TTG Chapter 315

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 315: Compensation

In an instant Wei Xun was about to use Xiantu, but he realized something. He quickly took back his suit and received the Eighteen Bamboo Shoots (not dead) after receiving the Demon Insect Ball. Wei Xun didn’t have the slightest expression of fear. Instead, he looked around anxiously with joy and called out, “Chasing dreams, are you? Are you chasing dreams?”

As soon as Wei Xun heard about this “sportsman”, he knew that it was a dream chaser. I am afraid that the pure abyssal aura made the dream chaser misunderstand something-but at the landing ceremony of the Mutual Aid Alliance that just ended, he was clearly released. Over? The same abyssal breath. As long as he saw the suit and the corn shoots, the dream catcher knew he was here.

Although the vest is off, it will never be in danger of life.

So, what made the dream chaser just say “Xiaoming Ren” and get into his body and stop making a sound? And Wei Xun feels that the sense of terror and deterrence has not disappeared?

Why? Why doesn’t the dream chaser merge with the dream chaser, but got into his body and hid it?

Wei Xun’s brain turned quickly, and he suspected that the dragon-like dream chasing could not be able to think right now. The chaotic, foul-smelling breath on it, like a contaminated monster in the abyss.

Fighting the great worm for too long, without Zhang Xingzang’s relief, was seriously polluted, because the pure abyssal aura counterattacked, but did not kill the great worm (the black desert is not over), but immediately came to him and shouted like a deterrent. He stopped making a sound after’Sportsman’…

The dream chaser can be seriously injured and is currently very weak. He can’t even see his clothes clearly and can’t think normally.

He is as stupid as the dream chaser.


Wei Xun thought that Xu Zhuimeng was not sure of his identity. After all, when the dream chaser appeared to deal with the corn shoots, he was’unharmed’ in the fake mouth of the corn shoots tentacles. Perhaps the fierce murderousness at the beginning was aimed at the abyss worm? After all, the corn shoots were camouflaged and turned into the same earthy gray as other worms, not bright and yellow.

The bamboo shoots are cut into eighteen segments and they can still live, because it absorbs the breath of the abyss, eats the whole surface of the earth and eats all the noodles, and the evolution direction is a bit “concealed and immortal”. Why? What is the dream chaser? Will it cut into eighteen segments with one shot?

Will the great worm die if it is cut into eighteen segments?

Countless thoughts flicked through Wei Xun’s mind? But these are all later words. I feel the temperature around me is getting lower and lower, and there is no dark dream chasing mist inside the body, and there is no dream chasing egg outside of Tokyo, Wei Xun calmed his mind and tentatively said: “I’m here to find you? The people from the S2 Lizard Duke of the Western Butcher Alliance are here, you are dangerous, and I am also very dangerous.”

He didn’t let the anxious ferret Tong Hege come out. Wei Xun thought that “one person, one egg” and “coming to the black desert to find him” is the safest formula for the dream chasing that is now almost out of control. It’s not easy to add one more person.

“I? Know you? Can communicate with the egg, I? Have been looking for you? It is great to be able to find you?”

Wei Xun patted the big dream chasing egg. He felt that the egg had a certain connection with the black mist in his body. Is the dream chasing dragon slowing down to sympathize with the egg? It shouldn’t be reading the memory of the egg, otherwise the dream chasing will not be silent now, but can it just feel the emotion of the egg.

Wei Xun feels that he has always been very friendly to eggs, too? Has always relied on him for posting, but the sense of deterrence has not disappeared, just like a cat who is frightened by people, has been blowing up his hair to intimidate and try to make himself Be bigger, to intimidate all possible enemies.

“The danger is coming soon, we are in danger now.”

Wei Xun said softly, “But with you? By my side, we can take the opportunity to attack them in the Butcher Alliance, right?”

Wei Xun touched the dream chasing egg like an inducement: “Just kill a cannibal witch, but it’s not enough. What’s more, killing him, I didn’t get any trophies.”

The props of the cannibal witch were all buried in the black desert as traps by Wei Xun. All of these things could be passive, and they would be tracked when they were taken with them.

There was no answer, there was only a dead silence around him, life seemed to be gradually deprived of this darkness, but Wei Xun did not panic, he even laughed and said slowly:

“Thank you? Save me from the worm.”

That’s right, chasing dreams and killing the Abyss Worm should be to save him.

“But now the danger is coming soon, you? First take us to find a safe place? OK, I? I’m worried about you? The current situation.”

“It’s just us?”

The big dream chaser in his arms swayed hard, as if he had been delivering some news to the giant dream chasing dragon. Finally, Wei Xun felt that sense of deterrence disappeared—no, it didn’t mean it disappeared. The terrifying sense of deterrence still outwards, but it no longer targets him. The darkness gradually dissipated? The dream chasing egg radiated light again, and Wei Xun looked around and saw that there were countless fragments of flesh and blood on the black sand!

It’s not corn shoots. The corn shoots have no bones. Wei Xun uses a fanatic’s knife to pick it up, and finally stirs up something like squirming bloodshots, and vaguely thinks.

It was the blood-red head released by the lizard duke, and it was the three big lizards that could turn into blood and sneak into the black sand!

This monster has found them! And the cunning has been lurking outside the desert, the corn shoots did not notice it at all. Can it be in ambush, or it can be confirmed, under the sand? Is it the prey to be tracked?

But there was no more, the dream chaser fell to the ground forcefully, and directly crushed it to pieces.

Sure enough, Chai Meng was helping him just now, but he was out of control and unable to control his power.

“We? Let’s take it? Come and go? Where?”

