TTG Chapter 333

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 333: The Sahara of Death (18)

Half life Taoist has been staring at the hunting team of the red sand giant tribe. After seeing the prospective chief, the other female giants did not participate in the battle, but formed a big circle, such as dozens of red rock pillars deep into the ground and circled a arena. The half life Taoist was relieved.

When he went to the ancient oasis, the red sand giant tribe had long ceased to exist, and team Chen didn’t tell him these past events. Therefore, the half life Taoist priest can’t completely determine whether the competition for quasi chiefs is only between quasi chiefs and challengers, or whether quasi chiefs’ men will rush up and fight disorderly.

The latter is unfavorable to them, but the former can still play.

And they’re not even down at all! Especially an Xuefeng is here! Although according to the previous arrangement, an Xuefeng should follow the rear team, the half life Taoist who appeared next to Wei Xun felt that he had “expected it long ago”.

Wei Xun threw an Xue snake very high. His purpose is not to let an Xuefeng take action. After all, an Xuefeng’s action is likely to cause the scene to repeat and collapse. At the moment of being thrown, an Xue snake changed into a phoenix bird. The hot Phoenix Fire was very similar to the Phoenix Fire breath in Wei Xun’s mixed flame, which immediately misled the prospective chief and made her still believe that her opponent was 30 meters high!

When the giant spear swept across, even the air almost made a tearing sound. She had great strength. Even the ancient giant lizard would break its bones and flesh, but she only hit the air!

The enemy dodged her attack, so fast! But the speed of the prospective chief is not slow. She is like a maroon storm. The speed of the desert giant is not dragged down by its huge body. It is agile and flexible. It is simply against common sense. But no matter how fast it is, it can’t be faster than an Xuefeng – in fact, an Xuefeng didn’t move much!

He represents the place where the giant is in the middle of the “eye”, and the prospective chief attacks more than two meters below an Xuefeng every time – if in proportion, it should be the neck of the 30 meter giant!

“The desert giant’s key lies in his neck.”

On the other side, Zhang xingzang also found this. The giant worm suddenly disappeared. When they landed, Zhang xingzang also entrusted Bai Xiaosheng. He saw that Bai Xiaosheng’s disguised face was numb, but he was worried about the dreamer – how Bai Xiaosheng would disguise, which shows that the dreamer has not regained his mind. He only recognized him, Zhang xingzang, and did not recognize others, That’s why Bai Xiaosheng pretended to be like this!

As for why she pretended to be such a mother… I don’t have time to think about it now. Zhang xingzang did not hesitate to draw his sword and wanted to participate in the battle. However, he hasn’t made a knife yet, but the other giants around the duel field heaved their chests and purred with discontent!

This is the duel of the prospective chief. What does the male giant do? Stay!

If Zhang xingzang insists on fighting, the female giants who had been watching are likely to expel him, and the war will be even more chaotic at that time!

“Team Zhang, come to me.”

Half life Taoist priest saw the situation and asked Zhang xingzang to come. At this moment, the tribal site has been completely reduced to ruins. They stood further to watch the war. Half life Taoist priest saw an Fengniao pretending to deceive the prospective chief in the sky, while Wei Xun sneaked into the ground and couldn’t see his figure for a moment.

The quasi chief’s strength is really strong, almost a high-level star, and she is unique in the desert environment. She can roll up crazy sand every time, almost a small sandstorm, and ordinary people can’t open their eyes in this environment. In the face of a tall enemy, the prospective chief did not flinch.

The height difference of eight meters is difficult to make up. After she threw a stone spear and missed her opponent, her eyes in the middle of her face began to rage. The big eyes of the wheel emitted the hot light like fire, leaving dazzling and burning light marks in the air. Even the Phoenix did not receive the light, but avoided it skillfully. It danced up and down, imitating the posture of avoiding, and the eyes of the prospective chief continued to burst out hot lights. Occasionally, one hit the sand and directly melted a deep and steep ditch!

