TTG Chapter 33

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (33)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 33: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

Wei Xun shivered because it was cold, not only because of the title of cold-blooded person, he was hung on the sickle-shaped forearm of the corpse flying fox king like dried bacon, which was really a little windy.

Fortunately, the corpse flying fox king didn’t realize that he was trembling – since Wei Xun’s magic mosquito mouthpiece quietly stabbed into his forearm, the corpse flying fox King seemed to suddenly be unaware of Wei Xun’s existence. The enemy he wanted to kill suddenly disappeared without a trace. The corpse flying fox King fox suspected that he was manic, rummaged in the stream, smelled everywhere, roared angrily, but turned a blind eye to Wei Xun who was close at hand.

[ignore: a family of Valentine’s mosquitos that even [can’t know the word] can’t detect when sucking blood]

Greedy: the Valentin mosquitoes only absorb the best blood and turn them into their own strength.

These two pieces of furniture are not displayed by the hotel, but summarized by Wei Xun according to the characteristics of magic mosquito mouthpiece. The time when his body was out of control and completely controlled by alienation instinct was also good. His body was more alienated and his mind had a lot of strange knowledge that he didn’t know in the past. Instinct tells Wei Xun that this knowledge is very dangerous. He can’t know it yet. Before complete alienation, his head will burst if he knows more.

Obviously, so much new knowledge is in his mind, but he deliberately can’t see it. This really makes Wei Xun itch. Fortunately, he is now in crisis. The contract between golden mosquitoes and Wei Xun enables Wei Xun to safely know the information related to golden mosquitoes from those dangerous knowledge

Valentine’s magic mosquito lives in the third layer of [can’t know the word] (Wei Xun has a hunch that if he knows, he will explode his head). Countless years ago, Valentine’s magic mosquito was the weakest and weakest magic mosquito at the bottom. However, the magic mosquito leader was lucky and absorbed the blood of [can’t know the word] and survived.

Since then, this magic mosquito group has achieved a leap in level, given a name, and its mouthparts also have special characteristics.

Wei Xun almost fainted after reading this information for a short time, which did not prevent him from using the magic mosquito mouthpiece to calculate the corpse of the flying fox king.

Although there is a more prudent approach, adventure and the pursuit of stimulation are Wei Xun’s personality. When the magic mosquito mouthpiece was tied on the forearm of the corpse flying fox king, he had been falling rapidly. The countdown to life suddenly stopped. After a few seconds, it began to rise slightly for the first time.

The magic mosquito mouthparts suck the most essential blood, or the most essential energy. Wei Xun’s biggest crisis now is the corpse of the flying fox king. A large amount of toxins are deposited in his body and cannot be eliminated.

After sucking blood through the magic mosquito mouthpiece, his sense of physical paralysis was reduced. Unfortunately, the magic mosquito mouthpiece is too thin to pump out like a water pump. It takes a lot of time.

After slowing down for half an hour, the paralysis was almost out of the way. As soon as Wei Xun tried hard, he hugged the sickle arm of the corpse flying fox king and hung it like a sloth. Then he moved silently and pulled himself out of the sickle arm tip of the corpse flying fox king.

His whole chest was pierced into a big hole without a sharp thorn. He immediately began to bleed out. Fortunately, Wei Xun exchanged 1500 points for intermediate repair agent in time. He barely repaired the hole. He spent another 200 points to increase the death countdown.

At this point, Wei Xun’s crisis was relieved. Losing San no longer affected his reason. The countdown to the death of collapse was pulled back by throwing money. The intractable poison in his body was continuously relieved by stealing blood. Wei Xun even had a rare sense of comfort.

The influx of a large amount of pure energy is really enjoyable.

The corpse turned flying fox king was unhappy. The enemy disappeared for no reason. He searched for a long time but couldn’t find it all over. This made his already unwise brain into a pot of porridge. In the fury and anger, he destroyed all the scenery around him, roared wildly and screamed bitterly, but he couldn’t find the enemy no matter what he did.

