TTG Chapter 323

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 323: The Sahara of Death (11)

“Although oasis is not a five-star home stay, food and water are provided. You can eat and drink as you like.”

With the words of boss Wei, Chen Cheng finally put his heart down and returned to the temporary camp built by his brigade. The team members have unloaded all kinds of materials from the camels and moved to a relatively flat gravel ground on the edge of the oasis.

Two of the thirteen people in their line died, and two of the remaining ten were seriously injured. At present, everyone is divided in work. Some climb up trees to pick dates, some burn fires, some filter drinking water, and several tents are set up. Everything is in order.

Seeing him coming back, the team members gathered around one after another. One of the tallest people with a Zhang Guozi face said, “Captain, he Yunlai’s injury has stabilized, but Xiaocheng…”

Xiaocheng was badly hurt. He was the one in charge of the broken leg in the team. He was bitten off by the old ugly disabled giant. The giant’s teeth don’t know what virus or bacteria there are. At the moment, Xiaocheng’s broken leg wound is swollen three times, and yellow green dirty pus flows out. He is red all over, has a lot of rashes, and his high fever doesn’t go away.

“Have you run out of medicine?”

“I’ve tried, captain. You know, the effect of props here is too bad…”

Sahara is a super dangerous journey, and the effect of any props in the hotel is weak. What’s more, now the hotel doesn’t know what’s wrong. Even captain Chen Cheng can’t contact the hotel, and he’s not even sure whether the route he’s taking is right.

The next scenic spot is indeed a ‘desert oasis’, but it’s not necessarily the one in front of you.

“Captain, what do businessmen sell?”

Someone asked anxiously, “are the points enough? I have more here.”

“No points.”

Chen Cheng shakes his head. He has seen Xiaocheng’s injury with his own eyes. He knows there can be no delay. After a few words, he pulls the man with a big face aside.

“Tang Shuang, how many maggots did you catch from the dried corpse of the Dragon King whale?”

There are countless relics in the depths of the Sahara desert, as well as countless fossils of ancient marine organisms. It is said that tens of millions of years ago, northern Africa was an ocean, but now there is a valley in the Sahara, where many huge fossils of ancient whales are found.

This valley is called wadial Hitan, or whale valley. It is also the first scenic spot of Chen Cheng’s brigade. There are more than ten meters long ancient whale bones and many ancient creatures in whale valley. They want to find the most special dried body of Dragon King whale in it.

The Dragon King whale, also known as the emperor lizard, has long been extinct and is considered to be the ancestor of modern whales. Thousands of years ago, the former sea overlord now has only bones, but the Dragon King whale they are looking for has become a special semi dried body state and is suspected to have been polluted.

Just because they were looking for a mummy, they found the mummy of the disabled desert giant at the beginning and dug it out completely from under the sand. Later, when dealing with the butcher guide, someone was injured and blood droplets fell. In addition, when the butcher guide finally returned to zero, there was widespread pollution, which led to the “recovery” of the giant’s mummified body.

But they finally completed the task of the first scenic spot. They found the dried body of the Dragon King whale. Tang Shuang also found some special insects in the dried body.

“All five are there, captain. Although they are on the dried body of the Dragon King whale, they are not maggots.”

Tang Shuang was helpless: “if maggots are really good, they can at least eat the rotten meat on Xiaocheng’s legs… Why are these insects useful?”

“Oasis businessman doesn’t charge points. He likes all kinds of insects.”

Chen Cheng said calmly, “he has at least six worms of the kind we met at the edge of the oasis. In addition, he has a little giant.”


Tang Shuang immediately widened his eyes and hurriedly said, “is this the kind of ‘third guide’?”

There are many kinds of Hotel shopping groups, but not all of them let you buy “specialties”. If you encounter an extremely difficult journey that cannot be solved by the current strength of the brigade, there is also a small possibility that another kind of businessman will appear. Without special props, the difficulty of scenic spots can be reduced by strength and deterrence alone.

From the old brigade, most of the tourists who know a lot call this kind of businessman the “third guide”. Normal businessmen rely on hotels, so they only charge points, while big businessmen are similar to guides, and they have a contractual relationship with hotels.

However, this kind of merchant is more troublesome to tourists than those who sell specialty products, because this kind of merchant is more likely to accept other things or ask passengers to do things for them, and some requirements are even more demanding than simple points.

