TTG Chapter 32

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (32)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 32: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

The final answer to Wei Xun’s question only meant an unknown low laugh. Wei Xun has his own judgment and feels that there must be a lot of relationship between * * and An Xuefeng. Otherwise, how can he agree to the agreement for him.

Of course, there may be enemies. In reality, Wei Xun can be called a madman’s disease by many people. An Xuefeng is not bound to him. He is good or bad.

But Wei Xun had a ghost in his heart. He asked him more questions. After chatting about the details of the agreement, he chose to sign the agreement, and then asked him casually about how he had taken the initiative to contact * *.

“After all, we are still destined.”

[don’t try to contact me, it’s good for you]

The taste of male voice playing [my existence is unknown. With your current reality, you can explore my information and understand my existence. You may go crazy]


Wei Xun used this modal particle to express his desire to try.

[time has come, you should go]

The male voice became lower and lower, and gradually disappeared. Finally, a sentence lingered in Wei Xun’s ear.

[ I’ve erased some troubles for you…]

When the voice of this sentence disappeared, Wei Xun could feel his body again. At the moment when he wanted to return, he was almost stupid.

It’s too hot. He’s hot all over, like a fish in a frying pan. Even soaking in the stream can’t cool down.

The key is that he was injured, and the title of cold-blooded person has been working, so that Wei Xun’s face is hot and the inside is cold, and the living one is experiencing the double heaven of ice and fire. But he was also poisoned by the corpse flying fox king. He was paralyzed and couldn’t even turn over in the stream.

After losing a lot of Qi, Wei Xun barely clenched his right hand. The touch of the cold and hard metal sheet in his hand was clear. Its eternal temperature seemed to calm Wei Xun’s restless mood.

[Name: Wei Xun’s name card]

[quality: not specified]

[function: record your name. No matter how crazy the situation is, you will not forget your name and keep your mind.]

[recorded name 1 / 1]

The name card is still there, and Wei Xun’s name has been bound. Even though he is still in a state of severe loss of San, he still remembers his name and remains rational.

What I just said is really not an illusion.

With such a good thing as a famous brand, Wei Xun feels that he can wave freely in the future! Anyway, I won’t worry about losing control. For Wei Xun, there is only stimulation left after losing San. In the future, all kinds of limits can be challenged wantonly.

But now, in his eyes, there are still thorny problems to be solved.

“Whine –!”

“Whine –!”

When he woke up, he found the cruel roar of the corpse flying fox King close to his ear, but he was still paralyzed and couldn’t dodge and fight back. What should I do?


Wei Xun cursed * * maliciously in his heart. What else did this man say ‘ the trouble has been erased for you’, how can the corpse turn into the flying fox king?? Isn’t it troublesome for him to kill this animal??

This man is really bad and kind-hearted.

Fortunately, Wei Xun always had doubts about his words and believed like a fool. Otherwise, if he opened his eyes and saw the corpse turned into a flying fox king, he would not be prepared to fall into the wind.

However, the current situation is very unfavorable for him. The smelly airflow sweeps Wei Xun’s body – the corpse flying fox King lowers his head and sniffs his body to judge whether Wei Xun is dead.

The unsealed corpse flying fox king is not a bully. It takes a lot of effort to defeat Wei Xun when he was in full bloom, not to mention that he is about to break into a rag doll, and his body is paralyzed by toxins and can’t move. The ordinary antidote cannot remove the toxin of the corpse flying fox king, and the price of the antidote is as high as 50000 points.

The danger is close at hand, and the warlike blood after alienation is boiling again, urging Wei Xun to fight with the corpse flying fox king and fight for the last drop of blood. But now the reason for the recovery of Wei Xunli ignores it.

He had already figured out other ways except to fight hard.

Lying quietly in the stream, Wei Xun closed his eyes and waited quietly.

Finally, the huge shadow shrouded down, and the huge fox rudely pushed his body to lift him up. It was the corpse flying fox king.

Wei Xun’s hand moved slightly, and the humble magic mosquito mouthpiece like a golden needle was clamped between his fingers.

Here comes his chance to stay.

* *

[death countdown 06:40:25]

[death countdown 04:12:05]

[death Countdown -]

The stream is red with blood, the grass on the bank is covered with blood, the trees are broken and overturned, and the shrubs are uprooted. The whole place is like the wind, and there are traces left by fierce fighting everywhere.

“Whine -”

“Whine -”

The shrill and angry roar was shaking in the mountains and forests. The howling of the corpse flying fox king was getting closer and closer, and the terrible pressure came. The terrible monster with dark head and six scarlet eyes approached the stream.

