TTG Chapter 331

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 331: The Sahara of Death (17)

What is the concept that a giant is twenty meters tall?

At the beginning, the Taoist priest thought that the tribe lived in groups of two species – twelve meters high, low status and a large number of people with crooked eyes and mouth, and twenty meters high, high status and few people with crooked eyes and mouth.

In fact, such extremely high giants are rare. The whole giant tribe is located in the basin, and the surrounding rock walls are chiseled to become a natural residence. In addition, there are some cylindrical or pyramid shaped giant “tall towers” for those tall giants to live in.

In contrast, the giant cub is only two meters, which is too small. Most of them are specially cared for by those shorter giants. They seem to care about the cub very much, but even so, there is a big physical gap between the big giant and the little giant. Just on this day, Zhang xingzang saw a little giant fall from the big giant accidentally, and then was directly trampled into meat mud.

Zhang xingzang also understood why he was robbed on his first day here – the shorter and more precious male he had, the more it seemed to prove the status of the female giant in the tribe. Zhang xingzang was stuffed with three giant cubs. After he tried to feed them, he was taken into the tallest pyramid tower in the center of the giant tribe as if he had passed the test.

Zhang xingzang actually thought that if this continues, giant males will become shorter and shorter. What will they do in the end?

But when he saw the giant in the tower who was decorated with black snake skin, spider silk and some gorgeous giant bird feathers, Zhang Xing understood. But also worried.

This giant is very strong. No, the strength of the whole giant tribe is very strong. They capture all giant ancient monsters with strength up to the sky level. Their own strength is also terrible. It is completely difficult to travel at 30 degrees north latitude, or the 30 degrees north latitude journey with high risk.

And Zhang Xing has a subtle strange feeling after contacting the giant. It’s like the feeling of touching something you shouldn’t take away in the scene replay, but at the same time, this feeling is weakening rapidly.

What does that mean? Zhang xingzang can’t be sure for a while, but anyway, I’m afraid it’s not good news. Soon, however, the tallest female giant stuffed more children into him. Zhang xingzang was keenly aware that the giants began to assemble and took a special weapon like a stone spear.

They seem to be going hunting.

This is a good opportunity.

Regardless of the giant cubs, Zhang xingzang secretly followed up. These giants are very fast. Where are they going?

“The sense of disobedience is getting weaker and weaker.”

When the half life Taoist told Chen Cheng part of the plan and Chen Cheng agreed to stand next to Wei Xun, Wei Xun felt a faint sense of disobedience.

But this sense of disobedience is even lower than when he first touched Hongniang ducks and ducks.

“What was the concept of 30 degrees north latitude in the past?”

Let Chen Cheng go and prepare with the team members first. Wei Xun asked half his life: “did it disappear or did it change?”

An Xue snake wrapped around Wei Xun quietly. He made himself smaller, as thin as a corn snake. Although men can’t say small, if it’s too big and too heavy to be abandoned, it’s not worth the loss!

The details of the return journey are not as deep as the metaphysics inherited for a long time. Half life Taoist has more say in this regard.

“It’s gone.”

The half life Taoist said firmly: “team Chen originally wanted to leave the ancient oasis to me and leave a way for himself, but he didn’t succeed.”

The ten-year battlefield is like a final reshuffle. Everything in the past ten years, whether it is a journey at 30 degrees north latitude, guides or tourists in the past ten years, will be taken away by a wave.

After a pause, the half life Taoist said again: “I have seen the notes left by the metaphysicians further ahead. The notes say that ‘the journey of 30 degrees north latitude is like a door. Only with the journey of 30 degrees north latitude can there be extremely small hope’. Team Chen should also have read this note.”

The journey of 30 degrees north latitude connects reality and pioneers. Even if power is transferred, the connection between pioneers and 30 degrees north latitude will not be broken. However, the new successor can’t have all the power like the original pioneer, which is one of the reasons why the black widow owns the tower of Babel, but rarely opens it and leads people to explore the tower of Babel.

“In other words, if Chen Cheng can hand over the ancient oasis to you, he may come back here according to his connection with the ancient oasis after he is trapped in the battlefield?”

“That’s right, but I didn’t give it.”

