TTG Chapter 330

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 330: The Sahara of Death (16)


The sleeping dragon opened his eyes and looked at Zhang xingzang next to him. Just now he had a nightmare and dreamed that the man around him was in some danger.

There seems to be no danger.

The awakened dragon kicked his legs, yawned, stretched his wings and stretched his waist. When you think about it again, what you perceive in your dream is not a fatal danger. It seems that it is just some troubles – after looking at human beings, the dream chasing dragon suddenly understands what the troubles are.

That damn snake is sleeping on this man! Doesn’t it know how much it weighs? This is to crush people to death!

It didn’t press itself up, it just nestled in its arms!

“Hoo Hoo!”

Dream chasing dragon a raptor charged to rush down the long snake, but was heavily pulled down by the tail of the snake. As soon as the dream chasing dragon opened its eyes, an Xue snake, who was very vigilant, woke up, but still closed his eyes and remained silent – it’s a shame to be rushed by the dream chasing dragon once. How can it repeat the mistakes again?

“Call -”

The dream chasing dragon was so angry that he had a deep sense of “are you justified in doing something wrong?” The dragon and snake fight is staged again. Although they hardly make a sound, and they still move outside the rock crack, trying to go to a place where Wei Xun / Zhang xingzang doesn’t disturb his rest, such as the half life Taoist next door.

But how can Wei Xun not wake up as soon as they make a move?

“Just four thirty in the morning?”

Wei Xun opened his eyes, but he was not angry. He had a sense of inexplicable familiarity with being made at home in the morning. Moreover, if you want to travel in the desert, getting up early is the most correct choice. In October, the noon sun was still hot, but in the early morning, the sahara sun had not risen, and the air was wet and cool.

After a simple wash, Wei Xun went to see Xiaocui and xiaorose first. The big ruby red spider is half covered and half exposed, lying lazily in the sand nest next to the oasis. On its back rests a emerald green dragonfly like demon insect with a small arm.

Their sizes vary greatly. Xiaocui’s body is not as long as half an arthropod of xiaorose, but as a mother insect, she has spiritual communication. The tryst between xiaorose and Xiaocui last night was very sweet. Wei Xun saw that their spiritual bodies slept on their bodies, and how beautiful elves looked.


As soon as Wei Xun passed by, Xiaocui woke up first. After sleeping in the little rose in her arms, Xiaocui woke up step by step. Xiaocui was energetic, but he looked a little listless. His cheeks were red and his eyes were a little misty.

“How’s it going?”

Let little rose play first. Wei Xun Shan asks Xiaocui. Xiaocui told him that the next baby would have three genes: ugly green, rainbow and feminization! The latter shows more chances than the first two. After all, the ugly green moth is really weak, not as much as the little rose.

“Female gene?”

Wei Xun frowned. He didn’t want this kind of thing. But soon Xiaocui said, “there are many special and interesting genes in little rose. The female gene is a very characteristic gene when he is a male!”

After all, Xiaocui is only a mother of milala. In the face of other mother insects, she can extract one gene at a time because of her special ability. Like little rose, it doesn’t have this ability. What’s its talent still needs to be explored. But at present, his most distinctive point is that when he is a male insect and a female insect, he has prominent and different genes!

This has been confirmed by Xiaocui. Xiaocui is very reliable. She knows what her master wants. Last night, when xiaorose was confused, she coaxed him into becoming a mother, and roughly found out its genes.

Originally, in the desert giant spider population, the male spider can’t change back after becoming a female spider, but the little rose who absorbed the blood of Butterfly Tattoo mastered this special skill.

His feminization as a male and as a mother secrete special pheromones first, so as to change his body characteristics and structure.

If Wei Xun combines with little rose, the two pheromones will be mixed in him and become a new form of expression, that is androgyny! Of course, it’s just pheromone changes. In addition, there may be two more compound eyes. As for other changes, the level of little rose is too low to be realized for the time being.

“Xiao Cui, do you want to be Lyra’s mother?”

After Xiaocui explained clearly, Wei Xun suddenly asked.

“Master, can I really be Lyra?”

Xiaocui’s eyes brightened, but she was more eager than before: “I think, master, I think!”

Even though little rose is now a male, the emergence of little rose still greatly increases Xiaocui’s sense of crisis – little rose is a natural mother insect. Xiaocui evolved into a mother insect after drinking Butterfly Tattoo blood. She is still the lowest falala mother insect. She has today’s strength through continuous efforts and support from her master, but this little rose only after drinking her master’s blood, Actually, it’s close to the mother milala!

It’s just that she hasn’t established her own ethnic group and hasn’t discovered her talents. It’s just a little short, but she can catch up quickly.

But this is also her chance!