Tang Shuang immediately understood the reason why the captain found him. Their metaphysical people basically don’t play with insects. Except for Taoists, most of them play with ghosts, zombies and paper people. At present, Tang Shuang plays with skeletons in his team. On weekdays, he likes to explore new bones in his journey.

He took a bottle of scavenging insects with him, which could quickly remove the residue and stains of broken meat on the wild bones and clean up the newly discovered bones during the journey. In addition, if any insects are found during the journey, they are mostly kept by him.

“All five of the Dragon King whales are still alive.”

Without saying anything, Tang shuangsan took out a breeding bottle. At first glance, the bottle looked empty. When he looked carefully, he could find that there were faint circles of lines inside. It’s a transparent, almost invisible worm. It’s very long and thin. When it’s rolled up, it can fill the whole tank head bottle and large breeding bottle.

I don’t know what these ancient insects eat and what’s the use. After Tang Shuang collected them, he sealed them in a breeding bottle and identified them after returning to the hotel.

“Does he want only insects in the Sahara desert, or all kinds of insects?”

Tang Shuang took out a small breeding bottle, which was crawling white maggots on the humus soil. A few pupated, and a few flying green headed flies: “do you want to eat rotten meat? My emerald can bite off the rotten meat of monsters. At least it’s a low demon insect.”

“I want the greenest one. Give me two long worms on the Dragon King whale. As for the others…”

Chen Cheng pondered for a moment and asked, “this businessman is different. If he is strong, his worms are amazing. I think he prefers to collect colorful insects.”


Tang Shuang nodded solemnly, “I see.”

He was a little reluctant and took out two more breeding bottles in pain. Compared with the previous breeding bottles, the newly taken breeding bottle has moss, coconut soil, dead leaves, broken bark and branches, which is like creating a miniature landscape.

On the short twig of one of the breeding bottles, there was a caterpillar with long thorns and beautiful colors. The color of the rainbow can basically be found from it. Moreover, the caterpillar is especially fluffy. It looks like it hurts.

In another breeding bottle, there is a beautiful mouse woman of extra large size. It is different from the common tide insects. Its head is tender yellow and there is an orange yellow flat front edge in the middle. It looks like a duck’s bill. It’s very cute. It looks like the pet duck rat woman sold outside, but Tang Shuang is obviously a special variant of the hotel. Originally, the rat woman one or two centimeters long is as big as the rain flower stone.

Tang Shuang caught these two insects during the journey. The red caterpillar he calculated can make people have good luck. This rat woman brings a little luck and stays with people all the time. Although it is not a precious thing, it has been raised for several months and has some feelings.

When Chen Cheng took it away, Tang Shuang chased him and said, “Captain, Hongniang and duck will look good. If the strength is not strong, if the merchant can’t see it, you should bring them back safely!”

“I’ll take others to catch other insects in the oasis!”

“Some things can be brought out from the scene replay, some can’t, and you can feel it naturally when you encounter it.”

On the other side, the half life Taoist was telling Wei Xun about the replay of the scene.

“It will affect what has happened and can’t take things in the future.”

For example, the dates in the oasis. If Chen Cheng’s team didn’t have any food and survived by eating dates, it would be impossible for Wei Xun to pick all the dates. But he picked most of them and took them away, but it was no problem. After all, Chen Cheng didn’t eat so much.

Dates, insects in the oasis, and of course Wei Xun is most concerned about——

“That is to say, I can take Xiaosha.”

After all, Xiao Sha hatched in the scene reproduction. He has a special race. Wei Xun is not very accurate.

“There should be no problem.”

Half life said, “in those days, their first scenic spot was whale Valley, the third scenic spot was desert oasis, the third scenic spot was petrified forest, and finally left from the eye of the Sahara. Oh, the new scenic spot opened by Chen Dui was the ancient king’s court.”

The ancient king’s court is a relic of the king’s court belonging to the desert giant, which is finally connected to the 30 degree north latitude scenic spot “ancient oasis” in the last decade

“Eyes of the Sahara…”

Wei Xun felt thoughtful and touched the big egg of chasing dreams. The scenic spot opened up by the dreamer in the Sahara was the eye of the Sahara, which was finally connected to his journey “death Sahara” at 30 degrees north latitude.

He now feels that the result of this scene repetition is related to the pursuit of dreams. They are finally competing for power, but they have not confirmed the final general direction. Although he didn’t wake up, the great worm was not found for the time being, but the infected person was still in his hand.

“You said only three people in this team survived in history?”


