TTG Chapter 311

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 311: The Death of the Sahara (4)

At the moment of landing, when he found that he was empty and the half life mount disappeared, Wei Xun used rules to shield the attention of the hotel. Now he wears the badge of mutual aid alliance in his clothes.

Zhang xingzang clearly said that the person holding hands will fall into one place. There must be something wrong now. He is with the dream club. Is it related to their journey of 30 degrees north latitude?

But Zhang xingzang is a traveler who pursues dreams. It’s inappropriate for him not to be here.

Wei Xun patted the dream chasing egg, which was smooth and beautiful, warm and with the body temperature of Zhang xingzang. It still emits a faint light in the dark environment, like a bright gem.

This can’t work. It’s too conspicuous. You must keep a low profile when you arrive at an unknown place first.

Neither clothes nor bags could hide the light of the diamond egg. Wei Xun tried to roll the egg in the black sand. However, the egg body was smooth, the black sand could not attach, and even the halo was brighter.

“It’s dangerous here.”

Wei Xun blocked the hotel’s gaze. There was no one around. The ferret Tong Hege in his arms could finally make a sound. Tong he Ge Ning, the ferret, said emphatically, “I feel a sense of loneliness. After staying for a long time, it seems that my spirit will stagnate.”

Wei Xun took out the little butterfly given by the yin-yang butterfly and found that the red little butterfly also became wilted and could not contact the yin-yang butterfly outside. There was no feeling between him and the half life Taoist. Wei Xun knocked on the eggshell of the dreamer and couldn’t contact Zhang xingzang.

Only the golden red feather just pulled out from an Xuefeng’s wings flashed. Wei Xun tried to use it to send some information to an Xuefeng. For the time being, he didn’t get a response. Wei Xun put away his feathers.

Is it because of the special environment of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude, or because of this dead black desert?

“This should be the core of the Sahara of death.”

According to Wei Xun’s knowledge, there are nine layers in the place where death Sahara is currently exploring. The safest outer layer is gray sand, two layers of yellow sand, three layers of orange sand, four layers of pink sand, five layers of red sand, six layers of crystal sand, seven layers of colored soul sand, eight layers of metal sand and nine layers of white sand.

I don’t know if the ninth floor is the limit. Although there are many exploration floors, the exploration area of each floor is not large, and there are many dangers and mysteries, so the total degree of exploration is not high.

The number of layers explored is known, and there is no black sand.

But Wei Xun knew that the Saharan keepsake of the dreamer was a handful of black sand. He saw it with his own eyes when he was in the butcher League.

This black desert is either a deeper layer of sand, or a special layer of sand that can only be entered by people holding Saharan keepsakes. Or can people with 30 degrees north latitude Keepsake come in? Otherwise, Wei Xun doesn’t know why he appears here.

But Zhang xingzang doesn’t know that holding hands should be no problem. The dreamer will appear here, either his own will is strong, or

Someone designed it and led him here.

“The Western butcher Union calls the dream chasing egg.”

Wei Xun thinks this possibility is very high. It is said that someone from the Western butcher Union has mastered some keepsakes of the dead Sahara, A4 infected people?

The infected person is from the Western butcher alliance. If they really recruit the dreamer here, I’m afraid the Duke of lizard is also there to deal with him.

Although we don’t feel any danger yet, danger may come at any time. The bright dream chasing egg is more like a target in the dark desert.

“It seems that you can’t keep a low profile.”

Wei Xun said happily, and then he began to recruit guys.

He didn’t live with them on his way home. He let himself fly for the time being!

Then Tong Hege saw that Wei Xun released a lot of things like the monkey king shaking out his monkey hair.

Another big circle of fat worm corn shoots drilled under the black sand, followed by tens of thousands of mutant devil insects, and hundreds of mutant devil bees flew into the air to explore in all directions. The dead Ming token appeared in Wei Xun’s hand. The mutated flame lit up. The Phoenix Fire, samadhi true fire and the most low-key three-color magic flame were hidden behind the luminous big egg. The young dragon finally got a chance to relax. After circling around, he nestled on Wei Xun’s shoulder like a noodle and looked around curiously.