With talent, she will soon advance to the red rose of the mother of Lala. Instead, Wei Xun will give Xiaocui more resources to help her touch the threshold of the mother of Lala first. Otherwise, Xiaocui, who becomes Wei Xun’s own life demon bug, will be more suppressed when he is called the advanced demon bug controller.

After all, they have different genders. At present, they still dominate the fusion, but it seems that their age has regressed (many magic insects will not determine their gender when they are minors) and there is no direct degeneration.

But if Xiaocui becomes the mother of falala and has stronger strength, it’s hard to say. Simply Wei Xun is now more powerful and doesn’t worry about this anymore. However, lailala mother worm is not easy to be. It needs extremely huge resources and an opportunity. It also needs a little more luck——

The mortality rate of advanced Lara is not low. The simplest way is to kill another Lara and devour its heart!

“The female level of Yin-Yang butterfly is very high.”

Wei Xun touched out the little butterfly given to him by the yin-yang butterfly, and then unexpectedly found that the butterfly seemed to have more vitality than before. Although it is still roughly the same as in the black desert, it is still in a special, self sealing state. But I’m afraid it will wake up in two or three days.

“Will the ancient oasis reappear in reality with the change of scene repetition?”

Even an Xuefeng can’t be sure. The development of the current situation has exceeded his expectations. There is no lesson to be based on. He can only look at it step by step.

Can Chen Cheng accept the red sand giant tribe and become the partner of the giant bride?

No, he can still be the companion of the giant bride.

Without delay, under the protection of ferret Tong Hege, an Xueshe and dream chasing dragon, Wei Xun immediately tried to integrate with the spirit of little rose. The alienation state could not be revealed in the ancient oasis, so this pure demon alienation did not exclude, there was no violent resistance, but it was more smooth, allowing Wei Xun to grow insect patterns.

During this change, Wei Xun’s disguise can’t work for the time being. Fortunately, the dream chasing dragon has recognized him. Even if he is not Zhang xingzang’s face, it won’t cause Bruce Lee’s special reaction.

Compared with Xiaocui, the change when fusing small rose is more gentle and gentle, and the change is also very slow. His vision suddenly widened. There was a ruby dot on the left and right of Wei Xun’s corner of the eye near his temple, which was his new “eye” after alienation.

When the body began to change, little Rose’s special constitution finally played a role.

Wei Xun’s appearance is different from that of Xiaocui when he was growing up. This time, Wei Xun seems to be growing up! His body became stronger and stronger. His narrow and thin waist contained infinite strength. He had beautiful abdominal muscles. The sense of weakness seemed to disappear from him. Wei Xun shook his fist with a rare sense of strength and was sincerely happy.

At the same time, the onlookers Tong Hege felt a little uncomfortable.

Yes, Wei Xun is growing tall and has streamlined, not exaggerated but powerful muscles. But at the same time, he is also becoming beautiful – different from before, Wei Xun’s face seems to become softer and more indistinguishable.

The end of his eyes seemed to be crimson. When he looked at anyone, he seemed to be smiling, but his eyes were still blue and purple, but they were more cold, diluted the excessive charm, and made people’s hair itch.



Wei Xun was good-looking before, but he was almost like his brother in Tong Hege’s eyes. But now Tong Hege suddenly feels the attraction beyond gender – he is a straight man!

Tong Hege avoided opening his eyes and looked at an Xue snake. An Xue snake’s eyes fell tightly on Wei Xun, as if stunned.


After a quarter of an hour, the change finally came to an end. Even though the mental state is similar to Xiaocui, the ancient giant spider is different from Xiaocui’s original body after all. Wei Xun didn’t grow elvish soft membrane wings. The place where the tiger teeth were originally turned into rose red pointed jaws. At the same time, his snow-white hair grew to his shoulders, more gentle and smooth, like spider silk – Wei Xun can really use his hair as spider silk now.

In general, Wei Xun was very satisfied with everything except that the fusion speed was too slow. He also succeeded in the experiment of the most important male and female pheromone – Xiaosha was obviously afraid to be restrained when he saw him and would shout Mama instead of papa!

It seems that the pheromone of little rose can make creatures of any race think they are their own kind. Wei Xun wrote this down and then——

He disguised himself as Zhang xingzang. Now the change is stable, and the camouflage is no problem.

Wei Xun roughly looked at his face and found that in addition to the soft light effect brought by the little rose, he probably grew up about ten years old – the ancient giant spider didn’t have the ability to change from male to female until maturity. What Wei Xun now shows is also the appearance at maturity, like in his thirties and sixties.

At this age and appearance, Wei Xun thought of his brother.

It’s absolutely impossible to be a giant bride with this face!

I’m afraid there will be new changes soon after the scene of ancient oasis repeats. The awakening of Yin-Yang butterflies may mean that others will come in soon. If so

Wei Xun doesn’t want to die in society. To be a giant bride, please give Zhang xingzang this face to do it!

