TTG Chapter 326

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 326: The Sahara of Death (13)

Normal good brothers help each other. Most of them hug their shoulders and arms, and few people hug their waist directly.

An Xuefeng not only hugs his waist directly, but also holds it in his arms. His hands reach Zhang xingzang’s abdomen. The dream chasing dragon held by Zhang xingzang can see an Xuefeng’s big hands as soon as he lowers his head.

For a moment, the dreamer instinctively thought that Zhang xingzang was injured. After all, he had a good face. If he didn’t really stand unstable, how could he be hugged by an Xuefeng like this? Like an Xuefeng, Zhang xingzang is not a life-threatening serious injury. Other minor injuries are carried by himself. He will never let the guide worry. He will only talk to the tough guy mentioned by the passenger brothers——


However, the dreamer reacted the next second. He didn’t feel that Zhang xingzang was seriously injured!

No, it’s not just the problem of not getting hurt. The dreamer didn’t even feel his connection with Zhang xingzang! What the hell is going on? But now the dreamer can’t think carefully. The spiritual pollution and the abyss power absorbed in the alienated state collide in his body, and the dreamer can’t change back to human shape, but it seems that there is also a deep rejection of the alienated state.

The dreamer can no longer become the alienated state of the adult dream dragon, but can only temporarily maintain the form of the young dragon! The existence of the worm of the star driller and the intrusion of the force of 30 degrees north latitude make him unable to stay awake for a long time, and the memories of separation before him are temporarily unable to recall – maybe that’s why he can’t communicate with Zhang xingzang through connection?

Although the dreamer still feels strange, he can confirm that he has a connection with Zhang xingzang, and he can also have a secret chat with Zhang xingzang.

The dream chasing Bruce Lee grabbed the hand of the next Zhang xingzang with his claws.

“You’re awake.”

The sharp pain in his hand made Wei Xun almost take a breath of air-conditioning. He found that the dragon egg in his arms had changed for the first time. The original dragon egg had been completely broken into several pieces. It was snow-white. The scales seemed to be covered with a layer of shining crystal. The young dragon hatched out. He was nestled in Wei Xun’s arms, twisting his head, and his beautiful eyes were looking at him.

Stare at him — stare at an Xuefeng.

It doesn’t look like the little silly dragon before.

Wei Xun realized in an instant that the dreamer probably returned to himself in a state of alienation – he is now in a state of integrity and brain!

[I can’t stay awake for long]

The voice of the dream chaser sounded in Wei Xun’s mind – Dream chasers can become Bruce Lee. How can he hear his voice in his mind? Wei Xun suspected that it was a problem of pure abyss power. Chasing dreams may have attracted too much.

[go to the eye of the Sahara and take me to its eye]

Dreamers have a hunch that there will be a final decision. In addition, he finally left a message for Zhang xingzang. In pursuit of dreams, the vast majority of reason is used to suppress spiritual pollution and resist rejection, but Bruce Lee can still be used as a combat force.

Without rational control and relying only on instinct to suppress various pollution sources, the young dragon will be regarded as a mutant monster rather than a guide’s alienation state. It can play a 70% strength in chasing dreams.

Moreover, once he really encounters real danger, Zhang xingzang can immediately wake up his dream chasing completely – although it is not highly possible to have an Xuefeng, dream chasing always feels that he has a little new understanding of an Xuefeng recently. Zhang xingzang is a casual acquaintance and only recognizes his brothers.

[an Xuefeng has a lover. Pay attention to the distance between you and him]

Leave the last sentence with an implied worry, and the voice of chasing dreams disappears. Bruce Lee closed his eyes tired. When he opened them again, the wisdom of human nature disappeared, but he was still very smart.

“Ah woo!”

Smart dragon cub directly bit an Xuefeng and hugged Wei Xun’s hand, but an Xuefeng’s skin was rough and fleshy. He was not afraid to bite at all, and his hand around his waist was still very stable. Their communication is just a few seconds, in which an Xuefeng has gone crazy.

Although the star driller worm escaped, his return knife was stuck in the body of the star driller worm under the sand and could locate the worm at any time. Other monsters attracted by Butterfly Tattoo blood gathered around. An Xuefeng took out a spare knife and killed the four sides directly. With Wei Xun in one hand, it doesn’t affect his play. An Xuefeng is still as vigorous and agile as a snow leopard.

