TTG Chapter 310

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 310: The Death of the Sahara (3)

“Squeak -”

The car that lost the driver suddenly lost control and skidded. The tire and the ground made a sharp and harsh sound. It tilted away from the road and had to roll over. In an instant, Wanxiang spring spread its wings. Its golden red wings were as warm as fire and as hard as steel, firmly protecting Wei Xun. Then Wanxiang spring took him out of the car.

Leave the others alone. They can’t die anyway.

Mao Xiaole followed, holding the Badu shell cavity with his fingers and dragging it down together. The half life passer finally jumped out of the car and rolled on the ground to stand firm. Then there was only a roar, and their car was completely scrapped – in addition to rolling out of control, it was also cracked by someone’s wings.

Wei Xun as like as two peas, knows why Ann snow Feng plays the Wanxiang spring, and this pair of wings is the same as what wings. Even Wei Xun is the first time to see. He has seen an Xuefeng become a Firebird, but he has never seen him grow wings in human form, just like the legendary Archangel Michael with golden and red wings.

Feeling Wei Xun’s eyes, an Xuefeng looked at him with gentle eyes. The broad wings closed, which was like a private world for them. When they noticed Wei Xun’s expression, an Xuefeng also moved in his heart, and then his face froze.

Wei Xun couldn’t help it after all and grabbed a feather from him.

An Xuefeng:?

Why can the fire phoenix wings become the same as the golden winged ROC bird? Wei Xun is very curious. As soon as he put away his feathers, he heard the voice of a half life Taoist outside.

“Is Wei Xun all right? Are you hurt?”

After getting off the bus, the half life Taoist was eager to see this. First, he looked at his wings in surprise. Unexpectedly, an Xuefeng hid such a hand. Then he saw that the wings of “Wanxiang spring” were still closed more than ten seconds after jumping off the bus. He muttered in his heart. The half life Taoist didn’t stop talking. He asked.

Then he saw that the wings of “Wanxiang spring” opened and Wei Xun came out intact – it was like coming out of the arms of “Wanxiang spring”.

“I’m fine.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, turned back and thanked: “thank you, brother Wan! Thank you, half life vice regiment, for worrying!”

Look, this clever spirit is not like a maniac – Badu’s broken head is still lying on the ground, his eyes staring at the sky. Think about Wei Xun’s performance in northern Tibet, hiss

Wei Xun’s half life Taoist priest, who called “half life deputy regiment”, was like a flea on his body. He was weak all over. He said with a dry smile: “ha ha, ha ha, it’s OK.”

“How can teacher Wei Xun be in trouble? He’s just a puppet shell. He’s not his opponent at all!”

Mao Xiaole, who finished checking Badu’s body, retorted. Then he looked at Wei Xun. His eyes flashed like a flash, as if he had found a life confidant: “teacher Wei, Wei Xun really has fate with me. I love to kill tour guides!”

The yin-yang butterfly who came down from the first car could hear Mao Xiaole’s confession. His eyes turned white and he almost had a conditioned reflex. He wanted to call the butterfly to die, and his goose bumps all over his body.

When it comes to killing tour guides, the number one way home is absolutely the most. Especially killing their butcher tour guides, yin and Yang butterflies feel very sad when they think about it. As expected, he still doesn’t deal with the people on the way home.

The old man on the way home doesn’t deal with it. The new man on the way home

Looking at Wei Xun, yin and Yang butterflies always feel strange. Some people in front of them have been holding mobile phones on the live broadcast interface. Of course, he heard what Wei Xun said. Yin and Yang butterflies are very sensitive and even think more.

What Wei Xun said… It’s very murderous.

If you like to kill a tour guide, do you like it on purpose? It’s like a demonstration.

To what?

Thinking of Wei Xun’s intentional show of love with ‘an Xuefeng’ before, the yin-yang butterfly had a subtle idea in her heart. This Wei Xun won’t be hostile to adult C??


“It’s all right. The vice president specially asked me to take care of you.”

Yin Yang butterfly used stress on the word “vice president”. C Yi asked me to take care of you. You should read him well!

After a brief greeting, they examined the two bodies. It’s a corpse, but it’s actually an empty shell. Badu was beheaded by Wei Xun, and the brother in front of the car was assassinated by yin-yang butterfly. After puncturing, their bodies shriveled like leaking balloons, leaving only two skins with a fishy smell.

