TTG Chapter 313

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 313: The Death of the Sahara (5)

An hour ago.

The boundless sand sea can’t see the edge at a glance. When the Hamadan wind is fierce, the strong wind is raging, the sky is dark like night, and the whine wind is like ghosts crying and wolves howling. The bloodstained body will soon be covered by flying sand.

Even animals that have lived in the desert for generations dare not face such natural power. They either hide deep in their nests under the sand or in some remaining historic sites – the dilapidated ancient city in front of them is the shelter for many desert animals. More than half of it was buried by the wind and sand, leaving only three or two collapsed rammed earth fortresses submerged by the yellow sand.

Not only can desert animals hide here, but people bend down and can barely escape the wind and sand for a while – so do a group of Western wolves who are lying in ambush here.

When people ambushed, they lost their own people – Wang pengpai’s banditry and murder occupied two points. Killed several people who took the initiative and tied up some who surrendered directly. It happened that this group of people were all tourists, not tour guides.

“We really didn’t want to ambush you!”

After being kidnapped, the passengers on the west side were very active in revealing all the information without concealing it at all. Perhaps it is related to the heavier nature of mercenaries in the western district tour guide alliance and tourist brigade. They do not have the concept of “family” in yuntianhe, nor have they been PUA seriously by tourists who “keep secrets for the tour guide and do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves!” One by one, they are more active than anyone in order to live.

Especially they really don’t want to ambush the king and surge them! There is an Xuefeng in the car. They are not tired of living.

“You, you’re not afraid of Hamadan wind. Ken, you won’t come here to hide.”

The werewolf was tortured.

It’s just Hamadan wind. How can you hide in the ruins on your way home. They just want to play Counter psychology. Who knows they really play themselves in!

“Ha ha.”

The king roared at their words, but the skin laughed and the flesh did not laugh. What anti psychology? What are you afraid of Hamadan wind? That’s why you’re hiding here?

It’s all bullshit!

“These werewolves are really traitors.”

After relentless questioning by means, Wang pengpai went out and complained, “hiss, I thought we didn’t find it.”

The reason why Wang pengpai and his entourage turned halfway to the ancient city was precisely because “an Xuefeng” sensed that there was a smell of 30 degrees north latitude here.

It’s probably a crack in the dead Sahara!

“These werewolves eat sand and guard here. I’m afraid it’s for it.”

Mao Xiaole said darkly, “kill them all?”

“Leave a few. It might be useful.”

‘an Xuefeng’ said faintly that the strength of the werewolf alliance is average. He doesn’t have to do anything. Mao Xiaole is enough.

In fact, he can’t do it now. Before, Wang Yushu was able to perfectly imitate an Xuefeng for a long time and never showed his feet. It is precisely because his second orange title ‘clone’ is the same title as the replicator!

Similar titles are rare, and they are usually orange titles with a series of purple, dark blue and blue titles. Double orange titles are extremely rare in similar situations. For example, Wang Yushu’s two titles of “replicator” and “clone” came from an extremely difficult multi ring Title task. At that time, Wang Yushu almost died. It was Mao Xiaole of yepaiqiao contract team who saved him.

The ‘replicator’ can copy items, while the ‘clone’ can imitate people, especially on the premise of having each other’s core items, and even imitate some of each other’s unique talents and perceptions. An Xuefeng loaned the 30 degree north latitude Keepsake pyramid to Wang Yushu. Wang Yushu can release some 30 degree north latitude prestige and feel some 30 degree north latitude breath like an Xuefeng.

But things at the level of 30 degrees north latitude are extremely laborious to imitate. Fortunately, there are two thugs, yin-yang butterfly and Mao Xiaole. An Xuefeng can be used as a decoration in the town.

Wang pengpai said the information just interrogated: “they are stationed in the eye of the Sahara. There are one or two hundred people, most of them tourists and a small number of tour guides. In addition to the werewolf alliance, there are other tour guides here. It is said that Rex, the blood wolf, and the blood Baron are both in the eye of the Sahara town.”

As Bai Xiaosheng analyzed before.

“The contract between the werewolf alliance and the butcher alliance is fragile.”

Bai Xiaosheng said faintly, “the butcher alliance may have mastered the key points of many people entering the core of death Sahara.”

