TTG Chapter 309

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 309: The Death of the Sahara (2)

“Sure enough, the people on the camera are all our people.”

Wang pengpai smiled happily and even compared with him. His words were not polite: “the western district is a real waste. The waste can’t even get on the live broadcast. He still wants to rob the journey of 30 degrees north latitude? Ah, what? Oh, sorry, it’s my map gun. Ha ha, I’m talking about the Western District butcher alliance and werewolf alliance. They’re all fucking waste, soft eggs and garbage!”

When Wang pengpai repeated this sentence several times in Mandarin, northeast dialect and Minnan dialect, the number of live rooms has soared to more than 600000! More than the total audience in Western Hunan, northern Tibet and the suburbs of Beijing, and it is still growing rapidly!

Of course, there are a large number of western audience protesting, and some people shout Wula. The first brigade should be so crazy! The audience in the eastern district were relieved to see the returning people, scolded the shameless people in the Western District, and were more worried about the current situation of the dream chasers——

The dreamer can be said to be the best big guy guide in the East District and even the whole hotel. Whether they are afraid of tour guides, obsessed with tour guides, or tourists who are afraid of tour guides, they all have a good impression of him. In terms of wind comments, the five Duke of black widow lizard, the puppet master devourer, are not as good as the dreamer.

But now no one is paying attention to the barrage of the audience. Everyone is very calm about being “broadcast live”. Bai Xiaosheng even said calmly, “it will be helpful to estimate the total number of people in the hotel through the peak number of viewers in the live broadcasting room.”

As long as the strength is strong enough, even if you know in advance that I want to kill you, you can’t escape.

However, Wei Xun was prompted by the hotel at this moment!

[passenger Wei Xun, do you block the live broadcast in the hotel? Yes / no]

The initiative of the live broadcast has been in the hands of the hotel. Even the people in the west side who started the live broadcast can no longer be closed, and the returning people can’t do it, but Wei Xun was prompted. Wei Xun understood at a moment’s thought that the rules of the mutual aid alliance played a role!

[Rule 7. Members of the mutual aid association will be able to block the gaze of the hotel when holding / Integrating / using items related to the journey at 30 degrees north latitude (hidden rules, enjoyed by knights and above)]

Wei Xun, as the president of the mutual aid alliance, all the rules of the mutual aid alliance take effect for him! This trip, of course, he also brought a human skin map and maggot. He holds items related to 30 degrees north latitude. The attention of the hotel will be blocked!

At present, this rule is also enjoyed in this car. First, Zhang xingzang, who was forced out of this by dream chasing, and second, an Xuefeng, who arrived at random when his luck rose against the sky to the adjudicator! Wei Xun glanced at Wanxiang Chun. He and Zhang xingzang are currently on the live camera. Obviously, they intend to hide first.

Block the attention of the hotel at the critical moment, and then launch the kill!

Just then, an Xuefeng was looking at Wei Xun. In fact, according to the rules of the hotel, Wei Xun is likely to be broadcast live. What is the best picture? Wei Xun is the only newcomer on his way home in recent years. Isn’t this wonderful? The hotel knows that Wei Xun has a dual identity and is also C-1. Isn’t it wonderful?

In particular, compared with their group of “old guys”, the hotel is definitely more willing to let new people appear, and also prefers to pay attention to the characteristics of tourists. Like Mao Xiaole, the youngest before, and Lu Shucheng, the only sister on the way home, the hotel pays much more attention than others.

According to an Xuefeng’s speculation, he and Wang Yushu made a disguise, and they will be broadcast live. Bai Xiaosheng is a famous think tank. Many plans are made by him and broadcast live at the meeting. The tour guide of Yin Yang butterfly butcher will definitely be broadcast live. Zhang xingzang has a direct relationship with the Sahara. It was broadcast live at the meeting.

In addition to the five of them, there are two more. Wang pengpai is a deputy team on the way home, and it is understandable that he was on the live broadcast, but an Xuefeng brought into the mind of the principal and thought that the half-life Taoist who “once was the first passenger of a new man, lost for several years, will now give up everything and want to return to the peak” is even more worthy of a “wonderful” shot.

In addition, Wei Xun, a newcomer on the way home, should be broadcast live. To tell the truth, Mao Xiaole has passed away. He is now 19 years old. He is neither old nor young. He is not new without pregnancy or disability. The topic of killing butcher guides has been fired for so many years.

