TTG Chapter 321

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 321: The Sahara of Death (10)

The giant breath in the desert oasis made the captain hesitate, but it was getting darker, the cold wind was blowing, and the Sahara was so dangerous at night that two players who had already been sacrificed could testify.

If we stay here any longer, the sweetness of human flesh may lead to the terrible monster chasing them. They are mentally strained to the limit, exhausted to the limit, and badly injured players need to rest urgently.

Determined, the captain decided to move on.

The oasis in front of them is their only hope tonight.

“That… could be a pet.”

Wei Xun’s expression was somewhat indescribable, and now he was standing, with the brown giant cub sitting on the ground in front of him, but even if he was sitting alone, the giant cub had a higher head than his lumbar.

Weixun held out one hand. Giant cub reached out neatly. The big palm of a cattail fan larger than An Xuefeng covered Weixun’s hand. It seemed to like the game very much, with the huge red eyes crooked in the middle of its face and the big red eyes winking happily at the ear position.


“Without a mouth, how does it speak?”

Tong He Ge touches the chin research and Best can not understand it. What he did not understand was how Weixun hatched a two-metre-high monster from a pet egg that was the size of his palm.

No attack? It looks aggressive!

“Rare pet eggs, hatched monsters correspond to special steps.”

“The infected person exclamates that he can’t pretend to be unconscious any more when he finds out that Zhang Xingzang is still carrying a big guy back home with his song.” Although there is doubt about Zhang Xingzang’s identity, smart people never know what to say or not to say. What’s more, the’Star Treasure’could have hatched a giant cub from a pet’s eggs! It’s just lucky!

For such a lucky person, the infected person has always been able to meet and stay away. Now the infected person respectfully treats him as Zhang Xingzang.

If the monsters are classified, Yu He Hui is a five-star celestial step and the next step is a special step. Yu Hehui had eaten Tianhu Needle for the first time before and recovered 1% of her strength, almost at the level of a superstar.

If this giant cub is a super monster, it really does not do them much damage. But the problem is –

“God, a newborn baby has a special order, and when it reaches adulthood it will probably be a monster of the order.”

Infected people breathed heavily and Tong He Song was even more concerned. What this pet egg hatches is entirely local. The ability to hatch giant cubs either means that there are absolute giant groups in this area or that there are races in this area who keep giants as pets.

Either is terrible, and by contrast, this ugly little giant is more likely to put them at risk of exposure.

It’s exposure, it’s opportunity.

“Xiaosha, come on, left hand.”

Weixun named the giant cub after all, it was hatched in the desert, so it is also suitable to call it Xiaosha. Looking closely at the giant’s body, it had a brown, sparse, long coat of hair that barely counted down to fluff. However, his IQ was low and Weixun called several times and did not respond that this was his name, but Weixun thought it was OK.

It seems to be just instinct to call papa, and it would be truly horrible if this giant had just been born with intelligence to speak.

After teaching several times, Xiaosha could not learn and started to cry because he was hungry. Fortunately, when Xiaosha listened, he was ordered to shut up by Weishu just after a clamp and now shed silent tears. But such a big pup has big muskmelons in its eyes that it is stressful to watch you weep.

At this point, however, the infected person turns sharply and gazes at the edge of the oasis as they approach.

He felt the smell of a guide! But the other party was weak, at best a class B guide, and seemed to be badly injured, so close that he could feel it.

Infected people are more aware if a title can be used or if it is somewhat dissimilar. Unfortunately… he looked at Zhang Xingzang and reported the news immediately. At the same time, the infected people are confused.

It’s a clear no-break journey here, how could such a weak guide come in? And the guide feels like he’s still a member of their West End Butcher Alliance… no, it may be a spiritual illusion, a mirage, a terrible monster that hides his identity, a trap!

The right path is to fight back in secrecy as soon as possible or to evacuate from the desert oasis!

“There are also travelers, not a small number.”

Tong He Song looked over there almost at the same time, and his expression was also in a flash of surprise.

“With travelers, we are weak and the strongest is just a high-ranking traveler.”

Wei Xun was surprised that he could have seen the murals on the rocks and feared that the repetition would not have happened thousands of years ago, but travelers had reassured him. Curious as it is, this brigade is not an antique of the past, how many years have it been in existence?

And the next second Wei Shun suddenly felt a slight whirl in his mind, and it was just around here!

Halfway in? How is this possible?

But it will not be bad. It is clearly a tie. Weixun only ticks a little and the other party rushes to him quickly. He*s just as happy and straightforward as a piglet.