Different from the watch when it was sealed, it is now separated from eight long legs as thin as hemp poles. The newly grown hind limbs are strong with a watch, and the sharp claws are poisoned. After several rounds, he was still as big as an ox, with a layer of dark gray skeletons on his body, which made it look more like a war weapon in some kind of interstellar weapon. The most terrible thing was his chest and sickle shaped curved sharp limbs.

The wing membrane of the flying fox used for sliding has degenerated into a “blade”, which is like a mantis magnified thousands of times. The seemingly smooth blade has countless micro invisible serrations, which can easily tear and cut.

At this moment, the terrible monster got rid of the seal and defeated the strong enemy. It laughed wildly, roared and roared. It cut the broken couple tree into pieces and dug up its roots. After venting, the corpse flying fox King slowly approached the stream and opened the big mouth of the blood basin with staggered fangs.

But the people immersed in the stream are still floating, motionless, as if they were dead.

[get up and wake up quickly! Come on!]

At the moment, the audience in the Bingjiu live broadcasting room in Western Hunan are worried, and the bullet screen is crazy.

[get up quickly, you’re dying!]

[fuck, no, I’m dying just after watching the live guide. Come on!]

[stand up, Bingjiu, rush up and do it!]

From the recommendation of the Asian plate, after PK won the letter “B 49”, the popularity in the C 9 live broadcasting room increased sharply, attracting the attention of countless tourists and tour guides. Everyone wants to know how far this silver tour guide can go in drunk Western Hunan, and how many passengers he takes can survive in the end.

Some people secretly put Baixiao’s comments on Bingjiu on the forum. It turned out that Baixiao’s original saying that “as long as Bingjiu doesn’t die, there is a five percent chance that the members of the team will survive” was spread more and more outrageous. In the end, it was like brainless boasting, which aroused the disgust of many tourists and tour guides.

Even those super tour guides dare not say that the tour guides they took survived. They are just a C-shaped tour guide. How can they get such a high evaluation from Baixiao? Fake, it must be the fake of Bingjiu crazy powder!

There was a lot of noise in the time forum. During the curse war, countless people went to the C-9 live broadcasting room. Some wanted to vent their anger, and some wanted to see who the tour guide was.

But all they saw was the screen mosaic.

The audience who want to find fault:???

Mosaic guide?

The C-9 live broadcast room is wonderful. The tour guide screen is almost covered by mosaics. Even if they want to see C-9, they can’t give directions from a commanding position. They can only grasp their heart and scratch their liver to guess what C-9 has done according to the reactions of passengers in the live broadcast split screen.

The bullet screen in the live broadcast room of time Bingjiu uses various clues to speculate what Bingjiu is doing, what he has done, agree with others’ views and refute others’ views. People who don’t know the Tao came in and thought it was the fanatical evil cult scene of Bingjiu’s crazy pink button details.

Until I went to the fetal meat grave to see fireflies, it was much more normal in the live broadcasting room. Someone began to analyze the project task and evaluate the passengers’ response. There is even more thrilling stimulation at the fetal meat grave, which has led to a sharp increase in the number of viewers. Someone on the barrage is afraid to score points for this project. There must be a difference between what babies and ghost babies need.

[four ghost babies, four babies, this is really the safest choice]

[is Wang pengpai so good at driving? It’s too strong to fuck. Is the driver so good!]

[class C brigade hopes to recruit passengers with the title of “driver” without restriction on rank. Entering the team is the core member, and the contact information of the captain…]

[it’s just the driver’s title. It’s funny. Wang pengpai is lucky. You go to the video collection of the hotel and randomly search a car accident clip. The team killing broom stars in it are all “drivers”!]

[really, are people dead? Have they changed their approval? Are there still people holding the title of driver? Only the brigade can support this thing. When it is promoted to the orange title of “old driver”, the probability of accident is unimaginable]

[if you want to raise the title, you have to keep driving. Those with the title of driver are all brigade killers. If you really want to raise an “old driver”, thousands of lives are not enough to be wasted]

[Wang pengpai is just recovering from danger this time. Do you think he doesn’t want to drive even if he cuts his hand intentionally? Wan pengpai has a car accident and the whole brigade has to die. This time is pure luck]

[to be honest, I really thought I could see the distribution projects. I really thought I could see such projects in a silver tour guide group]

[my experience envelope, if I were Zhao Hongtu, I would panic. It’s really scary]

[Bingjiu is in such a situation. I’m so anxious. There’s a lot of blood. Wang pengpai’s body is full of blood!]

[no, fuck, I’ll see the anchor who likes to take off his clothes so much!]

[shielding, fucking shielding, it’s really urgent. Bingjiu won’t die!]

[the reaction of the passengers should be that he is dead, but he is seriously injured. Yu he’an looks like a dead father]

[fart, he’s worried about his brother. Who’s brother nine? Can’t he survive the wind and waves?]

