TTG Chapter 317

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 317: Nutrient solution six hundred and twenty thousand plus more

All the sand in the black desert is caused by the condensation of spiritual pollution, just like the death of every layer of the desert in the Sahara. They are silent and hard to detect. People will gradually become polluted and lose themselves when they stay in the desert. The so-called “death? Curse of death” of the Sahara is actually this kind of pollution.

But in the period of dying, the’stable’ black sand will release pollution and become a terrifying pollution hell like quicksand. The coldness that Wei Xun felt in the black desert before was a warning brought to him by pollution. If he is a tour guide, he will be more sensitive, and he will find that his surroundings are becoming more and more’sweet’.

Unlike sand, the rocky mountains and Gobi in the black desert are tighter and more stagnant pollution. Right now is the second period of extinction. The black desert has turned into quicksand, but even if it is floating in the air, no? Contact with sand, high winds will also pollute the sand, and the terrifying sandstorm will cover the sky, making people completely unable to hide. .

Only the rocky Gobi and other places are still safe, and the pollution has not been unblocked, so the giant fat worm that previously attacked the security point of the Western Butcher Alliance hides here?. In addition to Wei Xun’s pursuit of dreams, are there any monsters hidden in this large black rock mountain, and even more? There are monsters? Constantly coming here.

One person also mingled among them.

He is wearing a large windbreaker of the same color as the black sand, wearing a hood and a veil. He is covered in black and gray sand. He looks like a dusty traveler. He is very embarrassed. He is surrounded by a group of deformed monsters?, Each of them is as big as an adult hippopotamus, with huge sharp and sharp front teeth. The skin is bare. There is thick and hard sand in the folds of the skin. Some of them have even grown some withered grass that is unique to the desert.

During the long journey, most of the grime was blown off by the wind, revealing a gray-pink fleshy body and dozens of messy long hairs. At first glance, it looks like a thick pink sausage, a bit like an enlarged version of the naked mole. mouse.

They live underground all year round, and the drifting sand of the black desert drives them away from their original homes. Although their eyes are degraded, their sense of touch and smell are extremely keen, and their bodies grow like cat whiskers, so they can find a safe shelter the fastest.


When the wind suddenly started, the sky became darker and darker, and several black sand pillars could be seen faintly in the distance. The black sand storm tornado had taken shape, and it was about to sweep the entire black desert. The giant naked mole rats huddled together in fear, eager to look at the Black Rock Mountain ahead. They couldn’t wait to enter the rocky mountain to avoid the catastrophe, but the leader did not move, none of them dared to move.


The largest giant naked mole rat is the’queen’ of the entire race. At this moment, it stands quietly and dullly on the spot, ignoring the urging of the tribe rats.

It is waiting for the owner’s order.

The wind whizzed past, and the hem of this man’s windbreaker was blown, revealing a little silver-purple cloak edge. He seemed to be still hesitating, but the strong wind lifted up dense black sand, and even the solid rock under his feet quickly piled up a layer of sand. The desert was spreading to the edge of the rocky mountain, and it would soon affect ?here?.

Even the docile giant naked mole rats who absolutely obey the orders of the’Queen’ are beginning to be manic and must make a decision as soon as possible.

This person stared at the rocky mountains in the distance. He felt a pure, warm breath, like a safe harbor or a hot bonfire in the cold winter, which gave him great attraction. But it is this temptation that makes him more vigilant.

If not, this rock mountain is the closest, and it is impossible to get to the other rock mountains, will he stay here?

…If it wasn’t that the original safety point was suddenly destroyed, he would even take the risk and wander in the dangerous black desert during the dead period!

Thinking of that powerful man with terrifying strength and forced Lord Duke to personally take action, he shrank a little and looked even more low-key.

Zhang Xingzang…really strong.


The storm became more and more terrifying, and he finally made a decision. The giant naked mole queen issued an order. This huge race that made most of the black desert monsters feared was low-key and quiet, and chose the rocky mountain most. On the edge, the cave farthest from the middle of the rocky mountain.

I will leave immediately when the period of death is over.