“Flesh and blood, bones and internal organs have been eaten away.”

Bai Xiaosheng put on his gloves for a simple autopsy: “it’s very fresh. It’s A10 cannibal witch’s breakfast with tequila berry salad dressing.”

Wei Xun doesn’t know how Bai Xiaosheng smelled tequila berry salad sauce from the body odor, but they got off the plane at 10:30 this morning. Bai Xiaosheng said it was “fresh” and “breakfast”, which means that the two people were exposed when they came to pick them up and killed and eaten by cannibal Witches.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t hurt them.”

Worried about Wei Xun’s psychological burden, Mao Xiaole comforted: “these two people have colluded with the butcher alliance. We have long found out.”

Badu and they were all living people. After Wang pengpai contacted them, they learned that they were coming home. They must have conveyed the news at the first time. But cannibal witches are cruel and cunning. They don’t believe these people. They simply eat them and make puppets to “entertain” them on their way home.

But in fact, the way home is to pass on the false news of “an Xuefeng” and “Wanxiang spring” with the help of these two people.

Wang pengpai complained, “well, I knew there was a live broadcast. I don’t have to take so much trouble. I’m blind.”

“We still have a lot of such dark children.”

“An Xuefeng” said faintly. Wang Yushu was very involved in the play. He put his hand around Wei Xun’s shoulder anytime and anywhere: “things in the butcher alliance are not a secret to us, right, yin-yang butterfly?”

Many people watching the live broadcast have just reacted. On the way home, the tour guide is actually B-2 yin-yang butterfly! Although the yin-yang butterfly has changed his family, most people still think of him as the second leader of the eastern butcher alliance!

The second son of the eastern butcher league can be a tour guide on his way home, which further verifies what an Xuefeng said. I’m afraid the relationship between homecoming and the butcher alliance is really unusual.

After all, an Xuefeng is the first passenger. What he said is absolutely reliable.

Yin and Yang butterflies don’t make a sound. People’s eyes are very bad on the way home. As soon as these words come out, the Western butcher alliance will definitely check itself, and the werewolf alliance cooperating with them will also doubt. Maybe the two unstable allies will start to guard against each other.

Knowing that he is silent is equivalent to default. Yin and Yang butterflies are too lazy to mix in and directly change the topic: “kill the cannibal witch first. He is very weak.”

Yin and Yang butterfly said, holding a screaming rotten meat in his hand. The rotten meat is covered with strange jade balls. When you look carefully, you can find that the balls are swollen maggots! Their bodies are full of venom. If they explode unexpectedly, even top passengers can be polluted.

Now, however, there is a red butterfly standing on the rotten meat. It is beautiful and quiet, like a fire, and its mouthparts stab into the swollen maggots like straws, like jelly – the pollution of A10 cannibal witch is jelly for the yin-yang butterfly of B 2 yin-yang butterfly.

Devour each other’s pollution and know each other’s various intelligence in advance. The cannibal witch is just like sending vegetables to the yin-yang butterfly. The rotten meat screamed and struggled in pain, but he couldn’t escape anyway. The yin-yang butterfly hooked his mouth. He liked to see the prey scream and struggle, especially the alienated guide.

At his level, the attraction of the abyss is far greater than the normal flesh and blood fight. Killing tourists is not very attractive to him. Killing alienated tour guides, polluting them and swallowing them are the most interesting.

The butterfly sucked up the pollution in a few seconds, and the yin-yang butterfly still has some meaning. He looked at Wei Xun and wanted to take his piece of rotten meat and suck it. As a result, he saw the maggot ball on the rotten meat stabbed by Wei Xun’s knife with an ominous oil-green light.

Oil green light?

Yin Yang Butterfly:??

Suddenly lost all appetite. Even the little red butterfly hesitated and didn’t want to fly over.

“The pollution on the maniac’s knife invaded the cannibal witch.”

Wei Xun said that he quietly avoided Wang Yushu’s embrace. Although he didn’t pollute with the God of fire and the dead Ming Dynasty, it’s not a simple thing to be polluted by the resentful soul experienced by these two polluters. The dark green light seeps very deeply. What’s more, after all, it is a knife that has killed puppet masters several times, which has an inexplicable deterrent effect on abyss creatures and tour guides.

