TTG Chapter 307

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 307: The Death of the Sahara (1)

An Xuefeng said he was going, but he first went to the dreamer’s residence. Wang pengpai and them stay on standby for the time being on their way home. An Xuefeng and Wei Xun go together – Wei Xun wears a cloak and is in the capacity of C-1.

The dream chaser’s residence has been under martial law. Zhang xingzang, who came to meet them, looks ugly and looks a little haggard. Wei Xun smelled a faint fragrance on him. When he smelled it carefully, it was lavender.

“Here you are.”

He nodded slightly and took an Xuefeng and Wei Xun to the inner room. On the way, Wei Xun was thinking about what kind of state the dreamer was in, but when he really saw it, the scene in front of him still surprised him.

Wei Xun saw a dragon.

Although the dreamer accompanied him in the form of a young dragon when he was at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the coconut dragon obviously didn’t have the dragon in front of him. The complete shape of the Dragon gave people a strong sense of shock.

In fact, this dragon is not too big, not counting its wings and tail. Its body is as big as an Asian elephant. It sleeps quietly in the light purple lavender sea. It looks a little slender, silver white dragon body and crystal glass like dragon wings. The two dragon horns are like gemstones, with colorful brilliance.

The dreamlike color halo dances around it, making it look sometimes illusory and sometimes real. With the help of sleep and light lavender fragrance, it’s like sinking into a dream and seeing the fairy dragon inhabiting the dream in the legend.

However, after seeing the shock of the dragon with his own eyes, Wei Xun frowned and went close to observe. He found that the scales of the Dragon had fallen off a lot, revealing pale skin. An ominous death enveloped the dragon and struggled with its own strength. The largest wound is located at the jaw of the dragon, at the neck.

On the silvery white dragon, there is only a scale in the throat, which is black. I saw the palm sized black scales rolled up, like being torn. The lavender, pearl shining Dragon blood kept flowing outward, and the flowing blood fell to the ground and turned into lavender.

Lavender produced by dragon blood has a strong and lethargic effect. Wei Xun only stayed here for a little while and began to feel sleepy. An Xuefeng glanced at him, and Wei Xun shook his head. Seeing that he could still hold on, an Xuefeng didn’t let Wei Xun go out for a while, and directly said, “the wound of chasing dreams against scales hasn’t healed?”

An Xuefeng saw the key at a glance.

“Yes, but the problem was not so serious before.”

Zhang xingzang said, his face rarely showed a bitter expression.

The chest of the dreamer is a token of death. Before saving Zhang xingzang, and in order to seal the sun channel again, he tore off the inverse scale and let the principal do it at this price.

But the principal at that time… Couldn’t suppress the life playing people, and finally an Xuefeng shot. This inverse scale was finally taken back by him and returned to the dreamer.

But tearing off the counter scale itself was a serious injury. At that time, the handover of the keepsake at 30 degrees north latitude was even worse. However, with the strength of the dreamer and the return of Zhang xingzang, the relief between them can greatly relieve the mental pressure. These minor injuries are actually nothing to the dreamer.

The dreamer has strong strength. Although he did not fully obtain the authority of the Sahara, the dreamer fused the keepsake on the counter scale and forcibly suppressed the monsters in the depths of the Sahara with the help of his strong strength.

There are definitely other problems.

“Last night, I wanted to catch colored soul sand in my dream. These days, he has always wanted to do this… But he has never had time to sleep.”

Zhang xingzang road.

Before, an Xuefeng told Wei Xun that when dreamers sleep in an alienated state, they can catch colored soul sand, so that they can directly enter the seventh floor after entering the death Sahara. It’s the most efficient thing.

For this trip to the Sahara, the dreamer began to prepare after saving Zhang xingzang. But for some well-known reasons – cough, dream chasers have never had time to sleep.

In fact, there were many things last night, but after all, we were about to start. It was too late to prepare. Dream chasers used medicine and forced themselves to sleep for a while.

As a result, there was a big problem in this sleep.

“Chasing a dream is poisoned. Someone wants to murder him!”

