TTG Chapter 303

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 303: Nutrient solution 590000 Jiageng

“Ow?” “who do you think I like better?”

The blade was near, but the young wolf only yawned lazily in the man’s arms. The tip of the plush tail sweeps around, raising the eyelids and more interest.

** can it fall on an Xuefeng’s body? Then take a step further. Are they preparing for integration?

If I said I liked an Xuefeng better, would he really commit suicide?

Wei Xun thought of it, but he wouldn’t make such a temptation. Whether an Xuefeng or  * *, they are essentially the same person.

“Wuwu…” of course I like you… ”

The young wolf muttered coquettishly and licked an Xuefeng’s throat: “woo…” I only like you. ”

Are you an Xuefeng or * * *? Is it slicing or is fusion about to begin?

There is no big difference in Wei Xun’s eyes. Whether an Xuefeng or * *, they are essentially the same person. Just like Wei Xun and Bingyi are both him.

I only like you.

** * the emotion in the eyes disappeared, and the tip of the knife moved slightly, which pressed the tip of the young wolf’s ear and was also in his heart. Suddenly, the sound of the blade entering the meat sounded, and Wei Xun looked up stunned. He smelled the smell of blood.

It’s an Xuefeng’s blood.

“That’s nice. I like you too.”

** * chuckled, but without hesitation, he cut open his chest. The blood splashed and a few drops of white wolf hair dyed red. The smile in his eyes was more pleasant. His voice was low and dumb, just like a whisper. He firmly said, “we have seen your heart, and you should also see our heart.”

Previously, in the Poyang Lake safe house, when an Xuefeng was tempted by the abyss, * * * was also there.

Wei Xun can let an Xuefeng open his chest and see his heart. How can they treat Wei Xun differently?

Wei Xun should also look at their hearts… Stained with their blood.

Wei Xun was stunned. He saw an Xuefeng slowly cut his chest, like beef on a dinner plate. The red is blood, the white is bone, and the powerful beating and glowing temperature is his heart.

Abnormal heart, this heat can roast people. There is still a deep circle around the heart

302, 303, nutrient solution 590000 Jiageng (1 / 5)

Orange light. Most importantly, the heart is only half!

Why is an Xuefeng’s heart only half? Is it the problem caused by slicing? Where’s the other half of the heart?

“The title of returning home at dusk and the hotel’s control over an Xuefeng are an Xuefeng’s heart.”

** * be slow, like telling others’ stories, not your own bloody heart. The dark orange light is the way home at dusk. It is the highest honor and chain granted by the hotel to the first passenger.

But Wei Xun keenly noticed that he said, “this is an Xuefeng’s heart.”.

The other half of the heart is here? But * * is now essentially an abyss monster… And so on.

Wei Xun suddenly remembered something. He took out a crimson stone. This is what the token of the abyss node became after he made a contract with * *, which is the representation of marking the abyss node.

This appearance should be closely related to the abyss creature he marked. If Wei Xun marked a magic dog, it might be a dog tooth. Wei Xun never understood why his appearance would be small after he marked * *  Note 0340;, A semicircular crimson stone.

Semicircular, crimson stone. Wei Xun looked again at the half heart beating in an Xuefeng’s chest.

Do you mean


Wei Xun heard * * chuckle: “did you guess?”

“Yes, this is half of my heart.”

** * speak slowly and softly. He seldom talks freely with Wei Xun. After all, he is spiritual pollution to Wei Xun.

“Half of his heart is bound and clamped down. Half of my heart is like a stone, soaked with the stench of the abyss.”

He kissed the tip of the young wolf’s ear and whispered, “now you see it.”

What an Xuefeng always showed in front of Wei Xun was impeccable and rock solid, as if everything was not a problem in front of him. But * * directly tore open the appearance and presented Wei Xun with a bloody inside.

What he did, an Xuefeng would not do. An Xuefeng made&#

302, 303, nutrient solution 590000 Jiageng (2 / 5)

30340; He can’t understand the choice.

It’s the same person, but it’s different because of the slice. It is impossible to integrate. There has never been a record of slicing and merging in hotels in the past.

But an Xuefeng wanted to take such a risk, * * * he also

He wants to try it, too.

Separate, independent and powerful, but can not completely counter the hotel and the rules.

Only integration… May be the opportunity.

An Xuefeng has been thinking for a long time. The butterfly tattoo on Wei Xun’s heart makes him more determined.

We should start with mutual tolerance and familiarity.

Give the body to * * control, and an Xuefeng acquiesces in everything he does. Even if he opened his chest, an Xuefeng didn’t expel * *.

“Do you like it?”

He asked, without much emotion in his voice, from kissing to biting the tip of the young wolf’s ear. The pain came from the tip of his ear, but Wei Xun didn’t feel it. After a short silence, he stood up in * * arms, with wolf claws on his shoulder. His vision was basically flush with an Xuefeng, and the wolf eyes were calm.

He didn’t say whether he liked it or not, but asked.

“Ow?” “do you remember the first adventure between us?”

Wei Xun asked. He had been avoiding this topic before, but now he took the initiative to mention it. Both * * love and an Xuefeng’s exclusive desire are due to his adventure to them at the first time.

