TTG Chapter 329

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 329: The Sahara of Death (15)

Although half life Taoist highly praised that the bride of Hongsha giant tribe is definitely the most accessible treasure and an absolutely reliable route – Chen Cheng came here in the beginning, how can it not be reliable!

But Wei Xun still feels that professional things should be done by professionals – he went to Chen Cheng.

Chen Cheng, who had a very exciting time tonight, was so excited that he couldn’t sleep. As he strolled around to count the dates, he just remembered that Wei Laosan asked him. He filled a cloth bag of dates to feed giant Xiaosha.

The little giant is easy to find. He stays in the jujube forest all day. Papa doesn’t care about it, and Xiaosha doesn’t dare to steal Papa’s food. He can only smell the smell. When Chen Cheng finds it, the little giant’s saliva flowed all over the ground and became almost a new puddle.

What are giants? Are they human beings in another evolutionary direction or new species?

Chen Cheng thought that the little sand in front of him was really good. As soon as he took out the dates, he sat on the ground and waited for him with his mouth open. In reality, Chen Cheng was not a full-time Taoist. Although many of his elders practiced in the Taoist temple and Chen Cheng was influenced since childhood, he preferred all kinds of animals and finally went to work in the zoo after college.

Cleaning the garden house and feeding animals are what he is good at. Even if Xiaosha’s saliva smells very bad, Chen Cheng can keep his face, feed the dates to his mouth one by one, and even pat Xiaosha on the head when he is very good.

When Wei Xun came with a half life Taoist, he saw the virtuous side of Chen Cheng’s harmonious relationship with the little giant.

Maybe Chen Cheng can really get the heart of the giant bride.

Wei Xun thought.

Desert giants are a matriarchal society, and female giants enjoy a high position in the tribe. They are generally larger, stronger and better at hunting and fighting. Giant chiefs are large giants over 30 meters. Male giants are relatively short, like the bust of a six meter giant seen by Wei Xun on the rock wall. They are either underage girl giants or giant men – he Most of them are only 13 meters long.

Therefore, male giants will be abandoned by the tribe when they grow old, just like the disabled old giant. Although desert giants are relatively primitive, they only know their mother and don’t know their father’s tribal state. During the breeding season, female giants can choose any male giants they can see and reproduce, but usually, female giants will also raise a male giant to take care of their children and take care of their children Breeding cubs.

After all, the growth period of little giants is really not short, and the grumpy female giants do not have this patience. In this regard, the shorter male giants have more advantages, because they are too short to undertake other labor. In order to survive, they will try to be gentle and please the female giants to live.

In particular, according to the half life Taoist priest, almost all the chiefs in this giant tribe are special and hermaphroditic. They can reproduce without male giants at all, and move towards a higher level. Therefore, the male giants who accompany them are too short and too small. There is no problem for the chief. The shorter the better.

To become the most special and precious giant, the giant bride is certainly the candidate for the next generation of chief. Therefore, if Wei Xun wants to go to the Hongsha giant tribe, he doesn’t have to consider the issue of chastity at all. The giant bride doesn’t need him at all and will only let him bring her baby.

“Team Chen didn’t actually elaborate, but I guess so!”

The confident words of the half life Taoist still echoed in Wei Xun’s ears. Before the hunting season, it was the breeding season. Because of the new population of the ethnic group, the giant tribe hunted wildly. When they went out hunting, the newborn little giant had to be watched by a specially assigned person – otherwise, how could team Chen, who was less than one meter nine tall, be liked by the giant bride? He was so short!

He must be very gentle, hehe!

So the half life Taoist was brought by Wei Xun to learn from Chen Cheng how to feed the little giant – Yu Hehui saved a lot of things in Tong Hege, especially good magic honey, royal jelly, butterfly pollen, magic goat’s milk, etc. Wei Xun took out a small bottle of milk and added a bucket of water. Seeing that the half life Taoist was in a hurry, he learned to feed from Chen Cheng.

Wei Xun was thinking about how to hunt the treasure.

It’s certainly a way to go to the Hongsha tribe, but he doesn’t want to stay there for too long – Chen Cheng used this method to completely subdue the ancient oasis for too long, but according to the time of their trip, if they stay in the oasis for a few more days, they will set off for the next scenic spot “Petrochemical forest”.

There is no time to stay in the red sand giant tribe for a long time.

If he can’t get the favor of the giant bride in a short time and hunt the most precious treasure directly, Wei Xun is more inclined to find other treasures.

“Lord, master.”

At this moment, Wei Xun was stunned when he looked back at the young people’s voice!

The rosy red light reflected in the dark jujube forest is particularly soft and beautiful. Four rose pointed membrane wings, from the tender rose red at the tip of the wing to the rich red at the root of the wing, and finally to the elegant dark red.

Dark red curly hair, light red eyes and crimson pupils. There are two gem like red spots on the forehead and on both sides of the eyes, which is more exotic and charming. The snow-white thin coat is woven from spider silk. The coat is slightly longer and looks a bit like a skirt.

He / she grabbed the skirt with both hands, looked timidly at Wei Xun, tried to please and smiled, revealing two small tiger teeth (spider jaws)

It’s the spirit of little rose! This refined look is just like Xiaocui’s refined version of color change, but it’s not that that surprised Wei Xun——

“How did you become a male?”