This person thought of, before entering the cave, he saw a small worm as thick as noodles in the black sand, the probe swaying, let him relax a little.

The presence of such a small and active worm indicates that there is no giant worm nearby. Otherwise it will be eaten as food?

Even if he entered the cave, even if his clothes were stained with dust and sand and it was very dirty, he still wrapped the windbreaker and scarf in a low-key manner, not revealing the slightest truth. Even if he saw that little worm swaggered into the cave where he was hiding, or even drilled into his windbreaker, the man just flicked it away without killing it.

After the death of the macrophage worm, the polluted thick slurry is too troublesome. This period of death will last at least an hour and a half. It’s not worth it. He doesn’t want to attract the attention of the cave in the middle.

Although? No? I know what that kind of attraction is, but he is not? Curious. There are scales that the Duke of Lizard temporarily borrowed to cover his aura. No one can find the symbol of his body? Aura, even if the giant worm comes.

He just wants to be low-key, quietly, to survive this period of dying.

“Someone here?”

A small bamboo shoot stayed in the cave to monitor, and a small bamboo shoot digs a hole back to report to Wei Xun, its words made Wei Xun look surprised.

The first time he thought of An Xuefeng Zhang Xingzang and Zhang Xingzang’s phantom, but when Xiaosun said that he was wearing a silver and purple cloak inside, Wei Xun suddenly thought of the tour guide in the Western District.

The West End tour guide spotted them? Have you found it? Silver and purple cloak, A and other tour guides, is it the blood baron, the voodoo doctor, or the infected?

No? No? No? Can you judge only by the color of the cloak, doesn’t the puppet master? Do you also like to wear a silver-purple cloak? Maybe it must be the Duke of Lizard who has come here in disguise. Wei Xun suddenly increased his vigilance, and when Chasing Dream Longlong looked for him again, he made a serious “shush” and his brain turned rapidly.

Who will this person be? This person knows about the macrophages (corn shoots become the color of big fat worms), and don’t kill the small bamboo shoots. Worms are not a big threat to him, and this person controls a large number of monsters.

Blood Baron or infected?

Bai Xiaosheng roughly mentioned the information of these people in the West District when they were on the plane. The Blood Baron has a matching orange title of “Early Embrace” and a purple title of “Blood Control”.

Like the werewolf, the person bitten by him will receive the matching green title of “Little Bat”, blue title of “Big Bat” or dark blue title of “Lower Kind” according to their strength, just like Blood Wolf Rex. The Blood Baron also has a group of forces of his own in the Butcher Alliance.

In addition to controlling people, as long as he gets the blood of the opponent, he can also control monsters.

And the infected can control all kinds of rodent monsters. At first, people thought he was a monster? Alienation, rat king, and the like, the orange title of “infected person” allows him to spread deadly viruses and pollution through various rodents, which can weaken peak travelers and make them seriously ill.

He even managed to escape with An Xuefeng through the infectious disease!

“His title is not to control rodents, but to master a kind of bug that can infect rodents and make them obey orders?”

When talking about the evil worm master, Wei Xun remembered what An Xuefeng had said to him.

‘At that time, I was a Snow Leopard mimicry. I was infected by him. I hesitated for a second when killing him. ‘

It was this second of hesitation that allowed the infected person to escape successfully.

‘It’s Alienated Toxoplasma’

Bai Xiaosheng said: “In Chinese medicine, Toxoplasma gondii is also known as the’Three Corpse Insects’, which deserves the orange title.’

“Back then, the evil worm master was the truth? The next generation of the alliance leader candidate, there are not few enemies, but no one has successfully assassinated him.”

The dream chaser also said to Wei Xun: “Aren’t these people? They don’t have a chance to kill, but most of them hesitated before they started, so they were killed by the evil worm master, or let the evil worm master escape. ‘

The reason why it is suspected that the infected person is part of the evil worm division’s slice is precisely because of the similarity. It is said that the Uzbek team had personally fought the infected to confirm it.

