TTG Chapter 334

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 334: The Sahara of Death (19)

There is something wrong with Wei Xun.

When polluting the giant, the strange feeling of butterfly fragments in the heart is not false, and it is getting worse and worse. It’s not painful. Wei Xun has got rid of the doomsday punishment. His keen pain has disappeared. If it’s pain, he shouldn’t feel it.

It was another strange feeling, as if a piece of charcoal had been stuffed into the original heart. It was hot and frightening. A surging and powerful force spilled out from the butterfly fragment. To be exact, it was like a sealed jelly. Wei Xun polluted desert monsters and quasi chiefs, resulting in the thin film outside the jelly, which was finally pierced.

But powerful power is not entirely a good thing. At the moment, Wei Xun is hot all over, just like having a high fever. The heart beat so fast that an Xuefeng noticed it as soon as he fell. His heart sank and he immediately communicated with Wei Xun. Later, an Xuefeng was a little relieved that Wei Xun was in a good mental state – he was very active, as if he had just advanced the title.

“I’m fine.”

Indeed, as an Xuefeng sensed, guard Xun opened his eyes in three seconds. Although his face was still red and his voice was a little weak, he had no problem talking. At the moment, the burning feeling in his heart still hasn’t disappeared. Wei Xun is still troubled by the problem of “heart burning”, but at the same time, another force calms him down and can find his reason.

Half life Taoist is right. The giant bride is indeed the most precious treasure of the red sand giant tribe.

Kill the “giant bride” and become a new “giant bride” and a treasure of Hongsha giant tribe. Wei Xun plundered the treasure like a civet cat for a prince and was recognized by a series of titles! Even if the hotel is not here now and there is no loud prompt, Wei Xun is already a treasure hunter.

And he, who has long opened up the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, has won the orange title of “Explorer”!

An Xuefeng once said that the title of explorer is extremely suitable for passengers and for use in all kinds of extremely harsh and dangerous environments. Because of it, Wei Xun can find his reason as soon as possible.

“Rest in place.”

He ordered the corn shoots to enter the tribal ruins – now the real ruins, and other giants in the red sand giant tribal hunting team also entered in turn. They had planned to rest here, and it didn’t take long for the prospective chief to duel.

They began to rest, and Zhang xingzang also found that “Bai Xiaosheng” seemed to be in a wrong state. He grabbed the struggling dream chasing young dragon and left space for an Xuefeng and Bai Xiaosheng, and the change on him leaving Wei Xun was more obvious – the white filaments that an Xuefeng had seen grew on Wei Xun, like the cocoons of some insects.

They were soft and thin and covered Wei Xun’s arms. An Xuefeng tried to tear them off, but his heart sank. These cocoons were surprisingly tough – stronger than the white silk produced by pollution on the day Wei Xun swallowed the butterfly fragments.

“I feel good.”

But Wei Xun was more sober than that day, and the explorer’s power was completely aroused when he was seriously hurt and in danger. What is the power of the title? Wei Xun thought it was the strength given by the hotel to tour guides and tourists, but now it doesn’t seem so.

In fact, where such hotels cannot be involved, the title can still be used, which can be explained‘ The power of “title” seems to come from people’s own potential, many variations, just like Wei Xun’s “Explorer”.

“I should have the title of explorer now.”

Wei Xun appeases the anxious Phoenix who frequently touches his cheek with his beak. An Xuefeng wants to change back to human shape to confirm his situation. Wei Xun can feel his ups and downs. Even after killing the prospective chief, this scene is being replayed in a surprisingly fragile way. An Xuefeng’s transformation is likely to directly destroy this place. He doesn’t care. It’s not as important as Wei Xun, and there’s no danger of butterfly fragments changing.

But Wei Xun still wants to stay here – he hopes to find out more secrets about butterfly fragments. This is not only a danger, but also an opportunity. And Qiwei Xun soon got better. In about ten seconds when they were alone, the restless butterfly fragments gradually calmed down, and the crazy overflow energy also calmed down, as if sealed by an invisible membrane.

Wei Xun then tore the long white fungus like hair on his arm and could easily tear it off. After the body was handled, guard Xun put away all these long white hairs and waited for future research. An Xuefeng didn’t stop him. Fengniao stared at Wei Xun with gilded eyes and didn’t blink for a moment. Wei Xun improved, but it didn’t relax.

“You know, my parents left me some butterfly fragments.”

