TTG Chapter 316

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 316: Death of the Sahara (7)

An Xuefeng pierced the homeward knife from the remains of the macrophages worm. The worm was too large. The small eye it poked out was like an elephant pierced by a toothpick, but the horrible knife energy can directly crush it. The deepest thing in the body.

Such as butterfly fragments.

Had it not been for the giant worm that had been bitten by the dream chasing dragon, it broke quickly, and An Xuefeng was repelled by the black desert again, and this unpredictable stab would most likely end the battle directly.

“The dream chaser suddenly broke out…”

Crossing the knife, An Xuefeng squinted to look at the blade, and saw that some pictures gradually appeared on the returning knife stained with the blood of the macrophage worm. It was the semi-polluted dream chaser biting the macrophage worm fiercely. Scene! And the picture of it leaving quickly after a bite.


After determining the direction, An Xuefeng intended to completely destroy the macrophages worms, but after a pause, he cut off a piece of the most essence, extra-large, capable of filling three pieces of Wang Yushu’s copy storage space with worm meat. , And then set fire to completely burn it clean-the macrophagic worm looks very similar to the abyss worm, but they are completely different species, it can be said that they are natural enemies that can swallow each other.

Many abyssal worms have the habit of stealing themselves. When they encounter natural enemies, they will be like geckos, throwing down some of them and fleeing by themselves. They usually have a charming smell, but they are extremely unpalatable. After disgustingly walk away from the hunters, or after a day or two, they will come back sneakily and eat their remains without waste.

If it is an abyss worm, then An Xuefeng will have unexpected gains by setting traps under its remnant body, but it is a pity that it is a macrophagic worm.

There are hundreds of millions of bacteria, viruses, and mental pollution inside the macrophage worm. If there is no special means to preserve it, its remains will turn into a thick slurry in just half an hour, contaminating the entire land. New worms are born on the land for their own drive to swallow.

It is safest to burn it with fire. But even though he had killed many macrophages, An Xuefeng still did not relax his vigilance. Even if it still retains some of the habits of macrophagic worms, it has undergone a huge mutation after swallowing butterfly fragments, has broken away from the original shackles, and is developing in the direction of the common king of any kind of worms.

Sure enough, the fiery phoenix fire that can purify everything burns on the worm’s remains, making a sharp whistling sound. It seems that countless black shadows are peeled off from the worm’s remains. If you want to escape, these shadows have no substance. , Not even a soul, very different from ghosts, and extremely difficult to deal with by ordinary means.

But the dark orange knife lighted up, and soon, these monsters were all slashed by Xue Feng under the knife on the way home.

“Dream monster?”

But after killing them, An Xuefeng frowned. These fragile shadows that have not evolved completely are actually similar to the dream chaser’s alienation state!

Was it the split of the tokens that caused the holders of tokens to “contaminate” each other, or did the worms evolve new capabilities?

An Xuefeng thought of the giant worm monster “Star Driller” at the bottom of the abyss in the hotel’s records. It is famous for its powerful digging power that can dig through the entire abyss and penetrate the planet, and the horrible slime that can corrode everything. It is recorded in the book “Passing Through the Gate of Silver Key” that the huge body of the’star driller’ can shuttle between reality and the’dreamland’.

The “dreamland” is a dimension in Cthulhu mythology that can be entered through dreaming, and the strength of the dream chaser after zeroing and alienation is similar to it. Whether it’s the token holders starting to contaminate each other or the worm has a new evolution, is it not good news for dream chasing?

“How is it, do you find where the dream is?”

An anxious male voice rang from behind An Xuefeng, and Zhang Xingzang entered the black desert for the second time. After all, An Xuefeng was not a token holder, and had nothing to do with the dream chaser. Without Zhang Xingzang, it would be difficult for him to come in.

In fact, although An Xuefeng went directly into the dead Sahara without watching the game of various forces outside, he got the black sand on the ninth floor of the Sahara and found the passage of the worm to the black desert. Thinking that Wei Xun might? He went to the Black Desert!

There are too many Maria butterfly fragments on his body… Although it is still unclear whether there is a relationship between the token and Maria butterfly fragments at three to ten degrees north latitude, but this kind of place will naturally be guarded. Xun attracted!

Sure enough, soon after An Xuefeng locked the passage, Zhang Xingzang and others passed by. After a brief discussion? After a brief discussion, An Xuefeng shielded the hotel from watching Wang Yushu. The two exchanged identities. Wang Yushu became’Wan Xiangchun’, and An Xuefeng resumed his identity, and then went to the Black Desert with Zhang Xingzang. middle.

Only the two of them, after all, only they can completely shield the hotel’s gaze.

“Have you sensed it?”