“It’s impossible.”

Wang pengpai was surprised. How long did the Western butcher alliance get some keepsakes? But Bai Xiaosheng absolutely has his reason.

“Zhang xingzang, they have entered the scenic spot.”

Bai Xiaosheng watched the live broadcast. There were five of them on the live broadcast lens, as well as Zhang xingzang and “Wanxiang spring” in the scenic spot. From this point of view, Wei Xun and half life Taoist who walked with them should also go in.

“Hamadan wind is the most likely natural survival scenic spot, lasting for three to five days.”

Zhang xingzang and “Wanxiang spring” can enter the dead Sahara as soon as possible. Half life Taoist and Wei Xun will stay in the scenic spot for a few days – at least half a day. By means of Wei Xun, they will definitely have a special lens after entering the scenic spot.

Bai Xiaosheng thought and had a plan in mind. After a brief exchange, the five person team also began to form a team‘ An Xuefeng ‘, Yin Yang butterfly and Mao Xiaole went straight into the eyes of the Sahara to kill. Wang pengpai and Bai Xiaosheng were stationed here for the time being.

“After all, I’m not good at fighting”

Bai Xiao’s life is quiet.

Staying here should be the most boring picture. The hotel likes moving or not. Unless it is quiet like ambushing people, the killing of chickens by Yin and Yang butterflies is better than staying in place.

In this way, the seven wonderful scenes are likely to be on the other seven people. Bai Xiaosheng wants to take the opportunity to do something else.

Why can the Western butcher union bring people into death Sahara?

Bai Xiaosheng must find out this.

Sure enough, after the team separated, as Bai Xiaosheng expected, the scenes of him and Wang pengpai soon disappeared, and the scenes of Wei Xun and Zhang xingzang replaced them.


“Sleeping trough! Why did they hang out with Zhang xingzang?”

Wang pengpai was shocked and Bai Xiaosheng was silent. Looking at the live picture, the half life Taoist was chased by the giant soul returning grass with Zhang xingzang. Yes, Wei Xun and Zhang xingzang were on the camera, but the scene they were on the camera was different from what Bai Xiaosheng thought.

It’s only a quarter of an hour.

Bai Xiaosheng found that his pattern was still small. He silently enlarged his pattern and began to make up.

“Feibai, are you starting now?”

Wang pengpai was thrilled when he saw that Bai Xiaosheng turned into Wei Xun. He couldn’t help but be stunned.

“You, don’t you turn into me?”

After Wang Yushu’s exposure, everyone knows that he has a good camouflage, but he doesn’t know that each returning person has one or two camouflage related titles. For example, Bai Xiaosheng was a forensic doctor before he came in. He has a purple title “Lianrong”. He specializes in making up for the dead. It’s OK to make up for himself. Except that he looks a little like a dead man after putting on make-up, there’s no problem with the similarity.

Coupled with the auxiliary titles of “false voice”, “manners” and “shrinking bones”, Bai Xiaosheng has also disguised many people in a low-key way.

Many years old teammates had a tacit understanding. Bai Xiaosheng said he would stay with him. Wang pengpai knew that Bai Xiaosheng wanted to make up for him. As soon as he pretends to be broadcast live by the hotel, there is a great possibility. As long as he stays here quietly and has no big news, Bai Xiaosheng in disguise is Wang pengpai under the live camera.

How did he turn into Wei Xun? Isn’t Wei Xun still on the live camera? If there are two Wei Xun at the same time, others must know there is a problem!

“Wei Xun will enter the Sahara later.”

Bai Xiaosheng affirmed, “I’m afraid he, Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist will all go in.”

He is likely to use the seventh rule of the mutual aid alliance to block the attention of the hotel. The seventh rule is this, because an Xuefeng arrived at random, and Wang pengpai also knows some. It can be said that shielding Hotel attention is the core of their designated plan for the whole journey.

But Wang pengpai still wondered: “he and half life Taoist are likely to be together. In this way, as long as the hotel broadcasts half life Taoist, it will definitely broadcast to Wei Xun.”

What’s more, Wei Xun doesn’t necessarily shield… Cough, cough, if he is C-1, shielding is possible, but it seems that Wei Xun is still hiding this and shouldn’t take the initiative to expose it?

