TTG Chapter 31

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (31)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 31: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

At present, the moonlight is red, there is a thin mist in the forest, and the wind makes a rustling sound from the forest branches and leaves, which is even more strange.

Wei Xun walked to the huge tree in the middle. It was very rare to find a tree wrapped around a tree. Many places called it “husband and wife” tree. In front of the two husband and wife data trees, I don’t know how many years they have been born. The thick trunk is completely entangled in one tree, nearly 15 meters high. The head of the tree is hanging about 10 meters away, where the first branch of the tree branches.

Yes, her head is hung on a tree. When she gets closer, Wei Xun can see her shaking with the wind. She is not embedded in the tree, but hung there by tree vines and so on. Strangely, the head is lifelike, without any signs of decay, dryness and cyanosis. The skin is white and shiny, the black hair is like satin, and the eyebrows, eyes and nose are there. Even if you close your eyes, it still looks gentle and amiable.

Not to mention the complicated and exquisite silver ornaments with folk customs on her black hair. When the wind blows her hair, the silver ornaments shake and glitter like stars in her hair. If it weren’t for a head, it would be beautiful.

As soon as Wei Xun saw her, he knew she was Pingping. With great interest, he went to the tree and stopped ten meters away. He stopped moving forward and looked at the beautiful head from a distance. As soon as you look at it, you can see the environment around the couple tree.

Except for the couple tree, there are no other trees and weeds in the lawn, and the place is very open. Once you play, there is no place to avoid defense. Only there is a stream not far from the couple tree, where Wei Xun stands. The stream is very urgent and not shallow. Looking at the direction of the stream, it may be connected with the waterfall at the source of Xiaolong stream.

The two trees have numerous branches and luxuriant leaves, the canopy blocks out the sun, and the branches and leaves are too lush. There are Donggu, which is unknown whether it is a snake or a cane, wrapped between the branches. The whole canopy is like a giant bird’s nest. With Wei Xun’s eyesight, he can’t tell whether there is Donggu between the branches.


The golden mosquito is timid and dare not fly. The firefly turned into a ghost baby is very timid. It is green and flickering. It looks eager to try and fly to the giant tree. Before the little wing of the knot crane moved, Wei Xun raised his hand and grabbed it and shut it into the vial.

“Baby, good.”

The ghost baby should have been unable to close the glass bottle, but it is now attached to the firefly. Wei Xun’s action of closing it is no different from catching mosquitoes. When he put the glass bottle into his pocket, Wei Xun looked up again and saw the head on the tree, opened his eyes and looked at him.

“Hi, Pingping!”

Wei Xun said hello directly and confidently, without any consciousness of just putting other people’s children in a small bottle. The beauty didn’t speak, but just stared at him. Her eyes were black and white, and her eyes were naturally picked up, revealing the beauty of ancient style, like an ink painting. Only the lips are a little pale, but they can be more lovable like a child holding his heart.

Even if she has only one head, it is too beautiful to divert attention. This is a kind of beauty beyond gender and age, which should not exist in the world. It is gentle and beautiful, so that people can ignore all unreasonable places and attract all people with normal aesthetics.

Unfortunately, Wei Xun’s aesthetic is not normal.

“I still like what you were like before.”

Wei Xun regretted and thought, “Li Gui Pingping was naked with blood and tears. He felt that his body was slightly hot with excitement and his voice was hoarse.” at that time, your face was really red and beautiful. ”

If only the blood could flow more.

Wei Xun was forced to talk for a long time like a pervert, but refused to take a step in front of the tree, which finally opened the head hanging on the tree. Her voice is like a yellow warbler. Her words are sweet and moving, and can remind people of all wonderful music.

“After all these years, someone finally came here”

The beauty sighed faintly. She seemed to have infinite sadness and wanted to return her words: “Pingping has been waiting for Mr. for a long time.”

“Well, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. I miss you so much.”

Wei Xun readily admitted that, to tell the truth, it seemed that he had never been so brave. The beauty’s face turned red. Bei teeth gently bit the lip flap and glanced at him. The amorous feelings at that moment were so charming that people couldn’t help but want to go closer and hold the beauty in their arms.

