TTG Chapter 304

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 304: The banquet is open

MTL READING AID: Clothe Fish or Clothes Fish is the same person as Silver Fish.

“Why am I so unlucky.”

The puppet master couldn’t help saying.

After lurking for so many years and planning for so many years, an accident began as soon as it appeared.

Control a butcher alliance, and the psychic media took the Sun Pendant away.

I robbed the Sun Pendant, but my butterfly fragments were planed.

It’s not bad to take away the hippie’s tombstone.

But this tombstone is a fake!

As soon as the puppet master brought the tombstone back to study, he found something wrong. Even if she is seriously injured and weak, there is still some basic eyesight price.

OK, you an Xuefeng with thick eyebrows and big eyes will cheat?!

Although the tombstone of Xi Ming people is false, the small pieces with the smell of Xi Ming people in the tombstone are true. How many years have all the hippies entered the Inca sun gate? Do you have anything with hippies in an Xuefeng’s hand? The puppet masters doubt whether an Xuefeng and the life playing people are serious enemies!

If all these fail, let’s fail. The puppet master has not made the worst plan, and she also has a backhand.

But the most unacceptable thing for her is that Fagui betrayed her!

… why did she use the word “also”? Whatever, but Fagui is the one she saved from rebirth. She should have been absolutely loyal! Why can he break the hotel rules?!

Most of the time, the puppet master wondered whether the hostel was targeting her because he was manipulating the puppet.

“Clothed fish, clothed fish…”

The abyss node, deep in the nest of toy termites, is a large peristaltic, flesh purple tumor. It looks like a mass of corrupt gel jelly, almost full of termites nest. There are teeth, hair, eyeballs and other organs turning out from the tumor.

However, the orange yellow knife light is wrapped in a huge tumor. Every time the knife light flashes, a large tumor will directly turn into nothingness. An Xuefeng’s return knife is still working, constantly cutting off the “return path” of tumor changes. A lot of tumors dissipated and destroyed, revealing the only normal face covered by tumors, which was originally hidden in the depths of tumors.

But the face is still closed and there is no sign of awakening. The second after a large number of tumors disappear, more tumor tissues appear. Face and tumor are symbiotic ‑

Although she is weaker than the tumor, she is the real core of everything.

The knife light on the way home did not hurt the “normal” face, and as long as she existed, the tumor would continue to regenerate. After regeneration and removal, the tumor, which was almost out of control, gradually stabilized!

Perhaps I would also like to thank an Xuefeng.

The puppet master thought sarcastically.

If it hadn’t been for the way back knife to cut off the runaway tumor tissue, she would have been out of control and become an irrational monster. It was the cutting and regeneration again and again, just like changing the polluted blood, that made her gradually recover her reason.

But I have to say that she was hurt too badly this time. It took almost half a day to recover to its present appearance.

It’s been a long time. I’m afraid the weather has changed outside. And until he regains his senses, the puppet master can only act by instinct. She ate almost all the termite nest and the surrounding abyss creatures.

It can be said that she is the only one in the termite nest now – No.

There is another person.

“Clothed fish, clothed fish…”

The fleshy purple tumor collapsed, exposing the buried deep, unconscious; People. The body of the clothed fish is covered with numerous tumor tissues. There are tumor tissues connected between the face and neck, which bind him firmly like a rope. With his head tilted and his eyes closed, he responded weakly like a puppet under the control of the peristaltic tumor.

“My lord…”

“You say, hair ghost is still the same as before?”

The puppet master’s voice was softer, but it echoed in the termite nest with the thick and disgusting sound of water. It sounded terrible.

“Yes… My lord…”

Under the control of the clothed fish, he would not lie. It was his words that made the puppet master, who had not fully recovered his reason before, make a wrong judgment.

Believed in the hair ghost, and then he took the tombstone.

Although the tombstone of the playful man is a big stone, the puppet master is even more shocked and angry about the ghost betrayal!

If the clothed fish didn’t lie, it’s obvious that there’s a big problem! Fagui contacted Taoist bee last night. Taoist bee, mutual aid alliance, C-1

Bingyi, Bingyi again! The puppet master thinks his bad luck has something to do with this man! This kind of confused, dark

Rubbing became unlucky and everything went wrong, which reminded her of some things and people in the past. She just felt creepy!

It’s not safe here. You should leave as soon as possible!

“Here… It’s not good to stay any longer.”

The puppet master thought that she was always prepared and cautious. Of course, I know how many greedy vultures I will attract. It’s not too difficult for the puppet master to give up her business for many years. Anyway, almost everything she manages has disappeared. But as long as she’s around, everything can stand.

Not to mention giving up completely.

The peristaltic tumor tissue suddenly began to disintegrate and collapse, and a lot of tumor tissue became dirty and thick. In the core of the tumor, the face seemed to get some energy and began to extend outward.

Hair, neck, body, arms

Gradually, she became human. If you ignore the flesh purple tumor tissue adhered to all over the body, she looks like a normal person. At the age of about 20, her big wavy black hair and deep facial features make her look like a hybrid.

