TTG Chapter 318

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 318: Death to the Sahara (8)

Zhang Xingzang is a cunning, insidious and cruel person. This is the consensus of the tour guides in the West District who is still in the black desert.

This? People first took advantage of their unpreparedness to forcefully kill the cannibal witch, and even arrogantly provoke the lizard Duke with the dream chasing dragon egg.

However, then this man seemed to have withered, and fled for tens of thousands of miles, so he was suspicious and delayed the voodoo doctor who was hunting him down, but did not directly deal with him head-on-this also made them make a wrong judgment. Think that Zhang Xingzang is just the end of the battle. In fact, he is no longer good after killing the cannibal witch. The previous outbreak was actually just a bluff!

The surviving tour guide on the spot can prove that Zhang Xingzang used the strongest suppression method basalt clay sculpture to deal with a man-eating witch in a weak state. That’s it? Hasn’t it been possible to kill the man-eating witch directly? Longkou is still needed? Spit the knife to make up the knife.

Haha, these Eastern people like to engage in this kind of conspiracy. Perhaps when Zhang Xingzang came in, he unfortunately fell near the security point of their Butcher Alliance. In order to scare them away and buy time, this? He pretended to be public and attacked deliberately!

‘Hid Zhang Xing hide? Find the dream chaser’

The infected person who held some tokens at the time proved in person: “I didn’t feel that the tokens had changed… If Zhang Xingzang found the dream chaser and relieved him, the token breath belonging to the dream chaser should give me stronger a feeling of. ‘

Isn’t the big dream chaser count as the dream chaser itself?

In fact, this point is still not clear, but the dream egg is definitely true. The Duke Lizard made his decision without hesitation. When the period of death came, and the live broadcast was blocked, he was ready to go out. He wanted to catch Zhang Xingzang back and take away the dreamcatcher!

It’s just that the pollution power during the second dying period was too strong. At the beginning, they were all powerful tour guides such as A, but there was also a problem.

The more powerful the butcher guide, the more consistently maintaining a low SAN value alienation state, the easier it is to lose control. Did he suppress it, and the tour guides in the base showed a state of alienation when the temperature plummeted and the pollution hit, and some almost got out of control!

The Black Desert is blocked, there is no way to send people out, the Duke of Lizard can only temporarily set up a safe place in the town. But he was not in a hurry. The three blood lizards were originally sent there. When the blood lizards were crushed, the lizard duke had already locked each other’s position. The creatures stained with lizard blood, even if separated by a hemisphere, he could Smell the other’s breath.

Just wait a quarter of an hour, these tour guides slow down, and he will personally capture Zhang Xingzang! No matter how far the distance is, it is just a moment for a strong man like him.

Zhang Xingzang and the Dream Chasing Dragon Egg are almost already in his palm.

But at this moment, the security point was suddenly attacked!

Its realization? What happened in the field, this? The butcher guide who was caught by Zhang Xingzang didn’t know much, after all, he was in a state of chaos at the time. But it was under the threat of Zhang Xing’s hidden black and evil forces, coupled with a little bit of imagination, to speak vividly.

The others all escaped, but he was unlucky enough to be caught. In order to survive, the tour guide’s speech was dry and he didn’t dare to say any more. He just glanced at Zhang Xingzang with his small eyes and tried to find him. What wound-but not? Yes?!

Does this Zhang Xingzang even have a slight injury?

It’s hell!

This? So fast, is it over? Is it over? Zhang Xingzang came back, yes, the Lord Duke lost?

The black shadow that attacked the safe point and caused the Lord Duke to take full action was clearly Zhang Xingzang. He heard the roar of the Lord Duke at that time. There is no fake! But now? Are you here? Why do people pretend to look like they don’t know anything, want? This? Why ask?

This person pinched himself secretly and severely. It was painful. I don’t know if the pain can make people distinguish the pain from reality. He has doubts about himself at all? Is he caught in the dream of a dream chaser——

and many more.