Wei Xun looked at the little butterfly of Yin-Yang butterfly. It looked small, but the phoenix tail was very long. When it stopped at the fingertips of Yin-Yang butterfly, the Phoenix Tail trembled, pitiful and lovely. The colors of the other side of the wings were different. When it was closed, it was like moonlight Silver frost, which was extremely beautiful. With Xiaocui, Wei Xun knew at a glance that the butterfly was also a mother, and the level was higher than Xiaocui.

This is the devil bug that a fierce man should have!

Wei Xun thought with emotion and looked forward to a gorgeous turn of maggot.

“Go on, go to adelar first.”

A torch burned the empty shell of human skin, but now there is only one car left to drive. When the yin-yang butterfly assassinated the driver in front of the car, Wang pengpai grabbed the steering wheel quickly. With the orange title of the old driver, he easily saved the car.

But a car obviously can’t hold all of them.

“The soldiers are divided in two ways.”

Bai Xiaosheng took off his glasses. There was already a layer of maroon fine sand on his lens. After a while, the sky was surprisingly dark. The distant sky was completely dark red. There was a sky penetrating wind column forming. The strong wind rolled the reddish brown sand like a red dragon. He could not distinguish the sky from the earth. The terrible mahadan wind was coming soon.

Everyone put on desert goggles and wrapped their headscarves. This road section is remote and desolate, and there is no human habitation. It is impossible to get another car. Moreover, without old driver Wang pengpai, no car can drive normally in this storm.

“The soldiers are divided into two routes. I, the captain, the deputy, Xiaole and yin-yang butterfly get on the bus, ‘Wanxiang spring’, half life, Zhang xingzang and Wei Xun. You four stay.”

Are you staying to die? Of course not!

“Hamadan wind is qualified to be determined as a scenic spot by the hotel. Zhang xingzang, you take the road of scenic spots and go directly to death Sahara with your dreams.”

The live shot will follow the best picture. As long as the four of them enter the Sahara, they will definitely occupy four shots. Even if Wang pengpai and they attack and kill people outside, the camera will never change.

In this way, the five of ‘an Xuefeng’ have three shots, and there are always two people who won’t be photographed.

“Let’s have a good time outside.”

“An Xuefeng” sneered. When he looked at Wei Xun, his expression became soft again. He didn’t forget to show it before leaving. He ordered: “Wanxiang spring, take good care of him. After entering the Sahara, you should be careful.”

“… yes.”

Wei Xun almost couldn’t help laughing, but “Wanxiang spring” was still a cold expression, but he just pulled Wei Xun to his side.

“Brothers, the wind is blowing!”

Over there, Wang pengpai had started the car, put his head out of the window and shouted, “see you in the Sahara!”

The car, which looked shabby and would fall apart as soon as the wind blew, was reborn in Wang pengpai’s driving, and its brave head plunged into the wind. Before parting, Yin Yang butterfly gave Wei Xun a little butterfly, which is not only a means of protection, but also a means of communication.

They didn’t avoid the live broadcast just now. The other party must have heard all the plans. I’m afraid the butcher alliance can’t sit still. Send someone to attack several people before they enter the Sahara!

If they did send someone, they would fall into the plot of returning home.

Wei Xun understood at a moment’s thought that the situation in front of him seemed to be that the four people of “Wanxiang spring” would occupy the camera and make Wang pengpai “invisible” so as to attack and kill the enemy. But in fact, now it’s Wang pengpai’s five people who rush at Hamadan’s wind, and there’s a plot just now. These five people will definitely occupy five scenes.

The four of them are relatively invisible.

But “Wanxiang Chun” and Zhang xingzang can avoid the attention of the hotel. They are the assassins who really want to attack and kill the enemy secretly!

Of course, taking the scenic spot road directly to the Sahara is not an excuse. After all, Wei Xun needs Baisha to lift the doomsday curse, and Zhang xingzang also needs to enter the Sahara to try to wake up the dreamers.

At this moment, the four of them are standing in the raging wind. Wei Xun feels that his body is like a piece of paper. He can be swept away by the wind at any time. The ferret butterfly has long hid in his arms, while Wei Xun is half leaning on Wanxiang spring. And this is just a prelude to the Hamadan wind. The really terrible “fire wind” has not yet come.

Far away from the city, there are no people around. People can clearly feel the majestic power of nature and their own smallness here.

Compared with the alienation state, Wei Xun’s original body is still relatively weak. Even as a passenger, every step will improve his physical quality, but his rank is still low. At this moment, Wei Xun’s ears are full of wind. He heard the words of “Wanxiang spring” several times before he could hear it clearly.

