TTG Chapter 312

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 312: Supplement

“Buzz -”

In the dark, the maniac’s knife buzzed and vibrated like a bee. The blade was awe inspiring, as if it sensed something and reminded the master.

However, his master has no time to talk to him for the time being.

“Hiss -”

Wei Xun was sweating all over, and his aching body trembled slightly. Just after pretending to kill people at the security point of the Western butcher alliance, he got stuck and was swallowed by corn shoots. Now they are 15 meters underground in the black desert, which is safer.

Wei Xun withdrew in time, not only because the butcher Alliance came to support, but also because——

“It hurts too much.”

Wei Xun hissed for a long time, and his lips turned white with pain. Just now he killed the guide. Before he died, he was attacked by mental pollution. Some of them were chopped by the maniac’s knife, but some of them invaded Wei Xun. The severe pain left his brain blank for a moment. It took him a long time to relax a little.

He brought Tong Hege right this time. If Tong Hege hadn’t given Wei Xun a reference film first, he might not have finished the installation smoothly. After coming back, Tong Hege has been healing Wei Xun. His herbal ointment has a good cooling effect. However, in three minutes, Wei Xun’s trauma healed.

But in the process, Tong Hege didn’t give him paralytic drugs to reduce the pain.

“You have to adapt.”

Tong Hege said seriously, “your tolerance to pain is too low now, and you are not used to it. You may be targeted when fighting.”

“You’re right.”

Wei Xun murmured, “it’s so exciting.”

The severe pain passed, but the occasional pain in all parts of his body still stirred his nerves.

Pain sensitivity really brought Wei Xun a different novelty, but it was also too sensitive. Just because the speed of the sudden attack was too fast, and in order to show Zhang xingzang’s face, he temporarily took off his goggles and windproof towel, resulting in the strong wind wrapped in sand, which made Wei Xun’s face ache for a long time.

At the same time, it also affected his play, especially the maniac killer knife. If you don’t kill people for a period of time after taking out the knife and don’t satisfy the soul resentment on the knife, the soul resentment spiritual pollution will bite the master. In the past, it would be OK for Wei Xun to eat some magic honey, but now the erosion will not only affect his spirit, but also cause severe pain.

Wei Xun seldom felt pain before and was not used to it. When you want to fight, it is fatal to stop or lose consciousness because of this.

Especially when the other party has come so strong.

The maniac murderer’s knife has been buzzing since just now. It has “killed” the puppet master. I’m afraid it’s a more powerful existence that can make it so excited. It just killed the guide and contaminated the other party’s breath. I’m afraid the strong one is in the same camp as the guide.

“Lizard Duke?”

“It should be him.”

Tong Hege nodded. They took out their mobile phones and watched the live broadcast. Sure enough, they saw a new lens. The camera that originally belonged to half life Taoist disappeared. On the new live screen, a large number of strange lizards are fighting a pile of worms. Obviously, the worm is huge, ten times larger than the lizard, but this group of lizards can drill into the worm and swallow it from the inside out.

The lizard is covered with silver gray scales and looks like steel. It can resist the corrosion of worm gastric juice!

However, in two minutes, dozens of silver gray lizards swallowed most of the worms in the sand nest. However, when they gathered together, the calm sand surface suddenly subsided, and a very strong fat worm was hidden under the sand!

It grew fatter than corn shoots, and its short and huge body was like swinging a sledgehammer, crushing several silver lizards in an instant. Not only that, the fat worm is very cunning. It looked like it was going to swing again, but the next moment it suddenly turned around, turned into the sand and ran away!

Just a second later, several B-class guides in purple cloaks appeared, but they couldn’t stop it. After losing the whereabouts of the giant fat worm, they had to come back to clean up the battlefield.

One of the tour guides found a Silver Purple ragged cloak stained with blood, like the tour guide who died in the battle with the worms just now, and someone picked up half of the head. Then, as if someone had arrived, they fell to their knees.

Then in the picture is a big blood red lizard, which is as big as an Asian elephant. It is deformed and terrible. It has three heads. The thick green saliva full of corrosive venom flows. Its greedy small eyes stare at the kneeling tour guides, as if looking at the prey. Wei Xun noticed that a tour guide’s face is green – it’s poisoned.

This big lizard can poison the B-class tour guide. At least it’s a monster of Tianjie!

But such a powerful monster has a gold chain around its neck. And the chain, like a dog, was in the hand of a man.

