TTG Chapter 320

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 320: The Death of the Sahara (9)

Half an hour ago, outside the Sahara.

“Oh, okay? Boring.”

On the ninth floor of the Sahara of Death, the Half-Life Taoist sighed melancholy, bored, playing with a zombie arm.

Although Zhang Xing hid their blessings, he entered the ninth floor of the Sahara and even caught a little white sand. But without Wei Xun by his side, on the ninth floor of the safe Sahara, Half-Life Taoist felt deeply empty.

It’s boring, it’s boring without Wei Xun. He came here to pursue an opportunity, wanting to complete a breakthrough in danger and regain his strength.

But although this death to the Sahara is very dangerous, in the five-layer red sand hell? It also encountered a big crisis, but Half-Life Taoist felt that it was not enough.

He glanced at the well-behaved Bai Xiaosheng Pai Wei Xun, and the half-life Taoist Yousang sighed.

Zhang Xingzang, An Xuefeng, Dream Chaser, and Wei Xun were still in the black desert and did not come out.

Could it be that what he calculated this time, Wei Xun’s fortune, will be used to allow the dream chaser to subdue the mental illusion, retake the butterfly fragments, and completely control the Sahara?

Can’t let his Half-Life Taoist get a little bit? Just a little bit?

Even Qiansi couldn’t feel Wei Xun, and Half-Life Taoist was about to give up.

“Half-Life Deputy Group, I heard Senior Bai Xiaosheng say that during the last ten years of metaphysics, did you have a journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the Sahara?”

Look, Bai Xiaosheng pretended to be tender, and asked? Come to him.

“Yes, at that time, Team Chen mastered the’Ancient Oasis’, which was almost in this land boundary, but you also know that these polluted and mutated 30-degree north latitude scenic spots? Right, they will all be resolved on the battlefield at the end of the decade. Lose.”

The Half-Life Taoist said casually, these secret matters will be obscured by the hotel and will not be broadcast live. He has long been used to it. Everyone says that 30 degrees north latitude represents the way home, and is the hope of leaving Thriller Global Hotel?, but they don’t know that every ten years, there will be a journey of 30 degrees north latitude in that decade.

Maybe I hope to be on the final battlefield, but I haven’t heard of anyone who really left.

“Look, this? It’s a token of the ancient oasis.”

In the end, Bai Xiaosheng now has Zhang Weixun’s face, and the half-life Taoist looks at him? His eyes are pleasing, and it is also a bit of psychological comfort. He scratched his neck and fished out a necklace, on which he was wearing a shiny, translucent stone.

A group of pale blood is congealed in the jade, and you can only find out if you look carefully, that blood-colored group is a bit? Like a curled up deformed fetus?!

“I heard that there were nine million mutated giants in the ancient oasis. This blood is the result of the Chen team’s killing of the nine giant kings and the collection of the essence of their blood.”

Half-Life Taoist said: “But now it’s an ordinary stone, so it looks good, it can be used as a souvenir.”

This is Chen Cheng’s pendant for the next metaphysical captain. He wanted to try?, before going to the battlefield to transfer the authority of the ancient oasis to the half-life Taoist, but unfortunately it failed. Later, due to some accidents, the half-life Taoist disappeared. Half-life.

When Wan Anpin was the leader of the metaphysics, Half-Life wanted to give the pendant to Wan Anpin. After all, this thing was considered a symbol. However? This token was transferred by the Chen team and couldn’t give it back. Although Wan Anpin didn’t care, Half-Life was really embarrassing. So he didn’t stay in metaphysics. After all, it was not good. He just couldn’t let go of it in his heart, so he finally went to the subordinate brigade to provide for the elderly.

Just as you were talking, a sudden violent earthquake came again, and the uncontrolled death of the Sahara was like being born in an earthquake zone. There are constant earthquakes, cracks, and cracks that appear from time to time, all of which need to be carefully prepared. Everyone is already familiar with this, even if the earthquake was particularly strong, countless rubbles fell and smashed many worm eggs, and thousands of small worms hatched out, causing a certain amount of trouble.

But the earthquake stopped half an hour later, and everyone almost killed the worms, but this time there was an accident!

The Half-Life Taoist disappeared!


‘Tong Hege, do you think this is a real tree?’

Wei Xun communicated with Tong Hege inwardly. When he saw the desert oasis in front of him, his first reaction was a mirage, and his second reaction was that when he encountered the Hamadan wind, the hostel gave an option-if you have a horrible mutant mosquito, you can Avoid the oasis of Hamadangphoon.

