TTG Chapter 325

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 325: The Sahara of Death (12)

“No, not enough.”

Half life Taoist understated and continued to gallop. Since he knew that an Xuefeng would be there in an hour, half life Taoist also put it up. What’s that weird? They are just used as bigger bait! This is not a success without a star driller worm or an adult giant!

Isn’t that enough?

Chen Cheng choked and silently enlarged his pattern. Maybe the second guard has a special sword technique. The more enemies, the greater the power. Or the leader of the guard has a deeper plot. He wants to attract more powerful enemies with this eye-catching move?

But this Sahara is really dangerous! Chen Cheng even feels that he can’t catch up with these monsters. Even if he is the promising leader of the next generation of metaphysics, he is only a high-level passenger after all.

But now the monsters chasing after them are difficult to explain with super dangerous level!

“Sure enough, in essence, it is still the assessment of those in power.”

Half life Taoist priest used lead silk and Wei Xun to beep.

“Heavy pollution… We’re getting bigger”


Wei Xun has been carefully sensing the hot butterfly fragment, and uses its active tendency to choose their flying direction. Sure enough, he meets some rare and terrible monsters. In addition, Wei Xun also found that these monsters are generally too large.

“Is the pollution of ancient oases huge?”

Wei Xun is interested.

“Maximization… Rather than assimilation”

Half life Taoist explained as he ran with Wei Xun on his back: “the monsters in the ancient oasis were very big. People or any creature would be assimilated if they stayed here for a long time. Whether it is body shape, food habits, language, or IQ, it will be assimilated. It is also very troublesome to eliminate this kind of pollution. You can only stay for 22 days at most in ancient oases, otherwise you will — ”

“What’s over there?!”

Suddenly, the half life Taoist screamed, and the deafening hum sounded in front of them. It was like dozens of land mines. A desert golden Scorpion the size of a pony was “bombed” out. It ambushed on their only way to hunt the enemy, but it never thought that there was a nest of monsters under the sand nest!

The buzzing sound that makes people’s scalp numb sounded, and ancient giant mosquitoes like black fog flew out of the hole with a large head! In an instant, the golden Scorpion was drained of blood, and Chen Cheng, who had excellent eyesight, saw the huge mosquito belly with a head after spreading his wings, holding sand gray eggs one after another!

These are all female mosquitoes! They are thirsty for blood. Only a large amount of blood can make their mosquito eggs mature. After sucking the golden scorpion, hundreds of ancient giant mosquitoes flew directly to them! Every ancient giant mosquito has the strength of medium-level magic insects!

“Turn around and go east!”

Half life Taoist changed his face for the first time. There were too many giant mosquitoes in ancient times, which was not easy to deal with. He grabbed Chen Cheng with one hand and held Wei Xun on his back with the other. He accelerated suddenly. Chen Cheng was almost thrown out. They were like a motorcycle in the desert. They roared up two pieces of flying sand, which pasted Chen Cheng’s face.

But in Feisha, there are no such dense mosquitoes with terrible wings. Even if Chen Cheng has good psychological quality, he can’t help feeling numb. Just now, the ancient giant mosquito almost passed him. Chen Cheng saw a giant mosquito holding the leg bone of a bloody lizard with a needle mouth sharp enough to pierce the bone and suck the bone marrow!

I’m afraid they can also pierce people’s heads. Most people will be afraid of giant mosquitoes. At this moment, Chen Cheng even wondered whether boss Wei and second brother Wei can deal with these monsters? If you really want to do it, it’s time to do it now!

With doubts and worries, Chen Cheng looks at boss Wei, but the next moment he is stunned. Boss Wei is not contaminated with any sand. His white scarf and white robe are still as clean as new. If he adds a cup of mint tea in his hand, it will be as leisurely as walking on the streets of Morocco in the afternoon.

He didn’t seem to hear the buzzing sound that made people’s scalp numb – no, he heard it. Boss Wei smiled and listened. Even Chen Cheng felt that he used his appreciative eyes to see the ancient giant mosquitoes!

Hey, I finally practiced it.

Wei Xun thought.

At first, he had to wear gloves when he pinched the four maggots. Now… Although he still can’t lack gloves, at least he can see the insects without anything. When Chen Cheng saw that boss Wei was laughing, he was actually communicating with magic mosquito Xiaojin.

After fooling around in the jujube forest in the oasis for a long time, Xiao Jin recovered a large number of mosquitoes of various colors. As a male mosquito with excellent magic mosquito lineage and full of charming breath (Butterfly Tattoo blood), it also has special mimicry that appeals to mosquitoes, which is widely praised by female mosquitoes.

But the mosquitoes in the jujube forest are not as good as the lower demons after all. Wei Xun didn’t let Xiao Jin leave offspring here. But this group of ancient giant mosquitoes is really in line with Wei Xun’s mind – a magic thing that can fly, has strong aggression, high fecundity and has the same level of magic insects. Besides magic bees, Wei Xun is most optimistic about this group of ancient magic mosquitoes.

If they can attack together with magic bees, one acupuncture and the other blood sucking anesthesia, it can make people’s scalp numb.