“If they only fall into the gray sand layer at the outermost edge of the Sahara, or even several layers deeper, it is very likely that Wei Xun will still appear in the live broadcast.”

Bai Xiaosheng has put on makeup. After adjusting his height, in addition to his face a little pale, he is a Wei Xun, and his voice is very similar: “but I think he will separate from the half life Taoist and appear on the ninth floor or core of the death Sahara. Maybe he will be with the dream chasing dragon egg.”

If so, Wei Xun will definitely block the hotel’s attention.

Wang pengpai was shocked and shouted, “it’s impossible!”

Listening to his words, Bai Xiaosheng, a rare, hooked his mouth: “I also think this probability is the lowest.”

But he thought it would happen.

“Enlarge the pattern and act according to circumstances.”

Bai Xiaosheng only had time to remind Wang pengpai that earth shaking changes had taken place in the live studio the next second. Zhang xingzang took out the Jinsha and all three of them entered the death Sahara. As Bai Xiaosheng expected, Wei Xun was not with half life Taoist!

Wei Xun disappeared, and so did his live camera!

Seeing this scene, Wang pengpai was really flustered for a moment, and the strange “Bai Xiaosheng was right!” A sense of security. At the moment when Wei Xun’s live studio went dark, just listening to a bang, the “Wei Xun” in front of Wang pengpai fell straight to the ground, rolled all over the sand, and his face was pale and embarrassed.

At the beginning of the show, when the live camera came to the new “Wei Xun”, Wang pengpai hurriedly made an expression of surprise and worry, as if “Wei Xun” suddenly appeared on his face – isn’t it coincidental that there was a crack leading from the Sahara to the outside in the ruins of the ancient city.

When Jinsha was transferred, Wei Xun, a new passenger, couldn’t enter the Sahara, so he was immediately excluded after entering, and just lined up in front of him. Bai Xiaosheng’s play is very reasonable! And he can help Wei Xun cover up the sudden disappearance of his live broadcast. Wang pengpai really convinced Bai Xiaosheng.

While Wang pengpai was playing with Wei Xun, who was stunned and awakened, Bai Xiaosheng also had his own plan. He recovered his energy after a while of cultivation. When Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist violently cleared the red desert, he aimed at the opportunity, pretended to be curious and went to see the werewolves.

As a result, at this time, the loss of control of the Sahara became more and more serious, and there was a violent vibration on the ruins of the ancient city. Wang pengpai was in a hurry to observe the cracks and accidentally “ignored” Wei Xun.

But ‘unexpectedly’ those werewolves broke free and kidnapped ‘Wei Xun’! Wang pengpai’s “urgent” fire burned his eyebrows and scolded his mother. He was trying to find a reasonable way to catch up, and how to delay quietly, so that these werewolves could successfully kidnap “Wei Xun” to the base camp. It happened that Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist came out through the crack of the ancient city ruins!

Death is closely related to the violent customs clearance of the two people. Before, Bai Xiaosheng estimated the time according to this point, but Wang pengpai didn’t expect such a coincidence that they came out from here.

As soon as Zhang xingzang came out, he immediately blocked the hotel’s gaze and said anxiously, “the dream egg is lost! I still can’t contact him now!”

The dream egg is missing?!

Wang pengpai was surprised at first, then nodded in his heart, and the dream chaser was indeed missing… I can’t get in touch, it’s likely that he is with Wei Xun.

No wonder Zhang xingzang is so worried. He didn’t reveal anything during the live broadcast of the medium speed pass just now. The veteran just kept calm. This matter must not be exposed. On the contrary, the half life Taoist shouted, “where’s my Wei Xun?”

Wang pengpai glanced at the live broadcast and found that the mutual aid alliance shield was a real fucking cow. The live broadcast picture of Zhang xingzang was gone, and the figure of the half life Taoist standing closest to him was blurred into a paste, and their words became an inaudible busy tone.

“Wei Xun is also missing!”

Half life Taoist followed.

“Wei Xun, Wei Xun was kidnapped by the werewolf alliance!”

Wang pengpai patted his thigh: “I’m going to chase… You didn’t watch the live broadcast inside?”