Yes, half blood.

Few people know that she is a mixture of East and West. When she was seriously ill, she was treated in a hospital in a western country. She was also in a coma and entered the hotel there.

So at the beginning, she was actually a tour guide in the west district. The abyss node that allows the puppet master to regenerate corresponds to the land of the eastern region.

After entering the hotel, whether it belongs to the east or the West in the region seems not only because of nationality and race, but also other considerations, such as the “place of impending death”. For tourists, it is the place where they have strong expectations.

For example, yuntianhe is clearly a passenger from the East and an oriental, but it has the title of the West. Such a title makes it difficult for him to advance in the eastern journey, but it also makes it easier for him to receive the journey abroad.

Just like the puppet master, the people in the West and the tumors in the East, coupled with all kinds of coincidental opportunities, the puppet master still has a hidden identity as a tour guide in the West. It was through this that she came into contact with George and the black widow.

At first she gave up everything in the West and returned to the East. Now it seems that it is time to go back there again. A pale purple tumor lay on her abdomen, dying and seriously injured. The puppet master abandoned most of the forces polluted by the abyss. What forced her to make such a decision was that the puppet master felt great crisis and terror tonight.

It seems that some danger is approaching rapidly. If you don’t leave, you will stay forever.

She couldn’t even leave directly. She had to find a way to delay the enemy chasing after her.

An eye grew on the light purple variant tumor mass, and the demeanor of the puppet master could be vaguely seen. The eyes swept around and finally fell on the unconscious clothed fish.

“Do one last thing for me, clothed fish.”

Finally, the remaining tumor tissue invaded the body of the Chlamydomonas, as if to seize his power. The B-5 tour guide has enough energy to heal some of her wounds, but she is far from the abyss, and the hotel can’t control her at present!


However, at the moment when the puppet master started, a dark light suddenly crossed from the darkness! Dark light is like a sharp blade. Without warning, it directly divides a woman’s body in half!

The puppet master still had an expression of surprise and shock on his face. He seemed to want to do something. But the speed of the dark light was faster. When the dark light came again, I saw it with one eye. What cut at her was a dark sharp blade. Then——


The sound of water balloon burst, and the sarcoma burst in one eye, splashing thick slurry. Together with the woman’s body, it broke into countless pieces, like a mass of broken meat, but strangely, these broken meat did not shed any blood, not even tissue fluid.

And they’re disappearing!

Until then, the light hiss didn’t ring. A tall figure finally appeared. Until then, the tumor almost broken into a thick slurry finally began to tremble violently. She knew who was coming!

Principal! Someone in charge came after her in person!

How can it be the principal! Not to this extent!

But fortunately, it’s the principal

Thinking gradually dissipated and returned to darkness. The thick slurry of the tumor lost all its vitality and vigor and completely turned into a mass of rotten meat.

** * looking at the disappearing Puppet Master’s broken meat, the snow-white wolf cub poked his head out of his windbreaker and looked at the scene curiously.

“Ow?” “is she dead?”

“She died, but not completely.”

** * said, “she won’t appear here again.”

Listening to him, the wolf cub jumped to the ground and Wei Xun recovered his human form. The next second, his naked body put on a windbreaker with body temperature. Wearing an Xuefeng’s windbreaker, Wei Xun went to the clothed fish and squatted down to check his condition. In fact, they had already arrived. When the Puppet Master said, “why am I so unlucky”, they hid here.

If an Xuefeng would definitely shoot directly, but * * chose to observe the situation first. The puppet master is a second tour guide, with more means than expected, and she also controls the clothes fish, which can not be underestimated.

After the clothed fish is fully exposed, he is aware that the puppet master is going to shoot the clothed fish and * * starts when the puppet master’s attention is on the clothed fish. But now it seems

“She went to the west side.”

** * said, his mouth pursed, his eyes dark and gloomy, and his expression looked a little gloomy.

He killed the “puppet division” in the eastern district. But she was not dead on the west side.

But back to the west side.

The head of the hotel also divides things. As the chief chronicler of the east side, he can’t do anything to the people in the west side except on occasions such as year-end celebrations. There are many restrictions in this regard, but if you really want to kill her completely, it is not impossible.


** * go to Wei Xun and watch the clothes fish still unconscious with him. The Puppet Master said, “do the last thing for me, clothed fish.”, Then let the tumor tissue invade his body, as if it was grabbing the energy of the clothed fish. So * * go straight.

But now it seems that this is not the case.

“These tumor tissues have established a relationship with Chlamydomonas.”

** * at a glance, he immediately realized that even he was a little surprised: “she gave the control of tumor tissue to Chlamydia.”

