TTG Chapter 306

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 306: Major problems

With an Xuefeng’s strength, once he really makes up his mind to break through the illusions, those illusions can’t stop him at all. The only problem we should pay attention to is that these illusions have existed in an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy for several years, and destroying them is equivalent to damaging an Xuefeng’s spirit to some extent.

Let them go and their companions die again and again, causing chronic damage to an Xuefeng. Release the illusion, which will cause greater damage to his spirit. One is equivalent to chronic death and the other is equivalent to curettage.

But now there is Wei Xun, who is always connected with an Xuefeng. As soon as those mental shocks and mental injuries appear, they are shared by him.

An Xuefeng moved very fast, but he cut off all the illusions in five seconds. When “Wang pengpai” screamed in disbelief and was “killed” by an Xuefeng, the scene in front of him changed. But an Xuefeng didn’t pay attention to the change at all, but turned his head in a hurry and said, “you… How do you feel now?”

His guide, his connecting guide, shared the pain and mental trauma with him. Even if an Xuefeng killed fast enough, the severe headache still let him know how painful the complete mental trauma will be.

The guide on his back didn’t speak. The young an Xuefeng felt his neck wet and his scalp felt numb. Well, is he crying.

My guide was afraid of pain.

After the other party cried, he knew that his fear of pain was really terrible. Young an Xuefeng was at a loss for a time. Yes, he was his own guide. Even if the young an Xuefeng didn’t have much memory and was just an illusion, he still recognized it at a glance.

This is a wonderful feeling. They are connected in spirit and thinking. But now an Xuefeng wants them to feel the same, at least to help him bear more pain.

He tried to take the guide off his back, but he held it really tight like a sloth holding a tree. Obviously, he has more power, but an Xuefeng doesn’t dare to come hard, but it’s not a matter to just stand.

An Xuefeng took him on his back and walked slowly around the cemetery. Yes, when all the visions disappeared, the real cemetery appeared. The dim yellow light disappeared, the atmosphere of depression and despair disappeared, and the cemetery looked a little neat and beautiful.

“This is Wu Le Cheng’s tomb. ”

An Xuefeng carried Wei Xun to the front of a tombstone with clusters of roses beside it. This is actually somewhat unreasonable, but everything is normal in the spiritual fantasy.

“Wu Lecheng was 28 when she died. She said before that no one dared to send her roses.”

After all, Wu Le orange is really good at fighting. He has been a soldier, has a healthy and strong personality, and his hair is neat and short. Many people take her as a friend. I didn’t think she would like flowers, too.

“Wang pengpai actually wanted to send it, but he didn’t dare. He has been with me for a long time. He looks happy every day, but in fact, this boy is pure.”

An Xuefeng preached slowly and walked to the next tombstone. The tombstone is very clean, with only two roast chickens.

“Yu Hehui likes to eat roast chicken. Hu Xian has a deep influence on him. He has always restrained himself and doesn’t want to be affected by too many beasts.”

Therefore, Yu Hehui never indulged desire and hope to eat roast chicken before he died, but he could eat enough after he died.

“This is Tong Hege’s tomb…”

“Tong hele is buried here…”

An Xuefeng said many familiar names to Wei Xun, as well as some names he didn’t know.

“This is Xu Ye’s tomb. He played with snakes. We had a lot of cooperation. He was also ready to join the journey home. But he died when he opened the pyramid.”

“This is Liu Hongyan, the hometown of Tong Hege. They have a good relationship. She was killed by the butcher’s guide during her trip to Lingjiatan.”

“This is Jiang Haitao…”

In the narration, Wei Xun’s body on his back gradually stopped shaking with severe pain, and an Xuefeng’s eyes gradually became sharp. He remembered everything. He was no longer a young man trapped by illusion.

The next second, he put Wei Xun down from his back and skillfully held him in his arms.

Now an Xuefeng certainly knows how to alleviate Wei Xun’s pain as soon as possible.

An Xuefeng kissed the tears on Wei Xun’s cheek, and the hot kiss immediately fell down on his lips. The atmosphere between the two people melted, and the surrounding cemetery became illusory. White replaced everything, and finally became an ice field and snow peak.