Zhang xingzang’s words suddenly exploded like a thunder. His face was fierce that Wei Xun had never seen before: “people in the West have been planning since a long time ago!”

“Are you sure it’s them?”

An Xuefeng asked in a deep voice. Zhang xingzang’s tone was cold: “I’m sure I know the poison in my dream. The black widow confessed a batch.”

After the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance, the black widow owed C 11 a big favor, and the death of the puppet master was even more gratifying. She added bofeigong to the mutual aid alliance last night. In addition to various specialties organized by her own organization, there are also various potions developed by the little witch.

One bottle of ‘nightmare potion’ was highlighted by the black widow, which was jointly studied by the little witch and A4 infected people. The black widow knew that it was Zhang xingzang who received her goods and marked the bottle of medicine.

Nightmare potion, a legendary potion, is a highly toxic drug specially for people who control dreams! It is a special medicine. Ordinary people will only have some nightmares after being poisoned. However, if people with alienation related to dreams are poisoned, they will be highly poisoned every time they use power and enter the dream.

This poison has no feeling at the initial stage. With entering the dream again and again, the toxicity will become deeper and deeper, but the poisoned person will not have any pain, and even have perfect sleep quality and many beautiful dreams. Finally, quietly, die in a dream!

“A4 infected people are from the Western butcher alliance.”

An Xuefeng frowned, took the medicine from Zhang xingzang, checked it a little, and then looked at the current symptoms of chasing dreams. It was completely consistent.

If the puppet master had not died unexpectedly, the tour guide of the year-end celebration warm-up match would be the Duke of lizard in the West and the dream chaser in the East. As the leader of the Western butcher alliance, the lizard Duke tried all means to poison the dreamers in order to win the warm-up competition. He also wanted to seize the death Sahara!

It is reasonable to say that killing dreamers is fully in line with the position of the whole western district. The black widow revealed this bottle of medicine, which is more treacherous than the last western traitor “devil merchant”. Not just to show kindness to the mutual aid alliance, there are many games.

The lizard Duke may be in the way of the black widow.

Wei Xun thought.

The black widow has always been very low-key in the western district. Like the puppet division, her power has also been embezzled by the Western District butcher alliance. Moreover, she holds a token of 30 degrees north latitude, which makes the lizard Duke salivate.

On weekdays, the black widow is too lazy to care about these. On weekdays, all kinds of things are handled by little demons. Even if the reputation of “killing George” makes her not very good, there are fewer and fewer new people joining the alliance, which can not arouse her interest.

But now the situation is different. With the possibility of George’s rebirth, the black widow is bound to fight. In this way, the S2 lizard Duke is very eye-catching.

Rather than let him quietly seriously hurt the dreamer and win the competition at the end of the year, it’s better to disclose the news in advance.

At that time, no matter what the result is, the lizard Duke will be weakened, which is the opportunity for her to rise again.

It’s also a coincidence that as soon as Zhang xingzang got the medicine, he felt bad and hurried to wake up the dreamer, but he found that he had fallen asleep – this happened at 3 a.m. this morning. Zhang xingzang has been trying to relieve himself by pursuing his dream. Until now, the situation is almost stable, he has not been connected to the way back.

“I compared the instructions of the medicine and found that dream chasing poisoning has been going on for a long time.”

Zhang xingzang said painfully, but when he said this, his expression was a little subtle. Then Zhang xingzang looked at Bingyi, and an Xuefeng also looked at him. When Wei Xun waved, the green grass leaves beside his cloak fell to the ground and turned into Tong Hege.

Please come up one by one, naturally to let Tong Hege see the current state of the dreamer.

Tong Hege is here to see a doctor for the dreamer. They don’t bother and go to the next cubicle to continue talking.

“In the past two months, dreamers seldom sleep.”

An Xuefeng first said, “the poison is getting worse with each dream he dreams. It’s not poison at the beginning. So, the poison of the dream chaser should not be deep.”

Wei Xun also agreed in his heart that it was only the poison that Zhang xingzang and the dreamer could stabilize. At present, the impact should be really small.

“Luck in misfortune.”