‘Is a real tree’

After a while, a ferret trembled and crawled out of Wei Xun’s arms. Tong Hege’s voice was weak and resounded in Wei Xun’s mind. Tong Hege has the orange title of Mountain Ghost, which is a weapon to see through illusions and mirages. Any animal or plant that is real or fake cannot escape his eyes.

‘The date palm will be fruitful in September… it will mature in September and October’

October… The time is roughly correct.

‘How do you feel now? ‘

Wei Xun found that Tong Hege just said a word? He had to take a breath and pause for a while. The infected person who was tied up by Wei Xun’s feet bleeds in seven orifices, muddy, and breathing is very difficult, even so weak that he can’t even sit up? I don’t know if it is true or false, anyway? This person always likes it. Keeping one hand, Wei Xun has kept his heart.

After all, his body is also very painful now, hot and painful, making Wei Xun feel like a steak on an iron plate.

‘I feel bad?’

Tong Hege smiled bitterly:’Unprecedented weakness, strength dropped by at least half’

‘Do you say we are still in the black desert? ‘

Wei Xun and they are now on the edge of the date palm grove, with a yellow desert on the left and a lush oasis on the right. Didn’t Wei Xun venture in? He summoned the Mosquito Xiaojin who had been guarding the drinking fountain for a long time. Since Wei Xun has more and more monsters, Xiao Jin has rarely played, but its high concealment quality, here? It’s very useful.

If it is a desert oasis, there are mutated mosquitoes in the date palm forest, then Xiaojin should have a bit of a topic with them, and it is good to find the way.

Wei Xun looked towards the date palm forest. In fact, the date palm tree looks a bit like a combination of coconut and palm trees. It is extremely tall, tens of meters high, and has a head-like crown like a coconut tree. The leaves are down and feathery. One of the long leaves is a few meters long, clusters of brown-red ripe date palms gather together, hanging down from the branches and leaves, like inverted cauliflower, each cluster has hundreds of date palms.

The enticing, special fragrance permeated the entire date palm grove. Wei Xun put on a veil and kept his breath as far as possible. He contained a detoxifying pollen grain from the Yin and Yang butterfly to prevent the fragrance from being poisonous.

He saw a lot of mature dates falling on the ground, rotten in the soil, giving off a rotten and sweet smell, and there were many traces of being pecked by birds and beasts.

There are birds and beasts, real date palm trees, and Tong Hege also said that they are real trees, not illusions. Wei Xun squatted down and grabbed a handful of sand, feeling it carefully, and didn’t feel any pollution from above.

Then they came out of the black desert? Back to the serious Sahara Desert?

Wei Xun doesn’t believe it, the real power of the dead Sahara has not yet been contested. Unless the great worm dies when it bites the tip of the bamboo shoots of corn, and the token is directly counted as the dream chaser, no matter what? They will not be able to leave the Sahara.

Here? Should be the last test for token holders?

But Wei Xun could still feel the butterfly fragments in his heart, one of which was still slightly hot, apparently feeling something.

What does it sense? Why is there only this piece of debris, with strange feelings?

If it weren’t for when Wei Xun was chased by a great worm just now, Wei Xun felt a subtle attraction from its body, confirming that there were butterfly fragments in its body, and Wei Xun suspected that the Sahara fragments were taken by his brother, so he would put it in. It was left to him in the relics of his parents.

Can’t get in touch with the hotel? Looking at the phone again, there is no signal from the app, and there is no sign of chasing dreams, so I pulled out the knife in Wei Xun, and groaned? A little bit? When I was afraid of pain, the infected person who was’unlucky’ probably thought that this person was drawing the knife to kill him, and finally spoke.

“I feel like here? Something is wrong.”

He found that the communication with Zhang Xingzang in English was also very smooth, so he simply didn’t drag himself in Mandarin: “Here? It’s the Sahara, but not the Sahara we were in before…This is an incomprehensible scenic spot?.”


Wei Xun said coldly and sneered: “You are talking nonsense.”

He is still pretending to be Zhang Xingzang. In this case, Zhang Xingzang’s identity can bring him more convenience. Anyway? I can’t contact the hotel now? Even if he doesn’t have the title of tourist, as long as he doesn’t alienate, no one knows whether he is a tourist or a tour guide. But the words of the infected person moved Wei Xun’s heart slightly.