Wei Xun held the maggot cocoon in his hand. He always felt that the maggot was about to break the cocoon. But maggots just don’t come out. This feeling is like holding a sneeze. I don’t know what it’s waiting for.

“Brother, we have reached the black desert.”

Wei Xun finally opened the casket and released Nezha spirit. He saw that Nezha spirit had become a floating red ball, which seemed to have nothing to do with the previous strange bird. And his acting skills are very excellent. As soon as he came out, he was “what are you doing?” “who are you?” “where am I?” three asked, pretending to be unfamiliar with Wei Xun.

Knowing that there was no one else, Nezha spirit soon released himself.

“Brother, there’s no fun in this place.”

Nezha Ling flew higher. He didn’t shine like a big egg chasing a dream. He knew the true meaning of doing great things with a dull voice. He quickly became gray and low-key into the air. Soon after, Nezha Ling suddenly became excited: “Hey, fun is coming. Brother, look over there, there are several giant lizards!”

Big lizard? How many? The demon raised by the lizard Duke?

When Wei Xun looked in the direction of Nezha’s spirit, he saw only continuous black sand dunes. The distance that Nezha could see was not the same as his distance. Wei Xun directly asked, “good brother, how far is the lizard from us?”

“There’s one like ours. Let me see. If we want to stand here, we have to run at its speed for a quarter of an hour.”

Nezha Ling rubbed his hands and said, “I don’t know if the lizard is delicious, but this place is too barren.”

There was no food in the desert. Nezha Ling was very conscious of storing food.

“Brother, look out again to see where those big lizards come from.”

Wei Xun ordered Nezha spirit to fly out.

“Sure enough, it was the hands and feet of the Western butcher alliance.”

Tong Hege frowned: “Wei Xun, I remember that the pollution core of death Sahara is death, strangeness and spiritual stagnation.”

During the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, they all have their own unique pollution tendency. The crazy sun is the praise and worship, and the pollution core of death Sahara, just as Tong Hege said. Generally speaking, it is somewhat like a dream. When people are extremely tired, they sometimes have a dream. Clearly feel that they have got up, and even done a lot of things, but a moment later, they found that they are still sleeping.

This kind of dream is sometimes like a ghost pressing the bed, and can’t wake up at any time. Sometimes it even gives people a sense of suffocation anxiety. This is the spiritual stagnation in the Sahara of death.

The longer you stay here, the heavier the pollution, the more your perception will be confused with reality. When you meet the enemy, you think you are struggling to kill the enemy, trying to kill the enemy, but you find yourself standing where you are and nothing moves. The enemy may have taken the opportunity to cause fatal damage to you.

This is mental stagnation.

Dead silence is strange. It means that all sounds will gradually disappear here. Including nature itself and the entrants themselves. Sound is a very important criterion here. When you can’t hear your heartbeat and breathing, you’d better leave the death Sahara immediately.

What does weird mean? Tong Hege can’t remember. He told Wei Xun everything he knew.

Under the gaze of Nezha spirit in the sky, the lizard was getting closer and closer. But Wei Xun didn’t leave for the time being. A few minutes later, the tentacles of the corn shoots came out of the black sand. Wei Xun was waiting for information about the corn shoots.

Is there anything special about these black sands? Is there any danger under the black sand?

But the corn shoots are very happy!

“Father, father, happy, bamboo shoots are so happy!”

Corn shoots are just as happy as going home. The environment here is even more comfortable than the abyss! Of course, this comfort is only for the corn shoots. As soon as the army of mutant ghost insects that go down with it enters one meter below the sand layer, it begins to die strangely. However, the corn shoots put other ghost insects in their stomach in time, and most of the insects survived.