“In such a dangerous place as death Sahara, there is no time to watch any live broadcast. Moreover, all electronic products in Chisha hell can’t be used.”

Zhang xingzang said that as soon as they entered, they fell into the dangerous pit of red sand hell. This is a barren land, barren dark red land, potholes, like Mars. An Xuefeng once told Wei Xun that the death of the Sahara is actually equivalent to the integration of various dangerous scenic spots in the Sahara.

This dark red land really exists in the Sahara, just in zuelat, Mauritania. The dark red land is because there are a large number of iron ores underground. It is said that the pilot in the little prince was in this area when he made a forced landing in the Sahara. Because the land contains a lot of metal minerals, which leads to magnetic field problems, it makes the aircraft out of control.

The red sand hell in the death Sahara is more dangerous. Any electronic related props and equipment can not be used. The terrible ant tide that devours metals will come every quarter of an hour. These mutated and polluted ants are more terrible than Tianji monsters. When the ant tide comes, they can eat any creature without bones in a few seconds.

In addition to the ant tide, there are also giant ancient ant eaters that devour ants. It’s an ant eater. In fact, it’s just a code for this monster. They are like a pile of mud bonded together, with slender snouts harder than steel. People can’t defend themselves in front of them. No matter hiding in any cave gap, they will be sucked out by this monster like jelly.

The hole they fell is the nest of a gold eating ant colony invaded by the ancient anteater monster. The two sides are fighting fiercely, and they are directly involved in the war. Without chasing dreams, these monsters are not polite to them.

This is Zhang xingzang’s first journey after his comeback. Half life Taoist has not been on a journey of 30 degrees north latitude for a long time. They have not cooperated with each other. They are also very embarrassed about these monsters.

Zhang xingzang was eager to pursue his dream. He broke out with the half life Taoist priest and directly rushed into the depths of the ant cave to burn thousands of gold eating ant eggs. The Ant King was so angry that he led it out, and finally killed it. He destructively passed through the red sand hell, found the Sahara crack and left. When he found his rhythm later, the half life Taoist even took the opportunity to touch some ant eggs. Although the gold eating ant was disgusting, he thought Wei Xun would like this kind of thing.

Wei Xun likes all kinds of hairless ugly insects!

“Wei Xun came out? Kidnapped by the werewolf alliance?”

The half life Taoist couldn’t help asking. How could he not believe Wang pengpai’s words?

When Wei Xun enters the death Sahara, can he come out without making a big noise? And cut off by the werewolf alliance? Are you kidding me?

But half life Taoist watched the live broadcast and really saw Wei Xun riding a wolf in the Sahara desert, who was being carried by running werewolves. These werewolves didn’t really dare to do anything to Wei Xun, but wanted more insurance.

The vast desert is still easy for people to lose their way. The Hamadan wind makes their bodies looming and can’t see where they really are.

But knowing their strength on the way home, they will definitely arrest them again immediately. These wolves don’t dare to stop when they foam at the mouth. They have to protect Wei Xun from the wind and sand when they escape. It’s hard and laborious.

I even know that there is a petite and beautiful little black wolf who has been comforting Wei Xun in kowtowing Chinese. Just heard by half life Taoist.

“Werewolf, friendly, friend, friend!”

“Dongfang, new star passenger, good! You and ANN, we werewolves, support!”

There was a wolf beside him. He looked at him so stumbling and couldn’t hear it. He gasped for breath. He wrote a string of English to the effect that “have you seen the journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the devil businessman, you know, we werewolf alliance, he likes C-1, and we werewolf alliance all support their feelings!”

We support Bingyi and the devil merchant! So we support you and an Xuefeng!

That’s probably the logic.

Although it’s a close excuse, the werewolf’s mouth is really sweet. He keeps blowing about how Ann and Wei Xun match each other. Ann’s sweetheart is definitely you, Barbara.

“Wei Xun” had been quietly telling the news, but after hearing what the wolves said, Wei Xun directly and seriously warned them: “Bingyi and the devil merchant can never be together. He can’t go to the West. I have a good relationship with Bingyi. I won’t make any spears and shields because of… Team an.”

He said this directly to the wolves.

Ah, this, this, what?

Seems to know something amazing?