He had felt that dizzy feeling before, as if he experienced the big bang of the apocalypse. It’s all the same place, but it’s the past? What happened on this land. It is Sahara and not Sahara, Wei Xun has a subtle hunch.

Are they? Are they experiencing this scenic spot of death in the Sahara? The past? And? This scene reappears, is the Sahara’s test of those in power?

That means the death of the Sahara in the past is more dangerous than the present.

“Ahem…I’m not talking nonsense, you are not a tour guide, I don’t know? White?”

The infected person is low, hesitating to speak, and finally smiles bitterly and frankly: “I can’t become alienated now.”

Wei Xun couldn’t change either. He originally thought it was caused by butterfly fragments, but he didn’t expect that the infected person would also have problems.

“Alienation originates from the abyss. When the tour guide becomes alienated, he can feel that he is communicating with the abyss, and the power of pollution will be poured into the body to promote alienation——”

“Do you think I don’t understand.”

Wei Xun chuckled, playing with it? The knife in his hand–according to his idiom with Chasing Meng Longlong, the disguise of the madman’s knife was played out by Wei Xun, and it was so shiny that it could blind people’s eyes.

“If you want to survive, just talk less? Nonsense, huh?”

At the same time, Wei Xun remembered the words of the infected person in his heart. But at the same time, Wei Xun was also puzzled. When he became alienated, he never felt like an abyss of’communication’. He always wanted to change. When the SAN value is lowered, there will be hallucinations, but he also didn’t feel that any external pollution power was poured into his body.

But the most important thing is the immediate matter. The tour guide can’t become alienated. Then there is definitely a problem with dream chasing. The most powerful dream dragon was unable to respond, and the dream chaser was also silent. It can be said that this is the weakest time for dream chasing.

An unfamiliar location? A weak dream chaser, a dangerous, infected person who competes with dream chasing for power-if he were Zhang Xingzang, he would definitely kill this person first.

The infected person also knows this?, but to be honest, he cannot be alienated. He is seriously weak and cannot match Zhang Xingzang. Now the situation is very weird. The tour guides don’t seem to work anymore. Zhang Xingzang is the only hard-powered normal? Ordinary people. Want to leave here? I’m afraid I will have to watch him in the end.

Therefore, the infected person behaves very docilely and does not talk nonsense. Of course, they have to say useful news: “I can tell you a lot of information… Staying here? Long time is not good for the tour guide?. Want to go out as soon as possible?, we cooperate. Best? Of course, I swear I won’t move any thoughts.”

Saying? The infected person used their tied hands with difficulty to push a badge from his chest—the badge of the Western Butcher Alliance, which was neatly broken by him. At the same time, he took the initiative to hand in his storage crystal ball.

This thing is also made by hand, which is quite useful in the Sahara. But now after entering this special place, the infected person has tried it, and the crystal ball can no longer be used, so simply hand it in to earn a little? Trust.

And this also shows that they have no water and no food, except for the exclusive props and titles they carry with them, everything seems to be unusable here, even more stringent than the original Sahara.

What could be more demanding than a scenic spot at 30 degrees north latitude?

That? It’s an unowned thirty-degree north latitude scenic spot?.

The infected feel that they may have fallen into the Sahara layer that has not been explored at all! It is currently known that the Sahara has nine levels, but no one knows whether there is a tenth level!

If this is the test of the Sahara for those in power, then whoever conquers this level thoroughly and finds a way out will have the initiative!

The infected person knows that for nothing, and Zhang Xingzang must know this too, so he becomes more low-key. Watching him hand in the crystal ball, Wei Xun’s heart moved, and he tried Wang Yushu’s special storage space, and he found that this thing was not good? Wei Xun found that only his title and exclusive items could be used.

Such strict requirements suffice to explain? How difficult is the test in this scene to reproduce. Dream Chasing Dragon is still unable to contact him, he has a token, maybe he can know some additional information. Wei Xun still doesn’t believe in the infected.

“Without supplies, why should I raise one more person?”

Wei Xun deliberately asked? The infected person answered simply and neatly: “I can be used as a bait to test poison and explore. If you trust me, I can release gerbils to explore the way, or use naked mole rats to find greatness underground. Traces of worms.”

Forget it, Wei Xun is not crazy enough to let the infected person use the title. He hasn’t lost his vigilance to the infected because he has seen too many guides such as Grade A and S. Rune Master is the head of B4, who is a big tour guide alliance. In the same way, those infected with A4 must not be taken lightly.