[I don’t talk to Bingjiu crazy powder]

[laughing to death, brother, look who’s talking in the live studio. The audience in the live studio is Bingjiu crazy fans by default, okay]

Although the current situation of Bingjiu is extremely anxious, the audience can only guess what Bingjiu is doing through the behavior of other passengers. Some people say that Zhao Hongtu’s scream was Bingjiu’s death, while others say that he was yelled by Bingjiu.

“Bingjiu took the gun left by Hou Feihu to Zhao Hongtu.”

As soon as the voice of Baixiao in the virtual Hall of the thriller ball hotel fell, several gunshots came from the picture in the live studio.

“It’s amazing.”

Shi Xiao’s judgment of Baixiao is really convinced. The live broadcast of Bingjiu has been blocked. This originally made him anxious. After all, for his brother Shi Tao, he wants to survive the journey. The guide must not die.

While paying the most attention to his younger brother, Shi Xiao’s second concern is Bingjiu. After seeing Shi Tao choose the ghost baby and be sent to “cut wall village” to wake up, Shi Xiao was vaguely relieved.

As a senior tourist, he can see that choosing ghost babies is the most safe. You may be frightened, but in the end, it should be safe.

He was more worried about the situation there. The mosaic of C-9 is amazing. It not only blocks the image, but also the sound. They don’t even know whether C-9 has a voice or a voice. They can only speculate through the actions of other passengers.

Shi Xiao was so worried that he couldn’t help peeping at Baixiao’s notes and seeing the “low San value test of Bingjiu envelope” he had just written

Shi Xiaoheng didn’t care. When he saw this line, he was relieved. His sense of concern and worry was almost the same as that of Shi Tao.

“The tour guide is never afraid of low death countdown.”

Baixiao said calmly, “as long as Bingjiu doesn’t want to die, he won’t die.”

“What will really cause danger to him is the decline of San value, but he should have been in a negative state just now.”

“BAIXIAN  can you not be affected by shielding?”

When he thought of something, Shi Xiao stood in awe. Afraid of attracting the attention of other onlookers, his voice was very low. Bai Xiao raised his head, looked at his eyes suspiciously, shook his head and said, “why do you think so? The shielding is made by the hotel. Anyone can see through the shielding of the hotel.”

“Your analysis is too accurate. I thought -”

Shi Xiao made a red face. Bai Xiao’s judgment was too accurate. He gave him such an illusion and ignored that shielding invisibility was the rule of the hotel.

“These are easy to judge.”

When the off-road vehicle is out of the fog and mosquitoes, it is important to return to the empty space of Yingzhu Miao village. While finishing the sheepskin curling, Baixiao explained:

“Bingjiu’s shielding will shield himself and the area around him. The specific scope will be assessed by the hotel, but those who have physical contact with him will certainly be shielded together.”

“Wang pengpai had blood on his body when he came out of the fetal meat grave. After running Bingjiu, he was shielded. When he changed to the driver’s seat, his figure reappeared, indicating that Wang pengpai and Bingjiu started here. Wang pengpai’s left shoulder and upper body were soaked with blood. It can be inferred from the scope and shape of the blood that he carried Bingjiu on his shoulder, and Bingjiu was seriously injured. ”

“The tour guide’s injury is not serious as long as he doesn’t die. The key lies in Wang pengpai’s success in carrying Bingjiu. Bingjiu is 1.2% likely to like Wang surging, and Bingjiu is 94% likely to resist. It is comprehensively inferred that he is very likely to fall into depression or depression. ”

“Here, when Wang pengpai and Xu Chen changed seats, the off-road vehicle was surrounded by fog mosquitoes, and others made a panic sound, which meant that the windows of the off-road vehicle should be sealed. Zhao Hongtu’s figure is shielded. Zhao Hongtu and Bing Jiu sit in the same row. His next exclamation was most likely caused by Bingjiu. ”

Bai Xiaoxiang spoke faster and faster: “Bingjiu was close to the window. When Zhao Hongtu screamed, if you pay more attention, you can find that the buzzing sound of fog mosquitoes suddenly increased by more than ten decibels. Therefore, it is inferred that Bingjiu is most likely to open the window. And this move is inconsistent with the judgment that Bingjiu has entered the state of depression and San loss. ”

“There are two possibilities. First, Bingjiu gets rid of the negative state. Second, Bingjiu actually enters the San state. From Zhao Hongtu’s scream to Wang pengpai’s driving, there was a total of seven seconds. The live split screen of other passengers in the car did not see fog mosquitoes. That is to say, although Bingjiu opened the window, it was not to let fog mosquitoes in to kill the team, but there was a special way to kill or control fog mosquitoes. ”

“It can be inferred that the second case is true. Bingjiu falls into the negative state of San, but he has recovered temporarily.”