Half life Taoist knew that this was not Wei Xun! To ask why, that’s intuition.

“An Xuefeng is not here? No news of chasing dreams?”

Seeing the half life Taoist watching the live broadcast, Zhang xingzang was also anxious to see that “Wanxiang spring” had killed the ninth floor of the Sahara. Around him were worm bodies burned by fire, and the worm egg shells were blackened. Wanxiang Chun holds a handful of white sand in his hand.

White sand on the ninth floor!

But seeing countless worms still attacking him one after another, Zhang xingzang’s heart was half cold. If the dream chasing egg falls to the ninth floor, this group of worms will never be so aggressive. Because I have come to fetch white sand for many times, the ninth floor is a high level of dream pursuit, exploration and control.

Dream chasing is not on the ninth floor, it can only be in the black desert!

“Team Zhang, you have a deep connection with chasing dreams. You shouldn’t be unable to feel him.”

Wang pengpai was puzzled. As soon as he asked, he stopped talking when he saw Zhang xingzang’s face of regret and annoyance.

It seems that Zhang xingzang hasn’t recovered his deep connection with chasing dreams. Yes, their ring was burned by the hippies. If you want to return to the closest deep connection, you can’t do without it.

“It’s all right. You don’t feel it now. It’s good news.”

Wang pengpai comforted that if something really happened to the dreamer, Zhang xingzang would definitely be mentally disordered and seriously injured.

“Let’s go to the eye of the Sahara and save Wei Xun to meet the captain again.”

Missing a dream egg is a big deal! Their previous plans had to be adjusted and changed.

This crack has been completely destroyed because the Sahara is out of control and has no value. Without hesitation, they immediately drove off. Soon, ‘Wei Xun’, who had just been kidnapped by werewolves, was rescued.

Bai Xiaosheng:?

Seeing Zhang xingzang with a dark face, Bai Xiaosheng realized something, didn’t talk much, and directly reported what the wolves had just said. The team readjusted and brought only the black wolf headed by the wolf.

It’s too slow to drive to the Sahara eye alone. They simply enter the scenic spots on the road, and then use the hotel to “leap forward” by relying on the scenic spots. However, half an hour later, they arrived at the scenic spots of the Sahara eye.

At this moment, the two New York desert wonders have been stained with blood and become bloody eyes.

How comfortable.

The yin-yang butterfly sighed that the blood beads that had not cooled fell on his face. The butterfly fell, kissed his cheek and sucked away the blood beads.

As a tour guide, he enjoyed the convenience of the hotel and soon brought the car to the Sahara. As long as Bai Xiaosheng is away, in the face of the enemy, the motto of the way home is to kill first.

I haven’t lived such a simple life for a long time.

Yin and Yang butterflies couldn’t help laughing. More than a dozen red butterflies danced around him, like blood flowers blooming in killing.

A person, a blood sucking knife, more than a dozen butterflies, kill werewolf guides, werewolf tourists, butcher guides, and miscellaneous fish guides.

No psychic medium, no sun pendant, no C-1, no an Xuefeng’s life, how long haven’t you enjoyed it?

Yin and Yang butterflies are intoxicated. Even Mao Xiaole looks so pleasing to the eye. Mao Xiaole is also killing, which is more restrained than Yin and Yang butterflies. After all, the direction of his spirit out of control is to kill indiscriminately, which must not be indulged. This brilliant achievement is mainly the result of the killing of yin and Yang butterflies.

There was no one to stop it. A tall man who was as big as Mr. bodybuilding, with warm and messy long red hair and a wolf mask looked at the scene coldly. The reddish brown Plush wolf ears were agitated to his back, but he didn’t stop it.

I’m kidding. He wants to kill him. An Xuefeng, who is standing next to him, is definitely the first to kill him! An Xuefeng didn’t start, Mao Xiaole also killed convergence, and there is still room for discussion.

Besides, yin and Yang butterflies are not on the way back. When they kill them, maoxiaole doesn’t care about it. If he has enough strength, it is no problem to kill the Yin and Yang butterflies.

Isn’t this too good for my men.

And the yin-yang butterfly is just like a mad dog out of a cage! Many people are injured all over. They are almost alienated. They are still killing!

Fortunately, most of the people he killed were from the Western butcher alliance.

