’an poverty smiled and felt a little numb in his heart.

The guide of Urumqi team… It’s terrible.

Moreover, the people he asked can be said to be the information that only C-1 and the butcher alliance can know. Although the security team is a C-1 connecting passenger, it is legitimate to ask him these questions, but

Qi Le orange couldn’t help looking at an Dui’s face. The scratch was gone. However, he clearly remembered what an Xuefeng and Wei Xun looked like when they just came back.

Wei Xun just managed to smile politely at them, and then went straight back to his room. And he went to the second floor

Although Wang pengpai explained that the new couple’s room was on the second floor, didn’t an Xuefeng always live on the second floor of the home station? At best, there should be another tour guide. How can a newcomer normally live on the second floor? Wei Xun’s expression… Thinking of what happened today, Qi Le orange couldn’t help being a little distracted.

It’s not an Xuefeng who asked Wei Xun to give the room to Bingyi!

This, this, this, should not, alas!

He couldn’t help looking at an Xuefeng again. Since he came back, an Xuefeng has been talking to them in the reception hall without any action to deceive people. Although, although it’s important to recapture the tombstone of the playful man, the performance of an Dui is really a little… Alas!

It’s hard to say about other people’s housework. What a mess. It’s not that I don’t care about the security team, but after ten minutes of conversation, I sent them all away.

* *

“So it makes sense to prohibit love in the brigade.”

On the way back, Qi Le orange couldn’t help sighing with Wan’an poverty: “but no matter which team an is with, they can’t get children. It’s OK.”

“Ann’s team is not like that.”

Wan’an poverty shook his head. He believed he wouldn’t read people wrong. An Xuefeng’s sense of responsibility is so strong that it is impossible for him to get involved with both people and create such emotional problems.

If you put aside the question and look at the essence… The most incredible point seems to be the right answer.

Wan’an poverty looked at the dark clouds. The man decided that the connection tour guide would never change, but just now he was also concerned about a series of tour guides? Because of this series of tour guides, it is very likely that they are the same person.

He didn’t say much. After all, Qile orange is still young and belongs to the next decade. It’s normal to wonder. But Wan’an poverty thinks that Urumqi should have thought of it. After all, he has been very silent since an Xuefeng came back

“Wei Xun, what a pity!”

The silent Ukrainian team is among them.

When the three were about to go their separate ways, he finally opened his mouth. He snorted coldly and hated iron. He said, “a big man should make a decision! What’s the use of crying? He should kick an Xuefeng directly! It’s a big deal to build a team by himself, be a captain, and find a guide by himself.”

“If you don’t want to build your own team, you can come to our team! Even if the way home is the first? I’m not afraid of him. I think Wei Xun should have come to our team…”

“Didn’t you give all those gifts to Wang pengpai?”

Wan’an took a deep breath, stopped listening to the dark clouds and changed the topic. Today, the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance was not completely over. After giving gifts on the way home, they should have given gifts to the big brigade. However, because the unexpected gifts could not be sent out, they were given to Wang pengpai for his help.

“What did you say to Wei Xun at that time?”

When an Xuefeng and Wei Xun came back, Qi Le orange stopped Wei Xun and gave him something. Wan An didn’t see it clearly.

“Yes, it’s surging to Wang. Hey, but I thought about it and sent a gadget to Wei Xun.”

Qile orange also sighed: “they’re going to Sahara soon. Captain an is like this now… Gee, I’m afraid Wei Xun felt bad and gave him a little thing to relieve his boredom.”

Speaking of this, Qile orange was a little worried: “Crimson has a guide, but I have done several spiritual relief, which is not really connected. Do you think it will change so much after connecting with the guide?”

No, after I have a tour guide, like an Xuefeng, I’m full of tour guides. Don’t even care about the people I like? Although he didn’t have a sweetheart, he began to worry.

“Hum, the guide should be around the passengers!”

Wu Yun has his own opinion: “if I say anything about the laoshizi tour guide alliance, the hotel should dissolve them all and send them all to the inside of the team. Arrange connections and meet regularly. At that time, everything will be all right and free.”

Wu Yun made a final speech and made a final decision: “if you connect with the tour guide early, it doesn’t matter. If you do not connect, you will be like an Xuefeng and the tour guides in the tour guide alliance sooner or later!”

Wan’an poverty, who also has no guide in the team:???

Feel targeted:)

* *

“Then what, captain.”

On the way home, several captains withdrew. Wang pengpai thought of what had happened just now and felt a little toothache. He wanted to stop an Xuefeng and asked implicitly, “well… Who do you like better?”