Zhang xingzang nodded. The subtlety of his previous expression was that he had hardly slept in pursuit of dreams in the past two months.

… to be exact, since C entered the hotel, he has lost sleep in chasing dreams.

Before, dreamers lost sleep because of Zhang xingzang. Now dreamers lose sleep because of C-1. If you don’t sleep or dream, you won’t be affected by poison.

Since it’s not poison, I’m afraid there’s another reason why dream chaser is currently unconscious.

“How did the dreamer get poisoned?”

An Xuefeng hit the nail on the head and asked the key.

With the caution of the dreamer, how did the west side poison him? I’m afraid it’s not just a bottle of nightmare medicine that has caused such a serious impact only this time. Wei Xun also pricked up his ears and paid attention to this side. Then Zhang xingzang’s words surprised him and an Xuefeng.


Zhang xingzang said seriously, “nightmare potion is applied to the keepsake of death.”

A keepsake of death? The inverse scale on the dreamer’s chest? How do I apply the medicine? Is the principal involved?

For a moment, an Xuefeng thought a lot, but the answer given by Zhang xingzang was beyond their expectation.

“There is something wrong with the death Sahara. Chasing dreams and competing for power with the monster lead to the instability of the death Sahara and many cracks. The Western butcher alliance took advantage of it and I’m afraid it found another entrance to the Sahara!”

“Another entrance to the Sahara?”

An Xuefeng frowned and Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. If there is already a pioneer’s journey of 30 degrees north latitude, can others find other entrances?

What does it mean to find this new entrance? According to the meaning of Zhang xingzang, keepsake poisoning is related to the new entrance?

“The journey of 30 degrees north latitude is extremely difficult to open up. The keepsake belongs to the pioneer and is the basis for entering the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.”

Knowing that Wei Xun was not clear about this problem, an Xuefeng explained to him: “but authority will not come out of thin air. It will be gradually obtained with the progress of exploration.”

In other words, if you get the keepsake, you can only freely enter the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. But how much authority you have inside depends on how many scenic spots the tourists or tour guides have explored and conquered.

For example, an Xuefeng’s pyramid is a 30 degree north latitude scenic spot with the most progress in exploration. All the layers of the pyramid explored are completely mastered by an Xuefeng. There will be no danger. It can be said to be a “safe area”.

But the situation in the Sahara is not optimistic.

“The power of death Sahara is chaotic. If the new entrance is in an area that the dreamer has not explored, and the discoverer explores this place, in theory, he also has a small part of the power of Sahara and gets tokens that can enter and leave the Sahara.”

The keepsake is complete. Now it can be said that the keepsake owned by dream chasers, invaders and Saharan monsters are incomplete. But their essential source is the same. The man poisoned the keepsake in a special way, thus poisoning the dreamer who has the most keepsakes.

Originally, an outsider invaded the dead Sahara, and the dreamer should be aware of it at the first time. But the bad thing is that he didn’t grasp the butterfly fragments of the dead Sahara. Under the influence of countless factors, he caused the current situation.

The dreamer is immersed in the dream and can’t wake up. One is the influence of nightmares, and the other is the restraint of invaders, which makes him unable to wake up.

The problem is that the toxicity of nightmare drugs will increase with the longer the dream time, and the later the dreamer wakes up, the deeper the injury.

During the discussion, Tong Hege came out, and his inspection results also proved this.

“Seven days at the latest, the dreamer must wake up.”

Tong Hege said seriously, “I’m afraid the other party has an expert related to the dream title. The situation of the dreamer is not optimistic. His San value is very low and almost out of control. Zhang xingzang, you must always relieve him, but this is a temporary cure, not a permanent cure. If you sleep for more than seven days, then…”

“I see.”

An Xuefeng nodded and a sharp light flashed in his eyes: “it doesn’t take seven days.”

You can poison the keepsake. I’m afraid normal means can’t succeed. The small Keepsake taken away by the invaders should now be in the hands of the A4 tour guide with the orange title “infected”.

“The black widow said that there was the poison of the lizard Duke in the nightmare potion, and the antidote was only available from the Western butcher alliance.”