Adventure only tells you what you have gained, never when you will lose. Wei Xun doesn’t know whether the result of his adventure still affects an Xuefeng, but he needs to make sure now.

Wei Xun can easily show his heart to an Xuefeng, but when Wei Xun knows that he has taken half of his heart before, Wei Xun is rarely serious.

A heart is too valuable.

There shouldn’t be anything else in it.

“You mean the adventure that made me fall in love with you?”

Hearing his inquiry, * * * was stunned for a second, and then he laughed. Not that elegant, silent smile. He laughed out of his voice and smiled happily. There seemed to be a aftertaste in his tone: “it’s really a beautiful feeling, but it’s too short.”

Short only

302, 303, nutrient solution 590000 Jiageng (3 / 5)

One second, but one second of love, let * * aftertaste until now. Never had, never experienced, that kind of passionate obsessive emotion.

Can monsters have love?

Make him curious, make him want to explore more.

Sure enough.

Wei Xun sighed in his heart without much surprise. * ** And an Xuefeng are absolutely top figures in strength. Adventurers are just blue titles. In fact, the success of this adventure is outrageous. How long can it last?

However, he has been rationalizing the behavior of * * and an Xuefeng with risky results. But don’t think whether the effect of adventure has long disappeared.

Why don’t you always think about whether the risk has long failed?

“So we always mean it.”

*The sound of * * sounded in Wei Xun’s ear. Wei Xun didn’t move. He didn’t have to look at an Xuefeng’s eyes. He knew where there was what kind of emotion.

Really… Really too valuable. At first he just wanted excitement and adventure. I never thought there would be any closer relationship in the past.

But now, his idea has changed subtly.

When he realized that the half red stone was * *’s heart, Wei Xun’s first reaction was not to give it back to him, but


Monopolize it, integrate it, and let this heart only belong to me. Just think about it a little, Wei Xun’s body becomes trembling and happy because of morbid satisfaction.

“Today you let us see the heart, we are all very happy.”

The sound of * * at this moment is very much like an Xuefeng. It’s just that there is a danger hidden in the calm, an almost paranoid seriousness.

What a sharp man an Xuefeng is. He feels that Wei Xun’s attitude in the safe house is different from that in the past. Just as experienced hunters never miss a good opportunity, an Xuefeng will not miss any opportunity to go further.

He has some lack of feelings, so come with * *.

“If you like, even half of my heart will be taken away.”

At this moment, I can’t tell whether it’s * * or an Xuefeng. His tone was unquestionable, firm and powerful, as if he were talking about rules and truth.

“But if you take it, don’t lose it.”

“Woo woo?”

302, 303, nutrient solution 590000 Jiageng (4 / 5)

“If I take your heart, will you die?”

It was the right atmosphere, but Wei Xun asked curiously. He was really curious about the form of * * and it was normal that the heart was half a red stone. But an Xuefeng is still a person. He wants to take away half of the heart in an Xuefeng’s chest. What will an Xuefeng do?

“Maybe the tourism society gives me a new heart.”

An Xuefeng said casually, with a short laugh and some sarcasm: “after all, hotels can’t do anything.”

You can get back without a heart, but how many hands and feet will the hotel automatically put on this new heart? They all know.

But the next second, an Xuefeng’s thoughts were interrupted by the wolf cub’s dislike and sob.

“Sobbing…” ‘your blood has soiled me.’

The wolf cub complained that an Xuefeng had not dealt with the wound on his chest. The blood flowed and looked terrible. He was almost half a blood man. If some enemies of an Xuefeng saw it, they would definitely celebrate it.

After becoming a beast, Wei Xun’s sense of smell became more sensitive, and Wei Xun was dazed by the smell of blood. The blood even moistened the snow-white and soft wolf tail!

“Woo…” I want to take a bath. ”

With a slap, the bloody wolf’s tail fell on an Xuefeng and rubbed it. Of course, Wei Xunli said, “solve it quickly, let’s go back quickly.”

Although they didn’t talk about the problems before Zhiji, they seemed to have reached a subtle tacit understanding. An Xuefeng’s chest vibrated, seemed to be laughing, and he sighed in his heart. It was * * who made a noise. He smiled and promised.


** * simply treated the wound to stop the blood flow: “it will be over soon.”

** * it’s much harder than an Xuefeng, and it’s totally unreasonable. Having deviated from the abyss node, in the middle of the Weixun node and the clothed fish node, Xiao Hong, who was struggling with some abyss creatures on the puppet division’s side, saw a dark shadow fall, and then——

Then he was directly beaten and turned into a miserable thing, shivering.

Xiao Hong did make a good calculation. His means were not bad. He stole the “tombstone of the life playing man” from the puppet master! And he also protected Wei Xun’s transferred property well.

In this way, even if Wei Xun doesn’t like his way, he still has to read his way. He knows it with reason and moves with affection…*** Doesn’t listen to Xiaohong at all! He only counted the ones who were taken to the Abyss and Wei Xun’s belongings. After confirming that they hadn’t been left behind, he took Xiaohong and went directly to the puppet master’s site.


After entering the hostel for so many years, the puppet master finally realized today that he was a big hapless tumor.

The author has something to say: After finishing the unlucky tumor today, the next few chapters will almost enter the Sahara!


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