TTG Chapter 314

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 314: The Death of the Sahara (6)

Another extinction is coming soon.

Deep in the black desert, people and monsters dare not get close to the underground. The huge sunken funnel-shaped hole is as big as the sinkhole that goes straight to the center of the earth in science fiction. Ominous and terrible black fog enveloped the whole Tiankeng. However, if you look carefully, you seem to see something from the black fog.

It’s a giant dragon like smoke and fog!

It seems to have no entity, just like a dream bubble. It can reflect colorful light in the sun, turn into a thick black fog in the pollution venom of the abyss worm, and open a scarlet giant eye in the thick fog the next second.

No, it’s not a giant eye, it’s just a pattern very similar to the eye. It grows on a huge, terrible tentacle like a sea demon tentacle. Thousands of tentacles with the thickness of half a corn shoot suddenly burst out from the depths of the black sand, tearing the black fog and the sand sea, but they could not cause any damage to the dream dragon!

If the black desert hadn’t swallowed up their voices and all the vibration, I’m afraid the whole black desert would be turned upside down due to this fierce battle, and would definitely take the corn shoots and Wei Xun’s attention first.

This silent battle is like a terrible, ghostly meat grinder, which directly stirs up any creatures that appear around.

But the extinction period is coming, but the battle is still fruitless.

This is not the first time that the dream chasing dragon encountered the extinction of the black desert. In fact, the reason why he was trapped in a nightmare and couldn’t wake up was that when he just entered the dream in an alienated state and wanted to go to the seventh floor of the Sahara to catch rainbow soul sand, he was forcibly brought to the black desert – next to the great worm who was also forcibly brought.

When the extinction period of the black desert comes, all the candidates for power who carry the keepsake of the dead Sahara will be sent to the black desert. This has never happened before. The dream chasing dragon guessed that someone from the Western butcher alliance got some Saharan keepsakes by some unknown method.

The third is a key node. The balance between him and the great worm holding Saharan keepsakes for so many years has been broken. The three people hold Saharan keepsakes at the same time, leading to the arrival of the extinction period of the black desert.

The dreamer only had time to pass the news to Zhang xingzang, and then completely lost contact with the outside world. The great worm had no brain. It thought it was a means played by the dream chasing dragon for many years and went to war directly.

They played from night to day, and from day to now – in other words, there is no real day in the Sahara black desert. The light has always been dark, and the change of time can only be detected from the temperature.

When the dreamer first came in, the temperature in the black desert dropped to minus 50 degrees, and then slowly rose to a high temperature of 60 degrees – calculated from the time he came in, it is estimated that the time of 60 degrees is 12:00 noon?

But soon the temperature began to drop again. Dreamers thought it was not only related to time, but also related to the next extinction period of the Sahara! The great worm fought with him like crazy, and the dreamer also wanted to fight it. Although we know that this is likely to be picked up by the Western butcher alliance, the dreamers who can’t leave here are more like fighting to completely recapture the fragments of Maria butterfly and take full control!

He had the largest number of Saharan keepsakes. Only because the butterfly fragments were swallowed by the great worms could it compete with it. As long as he can recapture the butterfly fragments, he can have an absolute advantage!

But the second extinction period came faster than he thought.

The current situation of the dreamer is not optimistic. The dream dragon is a special alienation state. Theoretically, the dreamer can’t even be sure whether it is the alienation state of the abyss monster, or can he list a separate kind of alienation state?

After returning to zero, it is completely alienated into a dream. The dream chasing dragon can temporarily abandon his body and turn his body into a hard diamond dragon egg. The real, powerful man is a strange ‘dream’ state. It is not the alienation of the traditional state of the dead, not the soul. It is more like Freddy, a terrorist killer who can enter people’s dreams and kill in nightmares in the classic horror film Ghost street.

In a sense, the alienation of dreamers has a beautiful appearance, but the core is extremely terrible. The preliminarily alienated dream chaser’s blood has a strong hypnotic ability, and even Tianji monsters will fall into deep sleep after encountering them. Even if monsters above the sky level don’t sleep, they will fall into a sleepy sleepwalking state that can’t do their best.

Either be killed by the dreamer in the sleepwalking state, or be killed from the dream by the completely alienated dreamer after falling asleep. Once the dreamer sneaks into someone’s dream, no one can save the person. Taoist monks, bishops and priests who are most targeted at fierce ghosts have nothing to do, because he has no breath of abyss and is completely unlike a monster.

He’s just a murderous nightmare.

But for primitive worms like the abyss worm, chasing dreams can’t get the upper hand. It can be said that he struggled with the abyss worm for several years. The worm knew the horror of pursuing dreams. When it swallowed the fragments of Maria butterfly, it had the opportunity to evolve again, but the abyss worm gave up its IQ, gave up evolving into richer emotions, and gave up the branch of evolving into humanoid.

The whole body is developing towards the direction of more primitive, larger, coarser and thicker flesh.

But if it has a little IQ, it also knows that it should not fight with the dreamers here and let others sit and reap the benefits.

But unfortunately, the great worm really doesn’t understand anything. The dream chasing dragon entangled by it is rare to hold his breath.

Fortunately, normally speaking, if this battle continues, the winner should still be the dreamer.

After all, the extinction period of the black desert of death is aimed at life and has little impact on the dream chasing dragon in the nightmare state, but the abyss worm can only fight hard.