Zhang Xingzang in front of him asked him for more details. The butcher guide carefully observed him while answering.

This person showed his face, just like the first Zhang Xingzang I saw, but not the same as the crazy Zhang Xingzang who was evenly matched with Lord Duke, even more than one point!

That person is younger, crazier, and more perverted-hiss!

The butcher guide had a flash of inspiration and suddenly made a bold conjecture!

Three times Zhang Xingzang appeared, two times he looked the same, and one time he was younger.

One is suspected of bluffing, and the other is really powerful.

Is it Zhang Xingzang? Personal insanity or is it… In fact, one of them? One? Zhang Xingzang was faked by others? ?

It is definitely not a counterfeit that can be evenly matched with Lord Duke!

Then only? The rest…

The butcher tour guide’s eyes changed slightly. He understood. In front of him, he couldn’t even hide him. There was no injury on his body. I don’t know what happened just now. I just dare to break it/are you ready? The person who beats the autumn wind is definitely a fake!

The original Zhang Xingzang and Zhang Xingzang who are now standing in front of him are the same person! They are fake! No wonder the infected person said Zhang Xingzang and “Dream Chaser did not have any?”, Zhang Xingzang who got the dream egg was right in front of him? This is a fake!

“We are about to retreat. The infected person is not there. We can’t stay in the black desert for a long time…”

He slowly said, and approached him without a trace? This? This is a’Zhang Xingzang’ who seems to be lost in thought. He thought that he was A11, and his strength was not bad. He could become an elite tour guide such as A by one step further. Just want to go one step further…

“I don’t know where the infected person has gone…”

Only? Can I have the support of Lord Duke…

He suddenly made a shot between the lightning and the fire, and a large black net suddenly covered it. At the same time, there was also a large black net under the black sand quietly going upward!

A11 has the orange title of “Net Weaver”. Before? That big black net that almost caught “Zhang Xingzang” is his masterpiece. The big net with strong anesthetic effect can be placed on the peak of ordinary travelers, even if it is black. The desert’s rejection of them, the big net has been weakened a bit, it should be more than enough to deal with the counterfeit in front of you——


The upper and lower nets closed, but the figures in the net disappeared. Before A11’s smile rose, he froze on his face. There was a sharp pain in his chest. He subconsciously lowered his head, but saw that he had pierced his heart. The tip of the knife.

Blood-stained knives are not good? Look, most normal knives want? Are they silver-white or black? Very few knives have the color of their own? Unique? But blood-stained knives will always change. Into red.

But this? The knife is not.

The blood fell from the blade’s edge, not stained a bit, the blade’s body shone bright light, like a diamond made of diamonds, and like a star in the sky.

So cold, it almost freezes his whole body blood. The countdown to death fell crazily, he should have been alienated, or counterattack, his reaction speed was not slow, otherwise he would not be able to stand in the position of A11.

But at this moment, he was drowsy and dying. It was obvious that the countdown to death and the SAN value were declining crazily, but he couldn’t lift the energy.

The stars are hidden, and tonight is a dark night.

Isn’t there a dream night that is too cold and lonely, but suitable for the final grave of the dying?

“It’s not good to be honest? Little tour guide?”

Impatient, the condescending male voice rang in his ears. This was the last word A11 heard. He was in human form until he died. Didn’t he return to zero? This was a scene that violated the rules of the hotel, but because he was in the black desert, he was not noticed by the hotel.

“Cough cough cough…”

Putting away the knife, Zhang Xingzang coughed for a while, blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and he wiped it away.

When he was most famous,’Clay Man Zhang’ was just one of his many orange titles, and Zhang Xingzang’s most famous title was the orange title’Xing Zang’.