Why did Mao Xiaole live instead of Wei Xun?

“Don’t worry, it’s all small things.”

An Xuefeng shook Wei Xun’s hand and said softly, “are you okay?”

Wei Xun and an Xuefeng looked at each other. The connection was really exciting. He understood an Xuefeng’s meaning at once.

“I’m not that weak.”

Wei Xun firmly smiled and said, “I want to experience it this time when I come to Sahara.”

I see. Wei Xun didn’t use the rules of the mutual aid alliance.

That’s no reason, unless

An Xuefeng looks at Mao Xiaole. He sits in the co pilot’s seat and is wiping his peach wood sword. Wang pengpai has the orange title of “old driver”. He sits in the co driver’s seat of the previous car and is responsible for guiding the way.

Co pilot… Nearest to the driver.

Wonderful. I’m afraid it’s right here.

After a brief conversation, the people stopped talking, or closed their eyes and slept, or sorted out their weapons to adjust their state. There are few high-rise buildings in maota, and there is an endless barren desert on both sides of the road to adelar.

The road conditions are sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes the road is normal, but sometimes there is only yellow sand road. The bumpy car is like driving on a large piece of gravel. People who feel a little carsick can’t stand this feeling.

In addition to the bumps, the sultry heat is unbearable. Due to the increasing wind and sand, the windows of the car are rolled up. There is no air conditioning in the car. It’s just like a steamer. Now it’s 12 noon again, which is the hottest time. The ‘little ferrets’ in Wei Xun’s arms turned their bellies hot and puffed out their tongues like a dog.

“I have some ice here. Wei Xun, would you like some?”

Mao Xiaole loves Wei and mink and asks back.

“I have to take the bus for most of the day. Even if it goes well, I have to reach my destination at 6 p.m.”

“In fact, it will be faster to contact the local helicopter company and drive the helicopter directly.”

Wang pengpai heard them discuss, and the voice of complaint sounded in his ear: “now it’s such a bad weather.”

As he said, the sky outside the window is getting darker and darker. The red and yellow sand makes it like dusk, and there are more and more signs. The sandstorm is coming soon, and it is not an ordinary sandstorm, but a terrible Hamadan wind that can blow organisms into ‘mummies’.


Wei Xun thanked him. He sat in the seat directly behind the driver and “Wanxiang spring” helped pick up the ice water. Wei Xun noticed that when handing over the ice water, Mao Xiaole’s little finger scratched on the back of Wanxiang spring’s hand.

What’s this code?

No matter what the code is, Wei Xun thinks it must have something to do with the driver.

Yes, Wei Xun found out that there was a problem with the driver as soon as he met! Wang pengpai said that he was a non regional brother who had cooperation in the past, but for Wei Xun, Badu and sonovako are strangers! With his skepticism and caution, Wei Xun placed the responsible magic bug Golden Circle and ladybug three generations in the magic bug ball before leaving the airport.

The third generation of ladybug can see each other’s responsibility and joy. The responsible devil bug can gradually make the people around him responsible for him. What attracts Wei Xun most is that when he first met Badu and sonova, the responsible devil bug whispered to him and said “Xiangxiang”.

The “father” of the responsible devil bug is happy with the devil bug. His favorite food is all kinds of corpses, especially living corpses. In fact, the responsible devil insect also inherited the taste of his parents, but Wei Xun always fed it with more advanced abyss forces, and never let it eat corpse meat kebabs.

It feels that Badu and sonova are “fragrant”, indicating that they are already corpses, and may even be living corpses.

Normal non zone passengers, in reality, will they be living corpses?

No way. There’s definitely something wrong with them.

“Is the devil wind coming soon?”

He took the ice water and stuffed it into the arms of the ferret. Wei Xun coughed twice and covered his nose: “the air is so dry.”

“Just practice more.”

“An Xuefeng’s words came from the headset. Wang Yushu was very engaged and understated:” don’t worry, Wei Xun, with me, you can kill whoever you want. ”

After a pause, he lowered his voice: “Wei Xun, follow me, don’t let me worry.”

His words were so greasy that they could hardly express themselves!

“Vomit – cough, cough, cough, cough. I mean the wind.”