The butterfly fragments are very promising? Can attract tour guides, is it the blood baron or the infected? Chasing the dream said that he didn’t feel any breath, no tokens? If the person who came was a blood baron, the probability would be higher?

Of course, it does not rule out the other party’s special objects with a hidden breath.

Wei Xun glanced at the live broadcast and found that Duke Lizard’s live broadcast was dark. Not only that, he couldn’t see any other live broadcasts, and everything was blocked during the period of death.

No? After hesitating, Wei Xun called out Nezha Ling. According to the corn shoots, the other party just lived in the cave like this, which is a complete provocation to them!

No matter whether it is provocation or temptation, Wei Xun must first strike out his momentum. Get started first!

“Brother, brother.”

No? Just called Nezha Ling, Wei Xun put on the title of guardian of the tomb, communicated with’elder brother’, and then went to Taizong’s brother for help through the token of death.

The opponent is very promising? Can be a blood baron, A2 big brother comparable to the Yin Yang butterfly, you must be careful!

This side guard Xun is engaged in military competitions frantically. The danger of the black desert makes his brothers respond super fast. When Nezha’s red ball, a group of cat-like phantoms, and a small man who is empowered by Taizong with a token of death When the Golden Dragon (the keel resurrected in the funeral palace on the outskirts of Beijing) gathered, Wei Xun, who had gathered the power of the third brother, decided to take action immediately!

At this moment, he found that the dream chaser had been quiet all the time. Unexpectedly? Ever since his’hush’, Long Long has been nagging? He really shut up and talked.

Did you discover him? It’s Zhang Xingzang’s phantom, so is it autistic? No, right, chasing dreams out of control now can’t see the outside scene.

“Chasing dreams?”

Wei Xun asked?, touched the big egg, and tentatively said: “Outside? There are enemies—”

【I know】

Chaimeng whispered in his mind, he didn’t act like a coquettish and self-willed in chaos like before, and he seemed very clever. [I’m not speaking out, don’t you worry, don’t you? Don’t worry about me, I will protect yourself]

After a pause, he lost again and said [If I can help you, it would be great…I will try to become stronger]

[I’ll wait for you to come back]

Wei Xun was stunned, then his expression softened. At the beginning, rescuing Zhang Xingzang involved various interest games, but now it looks like chasing dreams, Wei Xun felt that saving Zhang Xingzang back was really not wrong.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

Wei Xun didn’t say much, put down the big dream-catching egg that had been in his arms, and put down a piece of corn shoots to accompany him. He is holding a fanatic’s knife, and if the three big brothers don’t work, he is ready to pierce his heart to zero at any time. Zeroing alienation becomes stronger, zeroing summons An Xuefeng.

Then Wei Xun was swallowed by shoots of corn into the tentacles and sneaked in from the ground.

Three seconds later.

The cave of the infected person was overturned by violence! However, without waiting for the third brother’s effort, the infected person did not resist when they saw “Wei Xun” and raised their hands directly!

Zhang Xingzang? Appeared here?! In other words, did the adult lose in the battle with the adult? !

Do you have time to think about it, the sense of crisis is frantically sounding the alarm, and the infected person does not hesitate to call out three words in plain Mandarin.

“I surrender!”

At the same time, Zhang Xingzang, who followed his instinct all the way forward, found a tattered butcher’s alliance stronghold that had been swept away by a storm. Seeing several butcher guides packing up supplies and preparing to evacuate, Zhang Xingzang thought for a while, pretending to show up unexpectedly-he was using his body as a bait, trying to lure out the lizard duke, or catch a few The butcher guide came to ask? Intelligence!

Everyone felt that he had just been rescued, ten years of fault, and there should be a lot of poor people, and there should be many people who want to arrest him.

Zhang Xingzang thought like this, pretending to be a rookie and didn’t hide his figure. Sure enough, a butcher tour guide found him soon.

In the next second, this person gasped in horror! Without any hesitation, leave the thing in your hand and run away! Running and shouting: “Zhang Xingzang is here again! Run away everyone!!”

The author has something to say: This is a lost A4 infected person. He sent you a Sahara token and said, thank you infected person!


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