Why are Half-Life people here? And Wei Xun feels that he seems a little panicked – what would be the thing that would panic half-lives? Will this new’team’be related to him?

Wei Xun originally thought that this new appearance might be related to the small sand, which had just hatched before they arrived, but now it seems that the time of Half-Life is more suitable for them.

On reflection, Weixun did not leave the oasis crevice. The suggestion made by the infected person, which was temporarily concealed with sand, was also directly rejected by the guard.

If there is no camouflage, then the high-ranking travelers, for Tong He Song, are so weak that even the corn bamboo shoots can be swallowed — with one heart moving, the guard gives instructions to the corn bamboo shoots hidden in the sand, and communicates remotely with the halfway people through the ties.

“No, it’s a trap!”

“Damn it, forget the camels, run away!”

“Captain, captain, go away quickly, and I’ll leave you with this responsibility. Leave me alone, you go away quickly -”

“Be quiet and do not disturb it.”

Five seconds later, the edge of the desert oasis is completely chaotic into a pot of porridge, swearing, howling and the sad whistling of camels, stirring together like a boiling pot of boiling water. Yellow sand overflows the sky. The hard sand surface suddenly sinks like quicksand. Several camels are swallowed by quicksand in an instant. What makes the travelers want to crack is a monster hiding in the yellow sand like a serpent!

However, even if we were afraid again, when the ten-meter-long monsters stood up like pythons and emerged from the Yellow sand, the entire brigade did not collapse and fled in great panic, but maintained its basic formation!

The first captain calmly ordered the camel to be abandoned to see if the monster would swallow it regardless of them. When the monster still locked them, the captain pulled out the sword behind him, but not attacked the monster.

Such a powerful monster might have the power of a superstar, not that they can handle it now, not that they are fighting. The captain’s sword with the purple title of “Cold Mountain Sword” brought severe cold when it was sheathed. It was clear that the hot Sahara had instantly become like autumn.

The huge monster was clearly attracted and looked at him, not everyone could withstand the horrific pressure, but the captain with the sword remained motionless.

When the monster was unearthed, the captain noticed that it was hairless, like an underground bug. Underground creatures have always hated the heat and dry and prefer the cold and damp.

The captain still thought the oasis was a safe place to shop, and the monster should not be their enemy, perhaps a test.

The attack is wrong, and it is only right to let the monster dispel hostility. But as the monster sways closer and closer, the grey-pink, soft head faces his face, and when the monster opens its large mouth full of sharp teeth, the captain’s back is sweating cold.

If his judgment is incorrect, the team will probably be buried by him.

But the next second is when the monster suddenly stops moving!

“Hey, you guys are cute.”

“A childish voice sounds from behind the monster, but it looks dark in this scene:””True, if you dare to harm an adult’s pet, you probably won’t see the moon tonight.”

With the irrepressible short exclamations of his teammates, a huge shadow hung down and the captain’s pupil shrunk, it was only at this moment that he realized that there was a monster hidden in the desert!

Two huge monsters, they can’t handle them anyway!

But the next moment, the captain was delighted again. Such a monster is a merchant’s pet! It’s possible to deal with the monsters that are chasing them. If this is a shopping spot, it’s a buyable item, and they can buy one… This time the task of opening up a new attraction is more likely to be accomplished!

There is also this strong young man, who calls the merchant of the shopping mall’adult’, so the merchant may be stronger. They are here these days and should be able to sleep well.

“Yes, you’re right. We never thought we would harm them.”

The captain bowed to the evil forces and said respectfully, “We admire the great man’s pets because they are so powerful. Can you take us to visit him?”

It’s impossible to bargain with such a strong businessman, just lick it to see if it feels good.

However, he had just fallen, but heard only a gust of wind coming across his face! What a fast sword, he didn’t even respond! The captain did not step back, and he did not feel half hurt in front of his face. The sword only cut through his windshield towel and goggles, and the towel fell to reveal his face.

To identify him? Or is it because the captain of the brigade, not the guide, is approaching?

But it felt a little strange, and the captain noticed the other party’s gazing, almost eager eyes, as if he could burn a hole in his skin. But strangely, the young man did not say anything and finally left silently.

Very strange.

The captain thought, but when he saw that the two monsters had let go and even spit out the camels he had just swallowed, he felt relieved that they had passed the test.

“Captain… that man’s sword is fast.”

