TTG Chapter 324

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 324: Supplement

There is a special connection between tour guides and passengers. When one party is seriously injured, the other party will immediately feel it. Different injuries, different connection depths, the details that can be sensed, and the effects are also different. Similarly, tour guides and brigade leaders wearing rings will have special calls and rush.

This is also why it is not a deep connection, but the way to stab the heart can be used by an Xuefeng, and Zhang Xing will be greatly reduced if he hides it. The ring is really important.

On the way home, the knife pierced through the heart. The tight and suffocating pain hit, but an Xuefeng looked the same. The pain was ordinary to him. A drop of heart blood was smeared on the ring by him, and then an Xuefeng closed his eyes and felt it carefully. He is calling, waiting for Wei Xun’s response.

Although this call has distance restrictions, Wei Xun disappeared in the black desert, and the scene should be the same history in the Sahara. They can say that they are in the same space and will not have induction problems.

Once Wei Xun responds and confirms his position, an Xuefeng will immediately rush to him.

“The giant’s secret?”

On the other hand, in the desert oasis, Wei Xun, who was listening to Chen Cheng, hooked his mouth, and then said faintly, “it’s just a desert giant. What rare secrets can there be?”

“I’m not completely satisfied with the devil bug you present. If you want my protection, keep trying.”

Without hesitation, Wei Xun turned and left. Before leaving, he hooked up the lead wire and half the Taoist knew it. After Wei Xun left, he came to Chen Cheng and pretended not to care: “adults have more knowledge, and the desert giant is just a plaything for him.”

Then he said, “I’m a little interested in it. You might as well tell me.”

Sure enough, boss Wei is familiar with creatures like desert giants.

But Chen Cheng is a little strange. Boss Wei was obviously interested just now. Why did he suddenly change his face? But it was good news for them that he was familiar with desert giants. Collect more dates and magic insects, and maybe you can get a lot of information about desert giants, such as weaknesses. Then they can deal with them by themselves.

After all, this is his task to open up new scenic spots. Relying on others’ help too much may miss a good opportunity.

“This is your peach wood sword.”

Chen Chengwen said that compared with the uncertain boss Wei, he had more favorable feelings for this seemingly rebellious teenager. In other words, Chen Cheng always appreciates and admires people who can use swords and can use good swords.

“I took care of it a little. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Yes… My peach wood sword.”

Half life Taoist remembered that when he first met, he threw his sword and cut Chen Cheng’s scarf and goggles. After taking the sword, he coughed and said dryly, “are you okay, I mean -”

“Of course I’m very good. Your grasp of the sword Qi can be called perfect. I don’t know what kind of teacher you are. Ah, sorry, I don’t want to explore your teacher, but your sword is really good.”

Chen Cheng apologized and smiled. He looked a little ordinary, but once he smiled, he was very charming and infectious: “I’m Chen Cheng.”

“I’m… Wei Laosan.”

Half life Taoist was shaken by Chen Cheng’s smile. For a moment, the person in front of him was a little strange. Team Chen seldom smiles and always has a serious face. Half life Taoist never saw him laugh, whether he was teaching him sword skills, paper cutting people, or during the journey and the celebration at the end of last year.

Only when he finally went to the battlefield, on the last night of the half life Taoist communicating with Chen Cheng, he finally saw Chen team smile, which seemed to have the meaning of relief. At that time, half life Taoist people really realized that they would not come back after they had been on the battlefield for ten years.

Today, ten years later, Chen Dui’s free and easy smile is still imprinted in the heart of half life Taoist. Now he is asked to learn from his teacher. Half life Taoist opens his mouth. They like to accept Taoists in metaphysics and Laoshan and people with martial arts foundation. It is precisely because of the title that they can also get by teaching martial arts.