Although most female mosquitoes have eggs, Xiao Jin said that some female mosquitoes have just matured. Wei Xun let Xiao Jin fly. When he seduced the newly mature female mosquitoes, he patted the half life Taoist on the shoulder. The half life Taoist suddenly changed his direction. At the same time, he threw a zombie arm to the side and went out.

The specially treated zombie arm was soaked with black dog blood. After the secret technique was inspired, it gave off a strong smell of stagnant blood, which immediately attracted the attention of a large number of ancient egg holding giant mosquitoes. Xiaojinding mostly attracted more than a dozen, and most of the ancient giant mosquitoes came with a loud buzzing.

But the next moment, a dark shadow came like lightning. In a flash, several ancient giant mosquitoes were bitten by it!

At the moment, Wei Xun has gone to another area. This sand dune is relatively dry. Unlike the vegetation puddles in the sandy gravel desert just now, it is suitable for mosquitoes to lay eggs. This is pure sand, but there are deep sand nests on the soft sand.

The huge number of ancient giant mosquitoes attracted the attention of another group of predators! Eight long Plush legs stretched out. In each sand nest, there was a huge black and red spider.

It’s hard to imagine that spiders of this physique live in groups in the barren desert. They don’t make webs, but they have sharp bristles and big jaws. They are extremely fast and have amazing bouncing power. In an instant, ancient giants fly like startling birds, but it’s difficult to escape this hunting!

“There is a heaven level devil bug here!”

However, the half life Taoist did not relax at all, but his expression was more dignified: “at least three stars in the sky!”

Wei Xun reflected more quickly. He looked at the middle of the bunker. Just after the opening of the feast, in the center surrounded by countless sand holes, in the largest sand hole, a huge, rose red spider like an adult horse climbed out! It is crystal clear, like a gem. Unlike those black red spiders with long hair, its body is very clean. There are only two jade white spots on its forelimbs, crimson, pomegranate like eyeballs and decorative white rings.

This is the only female spider! During the breeding period, all the male spiders around came because of it. They wanted to catch the biggest prey and win her favor, but Wei Xun noticed it quickly because it was a wild mother!

“I want this.”

Wei Xun sighed, but it’s only 20 minutes later. It’s not worth stopping for the mother insect——

“Take it with you.”

He took out a tube of Butterfly Tattoo blood and opened the lid. In an instant, the smell of blood filled the air. The rose red spider turned excitedly. Its excited jaws rubbed and clattered, and quickly chased them in an instant! When the female spider moved, the male spiders were not busy hunting mosquitoes. They all followed behind!

Half life Taoist ran faster. He had a thin layer of sweat on his body, but the stimulation of dancing between the blades made him surging. For many years, he almost forgot what it was like to walk on the most dangerous journey and explore the most thrilling scenic spots in Laoshan for so many years.

It should be the stimulation of this desperate world!

He wanted to laugh, but now he couldn’t speak. He had to eat a mouthful of sand as soon as he spoke. What’s more dangerous, because the spiders gathered, they attracted bigger predators——

At first, the huge truck like desert lizard that followed them called more companions when there were more and more prey. Has anyone ever seen a group of “truck” hunting wonders? Chen Cheng has seen them. It’s just a knife’s ass opening your eyes!

These giant sand lizards are extremely greedy and eat everything. Some chase Wei Xun and others directly help themselves. They not only eat mosquitoes and giant spiders, but also those black snakes!

The long snake that was surrounded and killed hissed, and more and more giant snakes appeared in the night. The largest one was even comparable to corn shoots! The giant long snake seemed to have a higher IQ. It was attracted by the blood of butterfly tattoos. It gave up these low prey and went straight to Wei Xun. After the giant long snake appeared, the Taoist priest fought hard to escape – he couldn’t beat the snake!

Half life Taoist first thought how time passed so slowly. It’s only 45 minutes!

There’s fifteen minutes left. How can this last!

The quiet Sahara has never been so lively. Now they are like pulling a train. The half life passers-by who desperately runs away is the locomotive, pulling a huge food chain behind them. When the giant snake appeared, behind the distant dunes, a tall, deformed figure retreated silently.

It is the disabled old giant who has been tracking behind Chen’s team.

It has a serious disability, the body below the waist has disappeared, and can only walk with a few meters long arm. Its skin is loose and has become a lifeless gray. It has become old enough to be abandoned by the ethnic group. If it doesn’t prey on flesh and blood, it will usher in real death.

But at least I can stay hungry for more than ten days, but now I have to die if I go out.

If the group is still there, it can hunt, but it’s just a disabled old giant!

“Woo -!”

The next second, the old giant suddenly burst out a cry, and blood gushed out. It suddenly rolled down the sand dune in a ball, but its arm was completely broken, and was wound and torn by flesh gray tentacles stabbed from the sand.

Under the desert, a giant is waking up.

The star driller worm suffered heavy losses because it was bitten by the dreamer and stabbed and cut off by an Xuefeng. Since it arrived at the desert oasis, it instinctively drilled into the depths of the sand, fell into sleep and recovered its strength.