It is extremely rare that the first title awarded by a hotel like’Sunset Homecoming’ is extremely rare, and the orange title given by one’s own name can also be regarded as the honor bestowed by the hotel. In the past ten years, there have been a lot of talents, and there have been countless geniuses, Cen Qin, An Xuefeng, Zhang Xingzang, “Half-Life”, “Blood Front”, “Xingzang”, three orange titles, let the countless geniuses. People yearn for.

But now in Half-Life Taoist only half-life is left, Xing Zang was hidden and imprisoned for nearly ten years, Xue Feng was bloodied, did he connect with the tour guide, and his spirit was almost out of control.

Their ambitions are buried deep in my heart, and they seem to be over for this decade.

But now it’s better in the embers? It seems to be a fire.

“Zhang Xingzang, who is evenly matched with Duke Lizard, should have been found by an illusion.”

Zhang Xingzang said to himself: “An Xuefeng is really a crow’s mouth, this? Finding it by feeling really allows me to find the illusion?…The dream chasing dragon egg should also be in the hands of the illusion.”

Just now, A11 explained a lot. It was so arrogant that he attacked and killed the cannibal witch with a dragon egg in his hand.

He smiled to himself, and sighed: “I’m old and old…”

Killing an A11 and vomiting blood is really outrageous. After ten years of imprisonment, he had learned how to be a big king, but he almost forgot how to use a knife.

“The direction he just pointed to, An Xuefeng should be there too.”

No longer wasting time, Zhang Xingzang turned directly to the northwest and hurried away. Back then, An Xuefeng and Ximingren joined forces to seal the out-of-control mental illusion. If this phantom is revenge, it is very likely to take action against An Xuefeng, if the lizard Duke escapes instead, it will not be a second.

“Hey, this? For so many years, I am still chasing fantasy.”

As he walked, Zhang Xingzang suddenly let out a silly laugh. Knowing the trace of the dream chaser, knowing that it is now in the hands of Zhang Xingzang’s phantom, he didn’t panic anymore, and immediately became optimistic.

Hey, I heard that Bing Yi’s phantom is a cat in the house, and there is no shadow of An Xuefeng at all. Hey, this is not the case for a tour guide who has experienced life and death. Hey, I was injured this time, and I have to worry about dreaming again. Even if chasing dreams? Isn’t it like before? Just say it out if you worry, he Zhang Xingzang can also understand, this? This is their tacit understanding.

Yes? He said, don’t care about addictions, people who are not addicted, think this? The tour guide is good, it can be handled, and the deep connection is better than anything else?, after the connection, the tacit understanding will naturally come. .

The rings are all there, and the deep connection is not there yet? Hey!

Zhang Xingzang’s heart inexplicably raised the joy of comparison and victory. This is the happiness of men? It’s so simple.

[Xing Zang, Xing Zang, you are hurt, right, I feel it, are you hurt? 】

Wei Xun just took the climbing rope tied up with his hands, lowered his eyebrows and curled his eyes, and the infected person went back to the cave like a daughter-in-law, and the anxious and worried greetings of Chasing Dream Longlong sounded in his mind. It was clearly in his body, but the dream chaser was confused and didn’t notice it. He really waited for Wei Xun to come back before speaking.

Why is this dream chaser? Why do you ask? Where did he feel that I was hurt?

Wei Xun’s heart moved. In fact, he thought he was good everywhere. He didn’t hurt at all, but maybe the power of the third brother exploded, and it also brought him some internal injuries?

“I was hurt a bit, but it doesn’t matter.”

Wei Xun said indifferently, and then chuckled lightly, pushing the infected person forward like a sheep: “Chasing a dream, you see who he is.”

Sure enough, it is a dream catcher!

After coming in, the infected person who had been scanning the surroundings with the corner of his eye shuddered, feeling that he was shrouded in heavy shadows. This wide mountain cave that can hold a huge fat worm is completely covered by dark shadows! This? The feeling of shadow…Is a dream catcher!

If there is a wrong perception, the only light source in the cave, the standing, hot dreamcatcher, can never be fake!