It is suitable for the life of abyss worms. There is danger one meter below the black sand, and there is no danger in the belly of abyss worms. Not only that, Wei Xun found that the corn shoots were a little too excited, and he couldn’t even speak. He used his tentacles to compete with him for a long time before he finally understood:

“Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots feel very small, have great, great existence, under the earth, especially great!”

The greatness of corn shoots means that they are big. It says that the great existence is bigger than 100, 100, 100 (corn shoots can only count to 100). This big desert is almost on the back of the great existence!

Can there be such a big worm under the black desert? Even Wei Xun was shocked for a moment, and then he immediately thought of the monster in the depths of the Sahara that swallowed the butterfly fragments of the dreamer.

Isn’t it this great worm?

It’s also right to think about it. If only people holding Saharan keepsakes can enter this black desert, it’s normal for great worms to enter.

But the abyss worm’s hometown should be in the abyss. Why are there abyss worms in the death Sahara?

Wei Xun had a little conjecture in his mind and continued to listen to the corn shoots stuttering. It said that in addition to this giant worm, there were hundreds of small and medium-sized worms in the depths of the black desert. Like corn shoots, they shed their skin once and ate countless fat bodies of soil. If they were put into the worms, they could be regarded as the top ten fierce worms.

“No matter how great it is, it is not as great as the father!”

The corn shoots rub against Wei Xun to show his loyalty, although now one of his tentacles is higher than Wei Xun. Well, the greatness of his father is not in his body. After that, Mi Mi said to Wei Xun, “father, the great being is sending us instructions to kill these enemies.”

Corn shoots absorb the power of the abyss and have special concealment skills. Even the great worm didn’t find it. This kind of instruction is more like mass sending. The worm communication method is very special. As long as the instruction sent by the largest one in the same land, other worms smaller than it can receive it.

It is equivalent to the message that can only be transmitted from the upper level to the lower level, and the lower level cannot upload against the upper level.

Of course, the corn shoots also received the news sent by the great worms. The tentacles of the corn shoots were scratched on the sand and soon painted the “enemy”. Although it was deformed, Wei Xun recognized it under the description of the corn shoots.

A shining Dragon, a pile of matches.

The dragon is fighting the great worm, and the other worms will die if they get close. Great worms mainly let them kill the two enemies behind them.

“The dragon is fighting with worms… Is it chasing dreams in dreams?”

Wei Xun remembers that Zhang xingzang said that the dreamer fell into a dream and couldn’t wake up. First, the intruder attacked, and second, he wanted to use the power of the dream to directly recapture the butterfly fragments and completely control the death Sahara.

So the dream chaser is fighting the great worm. While chasing dreams, the great worm sent his little brothers to kill the people of the Western butcher alliance and the werewolf alliance?

Wei Xun specifically asked if there were any human enemies who needed special attention, but the corn shoots said no. Wei Xun looked at the live broadcast and found seven live scenes, two of which were half life Taoist priest and Zhang xingzang – they went together. The other five scenes are all on the east side, but there is still no shadow of the west side.

Either they have rules to block the hotel’s gaze, or they haven’t come in yet.

That group of lizards and matchmakers, I’m afraid, are monsters and all kinds of puppets. They can act as a butcher’s guide, but they will not appear on the live broadcast.

But in any case, the dream big egg trap plan starts. I’m afraid they’ll come here soon. Wei Xun didn’t find a way to get out of here. It was hard for him to hide with his shining dream chasing egg. Not to mention that there are worms peeping at the bottom of the earth. There are many dangers in the depths of the dead Sahara. Only a dozen magic bees released to explore the way come back.

We must seize this time difference, which is Wei Xun’s opportunity! Since it’s useless to keep a low profile, then go crazy to the enemy’s fear!

In the lightning flint room, Wei Xun made a decision: “I’m not Wei Xun.”

“Tong Hege, Yu Hehui left you a lot of Hu Xian demons, right?”

“That’s right.”

Tong Hege understood: “who do you want to become?”

