TTG Chapter 319

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 319: Supplementary Change


The black desert whistling, the sound of the wind? Directly into the ears of people, ordinary people can not hear others talking in this environment, even if the other party is shouting.

But the few people present were not normal people, and they all heard Zhang Xingzang’s rhetorical question. An Xuefeng, who was originally standing with arms folded, put down his hands, the mental illusion in the black fog muted? After Zhang Xing hid the question, he suddenly fell into a short silence.

The wind was still the same, but even the sound of the wind could not break the inexplicable stagnant aura lingering between them. The first person to speak was the Duke of Lizard.

“Heh, what trick do you want to play this time?”

The lizard duke snorted coldly. He didn’t expect two Zhang Xing to hide out. It was his carelessness. But when the two of them played the “dragon egg is gone” trick in front of him, he could sneer.

Initially Zhang Xingzang attacked their camp with dragon eggs? But the evidence is solid!

Besides, when the tokens are handed over, if the infected person has an accident, it is also a certainty. The Duke of Lizard has its own channels to detect the movement of the Starboom Worm. It wasn’t that it sneaked away the fragments of the infected person. Who else could it be? These silly monsters in the black desert?

What to sing red face and white face? Face, but? It’s a trick of the cunning East Side people!

As soon as the lizard duke’s sound came out, the two of them looked at him in a phantom, with a strange expression on their expressions. But Duke Lizard doesn’t care about this. The infected have no tokens? He is being rejected by the black desert more and more severely, but Duke Lizard is unwilling to let go of this rare opportunity.

Ever since Zhang Xingzang appeared, he has been paying attention to the movement of mental illusions from the corner of his eye. It is difficult to say whether something like a mental illusion is a helper or a trouble, especially the mental illusion of a dream chaser.

He was born as a dream chaser and brings together countless dream chasers’ emotions, both positive and negative, all of which are reflected in the illusion several times. He missed Zhang Xingzang, and he rescued Zhang Xingzang countless times, but because Zhang Xingzang used a special method to break the connection before the accident, he was unable to save him because of his weakness, and he had grievances and despair.

These emotions all converge, and when you see the real Zhang Xingzang, the mental illusion that is already out of control will definitely explode.

At that time, the situation will reverse.

An Xuefeng once suppressed the illusion, Zhang Xingzang’s emotional tipping point, and when the mental illusion broke out of control and targeted them, it was his chance for the lizard duke!

The lizard duke looked at the mental illusion and secretly waited for his eruption. Looking at Zhang Xingzang in a mental illusion, his eyes were sharp like a knife, as if he wanted to gouge out a dragon egg from his flesh. After a brief shock, Zhang Xingzang looked at An Xuefeng, the dragon egg and the token? Bai Xiaosheng’ there!

If you are not in the hands of Illusory, then you can only be on the side of’Bai Xiaosheng’!

But An Xuefeng drew the knife on his way home, and without warning, he took action on the lizard duke!

“Get rid of him, I will take you to find a dream chaser.”

In addition to them?, there is a third person behind the Sahara, An Xuefeng suspects that whether the dragon egg or the token?, he is at Wei Xun’s right now.

But the two tokens? Gathered together, it is very possible that the Star Driller Worm has already caught sight of them! Coupled with the influence of Wei Xun’s many butterfly fragments, they may soon encounter extremely terrible things!

At 30 degrees north latitude, there is an unsolvable scenic spot composed of pollution and twisted spirits.

An Xuefeng is of course the strongest in terms of strength, but it is not easy to find Wei Xun if he wants to solve the game as quickly as possible. When you do it? An Xuefeng has a clear mind. He is actually not sure about using the dream chaser’s whereabouts as a bait. The mental illusion will team up with them or will lose control more violently, but he must create the momentum of teaming.

In this way, he can terrorize the lizard duke and force him out of the black desert as soon as possible, and eliminate the uncertain factors. He can’t afford to delay the time!

The sky is full of sand, fierce fighting is re-emerged? The majestic air wave is surging out, and the fragile ruins are once again destroyed, and the violent wind whizzes by the broken pieces of soil and stones. The pitch-black wind column is like a tornado. ?, but it can’t hide the orange knife light! The moment An Xuefeng shot, the lizard duke instinctively sensed something wrong, and immediately avoided.