“… born in qiebi village, his parents are kind and his brother is Yingwei. Although he is in the vast mountains, he can’t compare with the prosperity of cities and towns, but his family is happy, works at sunrise and rests at sunset, and…”

“Pingping, what happened?”

Wei Xun interrupted her lyric and said with concern: “who left you with only one head?”

What he said was so straightforward that the beauty stopped talking and began to talk. It means that their village is isolated and remote. The village was selected by the chieftain Wang many years ago. It has always been inherited by a father and son with one surname. Her brother was originally the heir favored by her father, but he was jealous of talents and lost his life at a young age.

And her brother went early, far before the time to get a wife and have children. He didn’t leave any blood, and his collateral branches had been cut off for many years. Her parents are sister and brother intermarriage. Now her mother has died. Her father injured his body and was unable to bear children in his early years, leaving her alone.

“Family secrets can only be inherited by relatives.”

The beauty said sadly, with tears in her eyes, tender as a shrinking rabbit, which made people feel pity: “my father had no other way to say that my brother and I were twin brothers and sisters born on the same day, the same month, the same year, and there were similarities in life style, which could sustain the inheritance. Let the hen Si Chen and let me inherit this family secret skill. ”

“Well, what about you?”

Wei Xun’s attitude is very perfunctory, but when beauty talks about key places, he will use “um” to express his approval, which seems to be very serious. This made the beauty look at him deeply and continue to talk about the past.

She said that according to the village custom, this family handed down secret technique is the secret method of making corpses and driving them away. However, because she is a child, her nature is partial to Yin, so she can’t have enough Yang like a man. If she stays with the corpse for a long time, she will get sick. To change the situation, her father thought of a way.

Get married.

Let the living Pingping marry her brother, so that her brother can go to Pingping and continue to inherit the secret arts.

“I don’t want this. I, I have people I like…”

The beauty’s head was shy and her cheeks were red. She was worried: “we, we agreed to elope. The place to see you is under this husband and wife tree. That night I sneaked out of my house and waited for him here. ”

“But he didn’t come. I waited for him for a long time, but he never came. ”

The voice of the beauty was getting lower and lower. The most beautiful eyes were intermittent and choked. The beautiful eyes washed with tears were more clear: “and I have been trapped here for many years.”

“How many years have gone, things are right and people are wrong, and now I just want to get relief.”

Wei Xun said, “good sir, you are the person I have been waiting for for for many years. Please take off my head and bury it at the bottom of this tree. As a reward, I can give you the treasure I have accumulated, and I can tell you the precious herbs in the mountains, even the family’s secret of driving away corpses, such as the crane. If you want to know, I can also tell you… ”

“No, none of this matters.”

Wei Xunyi refused, very broken, without hesitation: “Pingping, I just want you.”

“Yes, but…”

The beauty head seemed to be shocked by his words. Her eyes were wide open, showing that she was cute: “but it’s a special way for people and Ghosts -”

As if moved by Wei Xun’s unhesitating attitude, the beauty’s eyes hesitated first, and then gradually became firm. She said positively, “since Mr. Ping Ping doesn’t dislike being a ghost, how can ping have the heart to live up to Mr. Ping’s kindness.”

“Please also take off my head and bury it under the tree. Just take a strand of hair ribbon from Pingping and go.”

The beauty whispered, her eyes and eyebrows were affectionate and intoxicating: “Pingping will always follow her husband, the ends of the earth, the ends of the earth.”

After the beauty expressed her heart, she hung her eyes with shame and timidity. The field was silent for a time, only the wind blowing in the forest.

Wei Xun didn’t move for a long time. The beauty looked up suspiciously. Seeing that he was still standing there, she couldn’t help asking, “why don’t you come, sir?”

“Uh huh, come?”

Wei Xun was absent-minded this time. She was caught by the beauty. Suddenly, she raised her willow eyebrows and said in shame and anger: “what Sir said before is just teasing me? Because I’m a ghost, I feel like cheating – ”

Wei Xun shouted, “this is an injustice. I’m a real person and never do anything immoral.”