For example, manipulation of paper man, corpse control, Maoshan technique, seal character, sword move, body method and so on. It’s just that ordinary people without foundation want to win the title by learning. It’s better to fight for a title task in the journey. These two have their own advantages and disadvantages, but a brigade like metaphysics, which has experienced for many decades, has accumulated countless supporting runes, zombies, ghosts and even various magic tools.

Having supporting titles, of course, can better inherit these, which is equivalent to standing directly on the shoulders of predecessors.

Although half life Taoist is best at corpse control and Maoshan martial arts, Chen Cheng has carefully taught half life Taoist swordsmanship, Tang Shuang taught half life Taoist bone control, and rotten Taoist Cheng Tianbao taught half life Taoist rotten. Of course, he can use swords.

Who did you learn from? Of course, it’s Chen Cheng.

“I don’t have a master. I’m self-taught.”

But I can’t say.

Change, at least let them all live to the end in this scene replay? Seeing Chen Cheng in front of himself, the half life Taoist’s heart surged, and he suddenly blurted out:

“I think you have a lot of luck.”

Half life Taoist made up a task: “well, tell me the story of the giant. And the little giant raised by an adult is crying for a long time. You find some food to feed it.”

“If I am satisfied with what I can do, I may exchange some experience of using the sword with you.”

Half life Taoist thought it was great to get information and give team Chen some benefits. He also knows Chen Cheng. Compared with their direct killing of the disabled giant, Chen Cheng probably wants to complete the development task by himself.

It’s not a shame to teach the little master what the master taught him, and then get the information back and forth as soon as you get it! No, Chen Cheng’s eyes are bright!

On the other side, Wei Xun returned to the rock fissure. Thoughtfully, he stroked his heart. Just now he suddenly left, not only to sing red face and white face with half life Taoist, but also because his heart beat was disordered just now.

A little anxiety and worry haunted him, as if someone had been seriously injured in a place he didn’t know. Wei Xun took out the ring. Although he didn’t wear it, he always took it with him. The gem in the middle of the ring turned ominous blood red, like a blood stained heart. When Wei Xun felt the ring carefully, he suddenly saw something.

It’s an Xuefeng’s heart!

Wei Xun has seen it and has recognized it for a long time. An Xuefeng’s painstaking efforts flow to the ring. He is calling him and wants to get in touch with him. I hope Wei Xun will respond.

It turns out that the connecting ring can still be used like this!

Wei Xun understood. He responded directly. The next second, an Xuefeng’s concise words rang out in his mind:

“If half life Taoist is around you, he may have Sahara white sand in his hands.”

“You’ll be there in a minute. Wait for me!”

The response time was short. An Xuefeng spoke in a hurry and spoke very fast, but he explained everything. However, after three or four seconds, the sound of Kung Fu words disappeared and the ring returned to normal, but Wei Xun smiled happily. His heart beat very fast and the sound of his heart beat like the sound of someone’s footsteps.

Although I don’t know how an Xuefeng will come to the scene replay, Wei Xun believes that he will come soon, only an hour at most. Now it’s dark, there are stars in the night sky, and the cold wind blows. The desert temperature is very low on the night of October. There is a fire on the edge of the oasis. It should be the fire generated by Chen Cheng’s brigade.

The disabled giant will attack at night, but since an Xuefeng will come in an hour, a disabled giant is not enough to see.

Wei Xun planned to maximize efficiency.

Be more weird.

Wei Xun left tong Hege to watch with nezhaling, and then walked to the campfire.

“Dates have a high status in Arab mythology. It is said that ananna, the daughter of the God of heaven, is in charge of all dates, beef and grain in the warehouse. She is also known as Mrs. dates.”

Beside the campfire, half life Taoist priest has integrated into the group and listened to Tang Shuang talk: “so the captain judged that this oasis is a safe point. That’s right. The oasis where dates are located should be a safe place protected by anana.”

“That’s not necessarily.”