This is really a frustrating thing for the corpse flying fox King – the more terrible thing is still ahead.

I suddenly realized that I was weak!

Any monster’s animal instinct is particularly sharp. It should have been aware of weakness at the first time, but I don’t know why. The corpse flying fox king has always ignored this, and it’s too late to find it.

“Whine -”

Like crying, the corpse flying fox King runs crazy in the mountains and forests under the shrill roar. The wing membrane and huge body of the corpse flying fox King make it unable to jump and glide among the branches like other corpse flying fox kings. It can only panic, run and roll, but it can’t get rid of the invisible terrorist enemy.

Another old tree was broken by the corpse flying fox king and fell down. The trunk, which was not the weight of the corpse, was pressed on the corpse flying fox king, but this time it was like the last straw to overwhelm the camel – the huge body of the corpse flying fox King shook, shook and finally fell down.

[drops, you plundered all the essence blood of the corpse flying fox king.

When the corpse flying fox King fell, Wei Xun found the right opportunity to jump onto the tree and was not pressed down by his huge body. He now has a feeling of satiety, and the essence of the corpse flying fox king is too much for him. As early as five minutes, the avant-garde feels that he is already full, but Wei Xun is like a greedy little devil.

After the feeling of fullness, there is a deeper sense of hunger, which is that the alienated body is shouting “hungry”. It wants homology and strong power. Although the corpse flying fox king is good, he doesn’t have an appetite.

After a little thought, Wei Xun knew who the so-called “homologous” energy had to be, and his attitude was cold and suppressed.

Want him to suck black six, next life.

In contrast, Wei Xun was more interested in the hotel prompt sound in his mind.

[you will be able to become a corpse flying fox king with a success rate of 50%]

“Alienated into a corpse and turned into a flying fox King… Under normal circumstances, it is still in the San state. How many San values?”

Wei Xun spoke to himself in a low voice, which only he could hear. He went to the corpse flying fox king. The big man was not completely dead. He wanted to make up for the last knife.

He didn’t expect to get such an unexpected joy at the end. There is no doubt that the corpse flying fox king is powerful. It is very useful, whether it is its hard exoskeleton, its invincible huge body like an armored vehicle, its sharp sickle arm, or the poisonous blood that can quietly volatilize into the air after injury, poisoning and paralyzing the enemy.

Although Wei Xun’s strength after dissimilation can fight with Xiang, after all, he has not completely dissimilated and turned into a monster from head to toe, and it’s better to be cautious when the countdown to San’s death returns to zero.

In contrast, the alienation into corpse flying fox king is very interesting. The probability of 50% is quite high in Wei Xun’s opinion!

“Next time, the suction head will fly.”

Wei Xun began to think about the target of persecution next time. Everyone has a dream of flying, but he hasn’t flown by himself.

This magic mosquito mouthpiece is more powerful than he imagined, but “plundering all blood” must be a rare thing. Wei Xun dissimilated to this extent, sucking the corpse flying fox king and almost dying. If he meets more powerful monsters later, he can not say that the essence of blood energy is strong enough.


Wei Xun Binbin was polite. With his sharp claws, he stripped off the exoskeleton of the hindrance on the chest of the corpse flying fox king and gouged out the heart of the hindrance.

The corpse flying fox was convulsed, convulsed, and the flow of the grayish brown blood made a noise, and the whole body, like the little mermaid in the sun, turned into foam and dissipated.

The corpse turned into the flying fox king and was completely killed by Wei Xun.

[drop, random task completed!]

[task reward payment -]

[item you got: Pingping’s diary]

[item you got: Pingping’s eyeball (scene)]

[you get 500 points]

[new scenic spot Feihu mountain forest, 99.5% of the development process]

[di, you killed the corpse turned flying fox king. The corpse turned flying fox atlas has been collected completely and the special chart sign has been activated]

[the corpse turned flying fox king, a special level 2-star monster, was raised by the corpse chaser Pingping since childhood. The body of the flying fox is the remnant soul of her brother Aaron. It is Pingping’s favorite flying fox before she died and the most cautious flying fox after she died. She sneaked at Pingping and swallowed Pingping’s eyes. Finally, she was sealed in the husband and wife tree by Pingping and guarded the ghost baby grave forever.]