“So it is!”

After listening to Baixiao’s analysis, Shi Xiao and the audience around him felt that they had white brains and eyes. They thought that someone could analyze so many things in real time with the live broadcast, even not a replay.

Baixiao’s details are more crazy than Bingjiu’s crazy powder.

Shi Xiao thought in a trance that he was really relieved to watch the live broadcast after Dao Bingjiu was out of danger, but Bai Xiaoxiang’s next words suddenly made him mention his heart again.

“It is recorded that around 3 a.m., the mortality rate of C 9 exceeded 50% for the first time.”


Bai Xiao’s inference stunned Shi Xiao. He didn’t just say that Bingjiu was out of danger. How can he say that the mortality rate of Bingjiu at 3:00 a.m. is higher than 50%??

However, Bai Xiaoxiang has some important questions this time. His eyes are very focused on the screen. Starting from the “record”, the feather pen in his hand is changed to purple. This dignified feeling affected everyone nearby. Shi Xiao subconsciously held his breath and was secretly anxious.

At 00 a.m., the shielding on Bingjiu’s body failed, and his figure appeared again in the live broadcast room. His clothes were embarrassed and his posture stained with blood caused a barrage frenzy. The audience watching the live broadcast were all obsessed with Bingjiu’s cleanliness and almost changed their clothes every day. From what he did now, we can see that Bingjiu’s situation is really poor.

“What is he looking for?”

Bingjiu’s behavior aroused public discussion.

“A monster is chasing him?”

“Bingjiu is crazy?”

“There will never be a beautiful woman in line with his aesthetics.”

In the virtual hall, the people around Bai Xiaoxiang have long been used to analyzing him first. Shi Xiao, the nearest one, directly looked down at Bai Xiaoxiang’s notes and saw that he wrote two words in parallel.

[corpse flying fox king]

[Li Gui Pingping]

“It can’t be the corpse flying fox king.”

Shi Xiao wrung his eyebrow and said: “the task of opening up new scenic spots is usually closely connected with the brigade project. Bingjiu killed the right commander of corpse turned flying fox in longyi village and the left commander of corpse turned flying fox in fierce bone plank road. It can be inferred that his task of opening up scenic spots should have been completed for at least half a year. The final monster, the corpse flying fox king, should not be released until the second half of the journey. ”

“The ghost baby may be Pingping’s former child. The corpse flying fox king was domesticated by her. If it appears in the second project, it is likely to appear as the guardian of the ghost baby at the three dynasties cocktail party at the end of the second project. If the passenger chooses the wrong elephant and the human baby, maybe it will come out and punish the passenger. This is the time for C 9 to take action. ”

“Then I don’t think he can find the corpse flying fox king. It’s more likely to find Li Gui Pingping. After all, he has a ghost baby in his hand. ”

His reasoning and analysis was reasonable, which attracted the approval of many nearby audiences. Bai Xiaoxiang always talked and watched the live broadcast carefully. Bingjiu walked in the mountains and forests to find out what the camera meant after watching it for a long time. Most of the audience shifted their attention to the passenger screen to see the passengers’ preparations for the project.

Shi Xiao moved his attention to his younger brother and was worried until a passenger suddenly lost his voice:

“Sleeping trough, what’s this?”


Shi Xiao asked for an envelope. Looking at the split screen of “C 9”, he was so surprised that he took a breath of cold air. Bingjiu had stopped, and on his face, there was a beautiful head on the tangled couple tree!

[fuck, fuck, Bingjiu, what did you find!]

[scare me, this hell thing almost sent me away]

[is that what he’s looking for? It’s terrible. What’s this?!]

“It’s Pingping!”

Shi Xiao blurted out: “he was looking for Pingping.”

But when the voice fell, he frowned again. No, Bingjiu still had feelings for the corpse flying fox king. What did he do to find the fierce ghost Pingping? Did he still want to kill her? Or did Bingjiu receive any tasks related to Pingping?

How could this be possible? Shi Xiao felt ridiculous, but his heart beat faster again. Whether it is to find Li Gui Pingping or corpse flying fox king, in the current state of Bingjiu, it is to die!

The surrounding audience became a pot of porridge, arguing about what the head on the tree was and what Bingjiu wanted to do.

“Not Pingping.”

Just then, Bai Xiaoxiang opened his mouth. He loosened his quill pen and took out a pocket watch.

“Not Pingping?”

Shi Xiao wondered, “but the beautiful head on the tree, she said that she was Pingping…”

Before the words fell, he shut his mouth and realized that he was making mistakes. What the ghost said could not be believed.