Don’t? Forget, he found the passage of the unstable Sahara and got the tour guide of some tokens.


Even in the afternoon, the sun was still venomous, the temperature was at least forty degrees, the sand was hot, and Wei Xun was sweating from his back. Ming? Ming? There is an oasis next to me, but I can’t go in? Rest, okay? After a quarter of an hour, Xiaojin finally came back. It brought a lot of good news-there are many ferocious mosquitoes in the date palm forest, and there are many people. Big mosquitoes, but these mosquitoes are not magic insects, they are more like pure mutant mosquitoes.

Xiaojin took control of a group of black and white mosquitoes located at the bend of a small stream and got a lot of news.

Date palms are non-toxic and edible, and the stream water can be drunk. There are dry caves on the rock wall next to the stream. Although there are many mosquitoes near the stream, they can be sheltered temporarily.

In addition, there are many animals in the date palm forest, which can be hunted for food.

Was the infected person awake? Still inconvenient, Wei Xun gave him a mouthful with a small golden dragon. Really? After confirming that he fainted, he made Tong Hege a human form and dragged him to the rock cave by the river. This is a very spacious and long natural cave. The highest part of the cave can accommodate a person to stand. It is not very deep. It is more appropriate to say that it is a large rock crack.

Wei Xun tentatively released a piece of corn shoots. Seeing that it has adapted well, he asked the corn shoots to swallow all the weeds, dead branches and floating sand in the cave rock crevices. Soon, the corn shoots licked the rock clean. There are maroon patterns on the walls, beasts similar to cows and birds, and weird totems. Obviously, these are not creatures that can be found in the Sahara today.

Legend has it that the Sahara in the ancient times was a grassland oasis with lush water and grass. There was a splendid ancient civilization. There were explorers who discovered many gorgeous and colorful large-scale murals in the Sahara, which shocked the archaeological world. Wei Xun suspected that the murals in his rock crevices were similar to this. The petroglyphs on the rock crevices stretched to the outside, and there were a lot of rock paintings outside. Wei Xun asked the corn shoots to clear out several rock walls nearby and found that there were petroglyphs.

Ancient civilization?… Is this related to cracking here? Leaving?

Wei Xun silently put on the crow brooch, pondered, and decided to send corn shoots to clean the rock wall. In addition, there are collecting dead branches, water sources, picking jujubes, hunting, exploring how big the oasis is, and looking for the traces of great worms——

He sent ten sections of corn shoots, and put four sections into the ground to ambush, and then two sections were hidden in the cracks of the rock, and two sections were guarded by the infected person.

Although the sun is still big now, Tong Hege estimates that it is about four o’clock in the afternoon. The desert will soon become cold after the sun sets. And, tonight, Wei Xun is very likely to get the new DEBUFF in the Doomsday Penalty.

This is an incomprehensible scenic spot. There are still great worms missing. Wei Xun does not intend to go deep. This oasis is so rich in resources, Wei Xun always felt that there might be an unknown danger here.

“Thanks to dream chasing.”

Wei Xun sighed and patted the warm big egg in his arms. If it weren’t for Chasing Dream, I cut the corn shoots into 18 sections, but now it’s really not good? Allocation. It’s a pity that Chasing Dream can’t move at all now, and the cracks on the dragon egg will no longer crack. Wei Xun could try to buckle the crack to manually break the shell of the dream chaser, but in this case, it is safer to have a hard eggshell protection.


Wei Xun, who was resting temporarily, suddenly wanted to take off the strange pet egg that Hong gave him. I wonder if this egg is here? Can it be hatched? Is it a prop or a life form?

Tong Hege is also very strange, according to him, here? Can’t use props, can’t communicate with the hotel? It’s like a more demanding journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the development. Although the storage props were made by Wang Yushu, are they imitating the hotel? Props are not made out of thin air, and they are also restricted.

But the eggs are different. This kind of pet egg breeding method is good? It is like a secret passed down by Feihong through generations. It has nothing to do with the hostel. In theory, it can be incubated in reality.

So the possibility of hatching it is very high.

According to Qi Lecheng’s words, Wei Xun was about to break his fingertips, sucked in air, and dripped blood to the egg in pain.


When the blood falls on the eggshell, it is like hot water dripping into the snow layer, eroding a hole directly. Then the whole egg began to sway, starting from this hole, and cracking outwards. Wei Xun felt a faint sense of kindness and dependence from the egg, and the creatures in the strange pet egg seemed to be unable to wait to come out!

