TTG Chapter 328

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 328: The Sahara of Death (14)

A pale light lit up from the skeleton’s eyes, very dim, as if it would go out at any time. The toothy bone friction sounded, and a skeleton laboriously raised his arm. His arm was full of white bones. There was only a little human flesh left in the upper left corner of the skull.

“I dreamed… Matchmaker attracted good luck.”

The skeleton was hoarse and said with a smile. It should be a smile, but it sounded very strange and terrible.

“An elf… Ah, it’s really beautiful. It’s green. How long have I not seen green.

“You can’t even think. Can you dream?”

Someone nearby was awakened by him and sneered impatiently. A pool of rotten things on the ground gradually gathered into a human shape. The man was like a mummy in a coffin. His bandages had rotted, revealing his terrible body. Most of his skin and flesh remained in a rotten state, and his internal organs could be seen. His blackened heart beat slowly, like a shrinking black apricot.

“Of course, I think you envy me.”

The skeleton retorted, and the rotten man gave a gloomy and cold hum. The sound of their quarrel was a rare excitement in the painful silence, and finally woke up one person.

“Save your strength.”

A gleam of sharp light flashed. It was a sword with a cold light. It was forged like ice crystals. There were snow-white lines like snow mountains in the middle of the blue sword. It was very beautiful and cold.

The sword reflected a faint figure. He seemed to sleep in the sword. When he woke up, he came out of the sword like a ghost, with only a faint outline and shadow. His voice was very cold, like ice and snow.

“After a rest, the pollution torrent will come again.”

“We can’t recover much physical strength after taking a rest for a while. We’ll have to die sooner or later. Feihong is more dangerous. They’re all dying. The people in the West haven’t heard from me for too long. I didn’t expect that the three of us will live in the end, ha ha.”

The skeleton was bored playing with his bones: “I calculate, is it nearly another ten years?”

“No wonder the pollution flood is coming more and more frequently. There are new people going to the battlefield… Maybe I can see some old faces. Hey, I’ve forgotten for so many years. Let me think… Yes, cenqin, the next leader of our metaphysics is cenqin, isn’t he?”

“It’s Wan’an poverty, you fool.”

The rotten man mocked: “cenqin, he lost half his life. Did you forget?”

“Wan’an poverty, Wan’an poverty… It’s bad. Why don’t I have any impression? Alas, his memory is getting worse and worse. Hasn’t he learned how to control my bone?”

“Wan’an poverty is ordered in the face of danger.”

The man who came out of the sword said faintly, “I left an opportunity, but it may hurt them more.”

The half life Taoist who has been carefully trained has lost half his life. Wan’an poor, who was ordered in danger, has more than kept his success, but his talent… Is not very outstanding.

“Who knows, anyway, I don’t care now. It’s too long ago.”

The skeleton cackled and talked about Cen Qin as the old man liked to recall the past: “do you think Cen Qin has recovered his strength?”

Then he changed his mind: “forget it, it’s better not to recover your strength. If you die directly on the battlefield, you can save yourself from coming to this ghost place.”

“We want to live and continue to live.”

Chen Cheng finally terminated the discussion due to his dream: “rest.”

The ghost fire in the skeleton’s eyes went out, Cheng Tianbao turned into decay again, and Chen Cheng returned to the Hanshan sword. What he didn’t say was that he had a dream just now.

But he dreamed of blank posters.

Dreaming of posters doesn’t bode well. Blank posters mean that people won’t come back. So he didn’t say that. But Tang Shuang’s dream tonight makes Chen Cheng rarely think of many past events.

After ten years, will someone remember them and expect them to go back?

Chen Cheng thought of the last divination he made before he left. The yin-yang fish lost their eyes, which was a dead divination without any hope. The blank poster was unlucky, but when their dark figure appeared on the poster again, it was not a good thing.

Perhaps struggling in pollution for ten years can not escape the ultimate fate.

Chen Cheng closes his eyes and sleeps in the sword, accumulating little power and waiting to meet the next pollution flood. However, Chen Cheng dreams again. The dream is still unchanged. The dark poster corridor, blank posters and ominous shadows are getting closer and closer, as if the monster in the paper is about to break through the paper, and the pollution will come to the world.

The dream was nothing special. As usual, when Chen Cheng thought so, he suddenly heard the voice of a young man.

“Black is unlucky?”

The man said, “let’s dye this thing green. It’s vibrant.”


Chen Cheng:?

In the dark, Chen Cheng woke up from the sword. As soon as he woke up, others woke up as if they heard the cock crowing, and then wondered.