[you have used the scenic spot experience ball, and an accident or danger has occurred. The extinction of the corpse flying fox clan makes it wake up. Be careful! Stop the hatching, or defeat the hatching and kill it. You will win the final victory and get the reward from the hotel!]

[di, the monster corpse flying fox king in the second scenic spot died early. The hotel is calculating… Planning… Di, the adjustment of Zui Mei Xiangxi project has been completed!]

Wei Xun didn’t finish listening to the hint of the hotel. The next second, he blacked out and fainted.

* *

[what’s going on in the manger? Why did he faint!]

[damn, this live broadcast really makes people’s blood pressure jump repeatedly. It’s too exciting, too exciting]

[what’s the matter? Isn’t the corpse flying fox King dead yet!]

[what’s the matter with C 9? No one talks about it]

[no, I can’t understand how the corpse flying fox king killed him after looking for a disgrace]

Not all people can observe the mouth utensils stabbed into the body of the corpse flying fox king by Bingjiu. Even if they don’t have a magnifying glass, they don’t have a legendary object that can analyze the utensils.

At present, most of the audience are in a circle. There are seven or eight posts about how Bingjiu killed the corpse flying fox king in the live broadcasting room and the forum. Shi Xiao was also stunned in the virtual hall. This kind of nervous and unconscious god suddenly woke up after Bingjiu fainted.

“Mr. Bai Bingjiu should not die!”

Shi Xiao’s heart was wrenched, which was the problem he was most concerned about right now.

“No, he defeated the corpse flying fox king.”

: “his coma may be caused by excessive consumption and excessive blood loss.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Shi Xiao just breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t have time to aftertaste the battle between Bingjiu and the corpse flying fox king. When he glanced at the pocket watch, he suddenly remembered a more serious problem. Shi Xiao said anxiously:

“But how long will he be in a coma? He has to explain the next project. ”

It took more than an hour and a half for Bingjiu to be inserted by the corpse flying fox king, to suddenly lose his target, run and collide, and then to his final death. Now it’s almost five o’clock in the morning, Miao Fangfei’s Taofu project has ended.

There are two closely connected projects in the scenic spot of Yingzhu Miao village. When one project is over, it should start preparing for the next project immediately without any free time, but now Bingjiu is unconscious and doesn’t know when to wake up. In the live split screen, passengers are looking for Bingjiu, but they can’t find it – how could they know that Bingjiu killed the corpseized flying fox king in advance!

“The passengers won’t do anything.”

Calm: “Bingjiu killed the corpse flying fox king in advance. They can jump to the scenic spot in the second scenic spot.”

“Jumping spots?”

Rao Shixiao heard the word for the first time, but he came from a big brigade and had a lot of knowledge. He vaguely felt that the word was familiar.

“The scenic spot project is not a game. It won’t refresh when the boss dies.”

 “the corpse flying fox king died early. The difficulty of the second scenic spot project is minimized. This is called jumping project. For example, in Xiaolong Yizhuang, if the Bingjiu group destroys the rotten corpses in advance, the project of the first scenic spot will have no greatest danger to the tourists. ”

Whether it’s changing zombies, turning corpses into flying foxes, hostility, fierce bone stack, fracture and thrilling, they all come from the group of rotten corpses. Although they are not part of the project, they have become the biggest obstacle for passengers to complete the project. If the ninth party regiment destroys the rotten corpses in advance, the passengers only have to deal with the corpses step by step and drive the corpses through the fierce bone stack, even if the project is completed.

Without the greatest danger, unless you die, the project will not die. It can be called a reward for white whoring. This is the jumping scenic spot.

“But it’s still a ghost baby…”

Before the words fell, Shi Xiao was dumb. This identity is the most special. The ghost baby is still in Bingjiu’s arms!