The beauty said, “why don’t you come?”

Wei Xun also wondered, “do I want to go?”

The beauty was angry, gentle no longer, and her beautiful face showed a ghost spirit: “men’s words are really untrustworthy. You say you want me. How do you want me if you don’t come!”

Wei Xun shook his head and smiled: “Pingping, I want your life.”

After he said this, the beauty smiled sadly and shed blood and tears in her eyes, which finally had the style in the memory of Fen Weixun. She sobbed and despaired, like a lonely wild goose wailing: “however, people like me are afraid that they are born to hate ghosts. Even you want to kill me at first sight. Just come if you want to kill me! ”

After that, the beauty closed her eyes and asked you to help yourself. But even if she said so, Wei Xun still didn’t get any closer and said with great interest: “your illusion is much better than before. Unfortunately, you can’t leave this tree now.”

Wei Xun has long found that this is not the real Pingping – not to mention that he saw the real face of Li Gui Pingping. For example, the crane is a real crazy Pingping. Seeing that the ghost baby is in Wei Xun’s hands, why don’t he rush to fight him immediately? The beautiful head talked with him for so long and has been luring him away. I’m afraid it’s not only Pingping, but also can’t leave the tree for the time being.

Since it’s not Pingping, its illusion is so exquisite. It’s self-evident what its real identity is.

Corpse flying fox king.

[random task: meet the corpse flying fox King (sealed version)]

[task level: extremely urgent]

[task description: warning, warning, you have encountered the corpse flying fox king in advance! Be careful, the current corpse flying fox king is full of grievances from the family of qiebai village, but he has a bad head. Fortunately, he is still sealed in front of the ghost baby grave and can’t leave the husband and wife tree for the time being. Please kill him before the outbreak of the corpse flying fox king or escape here as soon as possible, otherwise you will die!]

As long as Wei Xun is not close to the tree, he is safe for the time being, but his current physical alienation is a means of melee. If he is not close, he can’t have a hearty battle.

Wei Xun Ken said so many meaningless words before the battle and perfunctorized with the beautiful head because he was selecting the handy long-range weapons in the hotel shopping menu at that time.

“Corpse flying fox king, times have changed.”

Before the words fell, Wei Xun suddenly had a single rocket launcher on his shoulder!

[Name: Roman javelin I (Individual Rocket Launcher – anti supernatural) (low configuration copy version)]

[quality: ‘copy’ made by individual]

[price: 15000 points]

[function: according to the assessment of the hotel, the effect of the prop is extremely unstable, and the lethality of supernatural ghosts is questionable. It is limited to dangerous journeys and can be used upward, and the number of times it can be used is 1 / 1]

[Note 1: the power of the rocket is randomly 1% to 100% of the original version of the “arms dealer”. It can kill the ghost king at the top, but not at the bottom. It can tell right and wrong in Europe. You know what I mean – by copy]

[Note 2: Shh, remember not to use it in front of the “arms dealer”. Let’s be a low-key junior and don’t show off at the original match. You know what I mean – by copy]

Wei Xun was originally interested in the original bazooka, but the price of up to 200000 points made him sigh, so he had to buy the low configuration version.

Ignoring the cheap remarks, more than ten times the price difference may be random to 100% of the original power. Wei Xun thinks he can gamble – who is so non random to the most inefficient crane, not African.

The iron black bazooka carried by Wei Xun on his shoulder can’t be seen as a replica. The lines are cold and sharp, showing the unique sense of iron blood deterrence of hot weapons. In the dark gun, the shuttle warhead at the front end has been loaded and is ready to launch in the barrel.

Wei Xun pulled the trigger with his sharp fingers. There was only a loud thunder explosion. The strong seating force shocked his alienated body and couldn’t resist. He took a few steps back to stand firm.

He was too close to the giant tree. If Wei Xun, a normal rocket, was so close to the tree, he would have to blow up. However, this is a special anti supernatural rocket, which will only attack supernatural ghosts and will not hurt other entities.