An Xuefeng asked, Zhang Xing was in a hurry and gave up on himself: “As long as we go out, I will immediately, immediately, quickly restore the deep connection with Chasing Dream, but? Now, I can’t feel him!”

“Didn’t you say you can? Can you sense Bai Xiaosheng?”

Then Zhang Xingzang asked, “With Bai Xiaosheng’s cleverness, he can definitely find the dreamcatcher, right?”

An Xuefeng was silent, thinking of Zhang Xing hiding on the ninth floor of the Sahara and asking him secretly why Bai Xiaosheng was not there, was it, did he enter the Sahara of Death with the Dreamcatcher?

There was no Bai Xiaosheng among the group of people going to the Eye of the Sahara. Although Zhang Xingzang was anxious, he still had his ability to observe.

‘Bai Xiaosheng has studied the poster gallery of metaphysics for so long. I heard that the “Ancient Oasis” opened by the previous generation of metaphysical captains is also on the Sahara side. Bai Xiaosheng has studied posters for so long. ‘

Zhang Xingzang has his own set of insights, plausible, but actually even more lucky-if Bai Xiaosheng enters the Sahara together with Dreamcatcher, with Bai Xiaosheng’s cleverness, he will definitely be able to protect the dreamcatcher. , Did you deal with the group of butcher guides?

An Xuefeng:…

See? Zhang Xingzang’s spirit has been tightened to the limit, can’t be stimulated any more, An Xuefeng is silent as a default. This gave Zhang Xingzang new hope-with An Xuefeng here, he can definitely contact Bai Xiaosheng and find the dreamer!

So when I heard An Xuefeng said that during the deadly period of the Black Desert, communication and even live broadcast failed. Can’t? When I found Bai Xiaosheng, Zhang Xingzang was shocked and opened his mouth: “Even if other contact methods are not available, you are not connected with Bingyi.” Already? You are a connected brigade captain, you can definitely find your own team member!”

“I’m not deeply connected with Bingyi!”

Without a deep connection, how can I sense him? Zhang Xingzang has no deep connection and can’t find a dream chaser, can he find Wei Xun!

“Zhang Xingzang, calm down.”

An Xuefeng said solemnly: “Carefully sense, what can you discover, sense, the dream chaser is now polluted and out of control, can you feel it.”

“But? I might? Feel the illusion of chasing dreams.”

Zhang Xingzang wiped his face in pain, most of the tour guides have mental illusions, such as the famous’George of the Black Widow’. After the dream chaser failed to rescue Zhang Xingzang, he returned to zero in despair and ran away. He released a mental illusion and beat the smasher. The price was that he almost lost control. The extremely terrifying and dangerous runaway illusion was also blocked. To the depths of the dead Sahara.

But now the Sahara is chaotic, and it has caught up with the deadly period. The possibility of it appearing in the black desert is very high.

Zhang Xingzang’s powerlessness? Self-deprecating: “The illusion of chasing dreams was me back then, you know, it is very likely that there are two Zhang Xingzang in the black desert now.”

“It’s okay to find the illusion?.”

An Xuefeng made a final decision: “Through the illusion, you can better? Perceive the position of dream chasing, don’t you.”

The two of them agreed that they finally decided to take the reality of the way home. The last southeast of the dream chasing dragon was the general direction. They moved separately. The black desert was too big, and the deadly period had begun for a quarter of an hour, and it would become more and more dangerous. It must be as soon as possible. Can you find the dream chaser/Wei Xun?

On the other side, in a rock cave deep in the Black Mountain, the corn shoots returned to a tender yellow color, and the soft and fat tentacles were coiled together, woven a sofa for Wei Xun. After being chopped into eighteen segments, it seems to have awakened some new technique and is keen on slicing.

But? It is still afraid of the dream chaser. At this moment, the’sofa’ lacks a big corner, it is the part of the dream chaser’s black mist dragon tail that entangles Wei Xun’s ankle.

[I see? Here, you will control the worms]

The dream chasing voice turned over and over in Wei Xun’s mind, chattering.

[You have the smell of three to ten degrees north latitude, and the smell of the abyss, I can feel it-don’t be? I’m a fool! 】

The Dream Chasing Dragon raised his voice, and the hand warmer egg bounced like condemnation in Wei Xun’s hand.

[If you? If you are Zhang Xingzang, how can you not know my current state. I know why you asked me, huh, I know it all]

Chaimenglong said to himself [Do you think you pretend to be very good?, I know, you can’t fool me, you can’t fool me]

“I won’t lie to chase your dream.”

Wei Xun was a little surprised when he first heard what Zhui Menglong said, but this is already the third time that Zhui Menglong talked about it. Wei Xun’s expression was calm, and even a little more in his heart. ?strange.

