TTG Chapter 332

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 332: Supplement

An Xuefeng was the first to find the giant approaching.

On Wei Xun’s wrist, the tip of the small snake tail hidden under the white robe was swept, and Wei Xun’s heart moved. The next second he listened to the half life Taoist take a breath of air conditioning:

“Something big has happened!”

The keepsake he had been wearing around his neck suddenly became hot. Half life Taoist priest found that the keepsake had turned red to black!

“We may meet the giant hunting team soon… Should we avoid it first or not?”

At the moment, when the sun is strongest at noon, they are taking a temporary rest in an ancient city ruins. Chen Cheng found that there was a suspected ancient well in the ruins of the ancient city. Xiao Sha tried to get water with him, while Wei Xun and others stayed together.

“Is it the red sand giant?”

Wei Xun asked. He put on his sunglasses and scarf to resist the sun and stood on the broken earth ramming city wall. Most of the ancient city built at an unknown time was buried by wind and sand. The incomplete city wall is only about 10 meters high, but this height is incredible. Wei Xun ran his foot twice and found that under the brittle and broken soil, it was a very hard mottled red stone.

“It’s a variant petrified ancient tree.”

Half life Taoist stood next to him. Originally looking into the distance, he noticed Wei Xun’s action: “the desert giant built the favorite material of the tribe – this is not a wall. It is estimated that it was the wall of the giant’s house in the past.”

Buried by yellow sand, there are still ten meters on the surface, enough to see how high the wall used to be.

“Red stone, it shows that this is where the red sand giant tribe used to be stationed.”

The desert giant tribe will also migrate. They have a beast like smell and will leave all kinds of stubborn smells in the original residence, so that the giants of other tribes and those ancient giants will not destroy the former tribal residence. During the hunting season, these past stations will be where they stop and rest.

Wei Xun and his team took the route closest to the red sand giant tribe in the desert oasis. On the way, they will meet the resident site, which shows that they did not go in the wrong direction. I will choose to stay here. I originally wanted Chen Cheng, half life Taoist and Xiaosha to rub their taste, so that they can get in at that time.

The only surprise was that the red sand giant hunting team set out faster than they expected.

“Since it’s the red sand giant tribe, there’s no need to hide.”

Wei Xun didn’t care and said, “it’s better to play here.”

In the past, the giant tribe ruins, the giants who were accidentally left behind during migration, struggled to grow up in the desert, returned with their families when they were adults, and wanted to take their own power – Wei Xun has made up a little story!

But unfortunately, the intelligence quotient of the desert giant is not as high as he thought.

After the emergence of the tall and thin giant hunting team, it did not stop because of the presence of others in the tribal site, but still kept the original speed and rushed here. The desert shakes, the sand shakes, and the yellow sand rises because of their running, like a huge yellow flying dragon. The giant has long limbs and strong body, but it is not heavy or even elegant.

From a distance, they run like a zigzag line, like a touch of red rock color, but from a close look, they will be deterred by the terrorist power contained in the huge and strong limbs.

When they ran to the tribal relics, the red sand giants slowed down. They looked like pulling out reddish rock pillars from the desert. The brown skin of little sand was a little different from them. The little sand is too small and the rock paintings are not clear. At this moment, looking closely, Wei Xun found that the giant had the original pattern of fire.

In the scorching sun, it emits hot temperature like a flame, and their giant eyes in the middle of their faces are also red, like a flame. The eye like organs of desert giants actually play an attacking role.

Wei Xun knew clearly and offered the fusion flame directly. A large flame was lit and located on Wei Xun’s head. The next moment, Wei Xun stood on the head of the corn shoot and asked it to hold up half its body! Now the corn shoot is a strong and fat shoot hundreds of meters long. Most of its body is buried in the sand to keep balance. The small body is held up bravely, and the height is at least 30 meters!

It is Wei Xun’s demon insect. Wei Xun releases more androgynous pheromones around the corn shoots. Even ignoring Wei Xun’s height, he is like a giant 30 meters high in the smell of desert giants!

his name is enough to strike terror in people ‘s hearts!

Suddenly standing up from the tribal ruins, the 30 meter high giant stunned the red sand giant hunting team, even if they had never seen such a scene! The red sand giant, the tallest in the hunting team and the leader, is only 22 meters tall. She is the second tallest quasi chief in the tribe, but in front of the 30 meter tall giant, she is as short as a male giant!

It should be the so-called giant bride.

Wei Xun looked at the female giant standing in the front and felt it carefully. Half life Taoist said she was the most precious treasure of the red sand giant tribe, but Wei Xun didn’t feel any special significance similar to “treasure” in her, and his series of titles and tasks remained unchanged.

Because she hasn’t become a real chief yet? Or is her position not secure at the moment?

But this is not important to Wei Xun. As long as he becomes the ‘giant bride’, he will know what’s going on.

An Xuefeng’s attention was not on the red sand giants.


