TTG Chapter 305

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 305: Nutrient solution 600000 Jiageng

When an Xuefeng’s kiss fell, Wei Xun hugged him lazily. An Xuefeng controlled his strength to pick him up and took Wei Xun to bed. This is Wei Xun’s room. It’s a large and soft double bed. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege go to deal with the mutual aid alliance alone. The maggot who brings the cat and breaks the cocoon is not here.

There were only two of them in the room.

An Xuefeng turned over on the bed and let Wei Xun lie on him. Watching his hot breath floating, Wei Xun’s soft white hair in front of his forehead smiled unconsciously, and then he closed his eyes. The deep connection between many tour guides and tourists is at night. The deepest secret of human soul is hidden in the spiritual fantasy. Countless memories that do not want to be perceived by outsiders are fragile and soft.

Even if there is a connected relationship and mutual trust, you need to relax if you want to be completely open. Most of the time, like psychological counseling, it is necessary to match it with soft light, soft and faint. After soaking in a hot bath, you can light a soothing fragrance. In a closed and safe room, it is easier for both sides to open.

However, an Xuefeng’s strong self-control made him completely open to Wei Xun without these auxiliary means. With his eyes slightly closed, Wei Xun entered his spiritual fantasy without effort.

“Woo -”

The whale’s song sounded, ethereal and sweet, full of joy. But when Wei Xun opened his eyes, he didn’t see the killer whale, nor the ocean. It was dark all around and I couldn’t see my fingers. Only two places have dim light.

One is the bright red blood under your feet, and the other is the dusk cemetery in front of you.


Wei Xun was puzzled and hummed. The last time he entered an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy was before he entered the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. He remembered that he entered the second layer of fantasy with the blood of the killer whale, carried the killer whale through the blood path and walked to the cemetery. Finally, he fainted when he arrived at the cemetery and came out of an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy.

I didn’t expect to come in front of the second floor cemetery this time.

“Killer whale?”

Wei Xun did not enter the cemetery first, but looked for the figure of the killer whale everywhere. After confirming that it was not there, his eyes fell into the cemetery.

In an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy, there will definitely be his shadow. Before the lonely killer whale on the ocean, what was in the cemetery?

The blood path under your feet extends all the way to the tomb

304, 305, nutrient solution 600000 Jiageng (1 / 4)

At the gate of the garden, Wei Xun had a subtle premonition in his heart. Without hesitation, he went to the cemetery and pushed open the narrow rusty door. At the moment of pushing the door, the Yellow came like a faded old photo. Wei Xun did not panic, but calmly and carefully observed the changes around him.

Gradually, he heard a hazy voice.

“Hum, once every ten years?”

Young, firm, powerful, with a little rebellious and flying self-confidence.

“Then let our generation break it!”

It’s an Xuefeng’s voice! Wei Xun recognized as like as two peas, and the voice was basically the same as poster young Ann Xue Feng.

Break the ten-year cycle? Wei Xun thought like this when he first knew the law of ten years. Unexpectedly, an Xuefeng, who was new to the hotel and soon reached the peak, thought like this in that ten years!

“OK, boss, we all follow you!”

Another male voice sounded, thick and loud, full of trust, accompanied by laughter, is Wang pengpai’s voice.

“Don’t be a jerk. I’ve finished a bottle! I won’t come back if I’m not drunk tonight!”

Vigorous young people &# 30340; The voice, with a little northeast accent, is Tong Hege.

“Go, don’t feed Xiaole wine. He’s only nine years old! Let me see you again, boy.”

Wei Xun has never heard of a heroic and free and easy female voice, but Mao Xiaole, nine, shows that this is the “first generation” return ten years ago, so this female voice should be Wu Lecheng.

In the excitement and jubilation, it seems to be a celebration banquet before departure, but someone’s voice is still calm: “if we follow the usual hotel rules, the probability of survival is 89.98%, but according to this action plan, our probability of success is only 55.95%. I suggest you write a suicide note.”

This is Bai Xiaosheng’s voice.

“Die and die, what’s terrible!”

The voice of a young child sounded, but with a lot of hostility. The voice was a little sharp. It was a paranoid and stubborn nine-year-old Mao Xiaole.

“As long as I kill more people, I’ll die!”

“Bai Xiaosheng is right. We may not be able to come out alive this time, and we have no guide. We are polluted and our spirit is out of control&

304, 305, nutrient solution 600000 Jiageng (2 / 4)

#30340; the possibility is not low. ”

Steady and indifferent voice, very familiar, is Yu Hehui.

“I have written the suicide note, but…”

His voice suddenly softened and smiled: “but there doesn’t have to be so much pressure. When the sky collapses, the tall man carries it. There are so many big tourists and big guides on it. Maybe it won’t use us at all, and the matter will be solved.”

“That’s right!”

“He Hui is right!”

“What suicide note do you write? I don’t write it!”

“Ha ha, ha Bai Xiaosheng, you are thinking of childhood sweethearts in reality.”

The voice of warm and cheerful conversation, you say a word to me, shout and drink, it’s not lively, and the vitality is almost overflowing. Until the light dimmed, such as the fall of night, and the sound of conversation gradually disappeared until it disappeared completely.

Wei Xun also saw a man’s back in his vision. He was tall and straight, with short hair, tiger back and bee waist, a black combat suit, military pants and boots, and a return knife.

Young an Xuefeng.