Although he said so, Zhang xingzang didn’t fully believe what the black widow said.

“When chasing dreams and I were relieved, I vaguely saw the scene of his dream. Those people are in the Sahara now!”

Go to the Sahara, catch the infected and get the keepsake back. Or solve the problem fundamentally.

Kill the Saharan monster who took the butterfly fragments.

“Are you going?”

“I’ll go.”

Zhang xingzang walked into the room where the dream chasing dragon was. He didn’t know how he did it. When he came out again, he held a glittering, gem like egg in his arms. As big as an ostrich egg.

Noticing Bingyi’s eyes, he patted the big egg: “this is chasing dreams. If you don’t chase dreams, you can’t enter the Sahara.”

But now that dream chasers are like this, they obviously can’t serve as tour guides. Although they travel freely this time, they still need a guide to be a complete brigade.

Zhang xingzang looks at Bingyi and stops talking. In his heart, if Bingyi goes, it is the most perfect choice. However, this trip to the Sahara was too dangerous. Soon after C Yi opened the chieftain King’s tomb, his breath was unstable and it was very easy to be watched by the Saharan monster.

Moreover, the mutual aid alliance is inseparable from people.

“I contacted the guide.”

An Xuefeng hung up. He just called Wang pengpai. Wei Xun listened for a few ears and listened to what he said about the plan change and charter flights. A quarter of an hour later, the people on this trip gathered on their way home, and then returned to a villa in city a through the home station.

Time is tight and everything is said on the road. Wang pengpai drove a Grand Cherokee and Wang Yushu drove a range rover, carrying a group of people to city a international airport.

“After dreaming and sleeping, merzuka’s safe house could not be opened, and the originally set route to Morocco was cancelled.”

An Xuefeng’s words rang in everyone’s ears through the headset: “we charter a plane to Mauritania, to adelar Province, and enter from the eye of the Sahara.”

Mauritania, located in the northwest of Sahara, is a West African country. The eye of the Sahara is located in adral Province in Mauritania.

Like Wei Xun, dream chasers also open up new scenic spots, so as to open up the road of death. That scenic spot is the eye of the Sahara. From here, even if the dreamer sleeps, as long as you take him, the brigade can smoothly enter the Sahara.

“The dogs on the west side know that.”

Mao Xiaole said darkly, “I’m afraid there’s an ambush there.”

“Hey, just want them to ambush.”

Wang pengpai hey ran smiled and turned sideways as he drove: “fuck him, you dare to make trouble in the Sahara, so that they will never come back! Just let team Zhang cut you, and you haven’t seen blood since you came out.”

“It’s time for the event.”

Zhang xingzang said faintly. At the moment, he couldn’t see the cheerful and optimistic appearance. He was very angry and introverted, but it made people cold in his heart: “the butcher guide is really damn… Ah, I didn’t mean you, yin-yang butterfly.”

At the moment, in Wang Yushu’s car, a man in a silver purple cloak said nothing and stuck close to the door to minimize the sense of existence. He looked like a weak dog.

“Killing is the old business of yin and Yang butterflies.”

Wang Yushu said with a smile, “the butcher in the eastern district is more powerful than the butcher in the western district. Do you think it’s a yin-yang butterfly?”

When it comes to glory, the yin-yang butterfly has to say: “… Our eastern district is naturally powerful.”

“It’s our east side.”

Half life Taoist smiled, turned back, lay on the back of the chair, looked at him and smacked his mouth: “but I didn’t expect you would really promise, yin and Yang butterfly, come and have a chat?”

Talk about your mother!

“The lizard Duke is very likely to do it himself. Recently, he and A1 blood wolf Rex seem to have reached some kind of cooperation agreement.”

Bai Xiaosheng’s voice sounded in his ear, with a faint tone: “according to the worst scenario, the enemies we will face this time are S2 lizard Duke, A1 blood wolf Rex, A3 blood Baron, A4 infected person, a7 voodoo doctor and A10 cannibal witch, as well as some elite tour guides and tourists.”