Wei Xun only felt a surging flow of psionic power, such as the Jiutian waterfall, rushing down to the beauty’s head on the huge tree. The power was so strong that it caused a fog around. It was full of thick white smoke and clouds. I couldn’t see clearly what was ahead. I can only see that the beautiful woman’s head is as sad as a beast, but the angry roar comes from the front.

Full of confidence.

It’s broken!

Seeing the thick fog rising, Wei Xun felt bad. According to whether there was smoke or not, the power of the rocket launcher was estimated to be not good – it could not be his bad luck. It must be a fake specially sold by the replica. Yes, if there is a chance in the future, Wei Xun must let the fake dealer spit out all his wasted 15000 points!

But now he can’t manage so much. Wei Xun threw down the scrapped rocket launcher and threw himself into the thick fog like a string. In addition to the roar of wild animals, there is also a strong smell of blood in the fog. This rocket must have hurt the corpse flying fox king!

The strong smell of blood made Wei Xun’s eyes more and more red, his breathing more and more heavy, and his heart beat surprisingly fast. In the thick fog, the eyes can’t see the direction, but the devil’s intuition can judge where the enemy is.

When the wind blew suddenly, the sharp claws fell violently, and a sense of tearing came from the tip of the claws. The front of the body was close at hand, but the rough bark suddenly appeared in the fog – Wei Xun was about to collide with the husband and wife tree, but his body was incredibly flexible. He turned his body, stepped on the trunk with his feet, and took advantage of his strength to rush again at the prey in the thick fog.

The rotten human skin caught by the tip of his claws was left by Wei Xun at will. The corpse turned flying fox king was very fast and moved around the husband and wife tree. Wei Xun followed him closely. He often bumped into the dark shadow in the thick fog. Without the illusion disguise, the grassland turned into wasteland, and the leafy husband and wife tree withered long ago. There were nearly 100 withered human skins hanging on the scorched black branches.

These people are not the same group. They are tempted mountain people or backpackers. All the people who come to the tree because of the temptation of beauty are swallowed by the cunning corpse flying fox king.

Wei Xun is looking for the corpse flying fox king. The cunning East shadow is always hidden in the thick fog. The occasionally exposed body is like the tip of an iceberg. His head is exposed. The corpse flying fox King’s extremely huge body is hidden in the fog sea. It’s incredible horror!

The voice of the hotel’s task prompt swept from Wei Xun’s ear, but it didn’t attract his attention. At present, he was intoxicated with the pleasure of fighting and chasing, and he couldn’t extricate himself. The two corners on his forehead had the first spiral, and the tip of the corner was very sensitive. When he closed his eyes, Wei Xun seemed to have another vision, It is easy to see the outline of the corpse flying fox King outlined by the gray and black lines.

It’s really – very.

[you have observed the mixed resentment of corpse flying fox king, qiebai village, Village Luo, Village Luo, Zi a long]

[task progress: 3.5%]

The outline of the monster composed of gray and black lines is no longer like a corpse flying fox. It has eight slender limbs as thin as a hemp pole. It supports a T-shaped Pang’s body, which is wide at the top and short at the bottom. When moving, it can easily drag Pang’s body to climb up the husband and wife tree without being affected by gravity. It is still in the northeast of Wei Xun’s body one second ago, But the next moment moved to him.

In the body!

Wei Xun turned around and cut his claws like a knife from bottom to top. When he was attacking, there was a shrill and resentful roar in his mind:

“Whine -”

Wei Xun’s mind was buzzing with the roar of the corpse flying fox king. He was in a trance. The sharp claws that originally attacked the corpse flying fox King wiped his hard skin. His skin was surprisingly hard. His skin was as sticky as a layer of corpse oil. His claws were as sharp as Wei Xun, so it was difficult to leave scars on him.

Only the upper third of its body was blasted out by rockets. It almost broke half of its body, and viscous grayish brown liquid gushed out of the wound. The cracked terrorist wound was healing quickly – but Wei Xun would not give it this opportunity.

Every time he attacked, he fell on the wound of the corpse flying fox king and tore it wider. The corpse flying fox King roared angrily, but the sharp and harsh voice no longer affected Wei Xun. Anyway, he won’t feel pain.