“Wei Xun, you should have received the prompt from the hotel now?”

The next second he spoke, the hotel prompt sounded in Wei Xun’s mind.

[passenger Wei Xun, welcome to this exclusive customized free tour!]

[travel information]

[level: no solution level]

[group type: 8-person small group, private customization]

[tour guide: B 2]

[since this is your first free trip, the hotel will give you a special introduction!]

[free travel features:

[1. Walk and stop in the whole journey, free! (excluding tickets)]

[2. Luxury chartered cars, various specifications, whether aircraft, cross-country, ships, horses, camels, etc., we have your choice here! (not including drivers)]

[3. Select a five-star luxury hotel in the whole process. You can only play if you sleep well. Hi! (take care of your meals by yourself)]

[the first recommended scenic spot activity ‘devil fire wind’ is coming. Do you want to participate in the experience?]

[basic reward points: 10000, desert characteristic food, props, creatures, titles, etc. the better the performance, the richer the reward!]

Wei Xun really experienced the free travel for the first time, which is very novel. What scenic spots and activities he went to on his previous trip are all set. However, in the free travel, the hotel actually recommended it and did not force you to do it.

No wonder an Xuefeng, who was left here, didn’t panic at all. It turned out that the free travel hotel was also chartered.

“What if I refuse?”

Wei Xun is curious.

“If you refuse, this is not a scenic spot.”

Half life Taoist is meaningful. His voice is a little vague in the violent wind: “what you face will be a real, terrible nature.”

The purpose of the scenic spot is to train passengers, test them, and complete the task even if they pass the customs. But the real natural danger is not “pass the customs”. Once the Hamadan wind blows, it will take five or six days. Without Wang pengpai’s driving skills, you can’t leave the wind.


Without hesitation, Wei Xun chose to accept it. He was still curious. Bai Xiaosheng said, can you really enter the Sahara by taking the scenic spot road?

At the moment of accepting and experiencing the scenic spot, the surrounding wind suddenly decreased. The sky was still reddish brown, the sand rolled like a dragon in the sky, and the dust covered the sky. Wei Xun experienced it carefully and found that the normal Hamadan wind was almost shielded by the hotel, but the strange and distorted burning feeling was still everywhere, and there was a faint and strange smell full of disobedience.

“Be careful!”

An Xuefeng’s voice was faint and unreal: “what is excluded is natural disasters, and what is left is polluted and distorted.”

“You two together, we two together.”

The half life Taoist had already stood beside Wei Xun first and began to rush out: “follow you two, we will be more dangerous.”

Indeed, half life Taoist priest and Wei Xun are weak, and the task assigned by the hotel will be relatively simple. When they are together, they will only encounter the test of two people. It is much simpler than four people, and easier than an Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang.

“Take care.”

Zhang xingzang nodded slightly and “Wanxiang Chun” took a look at Wei Xun. Then the two of them randomly chose a direction and left quickly.

“Wei Xun, let’s go too.”

The half life Taoist turned back and said with a smile, “where do you say to go?”

“Half life deputy regiment, you are more experienced. I listen to you.”

Wei Xun said modestly, but the half life Taoist shook his head: “Hey, in this case, it’s right to listen to the young people.”

Wei Xun’s second journey as a passenger is full of calculations. His own strength is far from challenging 30 degrees north latitude. The travel society gives corresponding preferential treatment. His route and scenic spot tasks will be relatively simple and safe.

It’s a rare opportunity to be alone with Wei Xun. We must seize it!

Half life Taoist was confident and thought of it. He peeked at the mobile phone live broadcast. He was satisfied to find that after he separated from an Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang, the live broadcast lens was completely absent from them.


“Can you hear the brief description of the scenic spots of the hotel?”

Wei Xun asked. The half life Taoist shook his head and said modestly, “no, after all, I’m still strong.”

I see. It is estimated that only he can see the scenic spots of the hotel. Wei Xun thought that after all, he is weak.

[brief description of scenic spot:]

[every half year of winter, the wind in North Africa is as dry and hot as fire. The strong wind keeps blowing. The Sahara red fine sand, buildings, vegetation and even the earth will be covered with thick red dust. The extremely dry strong wind that can last for tens of hours can dry the earth, and even dry all the water of the animals involved in the wind and turn them into corpses. It is the most terrible thing African magic wind – Hamadan wind]

[please avoid the attack of Hamadan wind and safely spend the five-day strong wind period!]