“This pollution torrent hasn’t come yet. Do monsters know how to be late?”

Tang Shuang yawned, while Cheng Tianbao worried and whispered, “Captain, what’s the matter?”

“… nothing.”

Chen Cheng said, “I just had a nightmare. Go to sleep.”

* *

At the residence of Xuanxue Hotel, Wan’an poverty came out of the poster corridor with a tortoise shell in his hand, with a dignified expression.

“Has the poster changed again?”

The gloomy and indifferent man leaned on the corridor to wait for him. Every time Wan’an poverty entered the poster corridor, the ghost King Li Hongxue would wait outside. The poster corridor was becoming more and more evil. Since the past two years, no one could enter it alone, and someone must meet him outside.

With the orange title of ghost king, Li Hongxue has a keen sense and can quickly detect the changes of evil gas pollution in the corridor, so he often guards the door, but this time——

“There is not much pollution in the poster corridor tonight, 10000 teams, you…”

Why do you still have this dignified expression? Obviously he feels fine.

“There is still no scene of Bai Xiaosheng and half life in the live studio?”

Wan’an asked first.

“No… why, something really happened to the corridor?”

Half life Taoist priest and Bai Xiaosheng know the poster corridor best. The previous generation captain Chen Cheng almost handed over the inheritance to him. Wan’an poverty was ordered in the face of danger. Even if Chen Cheng didn’t hide anything from him and give it to him in the end, many things need to be taken by hand, but there was no time at that time.

Even now, even if Wan’an poverty becomes the leader of metaphysics, some things still need half life and Bai Xiaosheng to solve.

“It’s not an accident. I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad.”

Wan’an poor sighed, but it was a little tangled: “forget it, look at the live broadcast.”

At the moment, the live studio of “exploring Sahara” is still bustling, especially because those who can block the live broadcast are not here. The audience has a very good viewing experience. The audience in the forum and live studio are mainly discussing these topics.

The first is that an Xuefeng, Bai Xiaosheng, the dreamer who did not “disappear” in the live studio, and Zhang xingzang who just left. Although Zhang xingzang is a shielding man who brings mosaics to the whole live studio, there is still a difference between shielding and not appearing.

Zhang xingzang disappeared. It was two minutes ago and it was still hot.

[Zhang xingzang really went to find the dreamer? Where did they go anyway]

[I don’t know, but I’m afraid it’s more dangerous than death]

[maybe it’s some special trial scenes? The hotel live broadcast can’t be involved. It should be the core of the scenic spot at 30 degrees north latitude]

[hee hee, I think the dogs in the west end are empty]

[don’t say it, don’t say it. I’m afraid to think about it. The lizard Duke hasn’t shown up. Maybe he’s gone too!]

It doesn’t matter. An DUI and Bai Xiaosheng have also gone. They will be fine!]

One group of people are discussing serious topics, but the other group is not here.

[hey, I think Wei Xun has great potential to become the strongest passenger of the next generation. To be honest, it’s better to be single]

[no, no, no, although I have no problem with celibacy, you are too indifferent here. Wei Xun and an Xuefeng are very good. What are they doing separately!]

[no… I’m weak to say, don’t you think it’s actually not conducive to the internal harmony of the next generation on the way home? The strongest newcomer tourist and the strongest newcomer tour guide, Wei Xun and Bingyi are obviously the strong alliance of the next generation, but now… Cough cough cough]

[well, someone has nothing to say in terms of strength or other personality, but this is really handled in a general way, hidden]

[laughing to death, the butcher’s Guide speaks loudly. Don’t belittle an Dui’s character here. Ask me to say that an Dui is very good! He has made a choice!]

[yes! Team an has disappeared. Give space to Wanxiang Chun and Wei Xun. What are you talking about!]

[… You said that the choice made by team an absolutely gave up this relationship and brought Wanxiang Chun and Wei Xun together?]

[this is the best choice. After all, this decade is coming to an end. After all, team an can’t stay with Wei Xun longer. It’s crying. Team an is really a responsible man!]

[but it’s not fair to Wei Xun. Do you mean to give in to feelings? Besides, Wanchun… To be honest, it’s a little greasy. Is the boss so sexy? Wanchun looks like a cold male god!]

[hehe, confident straight men are like this. Let me say that C will hurt people for a while. You see how tight the yin-yang butterfly guard Xun is along the way, and give him back the little butterfly. If it weren’t for C I’s special instructions, the yin-yang butterfly would never do this. You see how cruel his killing methods are]

[he, the new star guide, is reckless and mysterious, but he is compulsively addicted to someone because of an accident and can’t escape. He, the new star tourist, is kind and strong, but he is deeply in love with someone because of his innocence. An accident, a bad fate, when someone leaves, they really find themselves and really find out – I can’t make it up, and continue downstairs]

[the empress and the imperial concubine get together. It tastes delicious! Knock, you can knock!]