Half life Taoist reluctantly said, “and I don’t think this thing can be given… You see, Whoever transfers power, the pioneer is dead.”

If the pioneer is still alive, even if the keepsake is handed over, to some extent, a journey of 30 degrees north latitude can be said to have two “masters”. Wei Xun understands that this is like a card bug, and the 30 degrees north latitude can not be operated like this… Huh?

Wei Xun looked thoughtfully at the half life Taoist. Wang pengpai had told him that the half life Taoist was lost because he stabbed a Necromancer’s bunker on the battlefield and was besieged by a group of necromancer Archduke, necromancer monarch and necromancer masters.

Just because the half life Taoist was caught off guard, Chen Cheng had no way. He chose Wan’an poor, who was the most calm at that time, as the captain. The handover was hasty, and many things didn’t take him by hand. Therefore, with the arrival of the new decade, the original metaphysics of the first brigade directly fell to the third position.

But if the half life Taoist says so… The keepsake can be handed over only on the premise of the pioneer’s death. But in fact, one of the successors and pioneers died. It is guaranteed that there is only one “master” on the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

In this case, did Cen Qin really lose half her life on the battlefield? Or was it doomed when the token transfer failed?

Half life Taoist has been chasing him, which is an opportunity to recover his strength. Now they are all in the scene of the ancient oasis. If this is an opportunity for the half life Taoist to recover his strength, Nawei Xun feels that his guess is very likely.

“Butterfly fragments.”

Wei Xun asked.

If the failure rate of transferring tokens is too high, why not transfer Maria butterfly fragments? The great worm could take away the fragments and have power over part of the Sahara, and the metaphysics could do the same at that time——

“Ha ha, it’s not. Are the butterfly fragments gone?”

Half life Taoist priest squeaked and laughed twice. A smile flashed in an Xue snake’s eyes and touched Wei Xun’s heart.

Ah, here.

Wei Xun understood that the butterfly fragment should have been obtained by the life playing man. I don’t know how, but it seems that the extraordinarily active butterfly fragment in his heart really comes from the ancient oasis of old metaphysics.

“But maybe it’s a good thing.”

Half life Taoist was open: “team Chen later said that there was something wrong with the butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis, and I don’t know, but team Chen said that fortunately, it didn’t succeed. Maybe you won’t see me. Butterfly fragments are really evil.”

Huh? Is there a problem with butterfly fragments in ancient oasis?

Wei Xun was moved and wrote this down. Several people finally discussed a few words and agreed on a general plan. When they left, it was already six o’clock in the morning. This time, the whole staff set out. Half life Taoist came to the ancient oasis and clearly knew the original location of Hongsha giant tribe. It takes two days to walk from here to there, even at their speed.

“The petrified forest is actually the giant’s quarry.”

Don’t worry about the next scenic spot of Chen Cheng’s brigade. If it goes well, they will go together by the way. They were divided into two groups. Half life Taoist, Wei Xun, Xiaosha and Chen Cheng went to the spot first. An Xue snake chased Menglong, took Chen Cheng, their brigade and infected people, and then came to meet them secretly.

When it comes to such serious things, long long seems very obedient. Although he knew that he was a little lost after he didn’t go with Zhang xingzang, he reluctantly agreed in the end. In contrast, an Xue snake is more aware of the weight. He first agrees with Wei Xun’s decision, and then hisses in a low voice when they are alone, indicating that the red sand giant tribe is too dangerous and he may not be able to support in time.

“Now the situation in the ancient oasis is unknown. We’d better not separate.”

It might as well put a bracelet on Wei Xun’s wrist, and then he can do it at the first time as a trick.

An Xuefeng has seen the butterfly tattoo on Wei Xun’s heart. The area of the butterfly is not small, and even seems to be a little larger than some butterfly fragments on the way home. The chieftain King’s tomb has not been completely opened up. The butterfly fragments owned by Wei Xun are likely to be left to him by the hippie.

There may be fragments of butterflies in ancient oases.

Chen Dui said there was a problem. Was it because they were stolen anyway, so they simply set up a suspicious array and made people suspicious, or was it really a problem? An Xuefeng is not sure, but he can’t take the risk. His return knife is still on the star driller worm. It can be positioned at any time. It’s not urgent. The key is to find out the changes of ancient oases.