The palpitated team member came over, several people picked up the injured person and several people surrounded the captain. In the sand in front of the captain was a peach sword. The sword has a smooth body with no burrs or sharp edges. This peach sword is buried deep in the sand, leaving a handle outside to know how much force the other party is using.

But the other party threw the sword with such great force, but it didn’t hurt him at all. It was enough to see how powerful the other party was.

“A fierce swordsman.”

The captain lamented that his eyes were shining. He pulled out the peach-wood sword preciously and carefully wiped it with special soft cloth — returning the sword may be a task point, but the captain could not help thinking about it and longing for it and regretting it.

He was looking down and did not see the sword, only felt its force, but it was enough to dazzle him.

If he had the opportunity to communicate with that young swordsman for a while, it might be a greater asset to him than opening up new attractions.

The frightened camel knelt on the ground and could not move. The captain left a person to watch the camel and the rest entered the date palm forest. The butcher guide in the West Side of their team was knocked unconscious by the captain’s swords and had no communication with the guide. It did not look like a place to live in, or even a tent.

But the travelers, who had just been intimidated by the monsters, were as safe as they were at home in the date palm forest. After placing the badly injured team member, the captain went to the conspicuous wall behind the date palm forest, which seemed to have many pictures on it.

“Half your life… are you half your life?”

Half-life people have done a good job with corn bamboo shoots, and they are also very happy,’Father, Father, it’s so cool, bamboo shoots are so happy! Bamboo shoots also laughed at him hey hey!’, But the violent fluctuation of Half-Life emotions caught Wei Xun’s attention, which could not be totally suppressed even though the ties existed.

Not only have the negative emotions, but also have the positive ones. The guard clothes are fed with goods, creating emotions of excitement, shock, disbelief, guilt, disappointment, etc., and then he is curious.

What’s the name of a foreign team that makes half-lives so excited? Scenario repetition… not that brigade he knows?

The Sahara had been an endless journey for a decade, not a place for advanced travelers. That repeat scene… ten years ago?

But the next second, Wei Shun’s thoughts were interrupted. Before he met halfway, the halfway person who had been directed by Wei Shun to test the brigade finally came back. When he looked at the person in front of him, Wei Shun was shocked rarely, and Tong and Song were surprised and asked for him.

“Half life?!”

“Yes… it’s me.”

Weak, sad voice a little familiar and a little unfamiliar. This voice is really too young, just like the person in front of you.

Weixun never asked how old a half-life Taoist was. He did not look very big, pale and weak, with very good skin, just as he did in 278. But in fact, Half-Life Taoist and An Xuefeng are almost as old as they are in their thirties.

But the half-life person in front of us is a young teenager, a little younger than 20 years old!

He shrunk a whole circle, and his clothes were as wide and wide as sacks. In the first half of his life, he seemed to lose his soul-like expression, which he could not even recognize for the first time.

Wei Xun was thoughtful.

Cut out the ten years and the last ten years… only half-lives of the last generation were affected, and they were all normal…

“Half your life, meeting an old acquaintance?”

“Cold, Wei Shun asked.”


Half-life people still have dizzy eyes, even a little confused. He can barely remember that there is a “Zhang Xingzang” in front of him, with his mouth open, mumbling:

“Team Zhang… I saw the captain.”

“Captain, deputy and…”

Suddenly the half-life man could not speak, bowed his head, and Weixun knew the time.

The scene repeats, which is more than 20 years ago, may not have been captain or senior traveler. Chen Cheng, captain of the previous generation of Metaphysics, led the team to explore the Sahara.

It could be a repetition of this node scenario… Wei Xun suspects that Chen Cheng has also opened up new attractions here, thus opening up a 30-degree journey to the Sahara north latitude over the last decade?

Just like Weixun opened a new attraction in the beautiful West of Hunan and opened the tomb of the Tusi King.

All of a sudden, there was an interest in Weixun. What was their task of dreaming about coming here? What was the Sahara test?

Last generation, last generation of Saharan attractions… that’s really interesting!

Soon, a black and white mosquito swarm hiding in the date palm forest was reported and someone came over.

The writer has something to say: Tomorrow there will be more changes at noon or afternoon, little angels.

Good night, see you tomorrow!

Infector: Smart people never know what to say or not to say

[A half-life person should have a qwq in his mind]

Half Life: Captain whine, you won’t be angry if I cut your goggles and veil with a sword? I scare you with two big bugs, you won’t beat me? Whining QAQ is so terrible that the guard doesn’t speak with his face on, unlike me, I only feel sad for the captain!




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