From an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy to Wei Xun’s snow mountain. This is not difficult. They have a closer connection. After half a month, Wei Xun’s painful snow mountain became higher. The mountain head cut by an Xuefeng jumped out again and was just cut off by an Xuefeng again.

In the roar, the snow mountain overturned, and the white snow roared down like a huge wave, but Wei Xun couldn’t touch a minute and a half. An Xuefeng still held him in his arms, and his powerful return knife was inserted vertically in front of him to block the pouring snow waterfall.

Wei Xun convulsed and struggled in his arms, frowning like pain and pleasure, and his mouth slightly opened due to severe breathing revealed the tip of his tongue. An Xuefeng’s eyes were dark and his kiss fell again, blocking his mouth.

Do normally connected guides have kisses?

No, as long as you touch, you can complete the basic mental relief, and it’s fast. Like Zhang xingzang and dream chasers, who are very familiar with each other and have the right thinking, they can even complete a basic relief in only three seconds, which is very useful in combat.

But an Xuefeng prefers to kiss Wei Xun and leave his own breath on him. Especially when they see each other and have a closer relationship. That kind of exclusive desire is out of control, and those dark thoughts hidden in the bottom of my heart can’t be suppressed.

Although * * temporarily uses his body, it was an Xuefeng who first proposed to try to integrate with * *. But after knowing that * * had already given half his heart (red stone) to Wei Xun, an Xuefeng still couldn’t help feeling jealous.

** * seems to be more talkative.

Wei Xun confessed to taking risks and told * *.

And the words “therefore, we are always sincere” are also said by * *.

Although they are the same person, the desire for monopolization roars with envy like a wounded male beast. I don’t know when the kiss becomes heavier. It seems to rob Wei Xun of the last breath of air.

Seeing that he was suffering from suffocation and happy from pain, he took the initiative to hold him in the end, longing for more pain and more happiness. A dark light flashed in an Xuefeng’s eyes. He habitually wanted to restrain himself, but he thought maybe indulgence would be better.

* *

Wei Xun is in great pain now. The pain caused by the mental trauma at the moment when an Xuefeng’s illusion was broken almost made him sad.

Fainted, the sharp pain was like a poisonous snake swimming and biting in his body, and it was more difficult to control than before. The pain of imitating Buddha was magnified several times, and even his spirit was affected.

The early morning should have passed. It’s October 3rd.

The next deprivation of doomsday punishment is not far away. If it is not delayed, it will come from 0:00 on October 4 to October 5. Increased pain may be a sign.

Physiological tears flowed out uncontrollably. Wei Xun never cried when there was no pain. But since he entered the hotel, he cried several times. Some people say that the average age of women is longer than that of men. One thing is that women can release their emotions with tears. After crying, they will feel much more comfortable physically and mentally.

Wei Xun didn’t feel much. His body trembled slightly in the painful pain. The relationship between severe pain and happiness has been firmly remembered by his subconscious mind. His body is afraid of pain, but the pain is not so painful when he thinks of the happiness that will come with the pain.

It’s just that the happiness came a little late this time. It’s obvious that the too young an Xuefeng doesn’t have a tacit understanding with him as he does now. Wei Xun has endured it for a long time and heard it vaguely. The young an Xuefeng forced Lai Lai Lai. If he hadn’t hurt so much that he didn’t have strength, Wei Xun would have punched him earlier.

When an Xuefeng came up, the feeling was finally right. Wei Xun doesn’t care if the painful snow mountain collapses again when he switches from an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy to his own. Severe pain swept along with happiness. At the same time, Wei Xun subtly felt a little powerful power, and with happiness, he poured into his body.

That’s an Xuefeng’s power. Although Wei Xun and an Xuefeng have relieved and felt the fire phoenix feather, this power is quite different. It is extremely pure, only an Xuefeng’s breath, without any disorderly breath. And it was so powerful that Wei Xun even felt that the pain in his body had been suppressed.