[what empress and imperial concubine? After ten years, the new captain will ascend the throne (no) and forcibly marry the little mother of the Empress Dowager!]

“What is little mom literature?”

Wan’an poverty couldn’t help asking.

“Are you still looking at this?”

Li Hongxue looked at him strangely, with an expression of “what a strange brother”. Wan’anfu asked casually. Looking at his expression, he subconsciously explained to himself: “I think the bullet screen is discussing this. Alas, there are more young people.”

At the end of the decade, it is time for hotels to collect people. With the influx of fresh blood, the discussion heat of Xinxing tour guides and Xinxing tourists will gradually rise, and they will eventually surpass them. And they, like changed blood, will disappear silently on the battlefield.

“What is beyond the battlefield?

Li Hongxue couldn’t help asking, “you said, old captain, are they still alive?”

“I don’t know.”

Wan An poor sighed: “if I could become the principal, or join the parliament, I might know more, but…”

He shook his head and said no more: “I just hope if I have the chance to see team Chen again, I won’t regret my choice.”

Metaphysics fell from the first brigade to the third brigade in the past. As a captain, he has a heavy responsibility. It’s not that he doesn’t work hard or risk his life, but talent really makes people have no choice but to smile. Some people are like light, even if they are dark temporarily, they will attract people to follow.

At that time, Yu Xiangyang, a highly gifted tourist, followed a half life Taoist to the Laoshan tour group, and Wan’an poverty could not persuade him back anyway. Wan’an poverty understood this. Wu Dui pushed metaphysics for ten years, but metaphysics still has no resident tour guide. Those powerful tour guides have their own choices, but they will not choose today’s metaphysics.

Just like those good seedlings would rather go to the sunset brigade, the crimson brigade and the Feihong brigade even if they don’t accept new people for a few years.

Powerlessness? Frustration? Over the past ten years, Wan’an poverty has long learned to face everything with a calm smile, just have a clear conscience and do your best.

“You’re fine.”

Li Hongxue is not good at words. She can only shake Wan’an’s hand and try to change the topic: “what happened in the poster corridor?”

Speaking of the poster corridor, Wan’an’s poor expression changed again. It was a kind of expression that couldn’t cry or laugh and didn’t know how to mention it.

“Maybe you think I’m kidding, but you know, what I said is true.”

Wan’an poverty was helpless and said, “I saw the poster of the former deputy Tang team. It’s a little green.”

Li Hongxue:?

“So people say that the elves have a crush on your rainbow caterpillar, but they don’t have a crush on you at all?”

In the desert oasis, Chen Cheng found Tang Shuang from the date palm forest. His depressed and empty expression could not be concealed. When asked, he complained, but was ruthlessly ridiculed.

“Don’t be depressed, Tang Shuang. At least it shows that Hongniang is really lucky.”

“Yes, Tang Shuang, maybe it will recruit you after it recruits itself!”

“To tell you the truth, if the elf is really so good-looking, it’s quite easy to be with the caterpillar.”

“Strange XP has increased!”

“The owner of this oasis is boss Wei, and the elf is also raised by boss Wei. Hey, Tang Shuang, he really said, ‘does the owner like it?’



Someone took a breath of air-conditioning and murmured, “if it was an elf raised by boss Wei, would this aesthetic suddenly become normal?”

“But I have a question.”

Cheng Tianbao asked with great inquiry spirit, “Rainbow caterpillar… Should be in larval state. Can it be with other people’s elves?”

This question suddenly solidified Tang Shuang’s expression.

Yes, matchmaker, it’s still a child!

“Woo woo, I really didn’t think of it.”

Xiaocuiqi cried. The pear blossom with rain cried by an elf was really pathetic. I just heard him sob: “I just, just want the babies to have rainbow hair.”

It’s just to ripen an insect, not to mention that Hongniang can’t even be regarded as a lower demon insect. It’s not simple for Xiaocui. About Tang Shuang agreed. Xiaocui took Hongniang and ripened it. By the way, Xiaocui advanced it and became a lower demon insect. Returning it back at that time is also regarded as giving back to Tang Shuang.

Who thought——

Who would have thought that the red Niang after ripening turned green! It had no hair and became an ugly green moth! Xiaocui was also green. He was as green as jadeite, but the big moth was like a rotten apple and gave off an unpleasant smell of fertilizer.