Wei Xun agreed, and he was thinking about it.

If the butterfly fragments of this journey can have some power, it is reasonable to say that Wei Xun may have a new discovery. If this is a serious scene, it is certainly impossible, but now if even outsiders can enter here, there may be a chance.

How does it feel to gain power? What will be the authority of butterfly fragments? Is the question that half life Taoist said true or false? In what respect?

At half past six, an Xue snake went under the sand in front of them and said he wanted to make it clear and dark with chasing dreams. In fact, he slipped back to Wei Xun’s wrist. Teams from both sides set out one after another to the red sand giant tribe. Now the sun hasn’t come out. Corn shoots can charge freely in the desert. Last night, so many monster corpses ate it. It was burping and full of strength.

Wei Xun, banming, Chen Cheng and Xiaosha are all carried by fat bamboo shoots, while Wei Xun is more skilled in using pheromones to disguise his breath after adapting to the changes of his body after integrating small roses. The desert giants have poor eyesight. Wei Xun experimented with small sand. Half life Taoist said that the eyes of ancient giants were more like an aggressive organ. They recognized their own species, prey and enemies by smell, sound and vibration.

As long as the smell is right, Wei Xun can confuse the false with the true. It can even be misleading.

——But an accident happened! At noon, when they were preparing for a temporary rest, the keepsake of half life Taoist suddenly turned red to black!

Dozens of tall, thin and giant figures loomed in the hot and twisted air, just like strange monsters beyond human cognition and unimaginable.

It’s the hunting team of the red sand giant tribe! Wei Xun and the hunting team who attacked the ancient oasis met halfway!

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The giant fought bravely! She wanted to break the enemy’s neck – but she twisted the air twenty meters high!

She twisted down and down – why is it all air??

The enemy is gone!

Wei Xun standing in place:.


Push good friends again. Little angels can go to Kangkang qwq soon if they are interested!

“Live broadcast in infinite escape” by ashamed (Coming Soon to

After the world turned into an infinite stream and fled, Jian Yuntai had a miserable life. He had no money, no room to sleep in the bridge and cave, and was forced to work countless jobs.

He looks forward to his awakening early and is ready to make money in the copy at any time. Who knows that a coma disrupts all plans.

When he woke up again, he was tied to an electric chair, and a group of people with guns looked at him like a great enemy.

He moved and everyone raised their guns in horror.

The chief officer trembled and stepped back: “you, don’t come over!”

Jian Yuntai:???


A new person came to the live broadcasting group. It was said that he was arrested for committing a major crime. Dai Yan came to the live broadcasting group to work.

The audience watched his live broadcast curiously.

Jian Yuntai can tear the copy by hand for one second, touch the cat’s head for the next second, frown and smile, and can be cut off to make a poster.

The audience shouted: “this is my new wife! Don’t rob me!”

In the past, people thought his wife was handsome and beautiful. His wife was very kind to his teammates. They couldn’t help wondering whether he had committed a shocking crime. It obviously looked normal.

Until one day, Jian Yuntai died in the copy due to misoperation. Without waiting for everyone to be sad, Jian Yuntai directly resurrected in situ and gave birth to a ferocious vice personality.

The young green silk was elongated, dressed in a phoenix crown and a glow, and took off the head of the bridegroom with a smile in the marriage theme book.

With a smile, he licked the fingertips stained with blood. When he looked back, he was angry in his eyebrows and eyes, “who else wants to marry me?”

People were shocked: who are you, handsome boy? Where’s my wife???

Later, this vice personality became everyone’s “husband”.

Later, they had a coquettish and sticky little milk dog son, an intelligent and pure white moonlight first love, a considerate gentle boyfriend, a sick and paranoid crying lover

Jian Yuntai (smiling): it’s me, it’s all me


Jian Yuntai used the live broadcast to earn all kinds of materials. He got up in the doomsday, and accidentally became popular all over the world.

Someone asked him what was bothering him at the top——

Jian Yuntai: I hope someone doesn’t expect all my personalities to like him and stay away from my vice personalities, OK?

A white haired crazy man:???

※ multiple personality beauties are attacked by X multiple personality madness


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