Wei Xun was stiff. When the pain was suppressed, the balance between pain and pleasure was broken. The huge, almost unbearable happiness surged up and swallowed him up in an instant. The brain was blank and the body trembled like a spasm. I don’t know how long it took for this strong happiness to finally pass, but after happiness, it was not calm, but itchy.

Itching spreads from the body, skin and bone marrow.

In recent years, he felt extremely sensitive everywhere in his body. The crisp feeling in his body made him tremble even when he was touched. His body seemed to be out of control. Once he felt an Xuefeng’s breath, he couldn’t control it.

It turns out that this is addiction.

Wei Xun’s only rational thought.

The previous relief, the pursuit of pain and pleasure, is not addictive. Because this is Wei Xun’s independent pursuit, all out of his choice, reason is still there.

But now, when an Xuefeng’s power is connected and enters his most fragile, soft and completely defenseless spiritual fantasy, the infectious power brought by that powerful power makes Wei Xun tremble, instinctive pursuit and greedy desire, which is called addiction.

Powerful power is like a poison stained with honey. People will be completely tamed as soon as they encounter it. They completely forget everything else and just want more. So will the pure abyss force make the tour guide addicted?

In fact, the loyalty of the psychic media to his brother is beyond Wei Xun’s understanding. He can’t imagine that when his brother has been trapped in the Inca Sun Gate for so many years, the psychic media is still loyal as before, and even doesn’t want to become a first-class tour guide – even now that the puppet master is dead and the position of A-3 is empty, the psychic media has no idea in this regard.

Before writing, Wei Xun thought about whether his brother had given any medicine to the psychic medium, or whether he had any special control skills. But now he vaguely thought, could it be that the psychic medium was addicted to the pure abyss of life playing people?

However, this serious problem is obviously not suitable for thinking now. Another wave of happiness surged up. The unbearable sense of pleasure made Wei Xun curl up his toes. There were too many. An Xuefeng gave him too much. His body seemed to be broken. He kept shaking and trembling. The extreme feeling almost drove Wei Xun crazy.

He subconsciously began to struggle, trying to escape the prison named an Xuefeng. He seemed to succeed. The other party didn’t stop him too much. Wei Xun gasped and wanted to climb further, but just as he was about to escape, when he was tense and relaxed, a strong force grabbed his leg and Wei Xun was forcibly dragged back.

Then unbearable happiness came again. His brain is blank, he can hardly feel the pain that comes with happiness, only the joy that completely surrounded him and suffocated him. And this happiness is even stronger than the stimulation just now.

It’s like the pulling between the hunter and the prey. After chasing the prey, it suddenly slows down, relaxes the tight nerves of the prey, and then suddenly retracts the net, killing him with one blow.

My thoughts dissipated completely, as if there was only a vast expanse in front of me. I couldn’t escape and could only accept it. Wei Xun shed fierce tears, but he smiled more happily. He liked this feeling so much. After extreme happiness, his body seemed to be immersed in hot water with the right temperature. The comfort and comfort made Wei Xun look like a lazy snake just waking up from hibernation. Sleepiness surged up, making his thinking more dull.

But the coolness in his chest kept Wei Xun calm at the last point. At this time, he was the least defensive, the most relaxed, and the most vulnerable to routine words. He stopped using his brain and responded only by instinct.

… if an Xuefeng asked him some questions at this time, if he didn’t feel cold in his chest, Wei Xun would answer truthfully.

Wei Xun has never forgotten an Xuefeng’s former career. There are many secrets between him and his life playing people and his missing parents, which have not been revealed to him.

Will an Xuefeng ask?

Wei Xun thought, a little careless, but a little concerned. When Kuai Gan hit again, he still couldn’t help but want to escape. When he found that an Xuefeng still let go first, let him escape, and then arrest him for more, Wei Xun was vaguely determined.

An Xuefeng just wants to take the opportunity to ask something, otherwise he won’t do it several times. But he can ask him directly, although he may not tell the truth.

Although it was cool, Wei Xun’s mood was faint, and he was even a little uninterested. When an Xuefeng lowered his head again and wanted to kiss him, Wei Xun Yanyan moved. He was so happy that he took off his strength. He just slightly turned his head and let an Xuefeng’s kiss fall on the corner of his mouth.