Rex, the blood wolf, was a little gloating. The Western butcher alliance advanced to the Sahara and let them stop outsiders in the eye of the Sahara? Shit, that’s a beautiful idea.

They wouldn’t do this job if they knew they would come home!

“Baron, half the people of your western butcher alliance here have been killed.”

Rex smiled and directly asked his wolves to withdraw from the battle circle. Six or seven wolves were killed by Yin and Yang butterflies. He was “full of sincerity”.

“The returning knife can kill people without seeing the eye. You’re not enough to wipe your neck – the Duke of lizard is not here, but no one can save you.”

“An Xuefeng” frowned, and Rex’s words directly revealed an important news.

The lizard Duke has probably gone deep into the dead Sahara!

Indeed, there are different thoughts between the werewolf alliance and the butcher alliance. The major troops of the butcher alliance died in the Sahara first. Rex was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that they werewolves blocked the door outside and began to rot directly.

An Xuefeng is on his face. If you still hide it, die.

“Even if team an kills me now, I can’t take you in now.”

The car sounded and saw more people coming home. The blood Baron finally spoke, and his words made Zhang xingzang’s face suddenly change when he just came here!

“The black desert extinction period has come. Now it is completely blocked. It is only possible to enter when the two-hour extinction period has passed.”

Noticing Zhang xingzang, the blood Baron said faintly: “of course, I can’t enter, but team Zhang may have a way…”


There was a loud crack in his skull. Before he finished, he was beaten into a little bat by Zhang xingzang with red eyes! The blood Baron turned into countless bats. The next second, they flew to the distance with the strength of Zhang xingzang. It wanted to escape!

But the blood clan Baron was delusional. An orange long knife (a replica of the return knife) appeared in an instant, holding the breath of 30 degrees north latitude and directly suppressing them all to the ground!

“Since you don’t understand, there’s no need to live.”

An Xuefeng said coldly, “Yin and Yang butterfly, torture him.”

Listening to his words, all Plush bats showed a frightened look. At this moment, an Xuefeng was like a devil in the eyes of the blood Baron! Even Rex, the blood wolf, was wary of blowing hair when he saw the yin-yang butterfly covered with blood. There was no more difference between A1 and B 2!

No one paid attention to the group of tour guides. Wang pengpai directly asked Zhang xingzang, “Lao Zhang, what’s the matter with the extinction period?”

It’s also the first time they’ve heard about the black desert extinction period. Although it has a good relationship with chasing dreams, everyone has his own secrets and won’t ask about crossing the boundary.

At this moment, Zhang xingzang’s eyes are red. It’s rare to lose his calmness. It looks like crazy. He breathed fast, his voice hoarse, and his voice trembled.

“The black desert… Is the place where dreams are pursued and Sahara keepsakes are obtained. Only those who have keepsakes can enter.”

But the lizard Duke, they can go in, indicating that there is something wrong with the black desert, and others can go in.

What really matters is the extinction period!

“The extinction of the black desert is to gradually erase all vitality and vitality.”

The extinction period is literally silence. There is no extinction period in the normal black desert, because the keepsake is now fragmented. Sahara wants to confirm the only person in power as soon as possible!

In the extinction period, the Sahara black desert is completely closed, and those who hold the Sahara Keepsake will be seriously targeted. They will not only gradually lose their vitality and vitality, but also encounter all kinds of terrible pollution, monsters, illusions and so on. It’s like a big escape. Whoever can last is the winner.

Of course, the extinction period lasts only two hours. If all these people survive, they will enter a new extinction after that period of time.

“I’m not around chasing dreams.”

Zhang xingzang grabbed his hair hard. What he was most afraid of was that the dream chasing big egg appeared alone in the black desert. Without his relief, the egg would become fragile, making the dream chasing extremely easy to be affected by mental pollution and get out of control during the extinction period!

Even the lizard Duke, who have no keepsake, can only stay next to A4 infected people, which is equivalent to limiting their movement, but those monsters in the black desert are also very likely to find big eggs that can’t move by themselves.

This egg is equivalent to a coordinate for the dreamer in the dream. Once the egg breaks, the dreamer will always be lost in the dream!


