TTG Chapter 322

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 322: Nutrient solution 620000 Jiageng

Before meeting the young brigade captain, the half life Taoist reluctantly restrained his thoughts and stroked with Wei Xun about the time.

In the last ten years, metaphysics had a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, just in the Sahara, called the ancient oasis.

“Look at the current time, it may be 31 years ago when Captain Chen Cheng opened up new scenic spots.”

At that time, the journey was extremely dangerous. Most of the team members who initially went to Sahara with Chen Cheng died. Chen Cheng is also permanently disabled. Because of the particularity of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude, even hotels can’t cure it. Later, in order to hand over the keepsake of the ancient oasis to the half life Taoist, Chen Dui told him about the past.

“There were people from metaphysics at that time and people from Laoshan brigade and regiment. They were all from the younger generation at that time.”

Just like the half life Taoist who led the team across the Miluo River, Chen Cheng was also regarded as the leader of the next generation of metaphysics and began to lead the team alone. Metaphysics has always been without a guide, and they have no fixed guide.

“The brigade was unlucky. After coming to the Sahara, it was assigned to the Western butcher guide, and encountered rare quicksand and big sandstorm. After the guide was disposed of, the two people in the team were seriously injured, which was not irreparable, but when the Western butcher guide returned to zero alienation, it attracted desert giants and triggered the task of opening up new scenic spots.”

“The giant hiding in the sand directly killed and swallowed the two seriously injured people, and the rest fled to the desert oasis.”

“An adult desert giant?”

Wei Xun grasped the key point and frowned.

“It’s an old desert giant. They found half a giant corpse in whale Valley and thought it was dead, but in fact, the giant has extremely tenacious vitality.”

With the nourishment of flesh and blood, it looks withered and shriveled. The giant with only the upper body expands like a sponge full of water. Every night, the giant will appear like a ghost, kill the people in the team and eat them, including this desert oasis, which is also driven by the giant.

The old giant is smart. He wants to keep humans in the jujube forest.

“Team Chen… He may think this is a safe shopping spot. After all, they were only a super dangerous journey in those days. It is reasonable to say that there will be shopping spots.”

Half life Taoist sighed. It is reasonable to say that there is, but in fact there is No. Without a guide, the hotel seemed to have a problem at that time. Without a hint, they were driven away from the direction by the giant. This oasis is their burial place.

But without breaking or standing, team Chen finally defeated the strong with the weak, killed the giant, got his first orange title, and took the brigade out of the Sahara. But there were only three of the original thirteen players.

“This is a replay of the scene. We’ll come in… Maybe it’s related to me.”

Half life Taoist is not blind. The age of Wei Xun and the infected person has not changed. Only he has shrunk by 30, which makes half life Taoist think of the invalid ancient oasis Keepsake hanging around his neck.

Bai Xiaosheng seems to have mentioned this to him before, and then he disappeared in the earthquake… Did Bai Xiaosheng think of this long ago? Alas, it’s a pity that half life Taoist was full of Wei Xun and didn’t care at all.

“I should have a way to let us leave.”

Half life Taoist hesitated and said that if it was really related to him to come here, his pendant could let them in and let them leave. Even if not, the quickest way to leave here was to kill Chen Cheng and his team.

Anyway, this is a replay of the scene, not real. The past can’t be changed anyway. Although he missed the old captain and half life Taoist when he was young, he can also distinguish what is the most important now.

The power of death Sahara has not been reached yet. Chasing dreams is the most important thing. Returning to the black desert early with the help of an Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang is the key.

The infected person remained silent and felt that the half life Taoist was right. Leaving is the safest. But he knows very well that this is not an occasion for him to speak.

“Leave for what?”

Sure enough, the next second Wei Xun asked, “you can take out the things in the scene replay.”

He brought out a lot of springs in the replay of the Apocalypse big bang before. It doesn’t make sense that you can’t take things out in the reproduction of this scene. This is a scenic spot that can open up 30 degrees north latitude. It is definitely a treasure house! There are 36 mosquitoes alone, which can definitely increase Xiaocui’s gene bank.

“Yes, I can…”

“In addition, we will enter here. Maybe this scene will be repeated, which is the final selection and assessment of those in power.”

Wei Xun patted the dragon egg in his arms. Although there was no movement in chasing the dream, the dragon egg was still warm and the pollution on it was eliminated. Wei Xun felt that everything was getting better.

Wei Xun didn’t intend to leave immediately, whether it was for the butterfly fragment with a heart change or for the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the last decade.

Chen Cheng… Was a man of the last decade. When he was in high rank, he should also be a connecting year.

Undertake the last decade, and the middle figure of the last decade.

Wei Xun is thinking about his parents. If his parents are really Hotel people and give birth to his brother and him, according to their age, his parents are more likely to be people who have been in the past ten years.

Chen Cheng may know some news.

“Shouldn’t they have some shopping, but they didn’t meet it.”

Now Wei Xun has the final say, and he decides: “I will be a businessman.”