Half life Taoist broke his finger and counted to Wei Xun: “the sword comes from Hanshan Chen Cheng, Bone Demon Tang Shuang, and rotten Taoist Cheng Tianbao.”

Then he sighed: “all the people in this team were the most potential newcomers in metaphysics and Laoshan. As a result, most of them died, and those who survived also had irreversible sequelae.”

Tang Shuang, half boned and covered with bandages, is shrouded in Cheng Tianbao – and Chen Cheng and Chen team – under the black robe emitting a faint smell of decay all day.

Half life Taoist thought of the young, resolute, calm and physically complete Chen team he had just met. His mood swings were noticed by Wei Xun.

“Can’t the scene repeat change?”

Wei Xun asked curiously, “they died because of the disabled giant. If you killed it in advance, it wouldn’t happen?”

“Killing the disabled giant in advance may cause other chain reactions.”

Half life said Humanitarianism: “it is possible to be noticed in advance by the giant tribe and attract more giants to chase and kill. The pollution released immediately after the giant’s death makes everyone infected with fatal diseases. The giant’s death leads to more monsters and so on.”

“Moreover, it makes no sense to protect everyone to the eye of the Sahara.”

Half life Taoist said calmly, but his words were calm to cruelty: “at the end of the scene replay, the damn people will still disappear, and the people who are still alive will not remember all this.”

If Chen Cheng and those who went to the battlefield were still alive, they would not have more memories. In their memory, there would not be boss Wei and unknown young Taoists to help them tide over the difficulties.

“Whether a thing has meaning or not is not so.”

However, Wei Xun smiled. He stood up and walked to the half life Taoist. The young half life Taoist became shorter. Wei Xun finally patted him on the shoulder. Wei Xun whispered in his ear:

“Do you want to see them go to the eye of the Sahara… Everyone lives to the eye of the Sahara?”

“Yes, of course.”

Half life Taoist reluctantly said, “but the problem is -”

“No problem.”

Wei Xun said directly, “you are responsible for the brigade. According to your judgment, it depends on your choice whether all the staff survive to the eye of the Sahara or let history repeat itself.”

“I’m busy. I don’t have much air traffic control.”

“If you need help, go to Tong Hege. Two people in their team are seriously injured.”

“Don’t you always want to restore your strength?”

Wei Xun finally smiled and said meaningfully, “maybe this is your opportunity.”

After that, he turned and left, ignored the half life Taoist, and went back to find Tong Hege and the infected person. He is really busy and has a lot of things to do, but he said that half life Taoist should choose by himself? It just sounds good.

Wei Xunke also holds the lead wire and can pay attention to the emotional changes of half life Taoist at any time. He sent Tong Hege to him again – in fact, everything is still in Wei Xun’s hands.

Half life Taoist is more familiar with the temperament of these people. It should be twice the result with half the effort to win trust or cliche with him. He can’t do everything himself.

“I guess they will pick dates or catch insects in exchange for therapeutic drugs.”

Wei Xun said to Tong Hege, “look at it. When you’re almost done, go and see them. The disabled giant is coming tonight. I don’t want them to be unable to protect themselves.”

“Wei Xun, try to contact the security team again”

Tong Hege apparently agreed to come down, but secretly talked to Wei xunmi: “before the early morning of tonight, you’d better get Baisha to solve the doomsday punishment.”

‘I will.’

Wei Xun nodded. After Tong Hege went to the half life Taoist, he looked at the infected person. The infected person is also a strange person. He didn’t protest at all after being bitten unconscious, dragged away, and deliberately taken to the rock mountain. Obviously, he has strong psychological quality and many ideas.

Wei Xun has always liked the idea of governance. He doesn’t even have to be reasonable to them, because they always think about it by themselves.

So he took out a knife to the infected person and said, “show me your Toxoplasma gondii.”

The infected person had a pupil collapse on the spot. He was always docile. He finally protested: “Zhang, are you going too far?”

“Yes, I went too far.”

Wei Xun was slow, with deep eyes: “so, do you give it or not?”

At this moment, infected people have thought a lot. Why did ‘Zhang xingzang’ suddenly change his attitude towards him because he found that his true identity had been exposed and decided to cut down the roots! But this is also that he basically didn’t hide well. His infected person guessed it wisely. Is it still his fault!

And now this man has left tong Hege. Do you think you can deal with him? It’s a joke. Even if this person is really Zhang xingzang, if it’s the person he wants, the infected person can’t imagine how the other party can kill him. He’s also A4 infected anyway – no, this person is obviously deliberately provoking him!