In fact, most of the tumor tissue has long dissipated or been chopped up, but the tumor tissue around the chlamydomus still exists. The tumor tissue around the Chlamydomonas is connected to his body, but it is surprisingly peaceful and gradually transformed into the body of the Chlamydomonas


But after all, this is the tumor tissue of the puppet master. The things of a and B can’t be accepted by anyone. The clothes fish’s expression soon became painful. Fortunately * * was nearby and could be suppressed with momentum.

This is also an alternative restraint. Without * *, the clothed fish will only die suddenly.

But if you just want to contain it, just pollute it with tumor tissue. It’s completely unnecessary to hand over the control to the clothed fish.

“She gave the control of the tumor to the clothed fish?!”

Xiaohong broken, who had been taught a lesson by * *, was also brought here. His voice was full of disbelief and envy, even a little sour.

“Yes, master, I can feel these tumors… Or pollution. Even the pollution in my body. They don’t belong to the puppet master now, but are controlled by the clothed fish.”

Why on earth is this!

The anti parasitic Puppet Master seized control of the tumor and resurrected on the puppet master, which was originally Xiaohong’s wild hope.

But now, his wild hope is not only dashed – the control of the tumor has been returned to others!

Xiao Hong doesn’t understand, but Wei Xun has an idea.

“Puppet master” is a tumor derived from her parasitic people. As long as the man does not die, the puppet master may return. If she had been ready to escape to the west, her identity belonging to the East could only be abandoned temporarily.

However, it is a pity that such a huge force, the strong tumor tissue belonging to the A2 tour guide, has been abandoned. If she hides herself, she will be found by an Xuefeng and others sooner or later in case of serious injury.

So the puppet master made a bold decision.

Give it all to the clothed fish!

The first is to contain the enemy.

The second is that the strength of the tumor tissue is highly integrated with the Chlamydomonas. If you want to completely deprive the tumor, the Chlamydomonas will definitely suffer a heavy blow. And mastering this power, the strength of clothed fish will advance by leaps and bounds. In the case of serious injury of B-3 Pinocchio, he is very likely to become a new B-3 tour guide!

Even with the strong support of the dreamer and Fengdu brigade, it is possible for him to become a new A3 tour guide!

When the clothed fish stands high, it is even more unable to give up these tumor tissues.

In this way, these tumor tissues are preserved.

“Puppet masters should have the means to control tumor tissue.”

Wei Xun sighed.

Even though these tumor tissues belong to the clothed fish, who knows if the puppet master will have a side record #30340; Means. When they meet again, such as the year-end celebration, when all the top tour guides in the East and west regions are present, the puppet master may recover the tumor tissue again, or may control the clothes fish to recapture everything in the East region as soon as possible.

This is yangmou. If the clothed fish can completely control these tumor tissues, the puppet master’s calculation will naturally be in vain.

The problem is that there is too little time. It’s October now. If Chlamys becomes the new A-3, they may meet at the celebration warm-up match at the end of November. Even later, I will definitely see you at the celebration at the end of December.

The puppet master is gambling that in such a short time, the clothes fish can’t fully grasp the tumor tissue.

It’s also a bet that dream hunters won’t peel off tumor tissue.

Otherwise, it is difficult for the clothed fish, whose vitality is greatly damaged and whose strength is seriously declining, to protect themselves in the next activities.

But she didn’t think of it.

It was already 9:30 p.m. when the still unconscious clothed fish was brought back to the hotel. An Xuefeng left temporarily. He wanted to go to the abyss node again with the brigade leaders who set out at 10 o’clock.

Wei Xun went to the residence of the mutual aid alliance, and the most secret room behind the hall belongs to him. The pasted broken Sun Pendant is hung on the wall. The Maine milk cat nests next to Wei Xun, snoring with his head resting on his legs. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege sat opposite Wei Xun.

Among them are clothed fish lying on the carpet in a coma.

The tumor tissue in his body was temporarily suppressed by * * and the trauma was cured by props, but he was still unconscious.

“Will he be part of the evil bug master?”

Yu Hehui wrung his eyebrows and asked. After listening to Wei Xun’s general explanation of the causes and consequences, he also felt that the situation of clothed fish was very difficult.

“There’s a lot of energy. His strength can be almost fivefold.”

Tong Hege carefully checked the body of the clothed fish and made his own judgment.

This is the strength of the A-2 tour guide. The puppet master has been dormant for many years, but he has accumulated the power of terror.

Just a guide ranking is based on scores. Even if you are strong enough to earn points without leading the team, you can’t climb to a high position. However, this rule is not absolute for class A and class B elite tour guides.

To this position, coupled with strong strength, even if the score is a little less, you can stand higher.

“But he can only bear twice the strength at most.”

Tong Hege shook his head. Five times his strength came from tumor tissue, which was very difficult for clothed fish to digest. At that time, it is hard to say whether he is a clothed fish or the embodiment of tumor.

Tong Hege carefully separated a clothed fish from him. Sure enough, he found that the original snow-white hairball was sick and had turned into the flesh purple of the same color as the tumor, which was even more deformed, and it was still distorted at the speed visible to the naked eye.

“Can you peel off? Remove the tumor?”