Xiaocui is just a mental teenager. How did this little rose really become male?!

“I, I thought you liked…”

When Wei Xun said this, little rose was at a loss with tears in her eyes and whispered, “if you want, I can change back at any time, and…”

And she was actually a male spider from the beginning!

Yes, this ancient giant spider is actually like the clownfish. When the only female spider in the population dies, the strongest male spider will become a new female spider leader, just like the little rose.

Wei Xun’s Butterfly Tattoo blood is like a perfect tonic pill, which can make her further and strengthen herself. Of course, it includes the special gene of the ancient giant spider. Little rose can choose to be a male or a female. This is not because after seeing that there are more powerful females in the “group”, he instinctively attacks and feels that he should keep a low profile and become a male!

“You… Wait, don’t change.”

Wei Xun suddenly thought of something and took little rose to Xiaocui.

Xiaocui is communicating with the ugly green moth about insect life, but Xiaocui can’t bear to see the fine expression of little rose. It’s like exploding hair – how can insects be so annoying! Become mentally similar to him! Flirtatious jiaui!

But just as Xiaocui was about to rush up and punch and kick, she suddenly wrinkled the tip of her nose and looked suspiciously at the little rose who carefully shrank behind Wei Xun.

“Well, little rose is a male now.”

It’s the individual of both male and female insects. Wei Xun met for the first time. This is also an alternative androgyny, which makes Wei Xun suddenly think of the special system of the giant tribe.

If they advocate hermaphroditism, may the bug like little rose become a precious mascot? Moreover, if the devil insect can be integrated into himself, Wei Xun may be able to release some pheromone. Even if he is still a pure male, he can make the giants mistakenly think that he is a noble existence?

What’s the meaning of being the baby sitter of the bride giant? If you want to play, play big!

But after all, little rose is the newly caught mother insect. Wei Xun is not at ease and brings it to Xiaocui for inspection.

“Oh, is that so?”

Wei Xun’s words surprised Xiaocui and covered her mouth. When she looked at little rose again, the fierce aggressiveness in her eyes had disappeared, replaced by a very ambiguous soft look with some hint. Looking straight at little rose shyly from head to foot.


Xiaocui said softly, “you are so beautiful.”

At Wei Xun’s instigation, Xiaocui quickly pastes with little rose, and even can’t wait – Xiaocui’s aesthetics is still normal. She sees many ugly green moths, and she also wants to wash her eyes with little rose!

“Poof poof?”

The ugly green moth that was thrown aside made a special fluttering sound, trying to attract the enthusiastic spouse back, but did not get any response. It seemed to become greener and dejected, like a green hat moth. Wei Xun was afraid of losing it, so he simply brought it back to Tang Shuang.

“It’s a low-level demon now.”

Wei Xun understated: “I like it very much. You raise insects well. We can communicate when we have time.”

The mysterious and powerful boss Wei took the initiative to talk to him, which should have made Tang Shuang very happy. It’s also gratifying that Hongniang has become a low-level demon bug.

But Tang Shuang looked at the two beautiful elves flying around boss Wei, kissed me, and then looked at the big green and depressed moths.

He seemed to understand something.

As soon as boss Wei left, Tang Shuang said sadly, “Hongniang, Hongniang, you really turned green!”

Is this good luck.

It’s horrible!

Is this good luck?

It’s terrible!

On the other side, Zhang Xing hid behind a maroon, pyramid shaped giant building, held his breath and didn’t dare to show any breath at all.




Huge footsteps, accompanied by thunder like calls, sounded behind the pyramid building. Even if Zhang xingzang didn’t feel the slightest sense of crisis, the other party didn’t want to kill him, but Zhang xingzang didn’t want to go out.

After an Xuefeng left, Zhang xingzang also left the black desert to go to the eye of the Sahara in order to find the dreamer faster. The lizard Duke left it to phantom star.

In those years, chasing dreams opened up a new scenic spot of the eye of the Sahara, thus opening up the death Sahara, which is of special significance to him. And here is more related to the sinking of an Xuefeng in Western Europe——

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato once described Atlantis in the dialogue, saying that its city-state was composed of magnificent, concentric buildings. When the eye of the Sahara was first discovered, it was considered by some scholars to be the site of Atlantis because of its special concentric structure.

Although it is now known that the eye of the Sahara is only a special Richard geological structure, not an ancient city relic, it is still connected with the sinking western continent in the 30 degrees north latitude – an Xuefeng goes to find Bai Xiaosheng first, and when he arrives, Zhang xingzang can use this special connection to go to the place where Bai Xiaosheng and his dream are!

Although the price is not cheap, all this is worth it as long as we can find a dream. Zhang xingzang did succeed. However, there seems to be some problems where he landed.

As soon as I went out, I was almost robbed by several giants 30 meters high with crooked eyes and mouth. What’s the feeling?

Zhang xingzang can’t sleep tonight

The author has something to say: Zhang xingzang can’t sleep, I can’t sleep! Good night, little angels, boo boo!

PS is just pheromone, is breath! Xun Xun won’t give anything more!


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