But the other giants didn’t do it. Only her words had an Xuefeng sweeping the array. The half life Taoist wasn’t too worried. In addition to paying attention to the battlefield, he paid more attention to Zhang xingzang – he died. Zhang xingzang even came in and was facing the occasion where Wei Xun dressed him! Half life Taoist made the embarrassing mistake again, but before he said anything, half life Taoist found that Zhang xingzang even called Wei Xun Bai Xiaosheng!

Ah… It’s because Bai Xiaosheng is dressed as Wei Xun outside. Bai Xiaosheng has disappeared all the time, so Zhang xingzang thinks that the people here will be Bai Xiaosheng?

That makes sense! Half life Taoist was relieved when he thought that the pot was moved from Wei Xun to Bai Xiaosheng. He stopped and focused on the fierce battle. They used pheromones and flames to mislead. The prospective chief has been fiercely attacking the air, but the problem is that they can’t go on like this. They always have to decide the victory or defeat.

It’s a decision, but it’s better to kill! It’s easy to leave future trouble if you defeat!

But can Wei Xun kill the prospective chief alone? It’s not that half life Taoist doesn’t believe his strength as a demon. It’s the strength level of quasi chief. It’s really difficult to kill him completely! However, before this departure, Wei Xun specifically said that he would kill the prospective chief himself. If there was no accident, he didn’t need their help.

Where does Wei Xun’s confidence come from? Half life Taoist didn’t know, but he soon knew.

At this moment, Wei Xun, who lurks under the sand through corn shoots, pulls out the maniac’s knife.

[Name: maniac killing knife (Advanced variant)]


[feature 3: bloodthirsty]

[you are a maniac, a murderer, and even a pervert! You like to kill the victims one by one. Their complaining souls wail in your ears. That’s your favorite music! When you kill the same kind of prey in a row, their complaining souls will begin to accumulate and burst out in multiples at the fourth, seventh and thirteenth murders! Stack them to the highest level, and even God will kill you !】

[current accumulation: 12 / 13]

[species: abyssal creatures]

[Note: when you kill other kinds of prey while accumulating resentment souls, the accumulation will be recalculated]

After the previous killings, the accumulated number of maniac’s knife has reached the highest point. The 13th killing will break out the most powerful power! At this moment, the knife was very cold in Wei Xun’s hand, like a piece of cold ice. The hand holding the knife was almost unconscious, as if it had become a part of the knife.

Wei Xun could feel that the maniac’s killing knife was trembling and chanting. It was eager to drink blood, burst and kill – but this desire was not strong!

Because the prospective chief is not an abyss creature!

Although creatures such as desert giants are affected by the pollution of ancient oases, 30 degrees north latitude does not belong to the abyss. Theoretically, monsters polluted by the power of 30 degrees north latitude also have serious pollution, but they are different from abyss creatures. The reason why she killed the puppet master before was that she had changed into an abyss creature a long time ago.

But the female giant is different!

If you kill her directly, the times of folding the madman’s knife before are all in vain, and there is no characteristic of bloodthirsty. It is difficult for Wei Xun to kill the prospective chief directly!

But Wei Xun has his own card. He took out a small tube of Butterfly Tattoo blood.

Since you are not an abyss creature, it will pollute you and make you an abyss creature!

The monsters polluted by Wei Xun’s Butterfly Tattoo blood last night have become multiples of the maniac’s knife after killing, indicating that they have become abyss creatures after receiving the transformation and variation of Butterfly Tattoo blood. However, after several attempts, Wei Xun has long found that butterfly tattoo blood has the deepest impact on insect organisms. No matter the size or strength, a drop can make it mutate.

But for other kinds of creatures, the effect will be worse. In particular, the monster with a huge physique is like the prospective chief in front of him. If Wei Xun wants to completely pollute her directly, he may have to drain his own blood.

But Wei Xun is not in a hurry. What he is waiting for now is an opportunity!