“The puppet master gives this power to the clothed fish. It can’t be taken away. Complete stripping is equal to destruction.”

Tong Hege shook his head and denied the idea put forward by Wei xungang.

“Can’t peel it off, can others swallow it?”

Wei Xun nodded slightly and put forward new ideas.

“She only handed over the control of power to the clothed fish.”

Tong Hege repeated this sentence. How can others swallow it? But on reflection, his expression suddenly became subtle.

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”

Seeing Tong Hege think of it, Wei Xun smiled: “suppose you were still divided, the puppet master gave this power to Taisui… Can he Shouwu and Shenjing share this power?”

Remember, the puppet master only gave the power control to the clothed fish, and others can’t use it.

But there are a lot of people, not others!

“This… Is theoretically possible.”

Tong Hege pondered for a moment: “although we are different, we are essentially the same person.”

“If there are four such people who can share the pressure, the variation of clothed fish will be minimized and his strength will not be doubled.”

But normally speaking, who can slice it so many times even if it is resurrection after death?!

It’s not sliced, it’s shredded!

But just one person can, that is the evil bug master!

Wei Xun put the maggot cocoon on the clothed fish, and the smell on the cocoon changed rapidly, which was almost like the clothed fish in the twinkling of an eye. After the tumor tissue on his body touched tentatively for a while, he tried to wrap the maggot cocoon

Wrap it up. The influx of powerful energy made the maggot cocoon begin to shake slightly, which was a sign of breaking the cocoon!

It is indeed feasible.

Wei Xun smiled.

Maggots don’t have enough energy to break their cocoons. If maggots can break their cocoons before going to Sahara, Wei Xun will help more. But soon Wei Xun found that the message from maggot Da to him changed from joy to panic. Those tumor tissues were frantically encroaching on the energy polluting it. It was too powerful and maggot Da was completely unable to resist!

If you go on and break out of the cocoon, I’m afraid it’s a small tumor!

Wei Xun took back the maggot, as Tong Hege said. One or two people alone cannot bear the pollution of this force.

But it doesn’t matter!

Maggots can’t be big. Plus Taoist bee and Xiao Hong, maybe it’s OK! There are already three people, and the evil insect division may have more. Before, an Xuefeng told Wei Xun that a single maggot plus Xiao Hong only accounts for one eighth of the evil insect division.

Even if Xiaohong melts the hair ghost and maggots, if they are complete, they should add Wu Laoliu, but I’m afraid there are other slices of the evil insect master outside.

I’m afraid the one who knows this most is the dream chaser, except for Urumqi.

“Four are safer.”

Tong Hege suggested that Wei Xun pondered for a moment and made a decision. He said to Yu Hehui, “contact the dreamer.”

* *

Dreamers don’t know how long they’ve had insomnia.

One big event after another, Xi Mingren is suspected to have returned and found his slice. It is suspected that there is a pure abyss smell on C Yi, butterfly fragments appear, an Xuefeng * * is suspected of fusion, the puppet master of the hotel is missing, and the clothes fish is missing——

Dreamers feel that they are going to die suddenly, especially when they see that the puppet master’s name turns gray on the guide list.

The puppet master is dead!

He became the new A-2!

However, the news of promotion did not bring the dreamer any joy, but darkened his eyes. I couldn’t help scolding.

“Fucking an Xuefeng!”

Ten o’clock hasn’t arrived yet. Well, it’s agreed to start together at ten o’clock. As a result, the puppet master died just after 9:30?? If you don’t act privately, the dog won’t believe it! Did the puppet master die suddenly??

Someone definitely killed it! Can you meet here

Find the puppet master and kill him. The dreamer doesn’t want to do it at all!

“Ukrainian team is coming. Help me stop him.”

Without time to say more, the dreamer hurriedly asked Zhang xingzang to leave the door. The little hairball of the clothed fish in his arms chirped weakly. It was separated from the clothed fish before. Please keep it. It was completely free of pollution.

But now, the little hair ball began to turn gray purple, and the surface villi fell off, as if it was going to change to a tumor! The blue and purple halo is the dream power of the dreamer, which can barely suppress its transformation.

There’s definitely something wrong with the clothes fish. People chasing dreams are burning with anxiety. I’m afraid the Uzbek team would be crazy if they knew the news, but now the dreamers don’t trust to give the small hairy Jersey fish to Wu Yun.

He went straight to the home station! On the way home, the dreamer received a message from Yu Hehui and immediately turned back to the mutual aid alliance.

When the mutual aid alliance was stationed, the dreamer finally saw the unconscious clothed fish.

“… that’s what happened.”

Yu Hehui roughly told him about the matter, and the dreamer’s eyes finally moved away from the clothed fish and fell into the hands of C Yi.

It’s a cocoon. It seems that the things inside are about to break their shells. The cocoon was stained with a lot of gray purple pollution.

“This is Wu Laoliu.”

C Yi said calmly, “he can’t share the pollution power of the clothed fish.”