Yu Hehui had expected that Wei Xun would do something, so he gave Tong Hege enough Huxian evil spirit. The evil spirit that can make him become a ferret can naturally make Wei Xun disguise himself as something else. In terms of camouflage, Tianhu is definitely an expert.

“It will be with chasing dreams. Of course, Zhang Xing hid it.”

Wei Xun was meaningful: “he happened to broadcast live on it… Who would have thought there would be another Zhang xingzang?”

The lizards and puppets will be put in, which means that the people of the Western butcher alliance have already entered here, and there may be a temporary base or something. After all, the journey at 30 degrees north latitude is really dangerous. Building a safe point and then exploring outside is the common sense to explore the journey without solution.

Sure enough, Nezha Ling, who went out to explore, brought back good news. He found the source of the group of lizards, which was just as safe as pouring a bowl!

“There are many good things in there. I smell the smell!”

No wonder nezhaling put down the idea of barbecue lizards and there were more good things in the spot. No matter how hidden the safety point is, it can’t escape Nezha Ling’s eyes.

Knowing this is enough for Wei Xun.

“Go, brother, let’s grab it.”

Wei Xun, disguised as Zhang xingzang, said with a smile. Holding the big egg of chasing dreams, he got into the “false mouth” wound by the tentacles of corn shoots. Wei Xun asked the corn shoots to give instructions to other worms to attack the enemy together. At the same time, he asked Nezha Ling to become a turtle.

Zhang xingzang has four clay sculpture guards. Wei Xun saw it with his own eyes when he entered the abyss. There is only one Xuanwu left in Zhang xingzang.

Nezha’s spirit grew into a tortoise, and the young dragon was deformed onto it. With the disguise of Hu Xian’s evil spirit, it was unexpectedly lifelike.

Five minutes later, the security point of the western region butcher alliance was broken by a large group of worms, and □□ was particularly arrogant in the camp. A huge basaltic went down and directly crushed nearly 100 puppet lizards. Zhang xingzang held a luminous dream chasing egg in his hand and smiled coldly in the face of the first strong person of the western region butcher alliance who had just arrived.

——After all, the Duke of lizard was too strong to squeeze in. These advanced strongmen couldn’t beat Nezha spirit. Wei Xun could pretend to be forced happily.

He dares to hold the dreamer in his hand here! Zhang xingzang is crazy!

“I’ve disappeared for too long. No one knows the name of Zhang xingzang.”

He said faintly and pointed like a knife. The moment he waved it, the huge basaltic was rolled over. The guide in a silver purple cloak showed a look of panic. At the critical moment, he dodged dangerously. However, he didn’t expect that the dragon on the basaltic opened his mouth and spit out a black green sharp knife!

The sharp knife directly pierced the guide’s head. The strong pollution made him injured and weak. Before he could return to zero, he went directly to the West!

“Remember, I’m Zhang xingzang who wants to kill you.”

In the laughter, ‘Zhang xingzang’ sneaked underground with the worms. He was stuck at the right time. The next second he disappeared, a dark net fell quietly. As long as he was slow, he would become a prey in the net!

A moment later, at another safety point established by the butcher alliance in the distance of the black desert, several tour guides in silver and purple cloaks knelt on the ground and reported to the person in charge.

“We were cheated.”

One of them said coldly, “Zhang xingzang in the red sand on the fifth floor of Sahara in the live broadcast is disguised by others. He is here with the dreamers!”

“Block messages.”

The soft and cold male voice sounded, like a snake crawling over a person’s body. Everyone’s forehead was pressed on the ground, and they didn’t dare to look at the man at the top.

Only his monstrous shadow can be seen.

“You know what to do.”


The author has something to say: Wei Xun: Thank you, Duke lizard!

Duke lizard:?

Wei Xun: Thank you, great worm!


Wei Xun: Thank you, fake Zhang xingzang!

On the fifth floor, I went crazy to find the ‘fake Zhang xingzang’:???

Dream chaser: Serenity

I’ll go out tomorrow morning. Tomorrow Jiageng will be moved to the day after tomorrow, boo boo!


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