Half life Taoist choked his laughter and vomited. He coughed for a long time and finally reluctantly held back. He turned his head and said, “Wei Xun, this young eagle must still leave the eagle. You and I will –”

Before the half life Taoist finished, he saw that “Wanxiang spring” took the madman’s knife from Wei Xun and polished it for him. Wei Xun looked nearby. Their heads close to each other were close to each other, and they were about to stick together!

Image, pay attention to image!

Half life Taoist screamed in his heart and even wanted to brush the live broadcast.

It’s over. There may be another member in the return Shura hall.

“Watch out.”

After listening to an Xuefeng’s words, the yin-yang butterfly first felt cold, and then began to wonder. Is this the way an Xuefeng and Wei Xun get along on their way home?

Otherwise, how could Wang Yushu disguise like this!

That’s weird. Think again. That’s weird. The strange yin-yang butterfly thought almost deviated, but he was also the most alert and serious. The antennae of the two butterflies on his forehead trembled slightly. The voice of the yin-yang butterfly rang in everyone’s ears through the headset: “I sensed the change of the weather. The Hamadan wind will come in ten minutes. It’s best to stop first.”

He is still not used to communicating with people returning home. After briefly saying his suggestions, he even talked about Wei Xun: “Wei Xun, come to me when you stop later.”

After a pause, it seemed that the tone of the command was too blunt. The yin-yang butterfly slowed down: “the guide is the safest around. Come to me… Someone asked me to take care of you.”

great! What is this modern Tom Su newcomer? An Xuefeng and Mao Xiaole are always cold and warm. Wanchun patiently answers questions. Half life Taoist and yin-yang butterfly rush to be with him. It’s silly to see other people’s drivers and behind the scenes controllers!

But in fact, their dialogue just now is full of deep meaning! When Wei Xun met an Xuefeng and took out the maniac’s knife, he knew that an Xuefeng was going to give him the opportunity to “practice” to kill the driver. The driver who became a corpse under the influence of the title of tour guide is also an abyss creature. He just gives buff to the madman’s knife.

Yin Yang butterfly said that Hamadan wind would come in ten minutes. An Xuefeng nodded Wei Xun’s palm, indicating that it meant “do it in ten seconds”.

Ten seconds later, kill the driver at the same time.

The hollowed out human shell has no value of pressing questions.

Five seconds have passed.


“Ha, ha ha, you have an eye on Wei. You are really talented.” on the second car, the driver who had been chatting with half life Taoist got the command of the controller and began to talk to Wei Xun.


“Everyone is very kind to me on the way home. I still need to continue my efforts.”

Wei Xun said modestly.


“You are a new star traveler. We mediocre people have no way to live with such efforts,” Badu said with emotion, and then curious.


“Speaking of, it’s hard for us to see the journey recording screen on the east side. Wei Xun, how did you become a new star passenger? Can you tell me?”


“Of course –”

The dark blade with the green light of the resentful soul cut off Badu’s head quietly. At the moment of the knife, Wei Xun had a subtle feeling, just as he found the puppet line in his head when he first dealt with Pinocchio in northern Tibet.

He felt the same way when he cut off Badu’s head! But there is no puppet line in Badu’s head. There is only a piece of rotten meat! The rotten meat was not weak. For a moment, he wanted to devour his blade, but the next moment he was injected with countless spiritual pollution by Wei Xun!

“Ah –!”

In an instant, Wei Xun seemed to hear the scream from a very distant place, and he immediately knew the identity of the controller, the west side guide, A10 cannibal witch!

At the moment when Wei Xun shot, the live camera belonging to Mao Xiaole was transferred to him. All the audience saw the empty shell head of Badu and the rotten meat that trembled and convulsed on the tip of Wei Xun’s knife, but could not escape! The killing at that moment made everyone tremble. When he was shocked, Wei Xun’s smiling voice echoed in the live broadcasting room and in the ears of every audience:

“I like killing tour guides best.”

The author has something to say: today is less, sorry! Twelve thousand more tomorrow, boo boo!

Mr. Wei Xun, here’s an interview with you. What’s the secret of becoming a new star passenger?

Wei Xun: thanks for your invitation. We’ll get a tour guide on the first day of the journey.

Ding Yi who has gone far:??

Give the little angels a red envelope of 10000 fans, 500 on a first come, first served basis!

Greasy ‘an Xuefeng’: I’ll take charge of Xun Xun’s red envelope and smile affectionately.

An Xuefeng: fuck

Play with sb: ouch


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