“Roar -”

Several attacks failed, and the prospective chief became angry. The desert giant’s temper was extremely manic. When he was angry, he could even kill his children. When the giant eye ray couldn’t hit the enemy, and she couldn’t twist the enemy’s neck because of her height difference, and she was turned away by the flexible enemy every time, the prospective chief didn’t have any patience.

She roared, and the next moment suddenly there were countless dense dots flying out of her fluffy and messy brown and red hair, which were symbiotic creatures on giants! Every giant is extremely tall. They never take a bath and clean their bodies all by these symbionts. These creatures are like a variety of insects. They can not only clean up their bodies, but also be very aggressive. Some even contain highly toxic.

We can’t underestimate this kind of symbiosis. The one-to-one life and death struggle between giants depends on the height, the hard strength, the power of giant eyes and the symbiosis of both sides. The quasi chief family has raised highly poisonous seeds for generations. It is her mother who separated a group from her hair and raised it from childhood.

The giant’s skin is hard, but these black insects can directly penetrate the skin, dissolve themselves and release all their toxins into the giant! The poisoned desert giant will die in pain. There is no medicine to cure. Even if the giant is 30 meters high, as long as a worm goes in, the final outcome is only death. This is her means of death!

“Beware of symbiosis!”

Dense black insects roar up like a strong wind. Each of them is the size of cantaloupe! The single corner of the sharp spiral pattern is covered with an unidentified black liquid emitting a stench. It is extremely sharp and frightening.

Unlike would-be chiefs deceived by pheromones, these insects pounced on all living creatures on the scene except the hunting team. The prospective chief wants to kill not only the enemy, but also the two damn ‘male giants’ and the enemy’s children!

The black insects that can penetrate the giant’s skin are extremely hard and sharp. They are numerous. Half life Taoist priest and Zhang xingzang have to protect Chen Cheng and Xiaosha and fall into a hard battle for a time. However, the half life Taoist inexplicably remembered that the avant-garde Xun asked him all kinds of detailed information about the desert giant, of which the half life Taoist told him about this symbiosis.

Because of this poison, Chen Cheng used it wantonly and played a great role in killing the leaders of the nine giants! Chen Cheng killed the giant bride and the former giant chief of Hongsha tribe, who lived with this kind of insect and were not afraid of their venom.

Half life Taoist thought Wei Xun was interested in venom at that time, but what Wei Xun emphatically confirmed to him was “are symbionts sure they are insects?”, Now, seeing that the prospective chief finally released the black worm, the half life Taoist inexplicably felt that this would be an opportunity for Wei Xun to wait!

Yes, this is the opportunity for Wei Xun and others! Black insects indiscriminately attack organisms with various pheromones, many of which have drilled into the sand and are being rolled up by corn shoot tentacles! Before they attack and release the venom, under the control of corn shoots, Wei Xun directly poured the butterfly tattoo blood on them.

Ah, this kind of thing that the black bugs never thought about before they had time to eat a good meal before invading the enemy’s body. But soon they were polluted by the blood of Butterfly Tattoos, and they became Wei Xun’s running dogs——

“Wuwu -!”

The prospective chief suddenly screamed and pulled his hair wildly. I saw the brownish red hair covered with dirt and dust flying all over the sky, many of which were also stained with black mucus on the hair roots, and her healthy, dry and elastic skin erupted into black spots, large and small, like oil spots!

The black worm has a special symbiotic relationship with the quasi chief, and this family transmission makes the relationship between the two sides very close. Even the black worm’s eggs hatch in the giant and then return to the external skin. Wei Xun polluted the black insect, which is equivalent to polluting the quasi chief himself! It’s much better than filling her with a test tube of Butterfly Tattoo blood.

The sand shook, the wind roared, and the corn shoots lifted up half and drilled out of the desert again, while Wei Xun standing on its head was rolled by the corn shoot tentacles and thrown at the prospective chief. This is an extremely risky behavior. Even if the prospective chief is crazy now, with her powerful power, if she hits Wei Xun closely, I’m afraid he will be directly crushed into meat mud!