Although he can understand the words, Shi Xiao can’t change his mind for one and a half hours. He has the impression that every time he completes the scenic spot project, his life is at stake. He walks a tightrope between life and death. Even if their team is an “exclusive” tour guide, the other party will certainly not risk killing the boss of the next scenic spot in advance – after all, it doesn’t matter to the tour guide even if all the passengers die, Who cares if passengers are struggling between life and death.

Virtual hall  each passenger has experienced the feeling of jumping scenic spots. No one dares to think about the feeling that they can get rewards as long as they finish the project step by step without facing too much danger.

Even if Bing Jiu killed the corpse and turned the flying fox king in advance, it was also a project to open up new scenic spots for himself. At this moment, the audience suddenly envied, and even envied Miao Fangfei’s luck.

Why haven’t they met a tour guide like Bingjiu?

“You may not be so lucky.”

“People muttered in a sour tone:” the second scenic spot is “washing” and “chaojiu”. At best, it will be tomorrow. Maybe Bingjiu fainted directly to the end of the second scenic spot. Without his guidance, I don’t think these passengers can find the third item. ”

“They can’t find Bingjiu in the deep mountains and forests.”

Yes, what if Bingjiu really keeps in a coma. It’s really hard to find the place where he killed the corpse of the flying fox king. The audience in the live studio watched Bingjiu turn over several mountains and walk away for hours.

If he is really unconscious, Miao Fangfei, no matter how anxious they are, it is impossible to find him——

“Sleeping trough, who’s that?!”

At this time, the audience suddenly exclaimed, and a bent figure appeared around Bingjiu. The audience couldn’t believe it. Shi Xiao, who was just worried that “no one can find Bingjiu”, was surprised and burst out a rude remark.

“Fuck, why is Wu Laoliu here?!”

The old man who appeared on the live broadcast screen of Bingjiu is Wu Laoliu! I saw him sneaking, walking carefully through the collapsed and broken woods, fighting bravely with the air all the way to Bingjiu. After carefully turning around him, I put him on my shoulder and slipped away. I saw that the direction he left was Yingzhu Miao village!

All the way until I saw Wu Laoliu returning Bingjiu to Yingzhu Miao village, the audience was still distracted and couldn’t react for a long time. I just feel that all this is full of inconceivability, completely subverting their view of life.

“Mr. Bai, how can this black old six…”

Shi Xiao was also confused. He couldn’t understand why the aboriginal Wu Laoliu left Yingzhu Miao village. He found Bingjiu so accurately and carried him all the way back. He felt that his mind was not enough. His mind was full of “who am I, where am I, and what just happened”.

He also stared at the live screen and didn’t speak. For a long time, he was unfathomable and shook his head slowly.

“Everything is under calculation.”

Shi Xiao quickly listened carefully, but was stunned to find that there was no more talk. He buried himself in drawing on parchment.

Shi Xiao couldn’t help asking, but he stopped talking. He couldn’t always rely on it and had to think for himself – but Shi Xiao couldn’t think out why Wu Laoliu suddenly appeared here and took Bing Jiu away.

Did he become a brother with Wu Laoliu when Bingjiu live studio was blocked?

In the end, Shi Xiao was unimaginable and could only think so. In fact, what he thought at the beginning was, will Bingjiu control Wu Laoliu? But as soon as the idea came out, he thought it was impossible. How could it be? Wu Laoliu was a native of Zui Meixiang Xili. He was very powerful. He said that he controlled Bingjiu. How could Bingjiu control Wu Laoliu?

What the hell is going on? What exactly does this mean?

Can Bingjiu tell fortune? Or is he lucky?

* *

He’s lucky!

“Jie Jie Jie –”

On the way back to Yingzhu Miao Village carrying Bingjiu, Wu Laoliu couldn’t help laughing and bumped Bingjiu on his shoulder. Every wrinkle on his thin face was full of joy.

He’s so lucky. It’s easy!