A young man with a bandage on his leg retorted: “In the Arab cosmology, ‘the giant fish Bahamut floats on the ocean, with a giant cow on its back and a ruby mountain on its back. There is an angel on the mountain, with six hells on its head, the earth above the hell and seven heaven above the earth’. You say that God lives in heaven, but the giant fish Bahamut who can carry so many things is no worse than God Harm? ”

“We found the carcass of the overlord whale and the carcass of the giant in the whale valley. The giant and the giant fish may represent Bahamut in Arab mythology. In this way, the date palm forest is at most the giant’s orchard, and Anan is the keeper of the giant’s orchard. She will not protect us, but also be an accomplice of the giant.”

“In any case, be vigilant tonight.”

Chen Chengdao broke a branch and threw it into the campfire. In the flickering light, he suddenly saw boss Wei coming like this.

“Boss Wei?”

Chen Cheng stood up. All the team members who could stand up got up and looked curiously at the legendary ‘boss Wei’. As the captain said, the boss Wei was very exemplary. He just nodded at them faintly, and then

Then he rode on Wei Laosan’s back? No, Wei Laosan is still a child!

Young back adult, this scene looks strange!

Half life Taoist is used to carrying it on his back. Although he has become smaller, he still has the same strength. After hearing Wei Xun whisper a few words, he was surprised and then happy. He just walked out with Wei Xun on his back for two steps and remembered the old team members. He turned and asked, “Hey, we’re going out to hunt. Are you going?”

“Kill what?”

Chen Cheng asked subconsciously.

“Kill giants, worms, all kinds of monsters in the desert.”

Boss Wei said faintly, “come if you want, but we won’t protect you extra.”

“Captain sleeper, are they really so strong?”

The team members heard a sense of arrogance from the understatement of boss Wei. This is the strong. They have the strength and are not afraid of all dangers! They are young talents and have some blood surging for a time.

“Captain, I want to go!”

Tang Shuang couldn’t help it. Cheng Tianbao responded the third: “I want to, too. My bandage is completely out of the way!”

Chen Cheng was also a little excited, but he was calm and finally decided to go alone, and the other team members stayed in the camp for the time being.

“The disabled giant came because of me. If I was alone, he would definitely give priority to killing me.”

It’s like wild animal hunting. If their team keeps getting together, I’m afraid the other party will kill and eat the weak wound first, but if he leaves the team alone, the other party will definitely come to him.

The strength of Old Wei and old Wei San is first-class. I’m afraid the disabled giants can only find him alone. Chen Cheng immediately realized that this is an opportunity!

“It’s safe to stay here. There will be worms to protect you.”

But two minutes later, the team agreed. Chen Cheng came out, and the three of them soon disappeared into the darkness, leaving only the yearning eyes of the rest of the team.

Gallop on the dark desert and kill those arrogant monsters. Blood splashes and sand waves surge. What kind of pride is this!

A quarter of an hour later, Chen Cheng, who was still galloping on the dark desert, turned a little white.

A huge, truck like desert lizard chased after them, and the scarlet and powerful long snake ejected like a bullet. If any creature is stuck, it may die in the lizard’s mouth.

Not far from the lizard, there are several big black and shiny snakes. There shouldn’t be snakes of this color in the desert, but it seems that the recovery of ancient giants has made subtle changes in the whole desert. It hasn’t rained, but the desert is wet, as if it can hold water. Lizards, strange snakes, desert worms and mutant gold eating ants——

Many monsters in the death Sahara can be found in the Sahara tonight, and these monsters are like crazy. They won’t attack each other at all, but chase after them together!

The Sahara at night is too dangerous!

Chen Cheng dodged a mouthful of venom and finally asked in a low voice, “there are many monsters behind…”

Why don’t you just gallop and don’t do it

The author has something to say: from Arab mythology

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Wei Xun: I’m boss Wei!

Half life: I’m Wei Laoer!

An: I’m husband Wei!

Sun Mou: I’m Wei sun Bao!

Chorus: we are a family!

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