But his action is not fast? An Xuefeng’s knife only avoided the point! However, the next moment a cold light came from behind, violently? His scales exploded due to a sense of crisis.

When the star knife pierced his back heart, the tough and powerful lizard tail swept like a long whip, and almost swept Zhang Xingzang’s waist, but at the same time as the rear cleared the siege, the knife came back on his way, and severely slashed at his throat!

If the “spiritual illusion” is shot at the same time, then the lizard duke may suffer from the lizard waterloo here, but this time the god of luck has not turned to the east.

An Xuefeng’s heart sank, and the situation in front of him was slipping toward the most unfavorable expectation. If the psychic illusion comes to help, they can even kill the lizard duke here, if the phantom sits and watches, he can force the lizard duke out of the black desert as soon as he is seriously injured.

But you can never predict the behavior of the mental illusion. The mental illusion hidden in the black mist also moved the next second after An Xuefeng shot it, but the black sharp knife in his hand stabbed An Xue. Feng’s vest!

“You– all damn it.”

Suddenly, An Xuefeng, who had been prepared for a long time, avoided, but also disrupted the offensive against Duke Lizard, allowing him to take the opportunity to escape. And without waiting for the lizard duke to be a fun person to watch the fun, the knife of the mental illusion actually stabbed him fiercely.

The black fog is permeated, and wherever he goes, the yellow scales of the lizard duke become dimmed? This dark fog is all spiritual pollution! At the same time? This black mist not only hits the lizard Duke, but also stabs Zhang Xingzang. The out-of-control mental illusion is attacking indiscriminately!

“You all deserve to die!”

This sound is full of yin and hatred, rough and hoarse, it is hard to hear the sound of Zhang Xingzang when he was young. The black fog struck away, and the spiritual illusion originally hidden in the fog showed his true body. The red and sea blue chains wrapped around his body and penetrated his collarbone heart. It was the pollution of the crazy sun and Daxizhou.

He was supposed to be the face of the young Zhang Xingzang, but he was sealed in the dead Sahara for several years and was eroded by pollution. His face was full of black particles like quicksand. Only one pair of eyes were normal, but his eyes were all crazily malicious.

In the mind of the mental illusion, these people are all damned!

An Xuefeng sealed him for several years so that Dream Chaser could no longer see him. It was really damn good.

The lizard duke dared to steal the power of dream chasing and wanted to take away his token? It was even more damn.

And this star hides all five poisons, and it is the most damn thing to make dream chasing after years of painstaking pursuit!

Besides?, he also felt a familiar and unfamiliar aura-it was a feeling of pure abyss. Although it was very weak, he could not distinguish it.

It was the same? The same? Sealed his life-like people!

Damn, damn, all these damn people gathered in front of him!

With all the elements, it’s no wonder that the mental illusion goes crazy!

The ruins of the ancient city suddenly fell into a big melee, and the crazy mental illusion was like a mad dog, dedicated to killing all these people, and no one could get out if he didn’t solve it.

But the three people present were not at the same heart. Duke Lizard was always afraid that An Xuefeng and Zhang Xingzang would do anything to him. An Xuefeng wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. The lizard duke is here, if you deal with the illusion yourself, then Zhang Xingzang alone may not be able to deal with the lizard duke who has begun to show his alienation state.

And Zhang Xingzang was also afraid that An Xuefeng would take too much action, and killed the mental illusion. He only sealed the illusion instead of directly killing him, because the illusion was poured into dream chasing too much emotional power. Once the illusion dies, the dream chasing power will also be turbulent, which is even worse for the current dream chasing!

The ruins of the entire ancient city are completely messed up? A pot of porridge, they are just like woolen balls messed up by cats, and no one can get out of getting messy!


[Hiss——My head hurts so much]

In the distance of Heiyan Mountain, Wei Xun, who was watching the cracking of the dragon egg shell, suddenly heard the dream chasing mutter in his mind, hoarse and weak, with a whispered sound of inhaling air-conditioning. And the dragon egg that was swaying in Wei Xun’s arms and was about to break its shell also stopped shaking, but the crack in the egg shell was getting bigger and bigger.

“What’s wrong, Longlong, how are you now?”