[in view of your multi-level participation in this trip, the hotel will give you special tips!]

[there seems to be traces of white camels in the East. It is said that white camels are sacred animals in the desert. They can subdue all sandstorms and are very friendly to humans. Can you escape the Hamadan wind and find a safe residence by riding on white camels? Be careful. The hyenas tracking white camels are not easy to provoke. They look like mummies and seem to be polluted by something!]

[across several sand dunes in the west, there is an oasis of wild jujube forest. There is a rare water source in the desert. Sweet and delicious jujube can replenish physical strength. Fortunately, it is not in the path of Hamadan wind! But be careful! Local aborigines never establish villages in the oasis, and mosquitoes here are not easy to provoke. Polluted mosquitoes are everywhere, some of them It can suck up your whole blood, and some can suck up your brain!]

[the South seems to be a good place to go. There is an indigenous village here. The houses made of thatched grass and rammed earth, such as big steamed bread, have very local characteristics. The indigenous people here also have a special sacrifice to resist the Hamadan wind, which can enable you to survive the storm period safely. Moreover, you are very lucky to catch up with the indigenous people to hold a ‘divorce party’! This is really a grand banquet, village Everyone who falls will participate. They are all beautiful single girls. Maybe there will be your true love here? It seems that you are going to be lucky!]

[the hotel doesn’t recommend that you go to the north and look north. Maybe you can see the sparkling lake, the vibrant oasis, the bustling cities and busy streets, but all these are mirages in the desert. Not only that, the instability of the dead Sahara makes this mirage more strange. Giant insects wait for the opportunity under the quicksand, and the giant is still alive Soul grass can crush people’s souls. The most terrible thing is that the giant in the depths of the dead Sahara seems to have escaped from bondage. Be careful, that huge blood red eye may be staring at you in the dark.]

Among the four suggestions given by the hotel, the East and the West are relatively simple in Wei Xun’s view. Whether it’s against mutant wolves or mutant mosquitoes, it’s over, and whether it’s a desert oasis or a white camel to take them away, they can definitely survive the storm period safely.

It’s strange in the south. The “divorce party” is a lively celebration. The whole aboriginal village is full of single girls. What’s the special sacrificial meeting to resist the Hamadan wind? The first two have contaminated monsters, and there will be no fewer here. To be honest, Wei Xun has more curiosity here than in the first two directions.

He himself is interested in ancient and strange folk customs and likes to deal with “people” best.

But unfortunately

“Really listen to me?”

Wei Xun finally confirmed that the half life Taoist nodded carelessly: “listen to you!”

He reckons that the opportunity to recover his strength lies with Wei Xun. So it’s all over with him this time!

Wei Xun nodded slightly. In fact, he thought a lot just now. There was Zhang Xing hiding them in the dreamer. It must be no problem. The enemies of the butcher alliance and the werewolf alliance should be solved by the strong on the way home, and the yin-yang butterfly should also put the wind knife.

To tell the truth, after all, he is still a newcomer who has just entered the hotel. Wei Xun doesn’t have high requirements this time. He has a clear positioning for himself – just take care of himself and do the little things he wants to do well.

He didn’t come to the Sahara to hide from the five-day Hamadan wind. He wanted to see what the complete journey of 30 degrees north latitude was like. I want to see what elite talents there are in the butcher alliance in the west side. I’m also a little curious about the werewolf alliance. The devil merchant seems to be one of the werewolf alliance.

Wei Xun wants to get A4 infected people.

He said directly, “let’s go north.”

The impact of death hidden in the mirage? That’s great!

“Then go north!”

Half life Taoist made a final decision. Seeing that Wei Xun walked a little hard in the strong wind, he directly and skillfully carried Wei Xun on his back and marched forward to the north.

However, a quarter of an hour later, half life Taoist regretted it.

“Why are you here?”

“Wow -”

In the shrill whistling sound like a baby’s cry, countless giant balls full of spikes are rapidly rolled by the strong wind. They look like Tumbleweed magnified hundreds or thousands of times. They are completely unlike real things, like an illusory mirage.

In fact, they are also illusory. If you stand still, these giants will roll over you and you will look intact, but in fact, they will not hurt your body, but your soul! There is no entity, not a ghost. For the soul, the difficulty of this thing can be seen by looking at Zhang xingzang who also appears here!