He leaped over the head of the giant lizard in a few steps. His military boots stepped on the rough and sharp scales of the desert giant lizard. The knife went in and out and jumped to the ground. The corners of the windbreaker were raised by the night wind. Behind him, the lizard’s eyes burst and his brain was broken by the knife gas. The huge thing fell down like a mountain, and an Xuefeng locked the next prey.

The violent and blood splashing beauty immediately completely attracted Wei Xun’s attention.

“Use the knife steadily, quickly and ruthlessly.”

An Xuefeng is as skilful as a butcher. He walks among many giant monsters. The knife light flashes and blood splashes. The first few monsters were killed by him in different ways – knife Qi crisscross and smash the brain. This is knife Qi; Slash with a horizontal knife and cut off the monster’s spinal cord. This is Juli; The sharp point of the knife pierces the heart through the gap of scales, which is eye power and hand stability.

It was hunting, with the same meaning of teaching. Just as the snow leopard hunted with a young leopard, Wei Xun was intoxicated. In his mind, Nezha Ling in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing didn’t teach people very much. He was strong and depended on instinct. Only instinct and intuition could be handed over to Wei Xun.

However, an Xuefeng’s teaching is more close to killing skills. Using a knife is really exquisite. The desert at night is red with blood, splashing like thick ink and heavy color oil paintings. Yellow sand, red blood, black windbreaker, pure white robe. An Xuefeng, who killed a small piece of open space, put Wei Xun down. He knew that Wei Xun was ready to move.

“Go, you kill too little.”

Blood splashed on an Xuefeng’s cheek. When he was serious, his voice sounded cold and cold.

“I won’t do it unless you want to die.”

Doesn’t it hurt?

Of course it hurts.

The instinct of protecting tour guides is almost engraved in the bones of connecting passengers. It’s really difficult to fight against instinct. He didn’t know whether Wei Xun had relieved the doomsday punishment with the white sand of half life Taoist – if not, Wei Xun would definitely hurt after he was injured.

But an Xuefeng knows what Wei Xun really needs.

“You don’t have to do it, even if I die.”

Wei Xun said with a smile. His eyes were uncontrollable excitement. He handed over the dream chasing Bruce Lee to an Xuefeng, pulled out the madman’s knife and entered the battlefield. For example, an Xuefeng killed many desert giant lizards. There were many giant snakes, giant spiders and even giant mosquitoes. Wei Xun could have a good time.

However, the ideal is very plump, the reality is very skinny, and has not become an alienated state. With the relatively weak strength of human beings, it is extremely difficult for Wei Xun to deal with these lowest level demons and insects, and many monsters reaching the heaven level. The position and timing of cutting need to be controlled, and many key points should be considered in place.

If it was still painless, he could do it without death, but the severe pain made Wei Xun learn to avoid some unnecessary injuries.

An Xuefeng knew in his eyes that Wei Xun didn’t ask half life Taoist for Baisha… Do you believe he will arrive before dawn? Thinking of this, an Xuefeng couldn’t take his eyes away from Wei Xun in the fight, and unconsciously took a trace of tenderness. Then he became serious. This may be an opportunity. Avoiding harm has always been what an Xuefeng wanted to teach Wei Xun, but it is more like an idea.

The year-round painlessness makes Wei Xun’s concept of “injury” very weak. The same is true of his previous trips. Exchanging blood for blood and tit for tat, especially the return of the guide to zero, means that he is more powerful. An Xuefeng knows that Wei Xun always wants to go back to zero, but the butterfly tattoo on his heart always worries an Xuefeng.

“You can feel it, too.”

Watching Wei Xun kill a black and red giant spider with difficulty and try to fight a giant snake with strength close to the sky, an Xuefeng moved the tip of his nose and smelled the blood smell in the air, as if they all had a faint fragrance.

It makes people feel comfortable and safe. They unconsciously focus on Wei Xun. They want to get close to him and sleep on his knees – the dreamer is a tour guide and should have more experience.

“Woo woo!”

Dream chasing Bruce Lee didn’t bite Ann Xuefeng’s hand for a long time. Now Ann Xuefeng pressed it. If it hadn’t been for this, Bruce Lee would have gone up to help.