“No, and –”

Isn’t there a bee Taoist?

The dreamer almost blurted out, but the tone of C Yi made him understand something.

This degree of pollution power can not be shared by two or three. If one is bad, they may all be dominated by tumor power.

Taoist bee and Wu Laoliu seem to be absolutely loyal to C-1, but the situation of clothes fish is obviously different. He is a B-5 tour guide, connected with Urumqi, and a friend of dreamers.

This is different from ordinary rebirth. For a suspicious person like C Yi, he will certainly weigh the pros and cons before giving.

Yu Hehui, Tong Hege, he’s all saved.

But to save the fish, or to revive the evil insect master, he was weighing. This is also human nature. After all, the number of three critical points. If you want to revive him, you will encounter far more dangers and resistance than before. Not to mention returning from The family has not been reborn. Tong hele, Tong Hege’s brother, doesn’t know where he died. Why should we focus on the reborn evil bug master first.

Maggot and bee Taoist are good enough, but the evil insect master is very strange. Do you really want to revive him?

Previously, the clothed fish helped him. This time, he can save the clothed fish, and * * personally helped suppress the changes in him. Unlike an Xuefeng, the people who pursue dreams know their belly. * ** It’s absolutely in the face of C-1 that I can make a move. I can pay off my feelings.

Don’t talk about love, just talk about the pros and cons.

“Clothes fish, his situation is very different.”

After a short thought, the dreamer took a breath and became serious: “you must have found that he is a tour guide recognized by the hotel.”

If you can get the title and stand in the position of B 5, there is no doubt that clothed fish is the tour guide in the hotel system.

“But he is also part of the evil bug master.”

The dreamer described the past: “compared with tourists, tour guides accumulate scores very slowly and their ranks rise slowly. Especially for medium and high-level tour guides, the ranking seems to be the same as it will not change. In fact, they accumulate scores not slowly.”

“In the hotel, many tour guides have puppets, double or even multiple identities, and can even carry out multiple trips at the same time. That’s what I am. This is a loophole in the hotel, or a loophole deliberately left by the hotel for the tour guides.”

The number of tourists and tour guides is totally out of proportion. The higher the level, the fewer the number of each group, basically within ten. The tour guide was not enough. The hotel turned a blind eye to their practice of using puppets to open trumpets.

But at first, no one dared to do so. What if you break the hotel rules and get killed by the hotel? Most tour guides cherish their lives.

“The evil bug master was the first one to do so.”

Dream chasing humanity: “he has a lot of abyss nodes and has a contract with different powerful abyss monsters like demons and insects. It can be said that he has a variety of different alienation states.”

This was a thing of the past many years ago, but dreamers still exclaimed when they said it.

“Later, he didn’t know how to do it. He even separated his alienation state and made him have the identity recognized by the hotel!”

Hearing this, Wei Xun became interested. Isn’t this the mutant puppet master!

No, the puppet master is obviously not as good as the evil bug master. She is still with her original body. She has two identities. But the evil bug master became “two people” directly!

“These news were all secrets in the past, and I didn’t know much about the Uzbek team he connected. I also learned by chance.”

The dreamer shook his head. What did the evil bug master do this for? Accumulate more points and earn more points? Or is there a deeper purpose? But anyway

“He broke the rules of the hotel.”

Chasing dreams is different from using puppets. In theory, the evil bug master is a person, but in fact, his alienated states can become the same as his breath! Wei Xun knows clearly that an Xuefeng told him before that when people bind their identity with the hotel, they will be intercepted by the hotel.

The production of those posters and the hotel’s control over tourists and guides all come from this.

So what happens if two people with the same breath appear?

Even think deeply, can the evil bug master finally cheat the hotel and escape from the hotel through this point?

“Anyway, he failed.”

The dreamer has deep meaning: “but he also led to the biggest collapse of the hotel. The chaos lasted for half a month before it finally subsided.”

“I guess… Many people suspect that the evil bug master may have seen a trace of the secret of the hotel. He even kept a back hand.”

Otherwise, why didn’t the black team connected with the evil bug master die because of the death of the evil bug master? Many people speculate that the evil bug master is still alive, maybe in a corner of the abyss. Especially his dissimilated States, in the end, they are no different from normal people.

The puppet learned from the hair ghost who was reborn from the abyss. After she found that the hair ghost was reborn, she was quickly recognized by the hotel and had her own identity in the hotel.

In fact, the puppet master is not sure whether he is a clothed fish, because his rank is so high that he is almost under the eyes of the hotel. But the connection between Chlamys and Urumqi can be regarded as some kind of proof.

And the bee Taoist, who is persistent and hostile to ghosts, seems to have some possibility of that.

After all, the puppet master’s focus is still on the sun, and he doesn’t check much here.

The dreamer knows almost as much as the Ukrainian team: “he is the clothes fish, the bee Taoist, the hair ghost, the Ukrainian old six, and the A4 infected people in the West. I know this, but I’m not entirely sure whether it’s all of him.”