As the corpse flying fox King’s injuries become more and more serious, the fog is gradually filled with a fishy and pungent smell. The gray fog is integrated into the thick white fog caused by rockets and mixed into a corpse, which is as hidden as the whereabouts of the corpse flying fox king. When Wei Xun felt that his body was paralyzed, the poison was already heavy and deep.

But he didn’t care, because Wei Xun took advantage of the opportunity of the corpse flying fox king to catch the wound on his back, jumped into the body of the corpse flying fox king!

“Ha – keep running”

Wei Xun’s laughter was low and dumb. The place where the corpse flying fox king was burned by rockets was blackened, and the mucus was all gone, which was just suitable for exerting force. Wei Xun’s right hand claw is embedded in the wound of the corpse flying fox king. He can’t shake it off even if he jumps and runs wildly. His left hand is crazy, dig deep into his wound and tear the meat like a melon!

“Whine –!”

“Whine –!”

The corpse flying fox King shook his body like a runaway Mustang, but Wei Xun’s claws were nailed in his body like nails. No matter he couldn’t go crazy, he couldn’t shake off. For example, the crane can rush into the dense forest. Maybe it can scrape Wei Xun off by the dense branches, but now the moving distance of the corpse flying fox king is limited to ten meters next to the husband and wife tree, which is all open space!

“So noisy.”

Wei Xun was hoarse and his eyes were scarlet and fierce. The violent desire to kill accumulated from tearing up the corpse into the leader of flying fox became more and more violent. He was crowded in his chest and body. Wei Xun felt like a balloon full of air. If he didn’t vent it in time, his body would explode!

“Be quiet, will you?”

Wei Xun noticed that there was a strange gas sound in his voice, such as the sound of magma boiling, but he didn’t care, just as he no longer insisted on tearing up the flesh and blood of the corpse flying fox Commander – its body was too big, and it took a long time to tear it up completely.

Now Wei Xun is eager to stop his shrill roar and make it quiet forever.

Using the vision of changes brought by the two corners of his forehead, Wei Xun looked at the thousands of gray thick lines that formed the abstract body of the corpse flying fox king. The lines were different in color and twisted and intertwined in a circle, from deep to light. There were two most obvious boundaries, which were located in the first half of his body and the fifth of his body.

The corpse turned flying fox king has the resentment of Qibi village, village and son a long. The junction of resentment and thought is the most vulnerable key of its body.

Like a natural hunter, instinct is keen to grasp the weakness of prey. Wei Xun ventured to release his hand during the next tumbling jump of the corpse flying fox king, slipped freely from his body, and narrowly avoided his sharp limbs. When he just fell on the boundary of the first half, his fingers arched like eagle claws, fiercely pierced his tough and slippery skin, leaving five torn claw marks!

“Oh – ah -!”

The shrieking sound of the corpse flying fox king who was injured here has changed significantly. The original shrill roar seems to be mixed with human pain and scream, and the body is convulsed. The injured place spewed out a large amount of viscous gray blood like a fountain, pouring Wei Xun right.

The fishy, sticky and slippery dirty blood was second to nausea. When the gray blood touched Wei Xun’s skin, his paralysis was more serious.

The blood in the corpse flying fox King’s body is toxic. It can not only evaporate into the fog, but also be more toxic in close contact. Wei Xun felt that half of his body was paralyzed and was almost thrown off by the corpse flying fox king, but he didn’t dodge. He didn’t take care of the paralyzed body like a mad devil. His claws tore the wound on him again, just like a mad dog biting the enemy.

“Boo Boo!”

The corpse flying fox King roared miserably, and the human screams in the hiss became lower and lower. Wei Xun almost tore it from the middle. The corpse flying fox king was no longer able to move. Although he was still rolling and crawling, his struggling movements showed a powerless strength.

Wei Xun breathed out a breath of air and felt that his chest and lungs were all piled up by the stench of the blood of the flying fox king. The condition of bodily paralysis became more and more serious, which made him lose his strength all over the body. However, the pleasure of tearing the strong enemy and defeating his hand made his blood almost boil, and his breath caught a hot breath.