Yin Yang butterfly’s small face is very white. We can’t talk at all this day. Fortunately, these people didn’t talk to him again. Yin and Yang butterfly sorted out her mood, and then glanced at the people around her.

The handsome young passenger with black hair was teasing the ferret in his arms. Feeling the gaze of the yin-yang butterfly, he turned his head and gave him a kind smile.

Wei Xun!

Lord C is very concerned about this boy!

The yin-yang butterfly who stayed up all night was stunned when she received Bai Xiaosheng’s communication this morning. What’s the way home? They went to Sahara? The dreamer had an accident? The Western butcher alliance wants to seize the token of 30 degrees north latitude? They’re going to Sahara right now, but they’re short of a guide for the time being?

Let him be the guide??

Are you crazy? Are we a group? Just tell me the news? Is this what I should know?

Yin Yang butterfly’s first reaction was that Bai Xiaosheng wanted to kill his mouth. This man was a little careful. He may have been tired of crying yesterday. Yin Yang butterfly immediately reported to Bingyi and asked the boss for protection. Unexpectedly, Bingyi’s attitude was also very ambiguous.

“It really happened. Bai Xiaosheng said it well?”

“Let you be a tour guide?”

“All the way home? Including their newcomer… Wei Xun?”


“Go if you want. You are now a member of the mutual aid alliance. They won’t touch you. It’s a big deal to sign a non harm agreement.”

“Take care of Wei Xun. After all, he is a newcomer on his way home.”

The fool refused the chance to go on a journey to 30 degrees north latitude! Every trip to the 30 degrees north latitude is a great opportunity, not to mention the yin-yang butterfly has never been to the Sahara. This trip will definitely reap a lot!

And Lord C is right. He is now a member of the mutual aid alliance. Yesterday, everything was written off. Yin and Yang butterfly thought carefully. There was really a problem with the dreamer. It was normal to find him on the way home.

The puppet teacher in the first-class guide died, the dreamer had an accident, and the playful man was not there. In the elite tour guides of class B, they can’t find a psychic medium. Pinocchio is empty. The rune teacher of the truth alliance has just made a contradiction, and the puppet teacher of the clothed fish must be busy just after his death.

So when you look at the top 51 of the elite tour guides, he is the most suitable for yin-yang butterflies!

What’s more, the enemy is still the gang of Western butcher Alliance… Ha, that’s great. Yin Yang butterfly’s blood sucking knives are already hungry and thirsty. Although they are all butcher alliance, they never show mercy to the branch in the West!

Of course, yin-yang butterfly is still very cautious. It has signed many agreements with the way home to eliminate all kinds of conspiracy harm, especially in terms of privacy. Tour guides can directly reach tourist attractions through hotels. But this time is different. He wants to take a car and then take a plane together on the way home and reality.

Although the hotel rules are still in force, what if someone lifts his cloak!

When she first got on the bus, Yin Yang butterfly was very wary, but found that she was not in an Xuefeng’s car, and the position was closest to the door. Next to it was Wei Xun, the weakest newcomer on the way home. When she didn’t feel too much pressure, Yin Yang butterfly was quite satisfied and felt very sincere on the way home.

But the psychic media taught him to reflect frequently when leading the team. He went deep into the bone marrow of yin and Yang butterflies. He subconsciously thought about today’s things again, and then

Then the yin-yang butterfly fidgeted.

Just, just think about it. If Mr. C is an adult, he always feels as if there is something wrong!

Yes, I don’t need a guide to go to 30 degrees north latitude this time. Why didn’t I call Mr. Bingyi, but yin-yang butterfly! It is reasonable to say that the first major talent of C is more suitable! What is a weak person? Bah, adults are not weak. That kind of strong ranking can show!

Instead of adult C, he brought a new man Wei Xun. Yin Yang butterfly couldn’t help thinking of those rumors, and then his scalp was numb.

No, no, he won’t get involved in any adult’s emotional vortex.

“Take care of Wei Xun more”… Does it really mean to take care of adults??

Yin and Yang butterflies are numb. They always feel that their happy dreams of “peeping into the dead Sahara” and “killing some Western garbage” have been dashed.