When Miao Fangfei and his team were on the Taofu mission, Wu Laoliu was a little anxious, bored and restless. After becoming a monster, he had a strong sixth sense. In fact, this premonition was that maggots in his body were restless. Every time he had a premonition, something bad would happen.

The last time he had a hunch or fought with Pingping, he was — eh, what did he have a hunch? Forget, it’s not a good feeling anyway. He forced him to use the means of self explosion to lose both with Pingping. He escaped all the way back to Yingzhu Miao village.

Now this feeling came again. Wu Laoliu was surprised and uncertain. He turned around with his back and thought carefully about what would happen. He found it wrong.

Bingjiu is missing!

Whoosh, Wu Laoliu almost jumped up. As the aborigine of the second scenic spot, he still has some authority. Feel it carefully. No, Bingjiu is really gone. He doesn’t exist in Yingzhu Miao village or qiepi village.

Wu Laoliu’s cold sweat will flow down. He wants to control Bingjiu’s bad heart, but he doesn’t want him to die. Besides, when Bingjiu dies, the principal will certainly not give him good fruit to eat! When Wu Laoliu hurried to Chebi village, he was stolen by Bingjiu, and there was still no trace of Bingjiu, Wu Laoliu was really in a hurry.

There was no way. He was burning with anxiety. Wu Laoliu had to release the maggots to find someone. Fortunately, he was not bad luck. Soon there was good news from the maggots! Following the trail left by Bingjiu, Wu Laoliu climbed over a mountain and crossed several rivers. An old bone almost fell apart and finally found Bingjiu.

Bingjiu and something were both hurt and unconscious. Wu Laoliu was worried that the monster would come back again. He carried Bingjiu and ran away. After running back half the way, he finally put his heart down, hehe smiled darkly, and his eyes flashed with malice.

He has long wanted to control Bingjiu. At present, Bingjiu is seriously injured, weak and unconscious. It really takes no effort!

But we should not be complacent. We must be careful in everything. Maybe the principal is still paying attention to the little guide.

His eyes turned, and the cunning Wu Laoliu had an idea.

He went all the way back to Yingzhu Miao village at exactly 8 a.m. Wu Laoliu carried Bingjiu to his stilted building and threw it on the bed. Then he lifted the mattress and took out a wooden box from below.

When Wu Laoliu opened the wooden box, there was an old ginseng with the length of his little thumb. Although it was small, the appearance of the old ginseng was as warm as jade. It was more like a kind of jade. The smell of ginseng was amazing.

The black old six took a pain in his cheek, carefully broke off the shortest root of the old ginseng, put it back in the wooden box, and hid the other ginseng elsewhere. He wouldn’t be so stupid. He fed maggots to Bingjiu himself and attracted the attention of the principal. But if Bingjiu eats maggots by himself… Hey hey.

Bingjiu, the guide, is greedy and likes to take risks. Wu Laoliu wrote down his previous bargaining and going through his house while Wu Laoliu was away.

Greed and arrogance are best used.

Wu Laoliu thought of good things and sneered. The index finger of his right hand knocked on the wooden box unconsciously.

Where do you hide maggots in the roots of old mountain ginseng?

Maggots that make up the head?

Wu Laoliu knocked on the wooden box with his right index finger. The rhythm was fast and interrupted his thoughts.

No, okay.

Wu Laoliu denied himself that although the maggot on the head was smarter, he was more conscious. After all, Bingjiu is concerned by the principal. It’s not beautiful if he is found to be different.

Where to choose?

The sound of knocking on the wooden box seemed to attract the attention of Bingjiu. Wu Laoliu saw that he turned over on the bed and his eyelashes trembled – no, the boy is waking up! Before he could think more, Wu Laoliu simply hid the maggot in the right index finger, which was closest to the root of the ginseng, into the root of the ginseng, and then closed the wooden box and stuffed it under the bedclothes of Bingjiu.

Sure, he couldn’t see it at a glance, but he felt flustered and could find it by himself.

After all this, Wu Laoliu picked up his hookah bag and slipped away proudly.

Less than ten minutes after he left, Wei Xun woke up.


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