TTG Chapter 308

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 308: Nutrient solution 600000 Jiageng

The Thatcher school, California, USA

This private boarding school at the foot of the ouha Valley is one of the top high schools in the United States, especially famous for its distinctive equestrian courses. Every new student will raise a horse in the school, clean the stable before class every morning, and feed the horse after class in the evening.

But today, the ninth grade students were a little depressed. Katie, the most popular teacher in equestrian class, took a week off because of an accidental sprain. It’s a terrible thing.

While the students were discussing in twos and threes whether to visit poor Katie and bring her some small gifts, their “ankle sprained” Katie appeared in a luxury apartment in Manhattan, New York.

This apartment is one of the real residences of the “mystics” of the second brigade in the Western District!

“Those people in the butcher alliance are crazy. Oh, my God, they dare to do such a thing!”

The clatter of horse hoofs sounded on the smooth marble floor, and a beautiful woman walked back and forth anxiously. Her upper body is no different from normal people. Her brown hair, emerald green eyes, flower leaf crown between her hair and European plain white gauze clothes make her look like the princess of the elf country.

The hem of the gauze clothes decorated with complicated patterns embroidered with gold silk hangs down, and two or three golden bells ring with each movement of the vigorous horse.

Yes, she was a snow-white horse from her navel, with a gilt long bow on her back, and the glittering bow strings were like stars.

Katie, who has the orange title of “Sagittarius”, is the fifth largest passenger in the whole western district. However, she was seriously injured a year ago and was in an average mental state. She basically didn’t travel this year and “recuperated” at Thatcher high school. Now in a hurry, he showed that he couldn’t help showing his horse.

“To be honest, I’m not optimistic about them. It’s still possible to poison A-2 before Zhang’s resurrection. But now, tut. I wish them bad luck.”

A petite woman shrugged her shoulders and fiddled with her mobile phone: “but it has nothing to do with us, doesn’t it? Apart from anything else, I’m actually curious about what the Sahara looks like.”

“Never mind? No, of course it has something to do with us.”

A tall man was sitting on the sofa with a golden dagger. He was dressed in a red magic robe and wearing a sharp wide brimmed Magic Hat: “there was something wrong with the journey of 30 degrees north latitude mastered by the eastern district. He would never sit idly by on his way home. Ann was friendly with pursuing dreams. I think he would help. What’s more, they made a stupid live broadcast. Oh, it’s really stupid.”

On his shoulder, the little fire dragon like flame creature agreed to “ah Wu” and spit out a small fire. David, who has orange titles such as “great mage”, “fire controller” and “Dragon Knight”, is a deputy team of mystics.

“I’m going to go to Sahara. Ann saved my life in Western Europe. According to me, lily, you should go too. You were also on the ship.”

“If you really want to go home, we should go together.”

Lily wondered, “but didn’t the black widow say that Ann was seriously injured when she killed the puppet master? And because of his little lover, Bingyi doesn’t intend to connect with him again?”

“You believe what the black widow says.”

The man in the magic robe smiled and said, “those fools of the butcher alliance believe it. They think that as long as they don’t fight, there’s nothing terrible… Shh, according to me, they’re trying to kill themselves by broadcasting the exposed position live.”

“If you look at the hotel announcement, they choose a very different way of live broadcasting.”

Just then, a cold male voice came from the stairs, and everyone in the living room subconsciously stood up. I saw a strong brown haired man like a bear walking down the stairs with a wheelchair. The man in the wheelchair has black hair and blue eyes, holding a crystal ball. He is a little thin. The drooping corners of his mouth and slightly high cheekbones make him look a little mean and hard to approach.

This man is the leader of occult science, astrologer!

To be honest, although it is rumored that he is slicing??? When he was young, he cut off all pessimism and left only optimism, but this man is completely out of touch with optimism. He is as serious as the teaching director in high school.



Others greeted one after another, but the astrologer ignored it and said to himself, “it’s a live broadcast of the hotel. The hotel judges. Seven live shots randomly show the pictures it thinks are the most wonderful and worth playing. I’m afraid these shots will always follow the way home. The strong will always attract the attention of the hotel.”

While talking, the corner of his mouth turned down again, looking a little gloomy: “and the death Sahara is too chaotic now. I guess even people in the desert can see the live broadcast from their mobile phones.”

It can be said that the dreamer was really unlucky. This time, neither luck nor the hotel stood on his side. Big tour guides and tourists have much more control over the 30 degrees north latitude than the hotel. If there is an opportunity to explore the interior of the 30 degrees north latitude journey, the person in charge of the hotel must not let go.

“That’s shit.”

The magician complained, “I thought they would be introduced into the depths of the Sahara and become the dung of worm monsters.”

This live broadcast situation greatly weakens the advantages of dream chasers. They could have used their familiarity with the Sahara to lure the enemy into some death traps. But when a group of people appear on the way home, it will definitely be the most wonderful scene recognized by the hotel.