Wang pengpai, this is a hint! What should I do? Come up with a charter. Anyway, I have to have an external statement. If this goes on, the captain’s reputation will be destroyed!

“I like them all the same.”

But an Xuefeng had something in mind. He waved his hand to stop Wang surging, asked him for gifts from other brigades to the mutual aid alliance, and went upstairs directly.

Wang pengpai, who left the living room, was suffocating and about to explode.

Like a Baba!

When I opened the door, I saw Wang Yushu, Lushu orange and Mao Xiaole all crowded at the door. All three of them have a disillusioned expression, and Mao Xiaole’s body is shaking. Obviously, they just heard what an Xuefeng said!

At this moment, Wang surging almost wanted to close the door!

Surrounded by Wang Yushu and others, listening to their chirping, Wang surging was numb and wanted to cry without tears.

When will you be the boss these days!

* *

At this moment, an Xuefeng didn’t have Wang pengpai in his heart. As soon as he entered Wei Xun’s room on the second floor, his heart suddenly tightened. Then he went to Wei Xun’s own private residence. After seeing Wei Xun, an Xuefeng’s tight nerves finally relaxed slowly.

Just now, in the next ten minutes, an Xuefeng has been distracted. He is afraid that Wei Xun will have new variations during his absence.

Now seeing Wei Xun, an Xuefeng is finally at ease.


Wei Xun greeted an Xuefeng as soon as he saw him later. His own private residence has also been expanded. The living room is covered with a thick and warm woolen carpet sent by Qile orange, and some lazy sofas are placed on the carpet. The color is bright and warm, which is almost completely opposite to the decoration style seen by an Xuefeng at Wei Xun’s house.

But Wei Xun seems to like it. He holds the cat in his arms, leans on an orange cloth soft sofa, and is looking at a list. Here is today’s gift list, as well as various items offered by members of the new mutual aid alliance.


Yu Hehui and Tong Hege are also here. They stand up as soon as an Xuefeng comes in. An Xuefeng glanced at them and saw that there was not much worry on their faces, and he didn’t know what Wei Xun told them.

“Sit down.”

An Xuefeng nodded slightly and asked everyone to sit down. There are still a lot of empty places here.

Sit down, but Wei Xun naturally moved aside, and an Xuefeng naturally sat next to Wei Xun. The sofa is not big. An Xuefeng has long hands and feet. They are actually a little crowded when they sit together. But Wei Xun leaned lazily on an Xuefeng and didn’t squeeze.

Yu Hehui twitched from the corner of his eye. To tell the truth… They get along much more naturally than before. Then he felt that his waist was pestled by his elbow. When he looked back, he saw Tong Hege squeeze his eyes at him.

What did I say? As long as the hippie appears, the relationship between an DUI and Wei Xun will definitely make great progress!

Yu Hehui:

Yu Hehui didn’t want to talk. He felt that if people wanted to see this scene, they would never want to talk.

Especially after seeing an Xuefeng naturally wipe a handful behind Wei Xun’s waist


Yu Hehui coughed heavily and attracted everyone’s attention: “Xiao Hong… Hair ghost, now in the abyss node of Wei Xun.”

“When the hotel was blocked before, he felt wrong. He returned from the shepherd alliance and temporarily safely transferred everything that could be transferred to the abyss node.”

Xiao Hong feels dangerous, which means that the hotel blockade was definitely aimed at the puppet teacher at the beginning.

Just after touching Wei Xun’s waist, an Xuefeng, who confirmed that the devil’s tail was still there, understood Yu Hehui’s meaning.

“Wei Xun’s residence is very close to the puppet division’s private residence.”

An Xuefeng frowned: “is he still in the abyss?”

“Xiao Hong is still at the abyss node, and I remember some special changes in him.”

Yu Hehui looks at Wei Xun, but doesn’t say anything to support Xiao Hong immediately. As soon as Mingming Wei Xun came back, he told him about it, but Wei Xun looked at the gift list first and didn’t take care of Xiaohong.

On reflection, Yu Hehui understood. When Tong Hege saw Wei Xun and said he wouldn’t go, he didn’t think much at all. How dangerous it is below. Even if the puppet master is seriously injured, he is thin and dead. The camel is bigger than the horse. How can Wei Xun go down by himself?

It’s only safe when an team comes to solve it!

“I see.”

An Xuefeng nodded with an expressionless face: “he thought very well.”

Wei Xun looked up and looked at an Xuefeng with a smile. He knew that an Xuefeng and he thought of a piece.