There was another A4 infected person.

Wei Xun was also amazed. The evil insect master is well versed in both China and the West. He was found in the East, West, abyss and during the journey!

How can such a person come back to life? Can he really come back?

“Whatever else, the clothed fish saved me. Remember I owe him a life. As for the resurrection evil insect master, I have no idea.”

Returning to the subject, the dreamer said sincerely, “I promised him to get rid of the puppet master and take him away from the shepherd alliance.”

But now the puppet master and the shepherd alliance are gone.

“I must have saved him.”

The dreamer said firmly, and then pondered, “I can take you to death Sahara, tomorrow… Or later.”

Tomorrow we are going to go to death Sahara, but the dreamer, considering that C may be too late, did not prepare too hastily, simply lengthened the time.

“But now the problem is that there are not enough people.”

Wei Xun also said frankly that only maggots, Xiaohong and Taoist bee cannot fully share the pollution of clothed fish, and there is even the possibility of anti pollution. After all, their strength is no better than that of clothed fish, and their bearing capacity is even worse.

As Tong Hege said, Wei Xun didn’t even think it was enough to find four people.

Once we can’t bear it completely, but let the tumor tissue prevail, that is to train a reserve for the puppet division.

But if this problem can be solved, Wei Xun still wants to try. After all, tumor tissue can also be regarded as a big tonic.

Double the strength of Taoist bee, Xiaohong and maggot. How fragrant.

“If the ghost is in your hand, you can add another person.”

Listening to C, the dreamer immediately smiled and said cunningly, “there is another person, I can call him now.”

“A4 infected person?”

Wei Xun was curious, but the dreamer shook his head: “this man is in trouble, but I’m not talking about him.”

A quarter of an hour later, Ukraine appeared in the mutual aid alliance. The dreamer is talking about dark clouds! Dark clouds and Chlamys are deeply connected. In essence, their breath is the same! He can also bear a share of pollution, and as a tourist, he bears more than a tour guide!

Paid in

After a big wave of points, specialties, props and materials, he signed a series of contracts with the mutual aid alliance with a straight face. Finally, he became a glorious Knight of the Mutual Aid Association. Become your own person, then it’s easy to talk. After seeing a wave of “people” released by C-1, the Ukrainian team’s eyes were a little straight.

The unconscious clothed fish leaned against his shoulder, but was covered by a mask and cloak. No one saw that he was unconscious. The handsome young red (hair ghost) looked naive and smiled at him curiously. Taoist bee with golden eyes looked at him with a cold expression. The maggot cocoon was carefully held by the black team.

Wei Xun reached a tacit understanding with the dreamer and the Uzbek team, and did not let the bee Taoist know his true identity for the time being. In fact, the clothed fish has been kept secret. They know that this matter is not very good for them. On the contrary, it is more dangerous to be watched by the hotel.

This is a dinner for magic insects and magic insect guides.

Wei Xun said so, and even released Xiaocui, responsible devil bug and corn shoots. Taoist bee knew it and released his own abyss worm No. 1. Gluttonous corn shoots are obviously more interested in No. 1 for the first time. Just because it was too much trouble, Wei Xun simply let it go and have fun.

Then Wei Xun took out the abyss clock and turned off the light again.

It is said that the hippie appeared and gave him a pure abyss breath. But in essence, under the cover of the breath of the abyss, in an impenetrable darkness, they are eating around the clothed fish. Eating and eating, the clothed fish woke up.

Clothed fish:?

What’s the matter? The memory of the clothed fish still stays when he was knocked unconscious by the puppet master. It was still daytime. Why is it dark now? Is it evening?

“That’s it.”

The dreamer controlled the dinner time, and the big guy almost said he was going to withdraw. No one objected, especially the bee runner was extremely silent.

He’s still shaking!

A Yixi life adult appeared! The puppet master is dead! The original A-3 dreamer has become a new A-2!

Now the whole Hotel Forum is crazy! The private group chat of the tour guides is also covered with all kinds of news. No one in the whole hotel can sleep tonight. Everyone is discussing who the new first-class tour guide will be!

Is it the weeping psychic of year-round Yi? Or the yin-yang butterfly who defected to the mutual aid alliance in public today? Or Pinocchio… This is unlikely. Is it a ten thousand year old four Rune teacher or a B five clothes fish?

Various opinions emerge one after another, and there are discussions everywhere, but there are other ideas in the bee Taoist heart. When he was called by C Yi to the mutual aid alliance, his whole heart was tense. Nervous and excited.

He always felt that C would tell him, “I’m A3!”

In this way, they can hold a celebration ceremony for the promotion of vice president to class a tomorrow, and then collect a lot of money!

… well, sure enough, it’s just imagination. C Yi didn’t jump again and again. He was just asked to have dinner. Although Taoist bee ate tasteless and absent-minded at the beginning of the meal, he was soon shocked by the majestic and terrible power.

This, what is this?