The infected person felt that all this was too deliberate coincidence. As soon as Tong Hege left, this man threatened with a knife? No, I’m afraid both Tong Hege and half life Taoist are hiding in the dark. Even the dreamers may wake up and kill him directly when they have a dispute!

No, no, the infected person found the blind spot again. If you want to kill him, just kill him. Why bother?

Yes, I’m afraid they still want to use him in the East. After all, there is a suspected western tour guide in the brigade. I’m afraid they need him. And those in power have no eyebrows. These people will never kill him directly.

They do this, probably to take advantage of his extreme resistance to suppress him again, deter him and make him obedient!

The infected person suddenly enlightened. He understood!

Now that he understands, he will not suffer in vain. Isn’t that obedience.

“I’ll give it to you.”

The infected person said decisively, but the next moment he hesitated: “but the mutant Toxoplasma gondii is the product of my alienation state, I can’t alienate now…”

Just give it directly, I’m afraid it will make the other party suspicious. The infected person detours and tries to make a look like talking about conditions: “of course, if you really want it, I also have a little surplus goods, but after use, I will be seriously injured and can’t move again. I hope Tong Hege can try his best to treat me…”


‘Zhang xingzang’ smiled and said perfunctorily, “I’ll never let you die.”

The rest means that you can’t think of any good treatment except that you won’t die. Ha ha, sure enough, I just want to weaken him, which is all expected by the infected person!

Of course, he gave that Toxoplasma gondii won’t hurt himself at all, just say so first. I’m seriously injured. It’s normal for me to fight against disabled giants or great worms.

“Well… That’s good.”

The infected person made a forbearing expression, pretended to be weak and coughed up a small tube of blood. Toxoplasma gondii is extremely tiny. It is an intracellular parasite that flows with the blood. After coughing up this tube of blood, the infected person’s face immediately became gray and pale. It was almost like dying at any time. Finally, Zhang xingzang couldn’t bear to feed him some medicine, so that he could barely support it.

Leave nezhaling here to guard (‘hey, I want to eat dates! ‘), and Wei Xun goes to the front. After turning around, he finally laughed and shook the test tube.

“Xiaocui, do you want to try?”

Wei Xun told Xiaocui that he didn’t know if Xiaocui could be so powerful that he could even get rid of this intracellular parasite.

“Master, Xiaocui is not sure. It’s too small.”

Xiaocui complains that her voice is a little tired. After returning from the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, Xiaocui has never been idle. The explosive soldiers are annoyed with the evil insects. Xiaocui has been studying the excellent genes of maggot cocoons, small red nematodes, Chlamys hairballs and bee Taoist magic bees. In addition, the most excellent responsible magic insects and corn shoots in the Weixun magic insect camp, she wants to see if she can come up with a new and excellent magic insect that conforms to the owner’s aesthetics.

But Cui she is still only a female milala after all, and her level is not too high. There are too many high-level magic insect genes, which are a little uncertain. It makes the responsible magic insect evolve again. The responsible magic insect was originally similar to a ladybug, but now it has a layer of golden fluff as thin as satin.

Eating its fluff will give rise to a sense of responsibility to its owner faster – the medicine Wei Xun just filled the infected person with a few hairs.

Just experiment.

Xiaocui showed up and tasted a drop of blood. She said seriously, “this kind of devil bug is very infectious and may affect each other’s genes. If I melt directly, it is very unlikely to control me.”

Then Xiaocui said, “if you can inject it into other magic insects, let it infect other magic insects first, and then I can reproduce with each other, it should be similar.”

“OK, you must pay attention to safety”

Xiaocui said it was like detoxification, but it did sound feasible. Wei Xun also wants a stronger parasite that can invade cells.

“In this oasis, your mental and physical activities are free.”

Ren Xiaocui collects all the magic insect genes in the oasis, and Wei Xun gives her a drop of Butterfly Tattoo blood for Xiaocui to use when it’s important.

No matter how strong Toxoplasma gondii is, it can’t be stronger than Maria butterfly.

Thinking about insects, Wei Xun returned to the front and saw Chen Cheng send insects.

“Mutant maggots on the carcass of overlord whales, big green headed flies, rainbow peppers, little yellow ducks and big tide insects.”

Half life Taoist named these insects in an extraordinary way: “and my mutant golden ant, sir, you absolutely like it!”