Fagui is reborn by the puppet master. Under the threat of absolute loyalty, he can still throw a group of himself in the abyss that has not been polluted by the puppet master. What terrible self-control is this?

He chose to return to the puppet master, not just “help the master stare at the puppet master.”

301, 302, fatal problems (5 / 8)

。 When knowing that the puppet master was seriously injured, he was most likely to hide in the abyss node, he also chose to hide in Wei Xun’s abyss node close to the puppet master. He also took away some of the belongings in the residence of Weixun hotel.

Knowing the character of Yiwei Xun, he will definitely bring back all his belongings. I also know that with an Xuefeng’s character, I can’t trust Wei Xun to face the seriously injured puppet teacher alone. I know they will definitely catch up before others lock the puppet master’s position.

It can be said that everything is covered and everything is clear.

The bad bug master is best at slicing and parasitism.

When the puppet master polluted him, did he object to what the puppet master did?

Rebirth is to live again, but it is also deprived of everything. Look at Yu Hehui and Tong Hege. They don’t have the ranking number of passengers unless they come back after ten years of battlefield reshuffle. But the death of the evil bug master is different from them. There are clothes fish and bee Taoist, who are ranked and belong to the tourists of this decade. Even if he is reborn, can he really go to the next decade like Yu Hehui and them?

Or will it belong to this decade? Will you go to war soon after your rebirth?

He must think for himself and make his own calculations. And to tell you the truth, it’s also good for Wei Xun.

If he can really parasitize the puppet master, he will turn around and revive on her and become A-2 tour guide. It can be said that A-1, A-2 and A-3 will all be the backing of Wei Xun!

A 2 is more useful than an unknown guide.


“I don’t like people with many minds.”

Wei Xun sighed in an Xuefeng’s arms that he gave the maggot cocoon to an Xuefeng.

The evil bug master sliced so many copies, and the slicing strength is uneven. After fusion, one party will dominate. Is it the highest ranking clothed fish in the bright side, or the bee Taoist who changes from dissimilated state to abyss queen bee and abyss worm, with Xiaohong who has all the memory of hair ghost and has been lurking around the puppet master for many years, or

Or is there nothing, even Wu Laoliu can’t get out of the chieftain’s tomb. For Wei Xun, only loyal maggots?

Needless to say, an Xuefeng understood Wei Xun’s meaning.

“Leave at eight. There are ten minutes left.”

An Xuefeng frowned: “shall we go together? But I’m afraid your current physical condition is not suitable for entering the abyss.”

He told the other captains that he would leave at 10 o’clock, but an Xuefeng would certainly go there in advance with maggots. That tombstone is actually even the real Tomb of Xi life people.

None of the steles are carved by an Xuefeng. They are similar in style. They are made of stones that are just used to deceive people.

The puppet master had a hard time seizing it, but the other captains understood it at a glance. So an Xuefeng still has to deal with the tombstone in advance.

We are going to leave for the Sahara tomorrow. These little tails should be dealt with today.

Wei Xun’s devil’s little tail hasn’t disappeared yet. He has just fused new butterfly fragments. An Xuefeng is not at ease when he takes him down. But an Xuefeng was even more worried about leaving him alone.

“Let’s go together, but I’m sleepy. It’s up to you.”

Wei Xun yawned. He put down the gift list, rolled the cat in his arms, and then took out a long knife. For the time being, there is no fire god pollution and death Ming pollution. The dark green resentment soul floats on the blade and looks gloomy and cold.

[Name: maniac killing knife (Advanced variant)]

[quality: special]

[host: Wei Xun]

[feature 1: Crazy]

[madman, dare to be ordinary people, dare to do what ordinary people dare not do. You regard the rules as nothing. When you are strong, you will be strong. There is no difficulty or danger to trap you. But pay attention to the rules of the hotel. Don’t violate them!]

[feature 2: killing]

[killing sabre, if you use it, you will kill people! It has killed powerful abyss creatures, so when the thing to be killed is abyss creatures, it will burst out more powerful oppression!]

[feature 3: bloodthirsty]

[you are a maniac, a murderer, and even a pervert! You like to kill the victims one by one. Their complaining souls wail in your ears. That’s your favorite music! When you kill the same kind of prey in a row, their complaining souls will begin to accumulate and burst out in multiples at the fourth, seventh and thirteenth murders! Stack them to the highest level, and even God will kill you !】

[current accumulation: 1 / 4]

[species: abyssal creatures]

[Note: when you kill other kinds of prey while accumulating resentment souls, the accumulation will be recalculated]

This is the madman’s knife that has completely evolved after the battle on the high platform. No, it should be called Madman’s murder knife now. The biggest feature of the advanced exclusive weapon is that it can deform with the master’s mind, with long and short colors and styles, just like an Xuefeng’s return knife, which once became a small knife. Even the types of weapons can change.