Pure abyss? No, no! This is not pure abyss!

Taoist bee is a person who has seen the world. When he felt it carefully, he just felt frightened.

This crazy proliferation of uncontrolled energy, this terrible and powerful abyss breath, this, this irresistible pollution feeling

Think of the puppet master who has just died and is still fresh

They, they won’t eat puppet masters!

Otherwise, what kind of “rice” needs the dreamers, Ukrainian team, Yu Hehui and Tong Hege to hold the battle at the same time?

Even if it is not a puppet master, it is definitely some energy related to the puppet master!

After a short shock, Taoist bee’s eyes burst out with fanatical light! Eat, you can eat! He felt that his strength was growing rapidly. Soon, compared with the past, his strength almost doubled!

With his current strength, it’s absolutely nothing to pick the top 20 tour guides in class B!

Bee Taoist was filled with emotion. Before joining the mutual aid alliance, who could have thought that he was a bee Taoist today. Women are afraid of marrying the wrong man and men are afraid of entering the wrong industry. Joining the mutual aid alliance is the most correct decision he has made in his life!

What Fagui, what puppet master, what shepherd alliance and what truth alliance are not things in the eyes of the bee Taoist! Brother C is A-1, connecting passengers is the first, and good friends are A-2. Only with such people can we have hope in the future!

Thinking of just having dinner, Yiyu’s head has been resting on the Ukrainian team’s shoulder, Feng Dao’s heart is full of emotion.

What about the B-5 tour guide? What’s the use of connecting passengers as the captain of the fourth brigade? They have to recharge their mutual funds.

Help the alliance to be a knight, so that the clothed fish can rub against the puppet master?

Smaller, smaller! With the captain of the fourth brigade. The future still depends on C-1 and their mutual aid alliance!

There seems to be a lot of fate between the corn shoots and No. 1. Do you want to kiss each other? Anyway, it’s not a loss to take a stake in C-1! Taoist bee is full of confidence in the future and walks away with vigorous steps. Urumqi are also full of confidence.

It was all conjecture before, but now it’s almost confirmed. Taoist bee, Fagui and ADA are all slices of the evil bug master! In addition to the other black old six and A4 infected people in the chieftain King’s tomb, there may be some other small pieces, but most evil bugs have been found!

C Yi is really a talent!

Not only did Tong Hege and Yu Hehui resurrect, but also found so many evil insect masters so quickly, which was almost comparable to his efficiency for several years, which really convinced the Urumqi team.

“Bingyi is really good.”

On the way back, Wu DUI and the dreamer sighed, “it’s a pity that they have connected an Xuefeng!”

Is the name of the first passenger really so loud? How did all the excellent talents run to an Xuefeng’s nest like blind? It’s definitely not his fault that C Yi is such an excellent tour guide. It’s all because an Xuefeng can’t control it!

“If only C had gone to metaphysics.”

Ukrainian team sighed that they all have clothes fish. As soon as C came, it was a waste to him. Metaphysics is good. When the evil bug master was still there, the first was metaphysics. At that time, the evil bug master always urged him to work hard to reach the top.

But what does the first mean? The first brigade didn’t even have a guide and had to be watched and supervised by the hotel. There are so many little secrets about the evil bug master. It’s boring to be the first. Anyway, wudui is not interested. Up to now, he is not interested, but he has some subtle ideas about metaphysics in his heart.

As soon as I saw an excellent tour guide, I wanted to persuade him to go to metaphysics. I quickly occupied this space. Some people in the province always think about the metaphysics resident tour guide.

Hehe, dreamers don’t bother to listen to him beep. Zhang xingzang disappeared at the beginning. A few years later, they met with dark clouds and chatted with each other. The man seriously said that the tour guide didn’t need to be widowed to passengers. Zhang xingzang certainly didn’t want you to do this, or you would go to metaphysics… The angry dreamer directly made him have nightmares for half a year.

I don’t know how clothed fish can stand him.

“Tell me if you have any problems when you go back.”

Before leaving, the dream catcher told Yiyu: “Better tonight, after I leave tomorrow, if you have any more questions…you can go to Bing Yi.”

Will there be other problems in absorbing the pollution of the puppet master? Even if the Wu team is added, the pollution that no one of them absorbs is within the controllable range, even slightly less than the dream chaser expected? (but more Security), but the dreamer is still not at ease.

If it weren’t for tomorrow to go to the Sahara, he would definitely leave the silver fish on his side.

What’s the matter? Just go to Bing Yi, this sentence comes from the dream chasing people? There is no sense of disobedience. Obviously he is only a third-class tour guide, but they have already put him in an equal position.

Bing one is really good.

The dream chaser thought that this time, the new star tour guide was really extraordinary, and it was as good as a fault. Even if Wei Xun, who is on his way home, is a new star passenger, he is also very good, but compared with Bing Yi, he still has a little taste.