Looking at the insects in the transparent breeding container, Wei Xun, who had been skilled for a long time, was still a little suffocated. He put on his new gloves and touched them one by one. He suddenly understood what the half life Taoist said before: “if there is something you can take away, there is something you can’t take away, then you will know.”

When he touched the mutant maggots, he didn’t feel it. When he touched the spicy seeds and the spring tide insects, he felt a slight discomfort. Compared with this feeling, it was very obvious.

Tang Shuang offered the spicy seeds and spring tide insects, which he raised. Tang Shuang was the one who survived the journey. He should have kept them all the time, so Wei Xun can’t take them away. Although Wei Xun, a green headed fly, didn’t feel unwell – he felt unwell when he looked at it!

Fortunately, maggots don’t change this thing – they should know they shouldn’t change!

Thinking of the maggot cocoon that had not been moving, Wei Xun was a little gloomy for a moment. After taking a deep breath, he saw the mutant maggots on the dried body of the overlord whale and the gold eating ants presented by the half life Taoist.

The gold eating ant is very ugly. The metallic ant body is covered with dense bulges. It sounds like sprinkled sesame seeds. It can make Mi fear scream when it’s ugly – but the insects are equally ugly in Wei Xun’s eyes.

But besides being ugly, it’s really aggressive. Look at those sharp jaws, long spirit, and even the most ordinary worker ants are intermediate magic insects!

If Xiaocui can cultivate troop ants, it’s at least a high-level demon insect.

Wei Xun boasted a few words. Chen Cheng, who stood beside the half life Taoist, saw all this in his eyes, thought deeply and updated boss Wei’s demon bug preferences.

“Thank you for sending the doctor.”

When boss Wei looked at him, Chen Cheng said, “their situation has greatly improved!”

In this level of journey, there is no disease that Tong Hege can’t cure. Even if it seems that he is bitten by an old giant, Cheng Tianbao, who is the most seriously ill, can barely stand up. Chen Cheng is sincerely grateful, and the half life Taoist can’t help but hook his mouth. Then he thought that if Cheng Tianbao had not been ill, he might not have had the orange title of “decadent Taoist”.

But if you want to rot all over the next ten years, you can only wrap a bandage and become gloomy and secluded from the sun

It’s better to be healthy all the time.

Hey, Wei Xun is really a kind man.

Although in any case, the reality can’t be changed, Cheng Tianbao, who watched it get better with his own eyes, is much happier. He couldn’t help thinking.

An Xuefeng is really lucky to be able to connect with Wei Xun.

“Boss Wei, there’s something I want to tell you.”

Chen Cheng pondered for a moment and said seriously, “some secrets about the desert giant who chased us.”

An Xuefeng’s face was black and he didn’t say a word. He looked serious when he tightened his mouth. He looked like he could eat the guide raw.

Now he wants to eat the lizard Duke, Zhang xingzang and Zhang xingzang’s illusion raw!

At the moment, he has stood in front of the black rock cave that Wei Xun once avoided, but now the cave has been empty, leaving only a faint sense of disobedience. This feeling made an Xuefeng think of a repeat of the scene. He inserted the returning knife into the ground, and the blade reflected what happened here.

As an Xuefeng expected.

He closed his eyes. Next to him were Zhang xingzang with a drooping face and the magic xingzang turned into black fog. After discovering that the extinction of the black desert suddenly stopped and feeling that the dreamer had another accident, the two finally stopped fighting.

“Look here.”

An Xuefeng said faintly, “I’ll go to the other side.”

You can’t take these two people anymore. Taking them will only drag you back!

Finally, an Xuefeng, who got rid of Zhang xingzang, took out his return knife and rubbed it carefully. In the past, his return Dao and Wei Xun’s maniac’s Dao were pasted together to establish some contact with the puppet master and the latter.

An Xuefeng knocked on the blade on his way home. The next second, he stabbed his heart with a knife!

It’s getting late. We must immediately lock Wei Xun’s position in the “Scene replay”.

Confirm his time point and find him immediately

The author has something to say: the little angels have been waiting for a long time! There will be a catch-up at noon tomorrow, boo boo!


An Lanyi: this blessing is for you——

Half life Taoist priest: I want, I want!

Uruguay: he wants, he wants!

An Lanyi: it’s impossible! Get out of here!


Wei Xun: insects are as ugly in my eyes.

Ugly eighteen bamboo shoots: QAQ

Chou Tsui: QAQ

Ugly Yin Yang Butterfly: QAQ

Ugly maggot, ugly red, ugly bee, ugly ball, ugly Toxoplasma: QAQ


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