Wei Xun asked, the sudden drop in temperature had already turned the dripping water into ice, and he was a little bit virtual, and he could feel the coldness even more. This made Wei Xun feel a little bit bad. The changes in the black desert were intensifying. The dream-catching egg was trembling in his arms. Wei Xun hid it in his arms to prevent himself from losing heat-even the present egg is better than him. The body temperature is high, just like a hot hand warmer.

[Southeast, three thousand five hundred meters]

I don’t know if his actions finally touched the dream chasing dragon, and the low and hoarse voice finally sounded in his mind.

The speech rate is very slow. If someone who is frightened hears it, he might think that it is deterrent and graceful, but Wei Xun is sure again that the chase dream is really hurt.

The great worm should hurt equally.

As Wei Xun walked to the southeast, he thought that the temperature dropped and the black desert became chaotic. Wei Xun saw that the calm desert suddenly turned into quicksand, and there were hundreds of venomous spiders hidden in the quicksand. Seeing the original “sand dune” in front of him suddenly stood up, the sharp black color turned out to be some kind of giant monster similar to hermit crab.

The black mist that chased the dream and overflowed with deterrence helped Wei Xun a lot. It was extremely concealed. The monsters wherever they went were completely undetectable, and they were swept into flesh when they encountered it. Wei Xun is now like carrying a giant meat grinder with him.

And these monsters’ minced meat, chasing dreams and not eating, he is just absorbing the breath of the black desert at 30 degrees north latitude. But it is too wasteful not to eat this thing, Wei Xun tentatively threw a piece of corn shoots into the heap of flesh and blood.

Seeing that Chasing Dream didn’t respond, he continued to do so, sneaking away while walking, so that the corn shoots would rush over immediately after devouring a large amount of flesh and blood stained with black sand.

Soon, they arrived at their destination, which was actually a black rock mountain. Just as in the real Sahara, the desert actually doesn’t even occupy half of it, and most of them are all kinds of rocky mountains, Wei Xun is now equivalent to walking out of the black ‘desert’ and coming to the rocky mountains.

Without the sand?, he immediately felt that the sense of crisis brought about by nature weakened a lot? This rocky mountain is so vast that the end is invisible, and the stone body is covered with large and small cavities, and the small ones are only small and big. The big one is like a huge cave through a mountain. The wind blows over the stone mountain. It should have made a sound like a ghost crying and wolf howling, but Wei Xun did not hear any sound.

A quiet mountain means danger, but for dream catchers it can be called a temporary shelter.

Under the instruction of dream chasing? Wei Xun entered a huge cave in the middle of the rocky mountain. This cave was obviously not formed naturally. The hardened mucus blocked the gust of wind like a door panel and blocked all small wind leaks, allowing the cave to keep warm, but it could not stop the violent dream chaser.

The giant worm hidden in the cave silently licking its wounds was crushed by the dream catcher before it even had time to move its tentacles. Before it broke, Qianwei Xun took the time to take a quick look and felt that it seemed like the huge fat worm that had attacked the security point of the West Butcher Alliance in a live broadcast.

As usual, he threw a piece of corn shoots to dispose of the corpse. Wei Xun took a look and picked up a few head-sized gravels to fill up the hole they knocked out when they came in. The temperature inside the cave no longer drops sharply. On a rocky ground that was diligently cleaned up by the corn shoots, Wei Xun put a magic turban on it, and the shining dreamcatcher stood on it, like a bonfire.

But except for the big egg here, there was darkness everywhere in the cave. Wei Xun initially thought that this was part of the black desert mutation, but after careful observation, he discovered that it was not.

Except for the big dreamcatcher, the darkness of the entire cave is full of his monster-like distortions, huge shadows. The entire cave is surrounded by shadows, and this shadow represents the dream chaser in Wei Xun’s body.

【Who are you? 】Except to show the way? The Dream Chasing Dragon, who had been silent all the time, finally asked again, but Wei Xun was a little surprised by the question.

The dream chaser hasn’t judged who he is yet? What affected his perception?

“You? Know me? Who is it.”

Wei Xun tentatively said, to his surprise, the dream chaser just returned dryly and then stopped talking.

After a long silence, he said again: [It’s safe here?…… You? Can you take a break? The period of death… will last for two hours]

The black desert changed because of the “period of death”, Wei Xun remembered it deeply, and at the same time thoughtfully. Even if he rests now, why? What dream catcher would emphasize this point?

Rest, sleep, dream?

Could it be that the dream chasers nowadays can only get more detailed information from their dreams?

“I cannot sleep.”

Wei Xun sighed: “I’m too worried about you… When I think of being unable to confirm your safety, I lose sleep.”

Why is the surrounding suddenly cold?

Wei Xun was keenly aware, and quickly thought about what he had just said. Where did he excite the dream chaser?


[You? Not a joker]

After a long while, the dream chaser said dryly, and Wei Xun readily admitted: “I? Of course not.”

[Zhang Xingzang? Not like you? So indifferent…]

“Am I? Where am I indifferent? Chasing your dream? Say it again??”

Wei Xun didn’t recognize this. He was so surprised that he directly picked up the big dream chaser, and touched it from the tip of the egg to the bottom of the egg with his hands and feet, until he touched the dream chaser without speaking.

“I? To you? But I was too enthusiastic. I kept holding ‘You?’ in my arms and in my hands…”

When saying this, Wei Xun felt that he was as greasy as ‘An Xuefeng’. But Chasing Dream looked like a well-adjusted appearance, still whispering and humming, which made Wei Xun’s expression gradually change.

So this is a straight man.

He didn’t understand, but was shocked.

“You? What’s the matter now?”

Wei Xun said: “Tell me, Can I help you get better?”

At the same time, the huge sky in the distance of the black desert, under the pit, broken into two pieces and slowly recovering, the great worm that silently licked the wound seemed to sense something. —

“Zheng Om!”

The sharp orange-yellow blade pierced directly from the depths of the black sand.


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