However, many people believed the experience of the beauty in the tree. After all, it was a tragic experience. It seemed that Ping Ping, the corpse chaser, deserved it. The barrage was full of analysis on how to calculate the benefits from Pingping and passed the test. Some people worried that Bingjiu should go quickly, and the fierce ghost Pingping should be the most dangerous monster on the journey, It’s not what he can type.

But Bai Xiao’s tone was very positive just now. He was sure that the beauty head on the tree was not Pingping – how on earth was he sure?

“Tree burial is a very ancient type of burial, which can be roughly divided into” wind burial “,” hanging burial “,” empty burial “and” hanging burial “. This head is not embedded in the trunk, but hung on the branches, belonging to” hanging burial ”

“Hanging funeral is the funeral tradition of ethnic minorities in Guangxi, Guizhou and some parts of Western Hunan. They believe that the children are picked up and sent by the flower woman who specializes in raising children. If the child dies young at the age of five, it means that there is” returning flowers “. In order to send the child’s soul to the flower woman, the child’s body will be wrapped and hung on a branch, To pray that the child can be reincarnated smoothly. ”

Bai Xiaoxiang said, “the woman’s head is attacking Bing Jiu, but she is always luring him to the tree. It is very likely that it is temporarily trapped by the tree, which can confirm that it is not Li guipingping. According to your analysis, the corpse flying fox king may be ordered by Pingping to guard the ghost baby grave as the guardian of the ghost baby. ”

“Corpse flying fox can construct auditory illusion. A woman’s head is not necessarily a woman’s head, but there is still this husband and wife tree in its illusion. Probably the tree is the medium of seal. The illusion of corpse flying fox king can disguise it, but it can’t change the tree into a tree, together with the things hanging on the tree. A woman’s head may be fake. It’s true that something hangs from a tree. ”

“To sum up, the monster of C Jiumian is the corpse flying fox king. This tree is probably the real Tomb of the ghost baby.”

As soon as Baixiao’s voice fell, he saw a rocket launcher on Bingjiu’s shoulder in the live broadcast screen. When he shelled the couple tree, the strong white fog broke out, and the sharp and shrill roar of the corpse flying fox King resounded through the whole virtual hall.

“Absolutely, you are absolutely.”

Shi Xiao was completely convinced by Baixiao. The audience nearby were amazed. They saw that there were question marks on the live bullet screen. They couldn’t figure out how Pingping suddenly became a corpse flying fox king. They had a subtle sense of sympathy with each other.

Not everyone is a big man of Baixiao.

The true value of this integral.

Shi Xiao marveled in his heart. Bai Xiao’s careful logical thinking and analytical thinking benefited him a lot. When he looked at Bai Xiao again, Shi Xiao found that he was not disturbed by the surrounding exclamations, but calmly lowered his head and continued to record.

[Bingjiu has bad luck. Pay attention to this point]

Ah, this

Shi Xiao’s eyes are empty, and time is speechless. Soon he had no time to think about it. He made such a loud rocket and killed the corpse flying fox king. The next fierce battle between Bingjiu and the corpse flying fox King attracted the attention of the audience. Even if there was a heavy fog covering the battlefield, they could not see anything clearly, but for the audience who were often shielded, it was enough to have a voice. Occasionally peeping into the huge and terrible figure hidden in the thick fog could cause a wave of exclamation.

Just listening to the voice can feel how fierce and bloody the battle is! The hounds at Shi Xiao’s feet stared at the screen, lowered their bodies, and issued a whine and wary roar in their throat. Shi Xiao’s ears moved. As an old hunter, he could clearly distinguish the painful roar from the corpse of the flying fox king.

Bingjiu has the upper hand.

It’s incredible, but the war is really like this. The corpse flying fox king who can’t leave the husband and wife tree and is still sealed is not Bingjiu’s hand. Maybe the final result is that both sides will lose, but Bingjiu must be the final winner.

Shi Xiao still believed in the situation of the war. He subconsciously went to see Baixiao, wanted to see his analysis, but found that Baixiao had everything written on the parchment. He is holding a gold pocket watch in his hand. At the moment, Baixiao puts the pocket watch on the live screen and moves the pointer.

The pointer of the pocket watch finally pointed to ‘two thirty’.

At 2:30 in the morning, it’s time to get drunk in Xiangxi.

“A hundred pioneers, Bingjiu will win.”

Seeing his move, Shi Xiao suddenly felt uneasy about the reason. He subconsciously asked Baixiao to get some reassuring affirmation.

But Baixiao shook his head.

“I’m not sure.”

Bai Xiao said, “look, it’s three o’clock in the morning.”

Three in the morning? What happened at three in the morning?