Sure enough, this one is Zhang Xingzang. The infected person just suspected that he was in front of him? Is this? Didn’t there? The person who was slightly injured, is it pretending to be Zhang Xingzang.

But as soon as the dream chaser came out, there was no more fluke.

No? Whether the lizard Duke is alive or dead? They were planted by the Western Butcher Alliance this time, but he also thought there would be? This? What a day?

The infected person wondered where he should go if the lizard duke died.

Was it the Werewolf Alliance who had contacted privately, or the little witch who had contacted privately? The “Extradition of the Abyss” that was newly formed in the S1 Devourer in the past few years is not bad. The recommendation system is more troublesome, but it is not without a chance.

In fact, which brigade the infected people prefer… But the problem is that the Whitechapel Brigade in the West Zone does not accept the guides of the Abyssal Alienation, and the Mysticism of the Second Zone in the West Zone has a grudge against the West Butchers Alliance. Butcher guide.

Isn’t it the first? Second, the infected persons of other brigade also look down upon it. What’s more, the other brigade may save him in the next waves-he said that he had handed in part of the tokens at 30 degrees north latitude, but did others believe him to hand it in?

Hey, after all, the Butcher Alliance is useless. Duke Lizard is not the first tour guide, or it is useless.

The infected person became more and more low-key, using standard Mandarin that they learned in advance? “I’m sorry, I was forced, I’ll give you a token!”

“Look at dream chasing, is this a token?”

The so-called tokens of the infected have long been in Wei Xun’s hands. This is a piece of rock fragment with maroon lines on it, which looks like a small part of some kind of petroglyph. The token handed in by the infected person was different from the black sand. The cave near the edge was polluted by the black sand. Wei Xun brought him back.

Of course, Nezha Ling’s red ball squatted on top of the infected person’s head, and the phantom cat hid in the infected person’s shadow, so he was not afraid of being a demon.

[Do you really want to hurt? Does it matter? Let me see, are you really okay? 】

Chasing Dream Longlong was still talking about his injury, which made Wei Xun feel a little phantom limb pain. But soon the dream chaser came back to his senses, surprised and said [a token? You, you mean, a token of the Sahara? 】

[You, why don’t you tell me, did you go alone? Me, scream! 】

The token seemed to stimulate the nerves of the dream chasing dragon, and the pitch black shadows all over the cave suddenly became like a pot of boiling water, with restlessness and terrifying deterrence everywhere. The black shadow burst forth, as if the dark dragon opened up? The mouth of the blood basin not only swallowed the petroglyph fragments in Wei Xun’s hand, but also directly swallowed the infected person?!

This? The scene is very scary. The infected person is sliced ​​by the evil worm master, and he dreams of this? One mouth swallowed Nezha Ling and the ghost cat! Seeing that Dream Chasing was almost out of control, Guard Xun directly took out a tube of blood from Maria’s butterfly tattoo. The pure abyssal breath of blood should be stronger, but he was not sure whether to splash it on the shadow of Dream Chasing.

After all, the aura of the abyss seemed to increase his attack power, Wei Xun was afraid of this? One? The blood poured down here? The schist mountain was directly exploded by the Dreaming Dragon!

But in the next second, the situation reversed, only to hear a sound of the infected person and Nezha Ling and they were vomited out by the dark shadow again, but this is not a serious point. Wei Xun heard a cracking sound of “click”, and the cave that was originally shrouded in darkness suddenly brightened. This hot, warm light, of course, came from the dreamcatcher.

But now there is a crack in the egg, as if there is something to be “hatched” out!


At this moment, Zhang Xingzang, who was rushing to the battlefield following his instincts, suddenly stopped, surprised and delighted. At this moment, his connection with Dream Chasing was so clear that he could feel that something good had happened to Chasing Dream, and there was a beneficial change!

One piece of token was merged by him!

“It should be the token of the infected person, the Black Desert hasn’t changed drastically.”