Since you want to pretend to be a businessman, you have to prepare. Although the storage props copied by Wang Yushu can’t be used, Tong Hege can swallow them very well. Before leaving, Yu Hehui made two preparations and let Tong Hege swallow a lot of things.

Chen Chengxian stopped by the stream and observed for a while. It’s good news to replenish fresh water resources, but there is water and food, which means that there may be wild animals or monsters in this oasis. But the soil by the stream seems to have been turned over by something, and all kinds of footprints can not be seen at all.

He thought of the two giant worms. If the water source was touched by the worms, could it still be drunk? But Chen Cheng tidied up his clothes and washed his face. There was a shortage of water in the desert. Their faces were covered with sand. It’s impolite to meet people.

After washing his face, Chen Cheng looked at the rock wall again. Sahara means “great desert” in Arabic, but it is not just a desert. The sand coverage of the Sahara is less than one fifth, and most of the rest are exposed rocks and sand beds. It’s like a large area of Rocky Mountains and gravel behind the oasis.

Chen Cheng noticed the murals on the rock wall at a glance. It seemed that the rock wall had been specially cleaned. It was particularly clean, and the murals above were clearly visible.

Murals… There may be information about giants.

“On the rock wall 100 meters to the East, there is a six meter tall bust of a giant.”

When Chen Cheng thought so, suddenly, a voice sounded in front of him, and a young man who looked very kind appeared in front of Chen Cheng.

The large rock fissure is clean without any sand, weeds and gravel. A soft and clean Tibetan blue generous blanket (prepared by Yu Hehui) is paved on the ground with golden tassels on the edge, which is very exotic desert style. The handsome young people sat on the square carpet at will.

Although wearing a headscarf and white robe, the young people are dressed up as Arabs and locals, but they are pure oriental faces, black hair and black eyes, and their skin is as white as jade. The refreshing coolness spread around him. It was milder than the cold of Hanshan sword, but more comfortable.

But Chen Cheng suddenly mentioned his heart.

He saw a young man with a hooded face and a headscarf standing behind the young man like a bodyguard, expressionless and awe inspiring. What is more terrible than him is that there are four giant worms winding around the young man. It is not the disgusting gray powder colors he just saw. They are bright and beautiful colors.

One is soft yellow and bent like a backrest, the other is light powder and bent like a handrail. One is the same color as yellow sand and is very clever when trampled under the feet of young people. The other is light green and climbs on the rock crack, and the strip tentacles fall like a cloth curtain to block the shade. This big rock crack is so colorful, but before the young man spoke, Chen Cheng didn’t notice it like a ghost covering his eyes!

The one that most shocked him was the one kneeling in front of the young man, a giant more than two meters tall, brown, deformed and tearful!

This is a reduced version of the giant chasing them! Unexpectedly, the businessman he met this time was so strong that Chen Cheng was heartbroken!

“I’m boss Wei, the owner of this desert oasis.”

Wei Xun noticed Chen Cheng’s expression. The reason why he showed his original appearance (the infected person was taken away by Tong Hege) was to see if Chen Cheng would react when he saw his face – he looks like his brother. There’s no reason why he doesn’t look like his parents.

Unfortunately, Chen Cheng had no special reaction.

Wei Xun sighed in his heart, imitating the words of Wu Laoliu when he was drunk in Western Hunan, and said faintly: “you led an ugly desert giant to the date palm forest. To be honest, I don’t welcome you very much.

The merchant knew that a giant was following them! Chen Cheng was awestruck and suddenly thought of a lot. Have the desert giants chased them to the oasis? Or have they deviated from the route. The desert oasis was deliberately driven by the giant?

No, it shouldn’t be so bad. There are businessmen here. And look at the young giant kneeling in front of him crying and being teased by him as a pet. Maybe the desert giant is also his plaything.

That’s right. Otherwise, why does boss Wei deliberately say “ugly” desert giants? Chen Cheng knows that “ugly” is the most serious problem for him, and desert giants are second.

“You’re right. With you in charge, the old ugly giant will never dare to set foot in the oasis.”

Fortunately, he washed his face before he came. Chen Cheng thought. Of course, he should have different attitudes towards different businessmen. He didn’t mention bargain shopping at all, and then sincerely opened his mouth: “it’s a great kindness for you to take us in. If you have any needs, speak as much as possible and we will do whatever we can.”

Chen Cheng glanced at the colorful worms and guessed that old Mowei was very happy. It seems that boss Wei prefers fancy worms.

“Help, you help me?”

Boss Wei seemed to hear something funny. First he couldn’t help laughing, and then he said casually: “it’s the mature season of dates. You can pick all the dates in the oasis for me… By the way, I like all kinds of insects. Whether they are on the ground or underground.”

Wei Xun disobeyed his heart and said, “if you can find me more kinds of insects, I will give you extra rewards.”

The author has something to say: half life Taoist priest: look, he just likes insects

Chen Cheng: look, he just likes insects

Corn shoot: my father just likes me! Hey hey!


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