The flame surges, and the fusion flame is ignited. As a phoenix stealing fire, it seems to be excited about the giant in Arabic mythology and legend. It should be with an Xuefeng, the source of Phoenix Fire! At that moment, the fusion flame was strong or weak, but the sense of authority was very strong. The quasi chief in the pain of being polluted, chaotic still has a beast like intuition. Her long arm sweeps towards the flame like a weapon, and the arm bone suddenly stabs out of the skin, as sharp as a bone knife!

If it is struck by this hand, even the giant will break through her stomach, and the fusion flame will be directly defeated by her. However, at the moment when the prospective chief’s attention was attracted, Wei Xun thrown by the corn shoots had fallen on her abdomen!

The giant’s abdomen is not crucial. Even if it is torn, it can heal. But what Wei Xun’s maniac’s murder knife aimed at was the black spot on the belly of the prospective chief, which was polluted by the abyss! At this moment, Wei Xun is very calm and the blade is cut off, just like cutting the puppet master’s belly to kill her in the past, but an Xuefeng took him to kill her at that time and cut the puppet master’s skin with the knife on his way home, but now Wei Xun can operate the knife by himself!

At present, the black spots polluted by the abyss have spread less than the whole body of the quasi chief. In theory, it is not completely polluted into abyss creatures. If Wei Xun wanted to be more stable, he should wait a little longer, but when the pollution filled the giant, the butterfly fragments in his heart suddenly became abnormal and restless.

It was this change that made Wei Xun immediately decide to end the battle and prevent the prospective chief from being completely polluted! Although there was no complete pollution, it was enough. The originally cold Madman’s knife seemed to suddenly release all the cold. For a moment, Wei Xun felt that his strength seemed to be evacuated, and his hands were soft and could hardly hold the handle of the knife. However, the quasi chief who had been screaming suddenly lost his voice, as if he had been given a silent spell.

If the hotel still controls the overall situation at the moment, Wei Xun is afraid to hear the prompt sound of the hotel, such as the explosion of killing knife on the 13th floor and how strong enemies to kill. But even if you don’t hear it, everything in front of you can be seen clearly by all the people on the scene.

The black insects flying like a black sandstorm and desperately attacking Zhang xingzang and others suddenly died one by one. Before their bodies fell to the ground, they mysteriously turned into white and muddy liquid, like soaked wall ash. Except for a few mutant black insects around Wei Xun, all the other black insects died. And their distortion is just like what happens to quasi chiefs.

From the abdominal knife edge, its abdominal skin began to shrink, twitch, terrible, grayish red blood vessel lines spread all over the body in an instant, such as blooming withered blood flowers. The healthy red skin became white like a dead body, and this white was still spreading in large areas. When the legs closest to the abdomen were covered with lifeless white spots, the quasi chief’s legs could no longer support his tall body.

She knelt down, and Wei Xun immediately jumped down and was caught by corn shoots with tentacles. He was still out of strength and his body was as soft as water, but the tentacles of the corn shoots were wrapped around and fully supported him. Standing on the head of the corn shoots, the winner of 30 meters high stared at the loser coldly. Other female giants nearby screamed, and the spears hit the ground powerfully, just like beating on people’s heart.

They announced the victory of the thirty meter giant and celebrated the birth of a new, quasi chief. They uttered wild and shrill cheers, like quarrels, and showed no sign of the death of the original quasi chief. They were cold like some wild animals – and they were closer to the wild animals.

Wei Xun is still watching the white prospective chief. She is getting shorter and shorter. It’s not because of kneeling down, nor because of the atrophy of body muscles. It’s true. The naked eye can see that the legs become shorter, the body becomes shorter and thinner, and the whole giant seems to shrink in circles.

