TTG Chapter 327

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 327: Supplement

“That’s it.”

On the devastated desert, among the snakes, the second child of young Wei said to Chen Cheng.

“Our boss has accepted the satisfied snake. Tonight’s hunting is coming to an end – do you have anything you want to catch?”

He asked, glancing at the team leader. What an Dui said was branded in the heart of half life Taoist. It was different from the repetition of ordinary scenes… What was the difference?

Anyway, half life Taoist showed more concern.

“I’ve gained a lot tonight.”

Chen Cheng sighed that he saw a half black and half white snake winding around boss Wei. The snake was very beautiful. Its scales were like jade. Even people who were afraid of snakes could not ignore its elegance. The half black and half white color made Chen Cheng think of gossip and feel more friendly, but he would not ignore the terrorist strength of the snake.

Under the command of the big snake, the originally arrogant black giant snakes brought the corpses of various desert giant lizards, giant spiders and giant mosquitoes, as well as the remaining individuals who were dying and still alive. Chen Cheng saw the rose red female giant spider. All its eight legs were lost. Its body was full of bite marks and wounds. It was dying.

But before and after being dragged to boss Wei’s face, boss Wei casually stained some blood spots on his body at the mouth of the spider, and the big spider, which is almost visible to the naked eye, became energetic!

Snake king, the blood that makes the monster change and surrender, old Wei really has countless supernatural means. Chen Cheng even feels that even if he signs a contract with the hotel, old Wei is definitely a rare leader who is taking the initiative.

“Hiss -”

It seems that after watching for a long time, the snake climbing on boss Wei twisted his head and stared at him, which made Chen Cheng subconsciously avoid his eyes. After returning to his senses, Chen Cheng was surprised that the snake could affect his actions with his eyes. Just now he bowed his head under the hint of the snake!

Chen Cheng is not a timid person. When he looked over again, he found that the long snake has a pair of amber snake eyes. The amber color is very deep, just like a Wang of thick honey with scorched color. There are circles of light like annual rings in the snake eyes, which makes it more mysterious and unpredictable, just like the eyes of the legendary dragon.

Speaking of dragons


A young but dignified roar came from boss Wei’s arms. Chen Cheng’s eyes fell and saw a small thing carved like white crystal, stretching out sharp claws like lightning and grasping at the eyes of the giant snake.

“Ah, this is the mutant lizard accepted by our boss.”

Second Wei smiled and looked at the scene of “lizard snake fight”: “it’s very lively!”

lizard? It’s not so much a lizard as a Western dragon. Chen Cheng clearly saw the folded Dragon Wings behind the “little lizard”.

In particular, he seemed to be aware that he was being watched. The little dragon looked at them with dignity, and Chen Cheng subconsciously bowed his head again – this familiar feeling of bowing his head is more like a dragon.

“Boss Wei really has a good magic power.”

What they say is what they say. To tell the truth, Chen Cheng clearly remembers that there was another person before. It should be the “Old Wei San” in the mouth of the second Wei, but now he can’t see a figure.

The merchant has many secrets. Chen Cheng knows the truth of saying less and making fewer mistakes.

While waiting for the black snakes to “pack” their prey, Wei Xun took a little Sahara white sand. The next moment, it seemed as if something dull had left him, and the pain that had spread all over his body immediately disappeared. But Wei Xun didn’t care. He narrowed his eyes and gathered the power of the abyss into his eyes.

He seemed to see a light, ominous black air floating away – is doomsday punishment essentially a curse? Where does the ‘rule’ of rule props come from and where does the punishment come from? Is it a powerful hotel or something behind it?

Wei Xun thought of his mountain god serial mission, and the final reward was related to the ‘rules’. The so-called rules are what can be mastered after becoming the principal or a member of Parliament. Wei Xun is more and more interested in them.

When the party finally returned to the desert oasis, it was past twelve o’clock. Wei Xun, who was riding on the back of the half life Taoist priest, saw the ferrets anxiously waiting at the edge of the oasis with small claws. When he saw them, the ferrets rushed to the light speed and jumped directly to Wei Xun——


The ferret was pulled away by the tip of the snake’s tail like a golf ball. The next second, an Xue snake, who nestled in Wei Xun’s white robe, stuck out his head and apologized and spit out a message – sorry, conditioned reflex.

Tong Hege rolled the sand on the ground, but he didn’t mind his rough skin and thick flesh. A Gu Lu stood up and recognized that the snake was his own captain – an team came, and Wei Xun’s Doomsday punishment should also be solved!


Tong Hege was relieved and saw that Wei Xun seemed to be hurt, so he had to jump up to him to heal. Although an Xueshe said she was careless, Tong Hege planned to go the other way this time——


The young dragon yawned lazily, spread its bare wings, lifted the mink down with one wing, and spit a small fire at him. It felt that the mink had the smell of snake (the smell of returning home), and the Dragon didn’t want to see – huh?!

Wei Xun, who came down from the half life Taoist priest, threw the Dragon cub and pulled the snake down. It’s too heavy. It’s OK to have half life mounts. Wei Xun came down and walked without them.

“I’m going to have a rest.”

He didn’t look back and said to Chen Cheng, “you’re free. Second Wei, come with me.”


Long long is still immersed in the confusion of being left behind. Although he has no memory now, his instinct engraved in his bones makes him close to this person and believes that this person will not leave himself – no!