The golden cloak is extremely luxurious. It is just like a lamp in the dark, brighter than the big dream egg. There are dark gold patterns on the cloak, which looks like the scales of some reptile. It was clearly in the barren black desert, but the man stood leisurely, just like an aristocrat walking a dog.

His broad hood covered half of his face, revealing only a little tender yellow scales on his cheeks and thin red lips. Suddenly, the corner of the man’s mouth was slightly hooked, and the scarlet bifurcated letter like a snake suddenly poked out his lip flap, which was unspeakable evil and frightening!

The man took the heads and clothes fragments handed in by the kneeling guides, looked at them casually, and then dropped them. The blood red lizard was instantly excited. The middle head swallowed his head, chewed it, and the golden chain dissipated at the next moment. The blood red lizard melted instantly and penetrated into the black desert like blood!

“No, I’m afraid he locked us in a special way!”

Tong Hege hurriedly said, “the guide’s body can’t be left!”

“He didn’t disclose the news of meeting Zhang xingzang.”

Wei Xun smiled. The live broadcast gave the impression that the Western butcher alliance was fighting with worms in the black desert and avenging the “tragic guide” who died in the mouth of worms. The blood red lizard looks like it’s looking for worms.

But this tragic guide is the one who was just killed by Wei Xun! The madman’s knife cut off his head, and Wei Xun only had time to take away his body. Now it seems that this group of western area butcher guides attracted a nest of worms with their heads. While killing the worms, they performed the good play.

“Tong Hege, you come with me.”

Wei Xun picked up a headless body. It’s strange. It may be that it’s 30 degrees north latitude. The guide who died here was not recovered by the hotel, but had a body. Wei Xun was curious before and asked the corn shoots to swallow each other’s decapitated corpse.

But they were in the false mouth composed of corn shoot tentacles, but the body was in the real mouth of corn shoot. When it spit out, the body had been corroded and blurred. In order not to expose the saliva of corn shoots, Wei Xun disposed of the body again with fire and maniac’s knife.

In fact, there is nothing good in the safety point of the butcher alliance he robbed. I’m afraid the most valuable thing is this body. Tong Hege found a legendary powder and a peak skeleton necklace, a legendary red skirt. In addition, there is a package with some self-made notes; Medicine, and some bottles and cans that contain various organs and look disgusting.

“It should be A10 cannibal witch.”

Tong Hege said that the Western butcher alliance will make the best use of its resources. The puppets were cut off by Yin and Yang butterflies and Wei Xun. The cannibal witches who were seriously polluted must spare no effort to fight for more interests for the organization if they want to enter the Sahara to plunder resources. Like just now, he was even a bait for Zhang xingzang’s trap. After death, the head will be used to play a wave.

“Why did Prince lizard bring so many guides in?”

What Wei Xun doesn’t know at present is this point. He speculated that only people holding tokens of 30 degrees north latitude can enter. This point was overthrown after seeing the group of Western butcher alliance.

Why can the lizard Duke bring so many younger brothers?

There was no time to think about it. After searching the corpse, guard Xun took a ball of mud, quickly pinched something, dyed it and threw it next to the corpse, and then let the corn shoots swallow them and run away from the black sand.

Black sand is extremely mobile and completely hides their tracks. Every 5000 meters, he buried a cannibal witch’s object in the depths of the black desert, hid some bombs, then changed direction, buried and fled again. After all these things were buried, he changed direction and fled to the depths of the black desert.

When Wei Xun buried the first item, several B-class tour guides in purple cloaks had come to the top of the bunker where they first hid.

The decapitated corpse, which had been repeatedly treated with corn shoots, flames and maniac’s knife, was dug out and placed in front of them. Looking at this too tragic body, the tour guides were silent, especially when they saw the little clay sculpture stained with blood next to the body.

It was as like as two peas, but the yellow color was just like that of the Duke’s face.

Zhang xingzang is mocking! He ran away with a dream, killed their butcher guide in an air raid, and mocked that the lizard Duke was a yellow chicken!

The body of the cannibal witch was cruelly destroyed. Zhang xingzang’s means were extremely cruel. The body could not see its original shape at all!

After a while, someone opened his mouth and said, “it’s worthy of Zhang xingzang who can survive for several years under the imprisonment of life playing people.”

“He’s a pervert.”