Shi Xiao keenly found that this was the second time Bai Xiaoxiang mentioned 3 a.m. and he fell into meditation. At this time, there was an inharmonious barrage on the live broadcast screen. Some people said that Bingjiu was just looking for ? It’s so difficult to get drunk in Western Hunan that even serious tour guides don’t want to open up new scenic spots. Why is Bingjiu so awesome? Don’t kill yourself.

This is not the only one with rhythm. The barrage soon became a movie, and the audience in the virtual hall muttered:

“Bingjiu is really crazy. If he loses and dies, everyone else in the brigade will have to finish it?”

“Yes, how big is it? How big is it? He really underestimates the enemy.”

“The corpse flying fox king, who can’t even be blasted by rockets, how can he still have the courage to rush up?”

“That’s right, Wan Yubing lost…”

“Bingjiu won’t lose.”

Hearing that someone was so sure, the man who spoke just wanted to refute, but looked up at the man who opened his mouth, even Baixiao big man!

Bai Xiaoxiang ignored the agitation of the people next to him, but calmly repeated it again and again: “if you intend to do it, C 9 will win.”

“The battle range is directly near the couple tree. The corpse flying fox king has been unsealed. As a guardian of the ghost baby grave, it is responsible for protecting the ghost baby. Bingjiu is carrying the ghost baby’s residual soul, and he is very close to the residual soul.”

“In this case, the corpse flying fox king will not really hurt Bingjiu, but will only be killed by Bingjiu. If the second scenic spot project is completed, the ghost baby is over, the corpse flying fox king is unsealed, and if you want to kill it, the difficulty of completing the task of opening up scenic spots will be increased by more than dozens of times. ”

“Bingjiu has a very accurate grasp of the time and is well prepared. Even if I am on this journey, I will not do better than him.”

Bai Xiaoxiang’s calm words gradually suppressed the agitation around him. After listening to his words, the audience really felt reasonable. Looking at the live battle picture, although it was obscured by thick fog and could not see the specific scene, it was true that the corpse flying fox king was roaring bitterly. It seemed that Bingjiu only heard him say “quiet” words.

It seems, it seems that C 9 is really going to win?

How is it possible that this silver level tour guide can really complete the task of opening up scenic spots in drunk Western Hunan??

The audience felt that their three views were about to be overturned.

“3:00 a.m. — is it the time when you dropped San for the ninth time?”

Just then, Shi Xiao, who was meditating and repeating ‘three in the morning’, suddenly lost his voice. His breathing was sluggish and he looked at Baixiao in a hurry. It seemed that he couldn’t believe his inference, because it was too strange and terrible——


Bai Xiao nodded: “there was a five minute suspicious pause when Bingjiu went to the main house to pick up the wax dyed cloth bag at 3 a.m. on the night when the brigade arrived at longyizhuang.”

“Excluding other factors, 3:00 a.m. is the ninth time in the morning, and the possibility of San loss reaches 35%.”

“No, it’s impossible. Doesn’t that mean that the countdown to his death has been less than three days since the third day?”

Shi Xiao still couldn’t believe it and murmured, “how is it possible, how is it possible -”

Actually, it’s possible.

If you are not in the low death countdown state, how can C 9 be so strong!

It was his live picture that was blocked so that the audience could not find out the extent of his alienation.

Shi Xiao has familiar tour guide friends. He knows more about the tour guide. When he realizes that Bingjiu has lost San time, he feels a little creepy.

More vaguely, I think Baixiao’s attention to Bingjiu is too heavy. Who will pay attention to Bingjiu at 3:00 a.m. for five minutes!

The idea flashed away, and Shi Xiao was more anxious about the crisis.

“Yes, but as long as the C-9 points are enough to raise the death countdown to the safety area, he won’t fix the 10 point San value every day.”

Shi Xiao was lucky, but Bai Xiao didn’t speak, but just looked at the time.

It’s twenty minutes before three in the morning.

Shi Xiao felt that these 20 minutes were so difficult. During these 20 minutes, the roar of the corpse flying fox king on the screen of the live broadcasting room became weaker and weaker. When its huge figure appeared occasionally, it was full of bloody scars. It seemed that it was only a matter of time to lose.

The barrage in the live broadcast room has completely reversed, and the voices of questioning Bingjiu are more and more. More people begin to mention the celebration of Bingjiu’s victory. The barrage is full of joy.

But Shi Xiao stared at the pocket watch in Baixiao’s hand and refused to turn his eyes. He watched the pointer move and finally——

It’s three in the morning.

At 3 a.m., the corpse flying fox king suddenly stopped screaming, and there was a dead silence in the live picture.

“OK, Bingjiu killed the ghost!”