If the star driller worm is killed, and the butterfly fragment is retaken by the dream chaser, the changes in the black desert will definitely be more dramatic. But now the period of death is still continuing, indicating that the true master of the Sahara has not yet been decided.

But in any case, this is good news.

“The butcher boy is really unreliable.”

What infected person escaped, I don’t know where, this? It must have been taken away by the lizard duke! Otherwise, in the black desert, the combat effectiveness of the lizard duke would be seriously affected.

“In this way, it seems that An Xuefeng and Mirage have defeated the lizard Duke?”

Zhang Xingzang muttered to himself, couldn’t help showing a smile, and then quickened his pace.

With the fusion of the tokens, the Dreamcatcher will definitely change. He can’t wait and wants to meet with Dreamcatcher!

“So I said, did the infected person? Have you come with me?”

Ten kilometers away from Zhang Xingzang, in the ruins of an ancient city in the Black Desert, there were traces of fierce fighting everywhere, and a tall tour guide wearing a golden cloak roared impatiently. The golden, sturdy and tough lizard tail protruded from the hem of the cloak, propped on the ground, and released its strength. But he was still injured. Except for this cloak, every part of his clothes was intact.

The most serious? The dark pollution that is eroding his body.

What he said was to the enemy hidden in the dark and thick fog, but it was a pity that the other party did not listen to persuasion, and launched an offensive again. He seemed to be tireless, and he was completely unaffected by the period of death, and he shot and recruited blood. The Duke of Lizard was originally rejected by the Black Desert, but just now this sense of rejection increased tenfold, and he was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

The infected person’s token is lost!

Who knows this? There are two Zhang Xingzang in the black desert, one is the lunatic in front of him, and the other is stealing home from behind!

But now it’s hard to get away because the other party is mentally polluted and has lost control. The lizard duke doesn’t want to return to zero. He has to stay sane to stay sensible, and is naturally beaten back. He finally has nothing to bear. Bearable.

“Ann, do you want to be there? Watching? Let this? The illusion goes crazy, the dream chaser will have to die? Perish!”

In the past, An Xuefeng was able to join forces with Ximingren to suppress the dream chaser’s illusion. Now, it is not bad to join hands with him.


With a chuckle, An Xuefeng arrived here a quarter of an hour ago, but just as the Duke Lizard said, he kept watching.

Now? It seems that Zhang Xingzang found the Dream Chasing Dragon Egg, caught the infected, and took back the token fragments?

An Xuefeng made a quick judgment, but still did not move. His expression was almost cold. He chuckled and said: “The Western Butcher Alliance wants to seize the 30th North latitude token of my Eastern District. Are you still asking me to save you? ”

What are you thinking about?

“Huh, this? It’s not about saving me.”

During the fierce battle, the lizard duke was still sensible: “You know, what about this? What will be the consequences. Why did you want to seal his illusion, now? It is also to save the dream chaser—”

“My tour guide, use you to save it?”

At this moment, a wild and unruly voice sounded from behind the sand dunes. In the black sand, the long knife shining with stars is particularly eye-catching.

Zhang Xingzang is here!

At the moment he appeared, the black figure that was pressing on the lizard duke violently stopped for a moment, and the figure could be faintly seen in the black fog.

“Lao An, I am a step late.”

Zhang Xingzang seemed to have regained his confidence in the past, and he became frantic when he spoke. He smiled while talking, looking at An Xuefeng and Hei Mist.

At the same time, An Xuefeng and Zhang Xingzang exchanged glances.

Found the dream? Have you gotten back the token of the infected person?


They knew that Zhang Xingzang couldn’t help but smile, and An Xuefeng was also infected by his happiness. But the next moment, a hoarse and rough voice, as if it had been rubbed by sand for several years, sounded from the black fog, and asked in a bad tone:

“Chasing dreams… Where’s the dragon?”

“Isn’t it with you.”

Zhang Xingzang asked subconsciously.

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