Then Wei Xun felt an Xuefeng’s breath rubbing in his ears. Is an Xuefeng observing his state?

What does he want to ask?

In fact, with an Xuefeng’s character, he took the opportunity to ask these secrets related to Wei Xun’s privacy. In fact, it is unlikely.

But it’s still a little unpleasant after all.

Wei Xun gasped and thought that his body was still shaking from time to time, as if he was still immersed in happiness, which was indeed the real reaction of his body. Apart from the little calmness brought by butterfly fragments, there is no difference. Wei Xun felt an Xuefeng’s breath rubbing in his ear for a long time. Wei Xun was a little impatient and curious. What exactly did an Xuefeng want to ask?

The next second, an Xuefeng finally spoke.

Remember “do you like me?”

Wei Xun listened to him ask in a low voice, and there was a little uncertainty in his voice.


This problem was unexpected to Wei Xun, but it was reasonable.


Somehow, the soft and light mood of happiness filled Wei Xun’s chest like a small hairball. He replied in a whisper, then smiled in his heart and heard a rather dissatisfied “tut” and a man’s voice of shame and grinding his teeth.

Then he heard an Xuefeng pretend to be reserved and beat around the bush.

“Do you like * * more, or Ann Xuefeng more?”

Then, before Wei Xun answered, an Xuefeng immediately added a surge of happiness. When people are extremely happy, the brain is basically unable to think. In the face of forced questions, most of them will only instinctively repeat the last word. An Xuefeng asked again. According to common sense, Wei Xun should repeat what he emphasized ‘an Xuefeng’, but

“Both… Like it.”

Wei Xun was out of breath, choking with a trace of being bullied.

An Xuefeng was angry and smiled: “very sober, you, little guide?”

But with anger and laughter, there was a trace of surprise. Wei Xun can still keep a sense at this time, which an Xuefeng didn’t expect. Although infusion of strength will make Wei Xun addicted, it is also the fastest way to wear away his pain iceberg and increase the connection between □□ Xun and him. An Xuefeng has considered the advantages and disadvantages of addiction and told Wei Xun before.

However, Wei Xun can still keep his reason, which makes an Xuefeng more happy.

Yes, it’s happy.

This shows that Wei Xun’s dependence and intimacy on him not only comes from addiction, but also Wei Xun’s own choice.

He chose him.

Although it was just a “almost”, an Xuefeng was very happy and Wei Xun was also very happy. After they kissed for a while, Wei Xun finally calmed his breathing. An Xuefeng held Wei Xun and fed him a glass of water. Wei Xun found that they had returned to reality from their spiritual fantasy.

On the same big bed.

As soon as Wei xunluo raised his chin, an Xuefeng put down his water cup. Knowing that he wanted to talk, he lowered his head to listen.

Then an Xuefeng listened to Wei Xun and said with a soft smile, “let’s do it.”

The blood that hasn’t been healed for a moment surges up. No man can stand people who like to say such words. Especially for a man with strong firepower like an Xuefeng, he hugged Wei Xun’s arm and made more efforts in an instant, and the hooped Wei Xun was a little painful. But this time he did not struggle, but more wantonly stretched his body, like an open flower. He even raised his soft arm and took the initiative to hug an Xuefeng’s neck.

An Xuefeng stretched two blue tendons around his neck and his eyes were a little red. But he finally restrained himself. He will go to the Sahara tomorrow. At least from six o’clock, the time is really not enough, and it is not good for Wei Xun’s health.

He hoped that their first time would be held in a more ceremonial and romantic situation without rush.

However, although they did it in the end, they still used other methods.

When it was over, guard Xun was really tired. An Xuefeng put him in the bathtub full of warm water and carefully pulled his leg to check it carefully. The inner side of Wei Xun’s thigh was abraded a little. His skin was tender and looked red. Seeing that an Xuefeng was distressed, he quickly returned to the house, replaced the messy sheets with new ones, took out the special medicine for treating the wound and applied it to Wei Xun.