What could it be? Although the remarks said,’It’s just a small pet! Don’t? Expect it to help you kill enemies and clear attractions?’, but Wei Xun also hopes that this thing will be more useful. If the attack power is not applicable, then the practicality should be considered.

Black-footed cats that can hunt, fennec foxes that can explore the way, fawn gazelle that can eat, camels that can ride or African ostriches are good?

Wait, can such a small egg hatch a camel or an ostrich?

‘Father, father! ‘

Just as the cracks on the eggshells were getting more and more, a piece of corn shoots that was clearing the rock wall in the distance suddenly called Wei Xun eagerly, and suddenly attracted his attention.

What did the baby corn find? After careful identification, Wei Xun found that the tone of the bamboo shoots was full of surprise and joy, without much panic.

‘Father, Father, there is you on the rock’

‘Don’t be afraid of bamboo shoots, this is our home! ‘

Um? What’s the bamboo shoots talking about?

The words of the corn shoots were so weird that Wei Xun felt terrified. He looked over with the corn shoots’ eyes, right? He saw a large petroglyph that it had just cleaned out—this petroglyph painted a huge humanoid. biology.

Wei Xun was utterly ridiculous, and the corn shoots were silly. When he saw a man painted on the rock painting, he thought it was him. In particular, the person on this rock painting is still a giant, just a bust, but it is more than six meters tall. The body and limbs are out of proportion, the limbs are extremely long, the head is very big, and the facial features are only the eyes.

One of the eyes was in the center of the face, but the other ran to the side of the head, looking very skewed, and he wore a spherical, huge helmet-like hat on his head.


Wei Xun found that this mural resembled a Saharan petroglyph known as a ‘prehistoric miracle’! The giants on the petroglyphs are like corn shoots. They are grotesque and funny. They wear spherical helmets and thick ‘clothes’. They look a bit like spacesuits. They are jokingly called the ‘Great Mars’ by some scholars. God “maybe a visitor from the outside world.

But Wei Xun thought of the hostel? A long time ago reminder, ‘The giant in the depths of the dead Sahara seems to have escaped the bondage. Be careful, that huge blood-red eye may be in the dark, staring at “you”, and I can’t help but feel horrified.

If there are mutated giants in the dead Sahara, maybe there are here too! This fertile oasis full of date palms may be the ‘orchard’ of the desert giants!

Wei Xun ordered the corn shoots to continue cleaning up the petroglyphs, and the other corn shoots looked far away. He stood up, and asked Tong Hege to help him recuperate as much as possible—if there are desert giants here, they must leave before nightfall and seek shelter again!

At this moment, Wei Xun’s cracked strange pet egg suddenly became heavy, as heavy as a dozen shot puts. He couldn’t hold it at all and threw the pet egg directly to the ground.



The egg shell cracked directly, and with the immature and loud shouts, Wei Xun was rarely stunned in the next second. Even the infected person who had just awakened but was pretending to be unconscious was shocked.

I saw that a two-meter-high humanoid was hatched in this small eggshell! It has brown skin painted with olive oil, a big head, big body, and chubby limbs. It looks like the juvenile body of a weird giant on a mural, and this “pet” stands up neatly as soon as it hits the ground, and then Give Wei Xun a bear hug.



At the same time, in the depths of the sand sea, a camel team appeared in the sunset, and they were walking towards this oasis.

It seems to have experienced a bitter battle, whether the camel or the people are covered in wind and sand, scarred. In order to reduce the burden on the camel, most of the stuff on the camel is the material. People lead the camel with one foot and one foot shallowly on the hot sand. However, there were two camels carrying a comatose who was seriously injured.

But at this moment, the leader suddenly stopped.

“Captain, what’s going on? Isn’t the oasis in front a shopping spot? Xiaocheng can’t stand it anymore.”

Someone asked anxiously and hoarsely? Someone complained and mumbled, what do they say? It’s just a super dangerous journey, why is it so difficult. Blame the goddamn butcher guide, or something.

When the captain spoke, everyone was silent.

Just listen to the captain’s cold tone: “It stands to reason that this should be the shopping point in front of you? And the rest point tonight?”

“But I felt the breath of a desert giant.”

The author has something to say: drop! Merchant Wei Xun is about to go online, he is carrying a desert giant cub who can help sell goods (?)

This is a desert giant, it is selling goods for you, saying, thank you giant!

[Equivalent to a repeat of the scene! Not to travel back in time! 】


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