Wei Xun was a little surprised when he heard an Xuefeng’s voice: “there is someone behind the red sand giant hunting team, like Zhang xingzang.”

Is Zhang xingzang coming in? Also happened to find the red sand giant tribe, chasing after their hunting team?

What kind of coincidence is this? Wei Xun is also a little surprised. But there is no time to think about this. The “giant bride” in front of her can’t help it.

“Hoo Hoo -”

The prospective chief made an anxious exhalation and felt the threat. The folds and wriggles like fish gills on the skin behind her neck tried to smell the smell of giants in front of her, and the special smell of hermaphroditism made her feel like a great enemy.

Giants more than 30 meters high, with special physique, appear in their Hongsha tribe ruins, bring their families, or in the key season of hunting season. What does this mean? The people behind them are restless. They are all elite female giants in the red sand giant tribe. They just don’t have the characteristics of hermaphroditism and can’t become chiefs.

This hunting season is also an opportunity for prospective chiefs to show their strength and admire them, but now no one thought of an accident.

A giant thirty meters high

The prospective chief shook his arms anxiously and made a whistling sound. This is a body language that represents “vigilance” and “temptation”. Although desert giants are fond of killing, there are basically no dead hands among their families. She didn’t attack at the beginning, but tested whether she really wanted to compete with her for the post of quasi chief.

Children and male giants are relatively friendly topics of communication between female giants.

Chen Cheng and the little giant have come back to make peace with everyone. Now Chen Cheng has experienced great storms and waves and is very calm. He doesn’t forget to feed dates to the terrified little giant.

Seen by the prospective chief.

“Call -”

The male giant is even smaller than the one she just owned. It seems that he is also a good hand in feeding the little giant. The prospective chief exhaled with a special frequency, and made a fiddling movement with his very long hand, reaching out to Chen Cheng.

Exchanging male giants is an act of connecting feelings that only female giants with excellent relations can have. As a quasi chief, she takes the initiative to exchange her own male giants with others, which is not only a kind of goodwill, but also a demonstration.

The male giant of the prospective chief must be the best. It’s a gesture of kindness. When the prospective chief asks for an exchange and you agree, it is equivalent to obeying her leadership. This is a demonstration.

If the 30 meter high giant agrees, the prospective chief can directly incorporate her into the hunting team, but if he doesn’t agree——

I’m afraid a battle is inevitable.

“Half life Taoist is right.”

Wei Xun didn’t understand the deep meaning contained in it, but he could also understand her body language and couldn’t help sighing.

No wonder Chen Cheng can subdue the whole red sand giant tribe through her, so he likes Chen Cheng. Chen Cheng really fascinates her.

But Wei Xun disagreed. The tentacles of corn shoots are like long hands. They directly roll up Chen Cheng and hug him in his arms, like holding him to declare sovereignty.


“Roar -”

The body language of the prospective chief changed all of a sudden, showing more threat and attack, but to Wei Xun’s surprise, she didn’t shoot directly, but looked aside.

Perhaps she thought that the other party refused because she did not show her male giant and had no sincerity in exchange.

Exchange and plunder are completely different concepts! The latter will never be accepted by the female giant. It is difficult to end without a fight. The prospective chief immediately fell into a dilemma. At the same time, the other female giants were impatient. They didn’t want to freeze outside the tribal relics and stomped to the earth with giant spears to urge.

But it seems to Zhang xingzang, who is quietly chasing after him, that the giant hunting team is going to war!

An Xuefeng can find Zhang xingzang, and Zhang xingzang can naturally recognize an Xuefeng from the Phoenix Fire. The 30 meter tall gray pink giant worm (dyed corn shoots) is more like a miniature version of the great worm – it’s really a good dream chaser! I’m afraid the battle will start soon. Zhang xingzang no longer hesitated and ran directly to the tribal relics. When he found that the giant hunting team and an Xuefeng seemed to be still in confrontation, both sides had found him!

“Hoo Hoo!”

The prospective chief let out a roar of grief and anger! She saw with her own eyes that her male giant did not listen to her orders and sneaked out of the tribe. Without hesitation, she ran to the arms of the 30 meter high female giant!

The other party actually acquiesced in his approach and even picked him up with his’ hand ‘!

She wanted to exchange, but the man wanted both, which was a great shame to her! The clan behind her began to agitate. A battle was inevitable. She had to win before she could be a quasi chief again!

“What is this, this is, ah?”

The prospective chief shot directly, but at the moment, Zhang xingzang’s mood was as broken as the prospective chief! The man standing on the top of the worm has the same face as himself. It’s still a Niang version!

“I’m Bai Xiaosheng.”

The next moment, the man spoke and was extremely calm.

“Kill the prospective chief.”

In a word, the worm suddenly disappeared. The three of them fell freely from the air and let the stone spear thrown by the prospective chief hit the air directly. At the same time, when the prospective chief threw the spear, Wei Xun also threw an Xue snake at her.

A fierce battle is imminent!

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