It was another long breath. I don’t know if it was an illusion. The temperature around Wei Xun’s body was rising, and the gray blood adhered to his body surface dried up into fragments, cracking and falling off like gray scales.

Hot, hot, Wei Xunzhi was in a trance. He felt as if he was wrapped by fire. The agitation brought by the heat triggered the desire and hope of destruction, which made him eager to tear him up and devour the flesh and blood of his prey.

The prey under the sharp claws is still alive, and it has not died yet. The dried mucus was no longer the shackle that trapped him. Shaking off the mucus fragments, Wei Xun labored to pull out the numb claws from the wound of the corpse flying fox king. Without a fixed place, he began to roll down.

One fifth of the lower body of the corpse flying fox king is its most crucial point. Tear it up, tear it up, and this diffuse and brutal battle will come to an end.

It ended with Wei Xun’s victory.

The change took place in a moment.

[San value: 36]

The San value that kept falling in the battle was originally maintained at this dangerous value, but Wei Xun was able to maintain a rational value.

But the next moment, his San value dropped 10 points directly.

[San value: 26]

Keep the countdown state of “low” during the period, and let Wei Xun’s San value drop at 10 o’clock every 24 hours. The first time his San value dropped was when Xiaolong Yizhuang went to the main house to get wax dyed cloth bags.

Three in the morning.

From zero, Wei Xun tracked, searched, found the husband and wife tree, and then fought with the corpse flying fox king. Time passed silently.

It arrived again at three in the morning.

As usual, Wei Xun will carefully calculate his time and draw the bottom line, but it may be the paralysis of the corpse flying fox King toxin, the excessive investment in fighting, or the consciousness of monsters in his body, which has overwhelmed his reason. He is eager for the occurrence of San value reduction, so he is cunning not to remind him.

The bottom line drawn by Wei Xun was crossed.

His San value fell below the dangerous value.

My mind is blank and confused.

Who am I?

Chaotic consciousness seems to float in a sea of nothingness. On the left is hot and hot, and on the right is biting and cold. He struggles and floats in these two opposite forces. The alternation of cold and heat makes him feel disordered and don’t know where he is.

Where am i?

The body changes quietly in the impact of energy. The human degenerated tail vertebrae is itchy. What’s the matter? It pierces the skin and is exogenous.

Is that a?

It’s the tail.

The sharpest and hardest weapon of the devil.

devil? Am I a demon?

Am I human?

The chaotic and violent thinking can’t think calmly. It seems that thousands of dangerous knowledge are pouring into his mind, stirring his thinking into a boiling soup. All kinds of disordered thinking fragments are expanding, colliding and rolling to the most instinctive desire and hope.

I’m hungry.

Change needs energy. He doesn’t have enough energy now. He needs more, more energy.

The monster under him couldn’t provide the energy he needed most. The tail vertebrae was itching, and the shoulder blades felt numb. That was the change he was going to happen. However, due to insufficient energy, the change can only be unwilling to stop temporarily.

Not enough, not enough energy.

He looked sideways. There seemed to be a low-level magic mosquito with poor energy, and he had signed a contract with him.

You can’t eat.

He looked in another direction, where there was a mixed and impure but active amount of energy.

Want to eat.

He licked his lips and struggled to stand on his body. His shaky, incompletely alienated body was deformed and strange. His pale skin was covered with magic lines. His thin tail was around his waist. His new tail was mottled and uneven scales. It looked a little ugly. Butterfly bones protrude from the body, like thin to malnutrition. In fact, it is due to the lack of energy and the wing bones that have not yet been produced.

He’s really hungry. He needs to catch his prey and replenish his energy.

Pale fingers raised, dark sharp nails pointed to the northeast.

The prey is in that direction.

At three o’clock in the morning, Wu dataliu, who was struggling to get rid of Li guipingping’s pursuit, shivered and suddenly had an extremely uncertain premonition in his heart.

Runaway, run away quickly. At this moment, his strong survival instinct made him almost irrational. He directly chose to explode half of the maggots and hurt both Li Gui Pingping, which was finally out of the battlefield.

Because of this, Li Gui Pingping was seriously injured.