The only weakness of the dreamer is the dragon egg. Once he alienates for too long and cannot go back in time, the dragon egg will gradually lose all vitality and vitality. When the dragon egg dies, he will always be trapped in a dream and cannot return. But there is Zhang Xing hiding and connection. As long as he takes the dragon egg, the dreamer can theoretically achieve unlimited endurance.

The only problem is that if the dragon egg is too far away from him, for example, dream chasing is in the Sahara and the dragon egg is in the hotel, the possibility of dream chasing being polluted, alienated and lost will also rise sharply. The dragon egg is like a coordinate to him.

But the dreamer knows that Zhang xingzang will definitely bring the dragon egg to find him. In fact, in the battle just now, the dream chasing dragon broke out for a moment and fought against the great worm. The dream chaser knew that Zhang xingzang came to Sahara with dragon eggs.

It may even be 30 degrees north latitude, otherwise he can’t be so happy – before, the dreamer couldn’t do his best. He must retain some strength to ensure that he won’t get lost.

Soon, however, dreamers felt bad.

He can’t feel the relief of Zhang xingzang!

At the same time, the people who master the keepsake fragments of the Western butcher alliance have entered the black desert, which can be felt by the dreamers!

For a moment, the dreamer thought a lot. Is it the separation of dragon egg and Zhang xingzang? The conspiracy of the Western butcher alliance? What’s wrong with Zhang Xing? Is Zhang xingzang also brought in because of the dragon egg? Caught by the lizard Duke?

The dreamer was so anxious that he didn’t even want to fight the abyss worm, but the worm really didn’t have any IQ. It also felt a sense of threat, a powerful third party with keepsakes entered the area – but it felt that these new people were the accomplices of the dragon!

Never let the Dragon leave!

The great worm tried his best. The dreamer was eager to leave. One was accidentally splashed by the blood of the great worm. Blood passes through his illusory body, but the heavy spiritual pollution on the blood erodes him! The dreamer was immediately in trouble. He had to use more power to keep his mind, but it was a chronic death.

House leakage happens to rain at night, and the extinction period of the black desert will also come! The dream chasing dragon roared angrily, but the roar was swallowed up by the black desert – his voice was eliminated by the black desert, and he couldn’t even give Zhang xingzang some tips!

Before the powerful crisis, the dream chaser pressed down his emotions and didn’t distract himself from Zhang xingzang. He worked hard to vent his anger on the great worm, but the worm also had an instinctive cunning. It seemed that he knew that the dream chaser dragon fell into a disadvantage and was about to weaken. It was coiled like a giant watermelon worm. The hard stony shell rushed out and began to delay time!

The pollution is getting deeper and deeper, and the dreamer can’t leave. The manic and angry out of control emotion washes his heart. Without relief and comfort, he almost falls into a state of madness. Want to kill, eager for blood, only the enemy or their own death can make all this end!

At the moment, he has completely stopped thinking about lizard Duke and dragon egg. He just wants to kill crazily!


At this time, it is no longer crystal clear like a diamond, half of the body becomes dark, and the body muscles seem to be melting, revealing the terrible, snow-white keel, like loss. The dream chasing dragon, which gave up dreamization and got out of control due to pollution, attacked the great worm ferociously. It almost succeeded. The outermost hard shell of the abyss worm was torn open by the dream chasing Dragon – but it was useless!

What he tore open was only the tentacles of the abyss worm! It didn’t hurt its inside at all. The fragments of the Maria butterfly are hidden in the deepest part of the abyss worm. Judging from its incomparable size, even if it is only passive defense, it is enough to tear the dream dragon for an hour and a half!

But the dragon can’t last for half an hour. His irritable and out of control mood makes him crazy about killing. The dream chasing dragon is like venting, mechanically tearing the hard shell of the great worm, but it makes him more manic.

How could it be so big?

How could it be so hard!

He is not like killing people, but more like digging a city wall. He has no feedback and no feeling of venting!

The fragmented crazy mood controls everything. At this moment, the dreamer is almost zero. If he can’t kill the enemy, he will kill himself! Without Zhang xingzang’s relief, he was on the verge of collapse and out of control. He fiercely and madly smashed into the abyss worm again, and the abyss worm didn’t even resist at all, but continued to defend.

Its small brain knows that the enemy is going to perish in madness, and he can’t cut off his body at all. This time, next time, or even more times, the outcome is the same – huh???

When the abyss worm was almost broken in two, he didn’t understand what was going on. Why do old rivals suddenly become stronger?? The dream chasing dragon did not expand the results. In the next second, the moment before the extinction period came, he seemed to have found his reason. Unexpectedly, he suddenly flapped his wings and left the site quickly!

“Lying trough!”

Wei Xun uttered a foul word, and the whole person was a little confused. He was still wearing that suit, but the black suit jacket turned white at the moment!

No one could have imagined that just a moment ago, when Wei Xun gave it more pure breath of the abyss, this seemingly sticky and spoiled dream chasing egg suddenly inhaled the storm and directly sucked the black suit white.

Wei Xun had no time to study the current state of the suit, because he felt that a great sense of crisis was coming rapidly! The next second, the corn shoot with which he tried to drill out of the ground suddenly broke into 18 sections, and Wei Xun could see where the enemy was! Only a black fog, fierce, crashed into his body.

“Playful man?”

At the next moment, the cold voice sounded in Wei Xun’s mind.

The author has something to say: I’m a manuscript storage box. There was a power failure at home. I haven’t called since I stopped in the afternoon. This was written before the notebook ran out of power. Boo, boo, boo.

See when you call. You should be able to come in the middle of the night. If you can come, there will be a catch-up at noon or afternoon tomorrow, boo haw!


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