Some people frown, others appreciate: “a three dreamers are persistent passengers, there is indeed something extraordinary. ”

“Guys, we should keep tracking.”

Someone said indifferently, “I can feel that the death Sahara is becoming more and more unstable. I’m afraid that the werewolves will come in soon.”

Obviously, this person is the leader. These tour guide cloaks have different colors, only this man’s cloak is silver purple. Under his silver purple cloak is a doctor like white coat, which is the A7 voodoo doctor!

At present, there are three A-level elite tour guides in the Sahara. A10 cannibal witch died. A4 polluters hold some keepsakes in the Sahara and are protected. The hard work of going out to track falls on the voodoo doctor. He knows the reason why these tour guides are tardy – even cannibals are easily killed. Don’t they just deliver vegetables to Zhang xingzang and dreamers?

But your orders must be carried out!

“We must determine the whereabouts of an Xuefeng and dream chaser before him, otherwise no one can calm the adult’s anger.”

Then the voodoo doctor said, “we only need to find their trace. The A3 blood Baron will come here soon.”

“And in half an hour, the extinction of the black desert will begin. With the dreamer, Zhang xingzang can no longer hide under the sand.”

“The extinction of the black desert… Is also a threat to us.”

When he said this, someone showed a frightened expression, and there was panic in his tone.

“So you must lock Zhang xingzang’s whereabouts before.

The voodoo doctor’s face was expressionless, his fingers moved, and released countless mosquitoes and flies the size of dust particles. Soon, they followed the mosquitoes and flies to a place where Wei Xun buried the cannibal witch’s articles.



Far away, in the black desert, the corn shoots felt the shock of the explosion.

“Sure enough, all the items of the cannibal witch were marked.”

Wei Xun sighed that he didn’t leave any of his belongings. That’s why he was on guard. But for B-class tour guides, I’m afraid the bomb is just a joke and provocation, and can’t really hurt them. Although he can hide in the desert with the help of corn shoots and constantly change his strongholds, Wei Xun believes that there are definitely more dangers in the Sahara. He has a subtle and ominous hunch.

Even Nezha spirit felt strange around him, as if something bad was going to happen. Wei Xun also understood that Nezha spirit alone could not do. After all, it was too far away from the eight armed Nezha City, and Nezha spirit could do it in his own territory

Even Nezha Ling felt that the surroundings were weird, as if there was something? Something bad was about to happen. Wei Xun also understood that Nezha spirit alone would not work. After all, this was too far away from the eight-armed Nezha city. Nezha Spirit could only develop in his own?

Still have to shake people?.

Feather in his hand hasn’t moved yet, and An Xuefeng wonders if he has received any news. The horror app can’t communicate, and can’t contact other people?. Wei Xun thoughtfully, and finally his eyes fell on the big dream-catching egg in his hand.

The Dreamcatcher Egg is as hard as a diamond, but Wei Xun can feel a slight movement inside. And perhaps because? Chai Meng is the arbiter of his mutual aid alliance, even if Wei Xun is now using the identity of a passenger, there is a subtle connection between Chai Meng. This kind of connection is enough to make the little? Stupid? Egg-shaped dream chasing trust him.

When he comes into contact with Dream Chasing Egg, the other party will be able to give him a certain reaction. It stands to reason that Zhang Xingzang’s voice should be audible.

Try it?

Wei Xun lowered his voice, and his tone trembled slightly, with a hint of pain.

“Chasing dreams, it hurts me so much.”

As Zhang Xingzang, you should sell miserables to the dream chaser, right?

Wei Xun hugged the egg and said affectionately that he fought for the dream chasing and the butcher in the west, killing the enemy, and protecting the great achievements of chasing the dream. After talking for a while, Wei Xun’s heart moved.

He actually got a response from the dream chaser!


“I lost my dream, I still can’t contact him now!”

The potential exploded? After passing through the five-layer red sand hell in the Sahara, Zhang Xingzang and the Half-Life Taoist who came out in a hurry? Encountered Wang Pengpai and his party who had left earlier? After learning that they did not have the least bit of dreams, Zhang Xingzang was in a hurry. crazy.

And Half-Life Taoist? spread the anxiety more widely.

“Wei Xun is gone too?”

The author has something to say: There is a fat chapter in the evening, Bo Bo Bo Bo!

#Shock! Zhang Xingzang’s green hat fell from the sky, and the dream chaser actually blocked him and contacted others! (?)#


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