[di… Pingping… Seriously injured… The corpse turned flying fox King seal… About to be released… Countdown…]

A voice rang in his mind, but he didn’t care. At the moment, all his ambitions were occupied by hunger, hunting, swallowing, and evolution. He stumbled and walked in the direction of “prey”. Unexpectedly, in the thick fog of his body, the husband and wife tree collapsed, and pieces of pus came out of the silent monster.

That pus surrounded the corpse flying fox king. The originally huge but bulky body shrank one circle and another, and the grayish-brown body turned black and faintly glowed with blood.

When the seal was lifted, the corpse flying fox King opened his eyes, and the three red eyes stared at the enemy in front, silently approaching from his back.

Aware of his strange body, he turned back, but the whole person had been completely shrouded by the shadow from top to bottom.


The corpse flying fox king, who was countless times stronger than before, patted him and flew him directly into the stream of the husband and wife tree.

so hot.

His hot body dipped into the stream. For a moment, he seemed to be awake. His reason wanted to break through the shackles of wild instinct.

Just now, he was already aware of the danger from the back, but evolution consumed too much energy in his body, and the sense of hunger occupied all his consciousness, so that he didn’t bother to dodge. He just leaned slightly to avoid the key.

The skin without alienation is not hard and torn. He is bleeding, but it doesn’t matter.

Nothing is more important than alienation.

Instinct urged him to stand up, ignore the monster and continue to chase his prey. But it seemed that another consciousness was fighting against his instinct and ordered him to kill the monster as soon as possible. However, he continued to stay in the stream until he woke up.

Can’t get out of control anymore!

His out-of-control disgust, his pursuit of alienation, and the two contradictions could not coexist, which made his chaotic brain unable to make decisions, so that his body was like a standby machine, lying motionless in the stream, just like a river.

[your situation seems very bad]

An elegant and deep male voice sounded in his mind [maybe you need some help]

His confused mind was still wondering whether to “come” or “continue to lie in the stream”, and he was too lazy to pay attention to the sudden sound. Fang chuckled.

[it seems that the situation is really very bad. Then, Mr. Wei Xun, do you want to sign a small contract to tide over the difficulties at the moment]

Mr. Wei Xun? Wei Xun?

The voice seemed to dispel the chaos in his mind, and reason returned in an instant.

Wei Xun, I’m Wei Xun.

Wei Xun tried to stand on his body but found that he could not perceive the outside world and control his body. He seemed to be in a special space of consciousness.

After trying several times, Wei Xun couldn’t leave. Wei Xun didn’t try at all. He recognized that the voice was “Modong”.

The name is * * hotel customer service.



“Mom told me never to sign a contract with a strange East.”

Wei Xun was perfunctory and thought about how to overcome the current dilemma while he was sober. Soberness was only temporary. Once the speech was over, he would become a brain cripple fool out of control. The corpse flying fox King chased after him. Every bite of his fart · stock  can finally bite him.

But Wei Xun thought about it and found that unless he pulled back the San value of the collapse, it was impossible to regain consciousness –  he still couldn’t control his alienated body, and he didn’t even remember his name at that time.

[Mr. Wei Xun, have you considered it clearly?]

The male voice sounds just right, and smiles gracefully [not much time can be wasted]

“I didn’t tell you. My mother told me never to sign a contract with a strange East.”

Wei Xun still refuses. Perhaps no one can refuse the temptation of the devil when he is on the verge of death, but Wei Xun is different. If he is willing, he can be rational enough to be almost cold.

 pursue excitement and  yes. But with an inexplicable contract, from now on, all actions should be controlled, No.

He belongs only to himself, both body and soul.

[of course I am not a devil. For example, you reject the name of contract and say it is a business agreement]

The male voice lost his smile and apologized politely [sorry, I didn’t mean to pry into your thinking, but you are in my field at present]

[in fact, this agreement is not harsh and will not control your actions. This is your party a]

A piece of silver white paper fluttered and fell in front of Wei Xun, listing the line information like a blind date list.