After some tossing, Wei Xun wrapped himself in the soft  Record 0340; He slept in the quilt, but an Xuefeng was more energetic and even refreshed. The problem of the second layer of psychic illusion is solved, but it is not just the second layer.

The “young an Xuefeng illusion” originally on the second floor has his current strength and memory, and can solve the problems of the third and fourth layers of the spiritual fantasy by himself.

It should be about the same tonight. The problem on the third and fourth floors should be solved. Take Wei Xun in for a tour. They are the tour guides and brigade leaders with moderate connection.

An Xuefeng’s mouth turned up. He sat quietly by the bed and stared at Wei Xun for a while. His throat was a little itchy. Want to smoke, but Ann Xuefeng decided to quit smoking last time, so he chewed a mint honey candy in a jar beside the bed.

Biting sugar, an Xuefeng quietly began to pack Wei Xun’s clothes.

It’s actually quite right to go to the Sahara in October. It’s 30 or 40 degrees at noon, not more than 50 degrees in summer ‑ High temperature. But it’s still a little cold at night.

An Xuefeng mainly prepares clothes for Wei Xun in spring and autumn. In addition, there are desert windproof mirrors, gauze scarves that can protect his head and face, magic headscarves, sunscreen ice sleeves and so on. Wei Xun has albinism and cannot be exposed to the sun. But the equipment prepared by an Xuefeng is not abrupt, because they also have to bring it.

After cleaning up his clothes, an Xuefeng began to maintain his weapons. He used many weapons, such as return knife, gun, poisoned dagger, a bag of special darts, chain claws and so on. But this time, an Xuefeng simply maintained Wei Xun’s weapons. Seeing that the maniac murderer’s knife has become aggressive, an Xuefeng is satisfied with playing a knife flower and thinking about matching it with a new scabbard.

Then he somehow wandered to Wei Xun’s bed and stood for a while. I don’t know what he thought. An Xuefeng blushed a little. He calmed down and reached out to lift Wei Xun’s quilt. An Xuefeng wanted to see the injury on the inside of his leg again.

After all, after entering the Sahara, they had to ride white camels into the desert in order to avoid the changing black sandstorm of death. Riding camels for a long time can be very painful for inexperienced people. In fact, it would be better for Wei Xun to have a transformation of desert animals, an Xuefeng thought.

Normal people can have the purple title of the son of nature with three animal forms, but it may be that Wei Xun has too much pure abyss power in his body. At present, he has not won a new title. However, an Xuefeng has seen it with the title of big Druid. The natural power in Wei Xun is not bad. If he changes one or two animals, he will naturally get the title.

Although it may be too late to say this now, an Xuefeng remembers that Qile orange seems to have specially sent Wei Xun an egg, which can also be used.

Thinking, an Xuefeng lifted Wei Xun’s quilt, but just then, he heard a slight knock at the door.

“Knock knock.”

No, not at Wei Xun’s door, but at his door next door. An Xuefeng’s eyes were silent. He returned to his room through the secret door. When he opened the door, he saw that it was not a person who knocked, but a paper crane.

Baixiaosheng’s paper crane.

Is Bai Xiaosheng looking for him? But what else can Bai Xiaosheng not solve now?

Another riot at the Inca sun gate?

An Xuefeng raised his eyebrows in surprise and opened the paper crane took a look and saw three big characters written on the paper crane.

“Yin Yang butterfly”

* *

Yin Yang butterfly feels that her tears in this life are going to dry. Her eyes are even a little swollen and painful. Her tears are hazy. He doesn’t know why it’s normal for psychic media to cry for so long. Is it really the role of the title?

He stayed from day to night on his way home. In fact, yin-yang butterfly was still a little afraid on his way home in the middle of the night. In particular, there was a hundred Xiaosheng sitting quietly, writing and painting in his book and glancing at him from time to time. The Yin and Yang butterflies are a little hairy. He doesn’t even dare to play with his mobile phone.

But it seems shameless to go directly, and no one has come to him for such a long time. Even Yu Hehui and other yin-yang butterflies can naturally evacuate – but no, not at all!