It was the smell and blood of countless foods that awakened it. What’s more, the restlessness of the snakes in the overhead ruins. In the depths of tens of meters long tentacles of the star driller worm, it was very peaceful and allowed the tentacles to roll the snakes into its big mouth.

At the moment, there is an ancient relic under the desert where Wei Xun and his family live. More and more giant snakes have emerged from the depths of the desert, just like in Arab mythology, under the ocean where the giant fish Bahamut is located is a dark abyss, and then down is the ocean of fire, and at the bottom of the ocean of fire is a giant snake ready to devour all creations and make the world disappear again,

These giant snakes have huge, dark bodies with maroon lines that seem to have been burned by fire. They are extremely ferocious. Whether they are giant mosquitoes, giant spiders or lizards, they are not its enemies at all! But Wei Xun is a person who has been in close contact with an Xue snake after all. He feels that these snakes seem to be a little flustered.

‘father, father! It’s a great, great, great worm! I feel it! Right below us! ”

The corn shoots suddenly screamed in Wei Xun’s mind, and the next second Wei Xun also felt that the big egg in his arms was moving like a feeling.


The slight, almost unrecoverable breaking sound sounded. It was the silent dream chasing Bruce Lee who finally had another movement. It was breaking its shell!

“You take Chen Cheng.”

Wei Xun’s second, who was uncertain about the current state of chasing dreams, disguised himself as Zhang xingzang’s face. He said to half life, “it’s attracted enough.”

The corn shoots hidden under the sand have told Wei Xun that there are strong bodies of great worms under this large desert. It will definitely respond to the changes of dream chasing eggs!

At the moment, the scene is too chaotic. If you don’t go out now and wait for hundreds of tentacles of the great worm to rise and form a prison, you can’t leave it anymore!

“I want to stay here with you.”

Half life Taoist priest was still a little reluctant to give up after hearing what he said – counting the time, an Xuefeng was about to arrive. He really wanted to have a close look at an Xuefeng’s face when he saw the scene of demons dancing.

“Cough… We are also a burden here.”

Chen Cheng has completely broadened his horizons. He also feels that it’s a pity that he can’t see boss Wei show his power now. However, it’s more important for him to make friends with boss Wei – what is a disabled old giant? If he can really learn one move of boss Wei, he thinks he can end the giant group.

While they were talking, they were still running at a high speed. In fact, a large number of monsters were still attracted by the blood of Butterfly Tattoos and firmly chased after Wei Xun. Even the tentacles of great worms that had quietly sneaked into the giant snakes were coming to Wei Xun!

“Be careful!”

Half life Taoist grabbed Wei Xun, threw him to the strange side, and then dragged Chen Cheng away quickly. Half life Taoist priest had great strength and directly threw Wei Xun up. The strong wind blew across his ears and cheeks with flying sand. The sound of cracking eggshells became more and more intense, and the heat in his arms became higher and higher. It seemed that a hot little dragon was breaking its shell.

Wei Xun closed his eyes, but even if he lost his vision, he could still clearly feel that countless chaotic, irritable and polluted creatures were rushing to surround him. At the moment of landing, Wei Xun pulled out the madman’s knife and stabbed the blade into the monster – they are all polluted monsters and can stack the layers of the madman’s knife!

Fold, you can fold!

The next second Wei Xun heard the sharp sound of breaking the air and directly attacked the dragon egg in his arms. It was the great worm who finally couldn’t help moving his tentacles and stabbed the dream chasing young dragon! Wei Xun jumped up high. At the same time, he deliberately sprinkled this tube of Butterfly Tattoo blood around, causing more than ten monsters to become completely crazy and start attacking and competing with each other!

Wei Xun has long found that the monster with his butterfly tattoo blood will establish some kind of connection with him, and this connection can make the butterfly fragments stronger. Especially when he established contact with the monster in this desert oasis, his already hot butterfly fragment suddenly became more active, and even made Wei Xun feel his heart beat faster and blood boiling!

But this kind of strange from the heart is thought to be in danger by someone who can sense it!


At the moment when Bruce Lee broke his shell, the great worm’s tentacles stabbed him in his arms. I only heard a crack, and I couldn’t tell whether it was the sound of eggshell breaking or what. The space around Wei Xun suddenly twisted like a surging heat wave. Then, silently from the twisted crack, he stabbed an orange knife. On the way home, the knife was used to deep in the desert and stabbed the great worm!

When Wei Xun landed, he fell into a strong embrace. It is the warmth of wind and blood, accompanied by a familiar breath.

“Here I am.”

It was an Xuefeng’s voice. With the strong wind, even the ring seemed to feel his arrival and was slightly hot in Wei Xun’s arms.


It’s a question mark on the head of the dreamer. As soon as he woke up, he saw himself in Zhang xingzang’s arms.

And an Xuefeng holding Zhang xingzang doesn’t look like a straight man.

The author has something to say: the old disabled giant denounced the great worm: sneak attack! I’m a 6, 900 year old giant, okay? That’s not good!

The great worm denounced an Xuefeng: sneak attack! I’m a 690 year old worm, okay? That’s not good!

An Xuefeng denounced——

The dreamer denounced an Xuefeng: Tui! let go!


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