[Name: an Xuefeng]

[gender: male]

[height: 195]


[sexual orientation:…]




Wei Xun looked at him politely and perfunctorily. He was not interested in signing a contract with the devil, and even less interested in signing a contract with a man. However, Wei Xun was a little impressed by the name An Xuefeng. It seemed that he saw him somewhere.

What he can remember must be useful.

Where on earth is the name ?

Wei Xun thought. When he saw the inch photo next to an Xuefeng’s personal information, he was stunned for a moment and wanted to come.

This is not the portrait he saw when he hacked into his brother’s computer and cracked the encrypted files!

At that time, his brother was missing. Wei Xun abandoned the data and cracked it for three days and nights. Originally, he could know some important information about his missing brother. There was only a man’s photo in the encrypted file of the crane. He was so angry that he almost jumped in place.

He searched the Internet again and found that the information about the man was hidden. The only news he could get was that An Xuefeng was a member of the criminal police team of the capital public security and made a lot of contributions. Unfortunately, he died on duty at a young age.

“Isn’t he?”

Wei Xun suddenly became interested in the man who had long been “killed on duty” and whose photo was in his brother’s encrypted file. Of course, his brother’s file said “extremely dangerous” to this man at that time, but this more aroused Wei Xun’s interest.

[maybe not]

“That’s why he’s in danger now.”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrow: “do you have to sign a contract with me – if you don’t sign a contract, he will lose?”


The male voice just smiles and doesn’t answer. Wei Xun has his own judgment. The cunning Wei Xun vaguely realizes that the person who urgently needs to sign a contract may not be him, not just him.

As long as he can take the initiative in the contract, he will not conflict with this kind of thing.

“Sign a contract, can I go back to San?”


Male voice [you need to join his brigade]

“Far can’t hydrolyze near thirst.”

Wei Xun talks about the conditions: “my San value has collapsed like this. I have to become a little fool and die suddenly before the journey is completed.”

[if you sign an agreement, you will be paid a part of your remuneration in advance]

A red copper metal card fell into Wei Xun’s hand. The outer ring of the round copper card had a radioactive triangle, just like the sun.

[Name: * * * name plate]

[quality: unknown]

[function: record your name. No matter how crazy the situation is, you will not forget your name and keep a sense.]

[recorded name 0 / 1]

In addition to the name card, there is also a roll of brown parchment tied with a red ribbon. This is the so-called “business agreement”. The agreement can be written on one piece of paper.

[Party A: an Xuefeng]

[Party B: Wei Xun]

[Article 1. Term of cooperation: the term of this contract is half a year]

[Article 2. Obligations of Party A:

Party A shall pay Party B’s labor expenses on time in accordance with the agreement, and pay Party B five insurances and one fund in accordance with the relevant national and local social insurance regulations.

Party A shall be responsible for Party B’s board and lodging, Party B’s physical health, Party B’s fine health, and Party A shall be responsible for reimbursement of Party B’s necessary props and goods expenses

[Article 3. Obligations of Party B:

  1. Join party A’s Brigade
  2. Be familiar with Party A’s living and working habits, Party A’s surrounding environment, and Party A’s interests
  3. If necessary, Party A shall provide assistance within its ability
  4. Do not hurt Party A and Party A’s team members

[Article 4. Salary payment:

  1. Nameplate (prepaid)
  2. Three props of special grade and above
  3. The base salary of 20000 points shall be credited to Party B’s account on time every month

[Article 5. Confidentiality obligations

[Article 6. Liability for breach of contract


Wei Xun read the agreement without signing it. As long as he agrees with the agreement, the agreement can be regarded as a success.

To tell you the truth, the agreement is so loose that it’s like charity.

There are few obligations, but the benefits are good. In addition to joining An Xuefeng brigade, any work that needs to be done by him is marked “within the scope of ability”. If Wei Xun feels dangerous, he can naturally refuse.

But there is no such thing as whoring for nothing in the world. The more lucrative it is on the table, but the less it pays, the more terrible it secretly means. No, for Wei Xun now, this agreement is really good.

But Wei Xun did not sign the agreement immediately.

“I have one more question.”

[excuse me]

Wei Xun casually flicked the parchment and Leng Buding asked:

“Are you an Xuefeng himself?”


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