It’s not a playful person, nor Zhang Xingzang, but? It’s not Bing Yi or Wei Xun. The dream chaser seems to recognize him as someone else, and Wei Xun infers from the trust in his tone that this dream chaser trusts. The status of “other people” is almost the same as Zhang Xingzang.

Is this appropriate? Isn’t this inappropriate? Haven’t heard of it? Is there someone else in the heart of chasing dreams?

With the shelter of dream chasing, the dead silence period has not affected Wei Xun for the time being, can he continue to talk. But? Chasing dreams is like a drunk person, nagging sadly, sometimes angry and even nonsensical.

[You again? Tell me to chase my dreams! 】

[You are not allowed to call that! 】

Chasing dreams is super fierce, but Wei Xun is not afraid, and even wants to laugh a little. However, this time it seems that the stimulus is in place, and the dream-chasing mood is coming up, no longer? Repeat the previous words [Don’t pretend to be Zhang Xingzang, I know you, you just call me Longlong! I know who you are, how are we? Okay? Speak, right? 】


Wei Xun pricked his ears.

Zhang Xingzang-Tell him to chase his dreams

? ——Call him Longlong

And both parties are trusted by dream chasers.

this? who is it?

Wei Xun continued to talk about it – without him, the unconscious Long Long opened the chat box, and Wei Xun soon learned a lot of secrets.

The most important point is that the dream chaser has a violent spiritual illusion and is sealed in the Sahara of Death (probably? Appeared in the black desert). This spiritual illusion looks like the young Zhang Xingzang!

Isn’t it a coincidence that it will control the worm (has been sealed in the Sahara for a long time), have a pure abyssal breath (phantom), let the dream chaser trust (Zhang Xingzang), care about him (ask about the dream chasing situation), but can’t? Directly? Feeling (no connection).

Wei Xun was so ridiculous that the dream chaser in the chaos actually recognized him as his own illusion!

Hearing his laughter, Chasing Dream Dragon Dragon is simply sad eo [What are you laughing at, I am normal, okay? Okay, I have no problem, right? 】

“Good? Good? Good?, right, right.”

Wei Xun was perfunctory, but fell into contemplation after laughing. This violent mental illusion that the dream chaser said, if you are really in the black desert now, you can use it. Although he has the dream chasing egg and dream chasing dragon, but the two have no attack power, and the other is currently heavily polluted, it is easier to attract enemies.

It’s just that the real situation of the mental state of chasing dreams is not clear at present. The relationship between mental illusions and tour guides is very complicated. Usually they will protect their own tour guides, but the existence of mental illusions will bring disasters to others and also to the tour guides. .

[Why don’t you speak, Xing Zang, ask you, do you ignore me? Why are you ignoring me? 】

Seeing that he was silent, chasing dreams started to talk again [I didn’t want you to come out back then, I asked you to go back, you refused…]

He raised his voice abruptly and asked [Do you think? I can’t beat it? 】

“Have you beaten? You can kill two with one punch, cough.”

Wei Xun couldn’t help but smile, but the next second he suddenly frowned and covered his chest.

The butterfly tattoo… just now? It trembled, the subtle touch, like a bug crawling on his chest. There is dream chasing, he is not good to tear off his clothes to see, but Wei Xun feels a little bit.

What has been there? Coming!

Is it an abyss worm with butterfly fragments? No, no, Wei Xun didn’t feel the butterfly fragments showing that kind of look? When the croupier opened the door, the “greedy desire” was more like it, more like…

Is it releasing the breath of pure abyss?

Wei Xun felt that the dream chasing egg in his arms had been posted again, and he hummed comfortably when chasing the dream. He was surprised, and he felt that way. Maria butterfly is closely related to the abyss, and the butterfly fragments can release the pure abyss aura, which seems to make sense. Wei Xun began to wonder if there was a butterfly shard sewn into that suit, but soon Wei Xun came back to God.

What does it release its breath now?

It’s not for dream chasers, it’s more like that kind of seductive feeling…

“Longlong, do you feel anything?”

Chai Menglong shook his head and said no, but Wei Xun was really strange. But what a butterfly tattoo wants to seduce is probably very dangerous.

Cautiously, he put a piece of bamboo shoots into the stone

At this moment, outside the stone mountain, in the vast wind and sand, a person walked.

The author has something to say: [Zhang·Xing·Zang meeting]

【’We Three’】

[The brigade captain who is moderately connected is not worthy to find a tour guide (?)]

【Shock! Wei Xun personally admitted that Xiao Xi Mi couldn’t bear the half-punch of the dream chaser! 】

Little Xi mi:?


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