Xiaocui’s mind broke down. She never picked it. She couldn’t eat it when she saw the ugly green moth. She just wanted rainbow hair! What made Xiaocui’s mind break down was that when he went back, he found that his master had received another mother insect and even gave her a nice name, little rose!

“Hmm? Has the matchmaker changed?”

However, Xiaocui’s complaining words attracted Wei Xun’s attention. He put down the little rose – it was the giant rose Ruby spider. There was a layer of virtual shadow on its body. Obviously, after absorbing the butterfly tattoo blood, it was trying to release its mental state. Wild females are like this. Without the high energy of the abyss, most of them can’t have a fine look when they are at the lowest level.

Wei Xun was curious about the state of today’s desert oasis. He can accept the little rose. Can the little rose become alienated here?

But the change of matchmaker makes Wei Xun more interested.

Little rose felt a faint threat. She crawled down, shivered and trembled. She was another stronger mother insect than her. Especially after finding that the new owner immediately diverted her attention when the other party came, little rose knew more about her status. She quietly raised eight eyes, looked at each other, and was immediately glared at.

But little rose firmly remembered each other’s appearance. She understood that the master liked this!

“Half life, do you remember Hongniang?”

The ugly green moth was pinched by Wei Xun and observed in his hand. Hongniang can’t take it away. It belongs to Tang Shuang, which Wei Xun confirmed before. What does it mean now because Xiaocui metamorphoses in advance?

“I remember matchmaker.”

Half life Taoist insisted that he not only remembered, but also had a deep impression. When he first joined the team, he listened to Tang Shuang’s thoughts and said about matchmaking. With a long sigh, he thought that matchmaking was the dead lover of deputy Tang at that time, and he didn’t dare to mention his sad things. He lamented that deputy Tang was really affectionate in an anonymous forum.

As a result, the vest was not put on and was picked out. It was’ shocked! Tang Shuang, a member of the metaphysics team, has been in love with colorful foreign peppers for ten years. The new team members call the vice team affectionate! ” The joke spread all over the hotel, and Tang Shuanger, who was half angry, raised his life. After a good education, he knew what “matchmaker”, “duck” and “baby” were all insects raised by Tang Shuang! Not a wife, baby, pet dragon.

“But I haven’t really seen it. Hongniang died a month before I joined the team. According to Deputy Tang, it seems that it has been colorful spicy all its life and hasn’t changed into a moth.”

That’s strange.

If Hongniang hadn’t become a moth all her life, it shouldn’t have changed much now. Lower demons can live for at least 40 or 50 years and will not die of old age.

Unless it returns to its original state after the scene replay, but

“If only I could see the poster.”

Half life Taoist sighed that if there will be some changes in the future, it will definitely be reflected in the poster.

However, even without posters, Wei Xun had other ideas.

“I like rainbow hair very much.”

Wei Xun praised: “Xiaocui, you have a heart.”

He personally fed Xiaocui a drop of purified magic honey, which made Xiaocui, who was angry, wronged and angry, almost as sweet as eating honey. He replied shyly: “if the owner doesn’t mind, the future baby has a certain chance to inherit earth green instead of rainbow color, Xiaocui, Xiaocui is no problem.”

He is mainly afraid that the earth green baby can’t be liked by the owner!

“Yes, I like everything you give birth to.”

Wei Xun said that he really wanted to know if Xiaocui could get some little matchmakers out.


Just as Wei Xun was about to collect the honey bottle, a snake head suddenly came up. An Xue snake, who won the phased victory in the snake dragon war, slowly spit out the letter and ordered some honey bottles – the snake also wants to drink.

Wei Xun is really good at sweet talk. If an Xuefeng would never quarrel with a bug at ordinary times, but now his wild instinct still has a little influence, an Xueshe thought. When Wei Xun fed him honey and rolled two snake scales, he slowly turned to his side and exposed the knife edge in his heart——

If you show it later, the knife edge will heal naturally.

But Wei Xun still noticed and asked Tong Hege to help on the spot. Tong and the singer point out that they can’t even use ginseng. Hey, the wound heals directly!

An Xueshe:.

“Where did you go after your dream?”

Wei Xun asked. Then he saw an Xue snake point the back of the rock wall with the tip of his tail – a little angry little dragon chasing his dream. However, he beat the infected person. He is also very annoying!

“Team Chen is also a Western butcher guide, right?”