Well, if Lord C really meant that… He didn’t dare to kill Wei Xun. Kill the person Ann Xuefeng likes. Isn’t he dying?

Even if it was ordered by Lord C, Wei Xun and C are lovers and tour guides. In the end, it will only be his yin-yang butterfly!

Ah, this… Or I’ll really take care of it.

The Yin and Yang butterfly counselled.

Anyway, he’s stupid and can’t hear the real meaning. Lord C said he would take good care of him.

“Half life, are you really going this time?”

After discussing the situation in the Sahara, Zhang xingzang asked the half life Taoist again: “this operation is very dangerous.”

“It’s all right. I have a hunch that this may be an opportunity.”

The half life Taoist smiled and boldly looked at Wei Xun. Seeing his shy smile, he choked in his heart, but smiled on the surface and said, “Wei Xun, let’s be together at that time. Stay with me and don’t say anything else. Be safe!”

“Half life is also right. Our side is too dangerous. It may be better for Mr. Wei Xun to be with him.”

Mao Xiaole also said that they killed people when they went to Sahara. The most peak travelers, of course, are the most dangerous enemies. There are not only strong enemies in the western region, but also the extremely harsh environment and the most dangerous monsters in the Sahara.

Strong general assembly attracts danger. Relatively speaking, half life Taoist is relatively weak and safer to be with him. The half life Taoist is not really weak. He can ensure relative security even in the Sahara by asking God at the critical moment.

“I listen to the captain.”

Wei Xun said cleverly that his words reached an Xuefeng’s ears. An Xuefeng couldn’t help but hook his lips. He was so clever that his heart was itching. I’ve never heard Wei Xun talk to him like this. Hey, he wants to record it.

But except an Xuefeng, everyone else choked when Wei Xun said so.

Unknowingly, look at Wei Xun, look at an Xuefeng, and think about Bingyi who didn’t come this time… Hiss.

Take a look at clever Wei Xun and think about murderous C Yi… Tut.

Until the time of boarding, the atmosphere in both cars was strange.

It takes 23 hours to fly from here to Mauritania. When the plane landed at the airport in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, it was already 10:30 a.m. on October 4.

Looking out through the airport window, it was reddish brown outside. It was morning, but it was strangely dark, like a storm coming. The air was also dry, as if all the water vapor had been drained. Wei Xun’s nose was a little itchy and uncomfortable.

“The devil wind sometimes blows in North Africa in October.”

Mao Xiaole said to him in a note: “the red fine sand □ □ dry and hot wind package can form a huge wind column seven or eight hundred meters high, which can blow for several days. If animals and humans are rolled into it, they will be sucked dry and become dry bodies when the wind stops.”

“We’re lucky. If the weather is worse, the plane can’t land.”

Wang pengpai said with a smile that among the black-and-white foreigners who come and go, several oriental people are still very conspicuous. But what stands out is not only their skin color, but also their height. If these tall men go to other western countries, they may be mistaken for basketball teams.

Most of them did not hide, but took themselves as bait to catch some big fish. Only an Xuefeng disguised himself, Yi Rong became Wanxiang spring, and Wang Yushu disguised himself as a familiar man.

“Let’s go. Someone picked us up outside. The two brothers in the right and wrong area. When we get to adelal by car, let’s get the camel… Hey, cenqin, it’s all yours. Why do you still play with your mobile phone?”

Wang roared, but he saw that the half life Taoist’s face was wrong. It was very strange.

“The Western butcher alliance is really arrogant.”

The half life Taoist’s tone was not good: “look at them and then look at the life playing people. I think the life playing people are very introverted.”


“What happened?”

“What’s the matter?”

When they felt wrong, they took out their mobile phones. Wei Xun looked at them and half ordered the Taoist priest to put them directly in front of him. The creepy app can be used all over the world, and the half life Taoist’s mobile phone screen is staying in the live interface. It’s a live broadcast of the world area. The cover is a black and red desert.

The voice of Yin-Yang butterfly sounded, but it was also rare and gloomy: “the Western butcher alliance is provoking us… They are ready to broadcast Sahara live!”

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