Some people applauded and even applauded excitedly. They beat the strong to kill the monster alone. This kind of ⊙ makes people excited by adrenaline and blood boiling wherever they see it.

Shi Xiao saw Bai Xiao pick up a quill pen and write down the lines on parchment.

[Bingjiu fell into the state of severe San loss, and the mortality rate reached 65%]

Seeing these words, Shi Xiao’s eyes turned black and his brain lacked oxygen. He suddenly took a breath and found that he had been holding his breath just now. It was like a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing in his mind. When he opened his mouth, he found that his throat was very dry and his voice was very dumb.

“The mortality rate is still 65%… Will Bingjiu die?”


Bai Xiaoxiang said: “Bingjiu can support the negative state of envelope. I infer that he is 35% likely to support envelope this time. Then it is suggested that the corpse flying fox king is still in the sealed state and does not interfere with Bingjiu.”

“I’m sure I won’t interfere!”

Shi Xiao seemed to grasp the straw: “the second project of the second scenic spot starts, and it is impossible for the corpse flying fox king to mention it. Then, if it is unsealed, there are still ghost babies and ghosts in Bingjiu. In any case, he should not die. As long as he supports this negative reaction, Bingjiu will certainly live -”

“Whine –!”

Before the voice fell, the roar of the corpse flying fox king suddenly came from the live screen. A black shadow flew out of the thick fog and fell hard into the stream. The blood suddenly dyed the surrounding water red.

It’s C nine!

The situation was reversed in an instant. People could react. The roar of the corpse flying fox king was very loud and harsh. It was very different from the weak cry of the corpse. The thick fog was dissipated by it, revealing the terrible monster – it was molting, its hard skin was torn off, and harder bones grew in its flesh and blood.

The corpse flying fox king has been unsealed! How could I send something at this time!

“I’m not very lucky.”

Bai Xiao said faintly: “luck is very important for tour guides.”

In his words, he crossed out 65% of the death rate of “Xi” and changed it to 95%.

95%, almost like a dead man.

Shi Xiao’s brain was blank. He watched the unsealed corpse flying fox King roar, go crazy, tear up the husband and wife tree like crazy, and then go away with evil spirits.

Bingjiu was still lying in the stream, motionless, as if he were dead.

“Get up, get up quickly!”

The audience was so anxious that they were anxious, whether it was the bullet screen or the audience in the virtual hall.

“Get up, fuck, you’re dying!”

“Stand up, Bingjiu, get up!”

They can’t accept that Bingjiu, who was just like Zhan, died like this!

What’s more, if the tour guide dies, the passengers on the journey will be finished. The tour guide told them the new project information, and the tour guide’s group will eventually go away!

“Stand up, Bingjiu, stand up!”

Even if they shout loudly and crazily, Bingjiu in drunk Xiangxi can’t hear them. When seeing the corpse flying fox King climbing to Bing Jiu, the sickle like terrible huge limb provoked him, at that moment, countless people couldn’t bear to quit the live studio. Many people closed their eyes and even the sunspots who had been provoked by him closed their mouths.

Mourn the death of a tour guide and observe silence for the brigade that is about to die.

Some perceptual people even shed tears. When they got to this point in drunk Western Hunan, they were still the members of the people who survived, but they lost their halberds here. Who can accept it? People can accept it!

Shi Xiao was trembling all over. His eyes were fixed on the live broadcast screen. He couldn’t move. He didn’t believe that Bingjiu would die until the last second and when Bingjiu really died!

Isn’t there still a 5% chance that Bingjiu won’t die, and there may be a turn for the better, but when the corpse turns into the flying fox King sickle, Shi Xiao’s heart is like death and despair.

“Over, over.”

It’s over, Bingjiu is over, the brigade is over, and his brother is over.

It’s over. There’s no way. Bingjiu is dead——


At this time, Bai Xiao suddenly heard a sound of surprise. He saw that his hand was very fast, connected points in the void, and called up the screen. The picture was set to 0.5 and played again in the seconds when the corpse flying fox King provoked Bing Jiu.

His action immediately attracted Shi Xiao’s attention. His heart jumped wildly and wanted to ask something, but he didn’t dare to open his mouth and hold his breath. Shi Xiao stared at Bai Xiao’s face and saw his feelings from doubt to surprise, and finally to a sudden realization.

The finger points, and the picture stops at the action of the corpse flying fox King provoking Bing Jiu. Enlarge the picture to the maximum and adjust the speed to the minimum. It is vaguely visible that Bing Jiu’s sagging arm delimits the sickle arm of the corpse flying fox king. It seems that there is something golden between his fingers.