In fact, it stands to reason that Xinxing guides and Xinxing tourists usually match well. Normally, if Bing Yi did not enter the major hotels, but chose to connect with tourists, then Bing Yi actually has a great chance to connect with Wei Xun.

As a result, An Xuefeng was inserted between the two of them!

When I think about it, the dream chaser is inexplicably angry when he arrives at An Xuefeng, abandoning his strength and other aspects of character. In terms of feelings, what about the An team? It’s really… alas!

Hearing Qi Lecheng said that when Wei Xun came back today, his eyes were red. The dream chaser thought he would wait for tomorrow to go to Sahara, but he should take more care of Wei Xun. To be honest, the dream chaser still doesn’t approve of taking Wei Xun with him this time, especially when this kind of thing just happened.

Young people are the easiest to think about not driving, but the journey of 30 degrees north latitude can’t be careless.


Wei Xun returned home with a strange expression. Xiao Hong is a smart man. He feels Wei Xun’s indifference towards him and Wei Xun’s kind attitude towards Maggot Dao and Feng Dao.

But Wei Xun couldn’t show his loyalty. In fact, the dream chaser perceives it correctly.

The puppet master’s tumor energy should have been just enough for the five of Wu Team, Yiyu, Xiaohong, Maggot and Bee Taoist to suck, but a part of it was missing.

This little part was sucked away by Wei Xun!

Wei Xun really didn’t think about it? Even though he can suck it, he is not a worm division slice, and his aura is different from him. Why? Why can he suck the pollution from the silverfish as well?

In the final analysis, Wei Xun thought that he had gotten the butterfly fragments he had snatched from the puppet master.

After returning to the house, he gave the maggot about to break its cocoon to Yu Hehui and the others to take care of him, and then took off his clothes.

Sure enough, the butterfly tattoo on the chest appeared again. The blue and purple butterfly tattoo was extremely beautiful, and this time it was extremely long-lasting, and it didn’t last for five minutes.

Wei Xun studied for a while, but didn’t find out why. Taking advantage of the butterfly tattoo, Wei Xun simply drew a few more pots of blood in case of emergency. When An Xuefeng came back, he saw Wei Xun’s face getting paler and he was drinking blood tonic. An Xuefeng’s eyes? You can know what Wei Xun did.

“Drink this.”

He gave him a more advanced blood tonic, and Wei Xun’s face instantly became ruddy when he drank it.

“After adjusting your physical condition, many props will no longer be usable after going to Sahara.”

An Xuefeng said: “Wang Yushu? He can only copy a few potions.”

“Will he make a medicine for airsickness?”

Wei Xun joked: “To be honest, I’m a bit airsick.”

It was customary to have a mobilization meeting on the way home tonight, but the fact that the Second Puppet Master died? It’s too sensational! The mobilization meeting simply moved to tomorrow morning, which is October 3.

When the mobilization meeting is over, they will arrive at the airport at around nine o’clock in the morning to take a flight to the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa. Mengren is located in a safe house in Merzouga, a small town in the Sahara.

For the first time after entering the hostel, Wei Xun felt that he used such a traditional way of going abroad.

“After all, you now? No passport.”

An Xuefeng is talking about the passport of the hotel. Although Wei Xun is currently a returnee, he has not participated in any journey after joining the return journey. So some preferential treatments will be implemented after he and the homecoming journey have passed the journey.

“The dream chaser is with us? Do you take a plane?”



Wei Xun just asked casually, but didn’t think that An Xuefeng actually gave him an affirmative answer! If so, won’t you be able to see the real dream catcher!

“Because? This time Zhang Xingzang also followed.”

An Xuefeng explained: “Zhang Xingzang is currently considered a black house in the hotel, so he can only go abroad by normal transportation?”

They can be regarded as a private tour this time, there is no designated itinerary by the hotel, and there is nothing? The necessary scenic spot tasks.

The only hostel mission is [Explore the Dead Sahara]!

An Xuefeng seemed to be thinking about something. He first twisted his eyebrows and checked Wei Xun’s butterfly tattoo on his chest. After he did a thorough physical examination and confirmed that there were no major problems, the time was up to ten. It’s half past one.

It’s time to go to bed.

The two went to wash one after another. When Wei Xun finished washing, they saw An Xuefeng, who had finished washing first, was standing at the door of the bathroom. The tall figure almost completely covered him. There seemed to be stars twinkling in his deep eyes.

“Saharan exploration has reached halfway, and we will go directly to the danger zone as soon as we enter.”

An Xuefeng said solemnly: “And your current level of strength is too far from ours, could you appear alone in the safer zone. The original risks in the safe zone have been basically eliminated by us, and I will also say Find you as quickly as possible, but…”

But the state of the butterfly fragments on Wei Xun’s body was strange, and An Xuefeng was still worried.

“Let us become more connected.”

He lowered his head, the breath completely enveloped Wei Xun, and the hot kiss fell on the cold nose.

“I’ll take you to see…”

“The cemetery in my memory.”

The author has something to say: Enter the Sahara tomorrow!


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