Suddenly, Zhang xingzang suddenly punched himself. He took a deep breath and forcibly put aside all the confusion. Cheer up quickly. Yes, he can’t panic. Calm down. He must calm down. He must think of a way!

Now it’s up to him to pursue dreams!

“The extinction period is not absolutely inaccessible.”

The brain rotates rapidly. Suddenly, Zhang xingzang’s eyes brighten.

“Go to the ninth floor of the Sahara – let’s go to the worm nest!”

The monster worm originally came from the ninth floor of the Sahara. With the characteristics of the abyss worm, even if it is forcibly pulled to the black desert, it will leave a nest to lead to the passage in the black desert!

This channel is not necessarily an entity. It is between virtual and real. It is likely to be the kind that can be seen only by seriously polluted people. But it doesn’t matter. As long as you can find it, it’s possible to enter the black desert!

Zhang xingzang clenched his teeth and his eyes were red.

Dream, wait for me!

At this moment, in the black desert, under the sand layer, the tentacles of corn shoots are in the false mouth.

The dream chasing big egg lies peacefully in Wei Xun’s arms, surrounded by calm and joy.

Since he realized that the dream chasing big egg was responding to him, Wei Xun kept holding the egg. Then he keenly found that the dream chasing big egg was very weak and could not convey more detailed information. Moreover, it was getting weaker and weaker. The eggshell became more and more dim, the breath gradually became no longer pure, revealed a sense of confusion, and was becoming gradually cold.

Wei Xun thought of the warmth of chasing the dream big egg before. It may not be the temperature hidden by Zhang Xing, but it represents some other things. Zhang xingzang has been carrying dream chasing eggs with him. Wei Xun guesses that he may have been relieving dream chasing and cleaning up pollution. After all, now dream chasing eggs look like they are gradually polluted.

But this makes Wei Xun difficult.

Although he is now a passenger, he is not connected with the dreamer after all and cannot be relieved with him. But when God closes a door for you, he always opens another window. Wei Xun thinks of the psychic yin-yang butterfly and the life playing man.

The butcher League is full of lonely and widowed guides, or highly changeable ones. Why haven’t they gone crazy for so many years?

Yin Yang butterfly seems to have said that this seems to be related to the pure abyss breath released by the life playing people.

Can the pure abyss breath soothe the tour guide and relieve the tour guide?

Wei Xun looked at the live broadcast and saw only a blur. Zhang xingzang seemed to be watching the hotel and couldn’t see where he was. They can’t leave here for the time being. The subtle sense of uncertainty in Wei Xun’s heart is becoming more and more serious, and the situation of chasing the big egg is getting worse and worse. After thinking about it, Wei Xun can only take a risk.

Fortunately, the result of the attempt was warm. Wei Xun tentatively took out the suit, didn’t wear it, just put it on his body, and then tentatively released a bit of pure abyss.

The next second, he felt the big egg moving, like jumping in his hand. The egg swayed in his hand in a small range, like hesitation and a little vigilance… Maybe it was the residual vigilance left by the life playing man to the dreamer?

But in any case, this big egg has no IQ, and its form is closer to alienation and the abyss. Soon, the sense of crisis brought by the black desert exceeded the pure abyss. The big egg finally gave in, fell into Wei Xun’s arms and became warm again. It even conveys a feeling of coquetry to Wei Xun, who wants more.

“It seems that chasing dreams and great worms can’t tell the outcome at once.”

Wei Xun thought that the dream chasing big egg’s desire for more power also indirectly reflected the situation of dream chasing itself. This sense of urgency is unprecedented. Some new changes may take place in the black desert. Wei Xun has felt more and more coldness. Even the corn shoots began to get restless and want to drill into the sand layer – as if danger was coming from the depths of the black desert!

It’s hard for him to survive here alone. Without hesitation, Wei Xun gave the dream chasing big egg more pure abyss breath, with the speed visible to the naked eye, the big egg becomes bright.

At the same time, deep in the black desert, the dream chasing dragon, who had been fighting with great worms for nearly a day, suddenly felt its power

The author has something to say: Dream chasing Dragon: power! (cat expression pack)

Dream chaser: power! (cat expression pack)

Zhang xingzang: purr purr purr, wait for me! (weak Chaigou expression bag)


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