There was no sound around, and the silence was strange. Wei Xun glanced and found that there were no tombstones in front of him, and the cemetery he had seen seemed to have disappeared.

But an Xuefeng finally appeared in the second layer of spiritual fantasy, and Wei Xun was not in a panic. He approached and came to the side of young an Xuefeng.

Just then, he suddenly heard something faintly. At the same time, some people appeared in front of us. Those shadows are too illusory to see the real face. They can only roughly see the height, fat and thin. When I saw these shadows, the sound that had disappeared came back, and the fighting sound sounded, accompanied by the roar of unknown monsters and the scream of human beings.

“Haven’t the security team come yet? Another group of enemies are attacking in front. We can’t stand it!”

The anxious male voice sounded, accompanied by the painful air-conditioning sound, is Yu Hehui.

“Don’t worry, I believe the captain will come soon. We’ll kill these □□ cubs together at that time!”

Wang surging hoarse voice, but still full of trust.

“Come on, team an, everyone is here, waiting for you!”

It’s the voice of Tong Hege.

“Now that the layout is completed, Captain, you take the shot now. Our success rate is 99 percent.”

A shadow seems to look back

304, 305, nutrient solution 600000 Jiageng (3 / 4)

This way, listen to the sound. It should be Bai Xiaosheng.

But the young an Xuefeng still stood still, as if he didn’t hear any sound, just like a stone statue. But Wei Xun was excited.

If there is no accident, this spiritual fantasy may represent the past on the battlefield ten years ago! Wei Xun is most interested in the battlefield, but after a little analysis, he has some regrets.

These may not be true. In the past briefly mentioned by Wang pengpai and them, an Xuefeng has been fighting in the front line, resisting the most dangerous enemy, and repelling and killing the enemy several times. In fact, the final failure comes from the traitors in the rear.

Therefore, the illusion in front of him is false. It is estimated that it is formed by the distortion and condensation of some painful memories of an Xuefeng, in order to attract the young an Xuefeng next to him.

Just when Wei Xun thought like this, the noise suddenly became louder, as if some terrible monster had arrived. Even Wang pengpai was shocked and lost his voice, “I’ll be good”. Then came the frightened cries of fear and despair of countless people during the defeat. With the sound of cruel biting and chewing, countless people cried and called an Xuefeng’s name.

“All the brothers died. Captain, sister orange, sister orange, she’s dead.”

“Yu Hehui didn’t come back. I’m afraid…”

“Brother Tong, brother Tong, you hold on for a while, you hold on for a while, don’t sleep, don’t sleep.”

“Xiao Le, Xiao Le, come back quickly!”

“If the captain doesn’t take action, I’ll take revenge for you. Let go of me and I’ll fight with it!”

“Captain, Captain, why don’t you do it? What are you waiting for?”

“Should I do it?”

When the scream became more and more fierce, at this time, an Xuefeng, who had been silent, suddenly spoke. Although he didn’t look back, Wei Xun knew that an Xuefeng was talking to him… Or an Xuefeng was just talking to himself. But whatever.

“Why not?”

Wei Xun asked back. Young an Xuefeng was stunned. Finally, he turned his head and looked down at him. His voice was hoarse: “you know, this is a fantasy, not true.”

The young an Xuefeng can even see that this is a fantasy?

Even in the mental illusion, he is still calm and rational.

But it wasn’t this sensible calmness that made him trapped in it instead?

Wei Xun raised his brows and observed the expression of the young An Xuefeng. But when Wang Pengpai and the others roared in despair, An Xuefeng’s eyes moved slightly. Obviously, facing the torture of his teammates to death, even if he knew that this was an illusion, he still had nothing to do with it.

The deaths one after another were cruel tortures for him. But because he knew this was an illusion, and the illusion was there to lure him into making a move, the sensible and calm An Xuefeng would not do it.

So he has been tortured by the illusion.

“What if it’s an illusion? What if you make it? What will happen with your hand?”

Wei Xun chuckled lightly, and took his hand. The young An Xuefeng subconsciously wanted to break away, but for some reason, the people beside him gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity. So instead of letting go, he clasped his hand tightly and explained calmly:

“My spirit is almost out of control. Once I take a shot and sink into the illusion, I am afraid it will cause extremely serious consequences.”

“Why are you energetic? You are almost out of control?”

Wei Xun asked again, but An Xuefeng is rare? Continue to explain patiently: “Because I don’t have a tour guide…”

“I am your tour guide.”

Wei Xun smiled, his tone was rare, gentle, he stretched out his hand in a dazed, shocked ring, and the ring on his finger flashed.

“I am your link guide.”

Wei Xun repeated, and he lifted his chin. Obviously there is a difference in height, but that kind of confident and confident look seems to be looking at An Xuefeng on an equal footing.

“Trust me, you won’t lose control.”

The young An Xuefeng heard him say that his strong and confident tone made people want to be trusted. He couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to respond, holding the thin tour guide in his arms. Listen to him chuckling, feeling he pulled his neckline, smiling in his ears, whispering.

“Come on, put me on your back.”

“Then go in.”

The author has something to say: there are nine thousand updates in the evening, Bo Bo Bo Bo!

When writing this chapter, I have been listening to “Koi Tiao” and “Friendship Years”, both of which are very emotional songs!

The first generation of returning brigade (ten years ago): [Captain] An Xuefeng (25), Wang Pengpai (27), Bai Feibai (22), Yu Hehui (18), Mao Xiaole (9), Wu Lecheng (28) ), Tong Hege (19)


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