However, after the change of weapon types, many characteristics of weapons will not be used. Then If you turn it into a bow and arrow, the second characteristic “killing knife, the knife will kill people” can no longer be used.

Moreover, it is clear that in the determination of the murderer’s knife, the “guide Puppet Master” was not killed on the high platform, but the abyss creatures.

The puppet master is very useful, Wei Xun sighed. Killing and resurrecting, killing and resurrecting again, is a very difficult opponent in the eyes of others.

But it’s good to fold the murder knife.

It is said that in the Sahara, those who devour the butterfly fragments of the dreamer are also monsters?

“Can you use my knife?”

Wei Xun asked. It’s a pity that an Xuefeng killed the puppet master more than ten times, but he had been poking the puppet master on the shoulder at that time, so he only counted once in the end.

“It’s not easy.”

An Xuefeng took his knife and played with it. Although it was not easy to say, he took out his return knife and put the maniac’s murder knife in the past to familiarize the two knives.

Wei Xun’s action of giving all his exclusive weapons to an Xuefeng made Yu Hehui and Tong Hege go deep into the brain.

“There are too many things in the mutual aid alliance tonight. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege, you stay here.”

Thinking about it, Yu Hehui heard Wei Xun waving. As he answered, he passed by, and then there were soft little animals in his hands.

“Take the cake for me first.”

Yes, it’s the cat that Wei Xun has been holding in his arms!

Yu Hehui immediately became stiff. In fact, he was not afraid of cats, but I don’t know why. The milk cat held by Wei Xun made him feel completely different! Holding the cat, Yu Hehui was scratched all over. It was like holding a hedgehog. He was very uncomfortable!

Yu Hehui’s reaction was seen by Wei Xun and an Xuefeng.

Sure enough, the man who killed Yu Hehui was probably pretending to be a life playing man, and he also imitated many more essential things. There was no breath of life playing people on pancake, but Yu Hehui instinctively resisted and was afraid.

Who could it be?

When he went to the abyss node that night, Wei Xun was still thinking about this problem. He really didn’t intend to do it this time. He simply used the title of wild soul and hid in an Xuefeng’s windbreaker. After staying with an Xuefeng for so long, Wei Xun is also thinking about a new deformation.

“By the way, I may try some.”


What is arched in an Xuefeng’s arms?

Is there something? In An Xuefeng’s arms? Arched around, the thick white plush ears came out, followed by the blue barking, with some innocent round eyes. At first glance, it looks like a little white pup, but in fact, Wei Xun has changed into a young wolf.

Wei Xun communicated with An Xuefeng, he felt a little bit cold. As soon as An Xuefeng entered the abyss node, there was a momentum? A subtle change, which made Wei Xun want to know what happened. However, he was pressed back just as soon as he probed. This was the case several times. The other party seemed to like to lock him in the windbreaker and let him struggle.

Something’s wrong.

Wei Xun stopped his movements vigilantly, just about to change back into a human form, but the next moment, a pleasant voice rang out from outside, but Wei Xun was stunned for a moment.

“Are you happy today?”

The man asked softly.

“Miss me?”


When being picked up by someone, the sight in front of him made Wei Xun incredible for a while! Ming Ming is still An Xuefeng’s appearance, short hair trench coat, handsome face, but that kind of aura has changed! There was a morbidly gloomy extravagance on his body, and he was looking at him smiling. In his dark eyes, there were all Wei Xun’s figures, a bit of evil.

Wei Xun recognized it all at once, it was ***!

He has only seen An Xuefeng use the role of a principal, but he didn’t expect that *** could also use An Xuefeng’s body!

Is this what An Xuefeng calls “try”?

“…Do you still like me?”

Seeing Wei Xun stunned, the man asked softly: “Or, do you prefer An Xuefeng?”

The hand touches the wolf pup’s neck, but it is also the most important place, as long as a little force, its fragile neck will be broken. But then the hand moved away, and a knife appeared in his hand?.

“Like me more? Or do you like An Xuefeng more?”

The man’s words were careless, as if he was just asking casually, but the tip of his knife pointed at him, and it turned out to be his own heart!

The author has something to say: ***: If you like An Xuefeng more, I will kill him!

An Xuefeng:…

Wei Xun:…

Maomao is jumping for joy: kill, you can kill!


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