Because she was too big before, a series of changes on her body were very distinct, which answered many doubts in Wei Xun’s heart. The pollution of 30 degrees north latitude and the pollution of the abyss are mutually antagonistic and engulfed. To some extent, they also promote each other. Just like the black spots on the prospective chief, the pollution of the abyss has no direct advantage.

When it was polluted, the quasi chief was almost crazy, but she became larger – the pollution of ancient oases was assimilation, or it can be said that it was huge and ancient, which shows that the abyss pollution has a certain role in promoting the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude.

When Wei Xun pierced the black spot with a maniac’s murder knife, he killed the “abyss creature”, which is equivalent to killing the abyss pollution in the female giant. But at the same time, the female giant is getting shorter when the black spots on her body disappear and the whole body turns white, which shows that the maniac murderer’s knife has killed the 30 degrees north latitude pollution in her body at the same time.

Or because the abyss pollution and oasis pollution are entangled and integrated together, they can not be separated and killed all. Or it means oasis pollution in a sense – it is also 30 degrees north latitude pollution.

The body of the prospective chief became smaller and softer, leaving only a deformed, huge head lying on his back in the desert. The huge eyes were not closed, they were open in peace, but their red eyes were covered with a layer of white frost representing death.

The old quasi chief has died. In the giant hunting team, the female giant, who is 21 meters tall, second only to the quasi chief, cut off her head with a stone spear and respectfully presented it to the winner.

When the winner opened his mouth and swallowed the loser’s head like the rules of the desert giant (corn shoots), all the desert giants made deafening cheers and roars! This voice can spread tens of thousands of kilometers in the vast desert, and can let other giant tribes know the news of the emergence of new and prospective chiefs.

It can also let the dream chasing dragon, thousands of meters away from the back, find something wrong and immediately flutter its wings!

Even though it is a young dragon now, its natural dragon power is no inferior. The giant hunting team, which was supposed to dance the original and cheerful dance, suddenly became nervous and “stared” at the sky with a stone spear. They gathered around the new quasi chief, and the 30 meter high strong man was arrogant and did not pay attention to the enemies in the air.

She still held her own male giant in her “left hand” and the “right hand” (actually all corn shoot tentacles) held the male giant of the former quasi chief and swaggered. The dream chasing dragon in the air did not look at the stone spears, and the longan stared at Zhang xingzang——

It’s two Zhang xingzang!

Zhang xingzang standing on the worm, Zhang xingzang caught by the worm’s tentacles.

Why are there two!

Long long doesn’t understand!

“Chasing dreams!”

Zhang xingzang saw the dream chasing Bruce Lee in the sky at a glance. He was so excited that he finally found the dream chasing Bruce Lee! Zhang xingzang can’t wait to feel the mental state of chasing dreams and see how he is.

But this call makes chasing dreams more confused. Obviously, the talent above the worm is Zhang xingzang, who has been with him these days, but the new one seems to give him a feeling of more cordiality and trust. Which is true——

The next second, the dream chasing dragon widened its eyes. It saw an elegant Flamingo flapping its wings, falling on Zhang xingzang’s shoulder above the worm’s head!

Well, can’t I recognize you from a snake to a bird?!

Look at him, Zhang xingzang above is real!

The dream chasing dragon falls confidently – faster than the Phoenix. Zhang xingzang is confident to open his arms. He believes that chasing dreams must be for him! And soon, Zhang xingzang’s smile froze.

Ah, from the perspective of chasing dreams and falling, it seems that he didn’t fall into his arms?


Just then, the long falling Phoenix suddenly chirped, and an Xuefeng found that Wei Xun was wrong! It suddenly accelerated its descent. In order not to let the heavy dragon press Wei Xun, the Phoenix suddenly threw itself when it landed next to the dream chasing dragon and directly pushed the dream chasing dragon cub out.


The dream chasing young dragon scolded and fell into Zhang xingzang’s arms. As soon as he fell, he struggled to climb out. An Xuefeng kept his beak close to Wei Xun’s cheek and checked his condition.

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