It’s too big. Even if you zoom in to the maximum, you can only see the golden light. Bai Xiaoxiang took out a magnifying glass and scanned the picture. His eyes showed a line of words that only he could see.

[di, after judgment, the similarity between the target object and insect mouth props is 56%, the similarity with needle props is 40%, and others may be 4%]

[it is preliminarily estimated that the probability of having the basic function of blood sucking is 95%, the probability of having the special function of concealment and analgesia is 50%, the probability of having the rare function of life transformation is 3%, and the probability of both parts is 0.001%]

[draw up remarks: who will pay attention to blood sucking mosquitoes, buzzing]

The live broadcast picture is like a static picture. The corpse flying fox king who was supposed to tear Bingjiu suddenly stopped moving. It seems a little confused. The sickle like limbs are folded in the body. Bingjiu hangs on the tip of its sickle like that, shaking. The corpse flying fox king looks like he saw it.

It seems that Bingjiu is a mosquito that landed on its limb.

Even if the mosquito is quietly plundering its life, the corpse flying fox king has paid attention to it like the blind one. After all, who will notice the blood sucking mosquito.

When all the audience were confused or shocked, Baixiao put away the magnifying glass and crossed out the death probability just now.

The battle was won by C 9. And he will devour the corpse of the flying fox king and become stronger. Bai Xiaoxiang has a premonition that he can get away from the deep San state. Even if Bingjiu returns to the last San value or the death countdown to zero and completely alienates, he can get out of the journey alive.

Everyone was shocked and stared at the live screen. I couldn’t believe it. Even Shi Xiao noticed what was happening here. Bai Xiaoxiang folded and folded the parchment he had just written with a purple feather pen until it was folded into a square. His fingers rubbed it, and the paper square disappeared between his fingers.

* *

In the Pacific Ocean, the devil sea, in the fierce storm and rain, the sea set off huge waves 100 meters high. The thunder roared like a devil. The snow and lightning tore through the night and brightened the boiling sea. Between the ups and downs of rough waves, the top of the giant stone fortress located in the middle of the devil sea was exposed to the water.

The boulder fortress is made of dark green and incredible stones. The boulder statue is covered with barnacles and seaweed, emitting a strong unclean smell, which makes people feel anxious and disgusted.

Laleier, the place where the legendary “old dominator” kesulu slept, finally surfaced out of the Pacific Ocean after March 1925. Originally, anyone could wear the line of defense composed of violent waves to disturb the sleeping of the old dominator, but now there is a ship that looks extremely retro, Like a medieval three masted sailboat quietly appeared in the waves.

It is like a light petrel sailing through the waves. No matter how big the wave is, it can’t sink. Thunder and dazzling lightning split the sailboat. The terrible monster at the bottom of the sea climbed onto the ship and tried to overturn and destroy it. The passengers on the ship have different colors. Some are trying to calm the surging waves, and some are fighting with the monster. Their moves are like a trail.

But when the huge deep-sea monster like a castle surfaced, the war finally reached the most critical time, and the three masted sailboat, which was extremely slim, was shaking and about to be completely overturned.

At this very dangerous moment, when everyone screamed and prayed in despair, the dim light like the last dusk suddenly appeared and shrouded the sailboat.

For a moment, the deep-sea monster panicked and sank into the deep sea like a natural enemy, the terrible waves subsided, and the thunder and lightning stopped. Except for pouring rain, the critical situation was lifted in a few seconds.


The Chinese who almost fell into the sea just now were soaked and frightened. They scolded a dirty word and waved their Scepter at the mast: “Ann, if you slow down, we’ll go to the sea to feed fish!”

“What the hell are you doing!”

“I’m walking, can’t I?”

The man’s voice, cold and impatient, came from the mast and was as threatening as a disturbed sleeping lion. The Chinese people shrunk their necks and snorted bitterly, “Okay, okay, you’re a violent king”.

After a while, he wondered, “Ann, why did you leave?”

“Haha, I don’t think I’m reading a lover’s text message. Oh, my God, which warrior dares to see you so boldly?”

The Chinese laughed twice, but the lookout on the mast ignored him again. On the mast at the extreme end of the three masted wooden boat, there was a foothold for the lookout to stand. A very tall man leaned against the mast. A falcon stopped on his shoulder, tilted his head, and golden eyes looked curiously at the note between the man’s fingers.

The slender fingers wrapped in combat gloves rubbed, and the parchment strips turned into ash in his hands. The man’s right hand inserted into his forehead, then he pushed his hair wet by the rain, and the evil spirit that he showed immediately startled the Falcon on on his shoulder.

“Is Bingjiu ‘resurrected’?”

The man frowned, his eyes were dark and impatient. His tone was cold and insidious, and he had no feelings.

“I’m so bored. I have to kill him again.”


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