“Today we’ll go to Hongsha tribe.”

The red of the token of half life Taoist priest is becoming stronger and stronger. The giant hunting season will begin at any time. Wei Xun plans to start first and go to Hongsha giant tribe! Although Wei Xun is short, he is now very pure in both sexes. The bride, baby (Little Giant) and the little male (Chen Cheng) selected by the bride are all complete. In fact, there are subtle similarities with history!

The hunting season is not only to hunt enough prey, but also to show strength. The selection of new chiefs is usually in this season! Wei Xun will return with his family during the hunting season as a female giant of Hongsha tribe who has the qualification to compete for the position of chief (male and female).

To compete for the position of chief!

On the other hand, Zhang xingzang of the red sand giant tribe did not leave. Dream chasing is here. He can feel it when he comes. As a dream chasing passenger, Zhang xingzang can confirm that dream chasing is in good condition. Although his mood fluctuates a little, he is very healthy. Obviously, Bai Xiaosheng takes good care of him.

In that case, Zhang xingzang temporarily pressed down his returning heart and began to study the red sand giant tribe. The red sand giant tribe is strange. Zhang xingzang was worried that they would be one of the tasks of chasing dreams, so he decided to sneak into it first and be an insider!

The old traveler has a keen intuition. Although he doesn’t know much about ancient oases and all kinds of customs and habits of the giant tribe, Zhang xingzang soon fed a small giant with his own experience of feeding the dragon, so he mixed with his mother, a giant giant with incomparable height and more than 20 meters!

The author has something to say: wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu!


Red sand giant master of ceremonies: Wai Bi Babu, Wai Bi Babu! (two chieftain candidates are going to fight for the male and the chieftain!

Whether the wandering giant bride satellite Tibet won the current chief candidate’s male Zhang xingzang, or the original giant bride in the tribe can take the satellite Tibet’s male Chen Cheng? Let’s wait and see – Oh, oh! They exchanged males!)

Zhang xingzang, held in his arms by the satellite:?

Chen Cheng handed over:?

Dream chasing Dragon:???

An Xueshe:???

Half life Taoist priest [jubilant]: I photographed it! It’s a wedding photo!

Let me see who is under your hood (expression bag) – (untie Wei Xun Zhang xingzang’s disguise)

Shock! The bride is a playful man!

Play with sb??


Today, a bride gave four red envelopes to someone! It’s really lucky. Let’s bless him!


Push Jiyou’s article! Is a very good friend, daily supervision of my codeword! Little angels can go to Kangkang if they are interested. She is also doing Jiageng!

“Live broadcast in infinite escape” by ashamed (MTL Translation of this book would soon start on

After the world turned into an infinite stream and fled, Jian Yuntai had a miserable life. He had no money, no room to sleep in the bridge and cave, and was forced to work countless jobs.

He looks forward to his awakening early and is ready to make money in the copy at any time. Who knows that a coma disrupts all plans.

When he woke up again, he was tied to an electric chair, and a group of people with guns looked at him like a great enemy.

He moved and everyone raised their guns in horror.

The chief officer trembled and stepped back: “you, don’t come over!”

Jian Yuntai:???


A new person came to the live broadcasting group. It was said that he was arrested for committing a major crime. Dai Yan came to the live broadcasting group to work.

The audience watched his live broadcast curiously.

Jian Yuntai can tear the copy by hand for one second, touch the cat’s head for the next second, frown and smile, and can be cut off to make a poster.

The audience shouted: “this is my new wife! Don’t rob me!”

In the past, people thought his wife was handsome and beautiful. His wife was very kind to his teammates. They couldn’t help wondering whether he had committed a shocking crime. It obviously looked normal.

Until one day, Jian Yuntai died in the copy due to misoperation. Without waiting for everyone to be sad, Jian Yuntai directly resurrected in situ and gave birth to a ferocious vice personality.

The young green silk was elongated, dressed in a phoenix crown and a glow, and took off the head of the bridegroom with a smile in the marriage theme book.

With a smile, he licked the fingertips stained with blood. When he looked back, he was angry in his eyebrows and eyes, “who else wants to marry me?”

People were shocked: who are you, handsome boy? Where’s my wife???

Later, this vice personality became everyone’s “husband”.

Later, they had a coquettish and sticky little milk dog son, an intelligent and pure white moonlight first love, a considerate gentle boyfriend, a sick and paranoid crying lover

Jian Yuntai (smiling): it’s me, it’s all me


Jian Yuntai used the live broadcast to earn all kinds of materials. He got up in the doomsday, and accidentally became popular all over the world.

Someone asked him what was bothering him at the top——

Jian Yuntai: I hope someone doesn’t expect all my personalities to like him and stay away from my vice personalities, OK?

A white haired crazy man:???

※ multiple personality beauties are attacked by X multiple personality madness


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