Yes, half life Taoist didn’t take a few steps with Wei Xun on his back, but he met Zhang xingzang who left early! It’s just like seeing ghosts in broad daylight. Zhang xingzang will appear. It’s definitely one of the most dangerous tests!

Just like now, the two of them are chased by a giant soul returning grass ball. They have no entity and are not ghosts. Half life Taoist is the most difficult. Moreover, the wind and sand here are too big. He doesn’t even have a chance to ask. He eats a mouthful of sand as soon as he opens his mouth!

“I can’t continue to run forward. I feel the smell of death!”

Zhang xingzang said that the death Sahara is not the entrance of the Sahara. I’m afraid it’s a monster that escaped from this journey! Wei Xun thought of the giant in the depths of the Sahara in the tips of the hotel.

“You can’t go to the East.”

At this moment, only he can guide the direction, because Wei Xun has a half life mount. Riding high and looking far, he first saw the sand dunes towering like snakes in the East. The special smell was covered by the strong wind, but he couldn’t escape Wei Xun’s nose.

It smells like corn shoots that haven’t been cleaned for days! Running in this direction should be the giant worm under the quicksand, desert worm!

Giant soul returning grass comes from the north, giant in the South and desert worm in the East. The only direction you can choose is the West!

Without hesitation, they immediately changed direction, but Wei Xun actually felt that the West was more dangerous. As the hotel suggested before, the perceived danger is not terrible. The things hidden in the west without any hint from the hotel are probably the most dangerous.

Zhang xingzang also knew this truth. The terrible sense of crisis almost burst his scalp. Without hesitation, he gritted his teeth and used the seventh rule of the mutual aid alliance. At the moment when the hotel looked at the shielding, he took out a pure white conch shell with red patterns.

In the conch shell is a handful of sands!

Sands of the Sahara, items that can enter the dead Sahara! Without the control of the dreamers, they could not enter the Sahara directly from the hotel. But now, in this mirage affected by the power of the Sahara, Jinsha can barely use!

But it’s just barely usable. Zhang xingzang can’t make them fall together. And with his dream, I’m afraid he will fall directly into the depths of the Sahara!

Wei Xun is safer with half life Taoist!

“Hold on, I’m not sure where you’ll be sent!”

Zhang xingzang shouted, “hold on, don’t separate!”

Half life Taoist conditioned reflex grasped Wei Xun, while Zhang xingzang caught the dream chasing dragon egg. He groaned, spilled blood from the corners of his mouth and forcibly used the Sahara sands!

Invisible power shrouded them, and the next moment the four disappeared. The giant reviving grass group still rolled forward and passed the place where Zhang xingzang had just been, but they disappeared out of thin air only five meters later!

No, it didn’t disappear, but was swallowed and crushed by an invisible force. There seems to be an invisible black hole hidden in the void, which can devour everything. If Zhang xingzang and them run forward a few steps, they may also die without a place to bury!

There are many terrorist effects caused by the instability of the death Sahara. The little monster escaped is the most insignificant. The outside is so chaotic, and the inside of the death Sahara is more dangerous!

After a whirl, Zhang xingzang looked at the sand as soon as he landed, and then relaxed. Red sand, this is the fifth layer of death Sahara. Fortunately, it is not too deep, and it is still the number of layers to pursue dreams.

Fortunately, the Jinsha can still be used. Zhang xingzang suffered a serious internal injury and needs to be recuperated for a while. He subconsciously clenched each other’s hands. This time, anyway, he won’t let go of chasing dreams… Huh??


“Sleeping trough, how could it be you?”

The half life Taoist who was shaken by Zhang xingzang collapsed: “where’s Wei Xun?”

He clearly grasped Wei Xun. How could he run with Zhang xingzang? Isn’t it enough to hold on with both hands? Half life Taoist mentality has collapsed!

And Zhang xingzang is more collapsed than him!

His eggs are gone!

He was just in his arms. Such a big dream chasing egg is gone!

In the vast black desert, Wei Xun picked up the dream chasing diamond egg that fell at his feet and was half buried in the black sand and held it in his arms. It was rare to be a little confused.

The author has something to say: there are 4000 updates before 1:30 p.m. than Xinxin!

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Next is the story of an unmarried brother wandering in the desert with eggs. A group of men are crazy looking for it. The final outcome is warm.

Dream chasing egg:?

A crowd of men:?


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