It can be said that any action of their party will be displayed live in the hotel, and they can’t plot secretly. The special environment of Sahara also makes all kinds of shielding props completely ineffective.

“Boss, let’s fight!”

Ren □□ Di completely didn’t care what was there or not, and said bluntly: “I have to kill at least three elite butchers this time!”

Her unstable spirit is due to the sneak attack of the Western butcher union a year ago. Katie always resented that the sneak attack almost killed her.

“Of course, or I’ll ask you to come and sit down.”

The man said impatiently, “David, Katie and Lily, you three go with me.”

“Won’t Kevin go?”

David asked subconsciously, “boss, let me push your wheelchair?”

Kevin, the bear like man behind the astrologer, smiled simply and honestly. The astrologer turned his mouth and stood up directly: “I’m not lame. I need you to push the wheelchair?”

He didn’t show up when he was in a wheelchair. He stood up like a Arctic rabbit. He had big long legs and was at least 1.9 meters tall.

David scratched his hair in embarrassment. Kelly, the horse man, couldn’t help laughing: “who told the boss that you were basically in a wheelchair this year. Well, those people on the forum thought you were cursed and lame.”

“The star said that I would have good luck in wheelchair this year. Didn’t I tell you this? Or did I have Alzheimer’s disease?”

The astrologer said bitterly, “so what are you doing here? Hurry, go and pack the plane to the Sahara!”

David’s expression was like a trained cat. He hurried to charter the plane and the others went to pack their things. Kelly, the horse man, was in a good mood and asked curiously, “I’m going to fight with the butcher and the blood wolf this time. Maybe the Duke of lizard will also come. Captain, do you want to take a wheelchair? It’s inconvenient to take a wheelchair.”

“Oh, I’ll be unlucky without a wheelchair.”

The astrologer stubbornly said, while contacting an Xuefeng, he stressed: “I must take my wheelchair.”

“Astrologers, they want to help.”

On their way home, a group of people left the airport. Wang pengpai’s “non District brothers” car stopped at the gate of the airport to wait for them. Although the official language of Mauritania is Arabic, the two tall masked men speak French. Wei Xun found that the people in the hotel are actually easy to recognize – those who are 1.85 meters up and piled up, which is almost right.

“There are many French speakers. After all, maota was ruled by the French.”

The man named Badu smiled and punched Wang pengpai: “good brothers, those butchers never expected you to come.”

When he saw an Xuefeng, he even had a little schadenfreude and exaggerated: “they made a wrong calculation when they opened the live broadcast this time. I guess the live broadcast room will be full of pictures of you killing the tour guide, huh?”

The other looked at Wei Xun and was obviously curious about the famous “newcomer on the way home”. But when an Xuefeng stood beside him, he didn’t dare to talk to Wei Xun.

Although he dared to hook up with Wang pengpai, he was still a little nervous about Shang an Xuefeng. After a few greetings, get on the bus and start.

An Xuefeng, Wang pengpai, Bai Xiaosheng, yin-yang butterfly and Zhang Xing hid in the first car. Mao Xiaole, Wanxiang spring, half life Taoist and Wei Xun got on the second car.

It’s almost 11 noon, but the sky outside the window is getting darker and darker, as if it indicates that a terrible dust storm is coming.

On the street, people wearing headscarves and robes were in a hurry. The strong wind roared like the roar of monsters. The strong wind rolled gravel onto the window, making the two second-hand cars groan.

“The live broadcast has begun.”

An Xuefeng, who became Wanxiang Chun by Yi Rong, sat next to Wei Xun, fiddled with his mobile phone and turned to the live broadcast interface of the world area: “we can also see the live broadcast.”

Wei Xun turned on his mobile phone and entered the live broadcasting room. He found that the live broadcasting room called “exploring the secrets of the Sahara of death” was hanging high in the world area. The live broadcasting had just begun for less than a minute, and more than 100000 viewers had poured into the live broadcasting room!

The live broadcast of 30 degrees north latitude is indeed a great gimmick. In particular, the dead Sahara still has a master. It belongs to the journey of A-2 dreamers in the Eastern District! Live broadcasting here is a provocation to the east side! The barrage can’t be seen at once. The audience in the East and west areas quarreled in the live broadcasting room.

At present, the seven split screens in the live broadcasting room show all the figures of returning people‘ An Xuefeng, Wanxiang Chun, Mao Xiaole, Zhang xingzang, yin-yang butterfly, Wang pengpai and Bai Xiaosheng are all on camera except Wei Xun

The author has something to say: [except Wei Xun, everyone is on the camera.]

Wei Xun (happy): that’s great!

Wei · Western butcher alliance · Wei!

Astrologer in wheelchair: wheelchair will bring me good luck [x]

Short will bring you good luck [√]


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