“Hey! Wei Laosan, how’s it going?”

They haven’t been moving here for too long, which has led to the killing of some lonely monsters outside. At the same time, the half life Taoist who is looking forward to can’t help but say hello. Chen Cheng is still around, and the directional title of “an team” is too obvious, so he just comes according to seniority.

Wei Laosan? An Xuefeng raised his eyebrows and said, “come here.”

When the half life Taoist came and came alone, an Xuefeng showed a little fatigue: “this is a replay of the ancient oasis scene. I will cause the instability of the scene here.”

The journey of 30 degrees north latitude has a deep knowledge, and some will support each other. For example, an Xuefeng’s pyramid and the death Sahara of dreamers belong to the same category of nature and are both in the desert. The pyramid standing in the desert can help dreamers control sandstorms.

But there is mutual support, and naturally there is mutual exclusion. Although the ancient oases are all located in the Sahara, the ancient oases are more inclined to Arab mythology – it is a 30 degree north latitude journey of mythical civilization and ancient civilization. The sinking of an Xuefeng in Western Europe belongs to civilization, and civilization and myth are most likely to repel each other.

Logically, this is just a replay of the scene, not a real ancient oasis. It shouldn’t be like this, but an Xuefeng knew it when he saw the juvenile version of the half life Taoist.

“You brought the keepsake of the ancient oasis, which made some changes here.”

An Xuefeng coughed. Some scale lines gradually appeared on his cheeks, and the dark pupils gradually elongated, like olives.

“Here, it’s not just a repeat of the scene. Chen Cheng… Protect them.”

“Not just a replay?”

Half life Taoist was breathless and confused. He didn’t think about other directions, but an Xuefeng’s words made him move in his heart.

Do you, do you say

But an Xuefeng ignored him and killed Wei Xun on the battlefield. Wei Xun was black and blue at the moment. The pain twisted his expression, but he succeeded in killing an ancient giant spider! As like as two peas of An Xuefeng’s demonstration, the tip of the knife of a maniac penetrated through the gap between the bristles of the huge spider and its hair.

The next moment, the remaining monsters around seemed to wake up and feel the threat, and fled one after another. But Wei Xun didn’t pursue, but turned his head. He felt the change of an Xuefeng.

An Xuefeng, who came to Wei Xun, stuffed a small bottle with body temperature into his hand. At the moment, the change of an Xuefeng’s head was very obvious, and his words were hissing.

“This is white sand hissing. Ancient oases repel me.”

Of course, an Xuefeng can always maintain his human shape, but the place where this scene repeats cannot bear his strength.

“I will become a snake… Of course, I am different from chasing dreams.”

A black-and-white giant snake appeared and wrapped around Wei Xun. Compared with those huge black giant snakes, it looks particularly delicate, but those dark giant snakes crawl and bow their heads one after another, with the tip of their tail close to the ground. Their original leader was killed by the worm. This strong snake helped them drive away the worm that destroyed the ruins. It is the strongest snake.

“Hiss -”

The long snake on Wei Xun spits out a message, puts his head on Wei Xun’s shoulder and rubs its breath. The long snake has cold eyes and cold hiss. He gives orders to the remaining snakes to obey boss Wei.

Unlike the dream chasing silly dragon, an Xue snake has IQ even if it becomes a snake.

Giant snake proudly pasted with Wei Xun and hissed like a spoiled child.

It hurts to poke your heart.

The author has something to say: sorry, there are fewer Calvins today! There will be a catch-up at noon tomorrow and a day at night!

The strongest snake decided to send 600 red envelopes! Say, smart snake!


Comparison of tough travelers:

Zhang xingzang [proud]: I won’t tell dream chaser when my hand is broken

Silver moon killer [English]: on the night of the full moon, I won’t tell the Duke about the werewolf blood rebellion

George [smile]: I won’t tell the black widow if I’m crazy about pollution

Wudui [doesn’t matter]: I won’t tell the evil bug master if the brigade falls to the fourth place

Ann snow snake [hissing and coquettish]: wife, I poke my heart. It hurts!

Zhang xingzang / silver moon killer / George / wudui:???

An Xuefeng was kicked out of [tough guy passenger club]


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