Wei Xun stood up and lazily wanted to roll down an Xue snake lying on his knee. He wanted to climb up again, but Wei Xun raised his hand and refused – the snake is really heavy.

“Don’t go, he might recognize you.”

From an Xuefeng to now, the infected person has not seen him. Although the infected person is only A4 and can’t turn out an Xuefeng’s palm, Wei Xun still likes to keep his hand.

“Woo woo!”

The aggrieved, jealous and sad young dragon hit the infected person with a dead hand, which can be seen from his swollen face. The infected person is hard to say. He just said that he was seriously injured and could not participate in the battle. Would it be revealed if he really fought back? No, this is definitely the temptation of the dreamers and their gang——

But how badly he was beaten! Does the Dragon want to beat him to death??

The second after the infected person decided to fight, the young dragon stopped. Then the infected person heard Zhang xingzang’s voice. At this moment, the infected person didn’t feel angry, but felt happy – ha ha, fortunately he held back. Sure enough, these people just wanted to test him!

“Dragon, don’t be angry with me, will you?”

Wei Xun got a angry dragon. Fortunately, his sweet words have reached the full level, and he soon coaxed the dream chasing dragon. Conniving Bruce Lee to leave all kinds of breath on himself, Wei Xun smiled and looked at the infected person with hypocritical concern: “is it all right? Does it matter? I have hot water here.”

Wei Xun felt that the infected person was too thoughtful and tolerant, and even had more potential than several other evil bugs he knew. He was always on guard against the counterattack of the infected person, but he didn’t expect that this person could really bear it until now!

“If I do it again, I’m afraid I’ll really die.”

The infected person smiled helplessly and said calmly, “but when I die, Toxoplasma gondii will pollute the whole earth. By then, all monsters will be me.”

Don’t try to kill me. You can’t bear the consequences.

You can’t be beaten like this anymore. The infected person must change his strategy.

“Don’t you want to get some information from the butcher guide in the brigade?”

“It’s just a little butcher guide. There are dreams. I want to know what he can’t hide.”

Wei Xun pretended to disdain, but saw the infected person smile with deep meaning: “this is not the same. He is a tour guide in the West. I’m afraid the means of your people in the East can’t really have a good effect.”

“And I can feel that danger is approaching. I see from the stars that this oasis will soon turn into scorched earth, and ruthless giants will sweep everything away.”

What the infected person said is actually catering to the change of half life Taoist Keepsake! During the hunting season of desert giants, I’m afraid the giant snakes gathered outside their oasis are one of their prey!

Wei Xun was surprised, but he still had to suppress the man in language: “what stars, who play tricks, can astrologers still teach you?”

Hehe, the infected person is too lazy to say that he has made great efforts secretly to join mystics. These people don’t understand his ambition at all.

But in any case, the news revealed by the infected person finally made him no longer live a prisoner like life for the time being. After Tong Hege treated him a little, the infected person was allowed to move near the oasis rock fissure.

At the same time, Wei Xun found the half life Taoist and asked, “do you know what treasures there were in the ancient oasis?”

As the desert giant’s hunting is imminent, Wei Xun must add more means. Although the title of creepy way is good, it can only be used for one and a half points, which is still not safe. Wei Xun thought of the title of treasure hunter series.

The progress of this title is full. If there is no accident, as long as Wei Xun gets the title of treasure hunter, he can directly get the orange title of “Explorer” for his journey through 30 degrees north latitude.

But the problem is that although the progress is full, Wei Xun still failed to win the title. He asked an Xue snake, who told him that treasure hunters not only found relics, but also hunted treasures.

The largest and most precious diamond in the mine, the oldest bronze in the tomb, the deepest black pearl in the ocean and the gold in the sunken ship are all the targets of treasure hunters.

It’s easy to say, but with the word “most”, the difficulty becomes subtle.

“The most precious treasure in the ancient oasis? Of course it’s in the red sand giant tribe!”

After hearing Wei Xun’s request, the half life Taoist subconsciously said: “team Chen told me that the red sand giant tribe has the most beautiful treasure in the desert. Moreover, the red sand giant tribe is also the most easily conquered one! The captain conquered here first and then mixed in to show his skills. We can also start first!”

“What is the most beautiful treasure?”

Wei Xun thought about it and thought that what half life Taoist said was reliable, but he asked one more question.

“What else, of course, is the daughter of the chief of the red sand giant.”

Half life Taoist of course: “the most beautiful treasure, the most beautiful giant bride!”

Wei Xun:?

The author has something to say: Wei Xun [pondering]: Chen Cheng was good at it.

Chen Cheng, who is feeding dates to the little giant:?


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