Wei Xun glanced inside the egg along the cracks, and could already see a little crystal clear dragon horn. But neither Chasing Dream nor Dragon Egg responded to him again. Wei Xun felt bad, and immediately prepared to change places. In his heart, he called the shoots of corn, and called Xiao Jinlong.


The golden dragon habitually sitting on Wei Xun’s wrist looked at him curiously? Go and want to see why this dragon looks different from his own? But he was thrown onto the infected person by Wei Xun. The little Jinlong would entangle his neck intentionally, open his mouth and prepare to take a bite-not everyone can bear the pure dragon energy. The infected person was rushed by the dragon’s energy, at least really fainted for a while.

The infected person, who was swallowed by the black shadow and then vomited out, fell into a coma, but Wei Xun wasn’t sure if he was real, faint or fake. The infected person cannot be observed anymore.

“and many more!”

Sure enough, at the moment when the little golden dragon opened his mouth to bite, the infected person “woke up” at the right time, and a series of English was rushed out in a hurry.

Although the tokens were handed in, he still had a special feeling in the Sahara when the real power holder was still undecided.

What the infected person reports at this moment is that he feels that the pollution in the black desert has undergone subtle changes, and the powerful, hidden forces in nature are quickly gathering towards them.

It is very possible that there will be unsolvable attractions about to appear!

“You better tell everything you know.”

At this moment? At this moment, Wei Xun has summoned corn shoots, planning to escape the scene in a worm car. The infected person was right. The intense, invisible pollution was gathering in quickly, and Nezha Ling was a little bit unbearable and returned to the small box first. And when the infected person responded, the corn shoots recalled all eighteen bamboo shoots to regroup. After completing themselves, it brought bad news!

‘father! The great great worm is here, it is coming to eat the bamboo shoots! ‘

“Maybe it’s a token? The owners gathered together? It caused a riot in the black desert!”

When the shoots of corn and the infected person speak at the same time, the infected people can think of more even if they cannot hear the shoots of corn. The dream chasers who gathered two pieces of tokens may have attracted the Star Driller Worm, and it is probably because of the arrival of the worm that the three of them will be the first to cause this riot!

When they were talking, they were all swallowed by the tentacles of corn shoots. They sneaked into the ground for hundreds of meters, but the sense of crisis was still getting closer and closer. The star driller worm followed closely behind. Wei Xun held the dragon egg in one hand and the other. Pressing his heart, he felt his heart beating stronger and stronger, as if something was about to break.

It’s Maria Butterfly Fragment! The butterfly fragments that were originally fused into the hind wings broke apart, and Wei Xun could feel that one of the fragments, as if feeling something, was actually slightly hot!

Really? Is it because the three gathered together that caused the change? But at this moment Wei Xun didn’t have time to think about it. The screams of the corn shoots buzzed his brain, and the starburr worm had caught up-its tentacles had bitten off the butt tip of the corn shoots!

And in the next moment–


As if hitting an invisible, sticky film, the sky was spinning around, as if entering a drum washing machine. This feeling is a bit similar to the reenactment of the Apocalypse Big Bang in the Ming Tombs, but it is even more terrifying. The intense pain almost made Wei Xun unconscious? Go

In an instant, he dismissed the title of tourist, and became a tour guide with his whole body alienated, trying to resist the tearing pain with his tough and strong body after alienation. But in the end he still lost consciousness, and there was only a faint light purple like butterfly lepidopterous wings.


Hot, thirsty, and severe pain throughout the body gradually awakened Wei Xun’s mind.

He opened his eyes with difficulty and saw the sun.

Sunlight? How can there be sunshine in the black desert?

Wei Xun opened his eyes, and his first reaction was to pick up the big dream-catching egg that had fallen next to him, and put away the tattered shoots of corn. His body was as if he had been filled with lead? It was heavy, but somehow he disappeared from the alienation state and changed back to a human form.

I didn’t see the great worm, but the infected person fell on the side, just waking up, confused. He seemed to be more affected. He had already bleeds from his seven orifices. It was convenient for Wei Xun to tie the hands and feet of the infected person to death with a climbing rope.

Then he stood up and looked around. They seemed to have left the black desert. The dazzling sunlight in front of him was burning the earth. Only the lush date palm trees could bring a coolness, an extremely rare stream in the desert. Flowing past? It was it that gave birth to this oasis.

Oasis in the desert.


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