Yin Yang butterfly was immediately alert. He thought it might be a test for him by C Yi – he was never forgotten! He is also a B-2 tour guide and a knight of the mutual aid alliance!

Definitely a test! So the yin-yang butterfly clenched her teeth and burst into tears at Bai Xiaosheng. At 3:30 in the morning, he finally waited for someone – an Xuefeng!

At this moment, the heart almost stopped beating.

* *

“Good morning.”

Wei Xun’s biological clock is very punctual and wakes up naturally at 5 a.m. When he just woke up, he habitually grasped his hand. Last night, Wei Xun finally grasped what he wanted to see. If he could make a full set of this specification, it would be very exciting.

Thinking back, Yu Hehui said hello to Tong Hege who didn’t know when to come back. Tong Hege was lying on the sofa dozing. Yu Hehui was in spirit. Wei Xun listened to Yu Hehui’s report when he went to wash.

Yesterday, the mutual aid alliance received more than 500 new members, including 452 tourists and 57 tour guides. After all, the mutual aid alliance also has a threshold. These people have great potential.

Now 36 low-level members and 36 middle-level members are full. The wave caused by the death of the puppet master lasted all night. More sensitive people invested overnight, and krypton reached the middle-level member.

However, there are still some restrictions on the positions of senior members and higher knights. They are not full yet. The people who can climb here are more or less Wei Xun’s confidants.

“The butcher alliance sent 60% of the profit from the shepherd alliance”

Yu Hehui said that the puppet master died. Pinocchio, who can be the top beam and pillar, and the clothed fish and hair ghost people are gone. Naturally, the shepherd alliance has become a cake divided by others. The butcher alliance is the fastest and most profitable. It doesn’t need to speak from the mutual aid alliance. The psychic media directly gave 60% of the benefits to the mutual aid alliance.

The psychic media’s attitude towards Bingyi is very different from that before. In fact, he sent an invitation again and said he wanted to miss Lord Xi life together with Bingyi and say something about the past. Wei Xun must have promised in the past, but now there are more important things ahead. Yu Hehui pushed him.

Presumably, with the wisdom of the psychic media, he will definitely think that this is C-1 to air him.

Briefly speaking about the mutual aid alliance, Yu Hehui turned to the main topic, that is death.

“I’ll stay. Tong Hege will go with you.”

The newly established mutual aid alliance is in full swing, and I’m afraid there are many people who covet it. An Xuefeng, Wei Xun, dream chaser and Zhang xingzang are all going to Sahara. Talents must be reserved at the mutual aid alliance.

Yu Hehui thought about it. He felt that his ability to assassinate and explore the way could not play much at 30 degrees north latitude. In addition, there is no shortage of combat power when returning people go together.

It’s most appropriate for Wei Xun to take a nanny with him. As long as he can Gou, he can definitely wait for an Xuefeng’s rescue.

… although Yu Hehui thinks Wei Xun should not be greedy.

Pancakes meow around Wei Xun’s feet, but Wei Xun doesn’t plan to take it this time.

“I prepared some Hu Xian evil spirit for Tong Hege. He can become a ferret.”

Wei Xun had a ferret, which was known to everyone in northern Tibet before. He remembered that it was not unusual to bring ferrets this time.

“Sahara ferrets, ha.”

Wei Xun thought it was very interesting. He sat in front of the makeup mirror and asked Yu Hehui to dye his hair. At the temperature of the Sahara, I’m afraid ferrets shouldn’t still be white, because it doesn’t make sense that ferrets turn white hair. What’s more, white hair is still too conspicuous, and black hair is more suitable.

“Wanxiang spring and Lushu orange don’t go this time. Stay on their way home.”

Wei Xun said slowly, “on the way home, an Xuefeng, Wang pengpai, Bai Xiaosheng, Wang Yushu, Mao Xiaole and I, the dreamer of hope and Zhang xingzang, the half life Taoist of metaphysics, this is a nine person group.”

After all, this time he went to the death of the Sahara, An Xuefeng wanted to find him the white sand to relieve his punishment, but the purpose of most people was to kill the monsters deep in the death Sahara and regain the butterfly fragments. Those who can come are the people most trusted by dream chasers.