This man seems to have left himself for a long time!


The dragon, who originally wanted to fly to catch up with the past, cried sadly and angrily. As soon as the small wings were collected, they would sit on the ground and rot. But just then, it saw that the annoying snake had cleaned up the sand on his body, and then swam to the man’s leg for the first time. It was like sticky candy.

Not only that, it still spits on the right side of the man’s body, dawdles with scales, and tries to stain its own smell – that’s where the Dragon stays!

“Woo woo!”

Long long is angry, long long is furious, and long long launches an attack on the spot – bang!

It exploded like a little bullet. The snake was caught off guard and was pushed out by him!

“Ha ha ha.”

Half life Taoist laughed on the spot. Ferret Tong Hege became an adult and was treating Wei Xun. Seeing the scene of dragon and snake fight, he almost couldn’t resist: “what’s the matter with you? There are too many pendants on your body.”

“An Xuefeng and the dreamer were excluded in the replay of this scene.”

Wei Xun said, looking at the half life Taoist. He didn’t take care of the fresh magic insects that had just been caught. He had to find out about it first.

“You are the only one among us who has become younger and half a life. You should know it better.”

“It’s true that I’ve always carried the keepsake of an ancient oasis. But I’ve carried it for ten years and it hasn’t changed at all… Eh?”

Half life Taoist took off his necklace, but suddenly he was surprised. Wei Xun looked up and saw that the jade like stone turned into a complete blood red at the moment! The expression of the half life Taoist suddenly became dignified.

“Blood red, this is the signal of giant tribe hunting!”

I haven’t seen the keepsake change for ten years, but the half life Taoist priest still keeps in mind the teachings of Chen Dui in the past.

“When the keepsake turns green, it is the harvest season of the giant community. When the keepsake turns yellow, it is the breeding season of the giant community. When the keepsake turns red, it is the hunting season of the giant community. When the keepsake turns black, it is the death season of the giant community.”

Chen Cheng’s voice was cold and slow: “but I killed all their kings – there’s no need to see the color change of the keepsake.”

The king who killed nine giant communities collected the essence of their heart blood and condensed them into the curled blood fetus in the token. From then on, the holders of the token gave birth to them and made them die.

Today, half life Taoist can still recall Chen Dui’s indifferent and cold eyes at that time.

* *

“I’ve really seen a lot tonight.”

Beside the campfire, Chen Cheng was surrounded by the team members. Facing pairs of curious eyes, Chen Cheng sighed that his words were a feeling of big pattern.

“Disabled old giant? I didn’t see it. I should have been scared away.”

“Those giant monsters? Don’t worry, they are the prey of boss Wei tonight.”

“Giant snakes that stay outside the oasis? Don’t be afraid. These snakes follow the snake king of boss Wei.”

“Captain, we must see such a good thing next time!”

Cheng Tianbao admired it.

“Boss Wei is so strong, I’m afraid there are more dangers in opening up new scenic spots.”

Someone also analyzed calmly and rationally: “the captain said that the giant monsters have a complete food chain, and these black snakes may also be the food of some more powerful monsters.”

The gathering of black snakes may attract more powerful hunters.

“Boss Wei wants to bring them in.”

Cheng Tianbao interrupted, “according to the captain, he can lead out a food chain. He must know what can hunt black snakes.”

“Could it be a giant?”

Someone suggested, “I think those giant snakes are too big. Only giants can use them as prey.”

After being chased all the way by the disabled old giant, they thought of the giant community at the first time.

There are disabled old giants, small giants, and naturally strong adult giants.


Chen Cheng took a sip of water: “how’s the date picking? Tomorrow you and I will go to feed the little giant of boss Wei… Where’s Tang Shuang?”

Chen Cheng found that Tang Shuang was missing and frowned immediately. But the other players didn’t care, as if they knew something.

“Tang Shuang said he went to catch the elf.”

Cheng Tianbao said happily, “Tang Shuang said he saw a green Elf in the date palm forest, and the elf was very kind to him. He said he was sure to subdue the elf!”

“Let Tang Shuang be careful… Forget it, I’ll have a look.”

Chen Cheng is not at ease. He stands up and walks to the jujube forest.

* *

In the dark jujube forest, Tang Shuang’s eyes were godless and he was doubting life.

I found a beautiful elf for the first time, and was liked to be close to by the elf for the first time. Two happy things coincide and get together again. I should have been happy like a dream, but, however, why did it become like this.

“Don’t you want to?”

The pleasant voice like a Nightingale and the indistinguishable sound line, with some depression and caution, sounds pitiful: “but I really like it, please.”

People want to impulsively agree to all its requests, but, but

“The colorful insects with fur are really beautiful.”

The beautiful elf folded his hands like a prayer, and his eyes were full of expectation. It was as pure and beautiful as an angel, but what he said was really disappointing: “if I can have its genes, the next baby will be more liked by the owner, so please! Please be us!”

Matchmaker… Can bring good luck.

Tang Shuang’s face was pale and deeply doubted life.

Does it just bring good luck to itself?!

* *

In extremely distant places, dark places where no light can be seen, such as the deepest part of the universe, there is no sound of insects and birds in nature. It is extremely strange, only a dull gasp and a dull hum of serious injury.

Suddenly, someone spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Captain… I dreamed of matchmaking.”

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