“The Feihong people won’t go?”

Wei Xun asked? Dao, Metaphysics? Can be a half-life Taoist, but Feihong is not a Cypriot. He played with this egg in his hand, which was an ocher egg with some brown spots on it.

Qi Lecheng gave him a small gift at the time.

【Name: Funny Pet Egg】

【Quality: Rare】

[Function: Can hatch a loyal and funny pet! The pet breed depends on the incubation environment! 】

[Remarks: It’s just a small pet! Don’t? Expect it to help you kill enemies and clear attractions, huh? But it is also a good helper for early warning, resource exploration, path finding, etc.? It depends on how you cultivate it! 】

“If it was hatched in the Sahara, it should be a desert creature.”

Wei Xun can feel the life in the pet egg, it can break out of its shell at any time! Qi Lecheng’s gift is a good gift, and it is very functional. If it is hatched in the desert, it should be a creature in the desert.

Viper, jerbo, fennec fox, or Israeli golden scorpion, desert viper, etc.

“There are so many dangers in the death of the Sahara, these small animals must have special perception.”

As Yu Hehui talked, he was worried again, but he still didn’t worry, and wanted to go with Wei Xun. This feeling is almost the same as that of a child at home, traveling alone for the first time, all kinds of uneasy. After Yu Hehui dyed Wei Xun’s hair, how many times did she turn around, but she was helpless to find Wei Xun’s clothes, things to bring, and even all kinds of weapons. An Xuefeng was all ready.

Even the new storage props are ready-this is? Wang Yushu copied it. The storage props bought from the hostel are not easy to use in the Sahara.

In the end, the worried Yu Hehui and Wei Xun went to the eight-armed Nezha City to see for themselves that Wei Xun used a statue of a strange bird to put the Nezha spirit into the small box. This? I was a little relieved-of course, which As a good brother, Zah Ling promised to have a brand-new form, and would never use the strange bird or the original state again.

“Feel it after I go to the Sahara? I can get the Orange Explorer title if I order anything now.”

Wei Xun thought that he had achieved 98% of the completion of this series of title tasks, and he didn’t even need to go to the Sahara. Maybe he would get to Morocco when he landed on a plane.

Explorer, adventurer, archaeologist, wild mind, this is the title he will mainly use in the Sahara.

Of course, he will also carry the Demon Insect with him in case he needs it from time to time. I heard that there are many worms in the dead Sahara. Maybe it will be? The happy hometown of corn shoots. The hair? Gui Xiao? Red didn’t bring it, but Wei Xun brought the cocoon of the maggot-I don’t know why, the maggot was always in a state of’to break the cocoon, but not yet broken’. Wei Xun took it with him. Just rest assured.

There is one and a half seconds of the terrifying path of a real man, which can also be a killer? However, once this identity is used, there is a risk of exposure.

Hearing An Xuefeng said that because they are too far apart in strength, after entering the Sahara of Death, are they likely to be assigned to different regions? In fact, Wei Xun thinks this is good.

After almost cleaning up, Wei Xun walked out of the room and came to the living room. It’s eight o’clock in the morning, and everyone who is ready to set off has arrived. It’s time to set off to celebrate the ceremony. But Wei Xun found that from An Xuefeng to Mao Xiaole, their faces were a little serious.

“Now that everyone is here, I will repeat the news I got this morning.”

Seeing him coming?, An Xuefeng said solemnly: “According to Zhang Xingzang, the dream chaser woke up this morning? He has been in a deep sleep, has a weak breath, and his situation is unknown.”

“Saharan? There is a big problem. Let’s set out now.”

The author has something to say: happy day! The security team issued six hundred red envelopes, giving everyone a joy!

This is a text red envelope, saying, [An team is really good! 】

[Bai Xiaosheng turned over the history and found that there is no age in this history, and every page that is skewed is written with the words’homecoming brigade’. Bai Xiaosheng couldn’t sleep anyway, he looked carefully in the middle of the night, only to see the words from the cracks, there were three words written all over the book:’Yin-Yang Butterfly’! 】

[The shepherd’s alliance zero dollar purchase! 】


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