After thinking about it, Wei Xun roughly told an Xuefeng about the change of butterfly fragments in his heart. The change of butterfly fragments was sudden and fierce. If it were not for the explorer’s power, Wei Xun might have been almost out of control. If you want to stay in the world where this scene repeats, this event may happen again at any time.

Wei Xun must give himself a safety valve. His safety valve is an Xuefeng. Once something really goes wrong, you can immediately stop and stop the replay of the scene. Wei Xun didn’t say that some of his butterfly fragments may be related to ancient oases. After all, Wei Xun is just a guess. However, an Xuefeng can also guess his meaning from this verbal description.

“I want to stay here, you know…”

The Phoenix bird gently and carefully touched Wei Xun’s chest with its beak, as if silently feeling his heartbeat. When Wei Xun still wanted to say something, the Phoenix’s hard and warm beak nodded his lip flap, which was obviously a helpless compromise.

It’s dangerous to stay here, but an Xuefeng respects Wei Xun’s choice. Wei Xun smiled and blinked a little tired. After all, killing the prospective chief with a full layer of crazy murderer’s knife almost emptied his strength. The strength of the influx of butterfly fragments and the bottom of the explorer’s strength made his already empty body more disobedient and uncomfortable.

With an Fengniao by his side, Wei Xun took a nap. When he woke up, the sun was still bright. The more it was two or three o’clock in the afternoon.

It’s time for the desert giant hunting team to continue, but instead of going to the hunting ground, it’s time to return to the red sand giant tribe – a new quasi chief has appeared, and it must go back to the tribe and report to the current chief.


As soon as Wei Xun appeared, a dark figure bumped into his arms. He lingered and was chasing a dream young dragon. The hours spent with the real Zhang xingzang didn’t completely save his heart – an Xuefeng also accounted for a big factor‘ Never let Firebird be alone with the people he cares about! ” The thought was so strong that even when Zhang xingzang and his spirit were relieved, they surrounded the young dragon’s heart.

So there was the scene of it flying face to face.

“Bai Xiaosheng, what kind of ecstasy did you give to chasing dreams!”

Zhang xingzang, who chased after him, said sadly and angrily, but he just made it on purpose. After a while, Zhang xingzang burst into laughter. Chasing a dream is all right, which is the greatest comfort for him. As for other questions

Hey, anyway, when chasing dreams returns to normal, you will definitely die when you find your reason and memory. At that time, you will definitely be autistic for a period of time. In that case, why not follow him and make him happier now.

Despite this, when Zhang xingzang saw the dream chasing Bruce Lee jump into Bai Xiaosheng’s arms with a “Niang’s own face”, he was still a little sour and thoughtful.

Did dream chaser like this better? It seems that he lacks maternal love?

After a few simple greetings, half life Taoist also came, and the four of them still talked about business.

“Yes, I landed in the red sand giant tribe.”

Zhang xingzang said: “the scene repeats changes… Yes, it doesn’t look like a serious scene repeats here, and I feel that it is still getting weaker here, and others may come in.”

“You came from the eye of the Sahara and landed in the red sand giant tribe. If people outside come, they may also be there.”

Most of the werewolf alliance and the Western butcher alliance are still near the eye of the Sahara. If someone finds any cracks there and enters this scene again, I’m afraid they will appear in the red sand giant tribe like Zhang xingzang.

There’s nothing to say. The replay of this scene must be under their control. What’s more, the half life Taoist said, “among the nine giant tribes, the red sand giant tribe has a special status because of the symbiotic black insects raised by the chief. Red sand has affinity with several giant tribes and is a mortal enemy with several giant tribes.”

Black worms can be said to kill giants. There must be a solution. The chief will distribute the symbiotic black insects to his daughter and several tribes who are married. The current chiefs have red sand blood and raise black insects. Several other deadly enemy tribes have found a special herb that can kill black insects.

When the symbiotic insect dies, the strength of the giant symbiotic with it will be greatly reduced, so the two sides are almost incompatible. It is said to be the hunting season, but the prey on the desert is limited. The real theme of the hunting season is to cooperate with allies to rob other people’s tribes of prey and other people’s hunting grounds.

Plunder is much faster than hunting.

Before the birth of a new quasi chief, the cheers and roars of the red sand giants spread far along the wind. Maybe giants from hostile tribes will surround them. So the sooner you go back, the better.

After the rest, the red sand giant hunting team began to run to the tribe. It was still the dreamer’s support after the break, and took Chen Cheng’s brigade by the way. Half life Taoist, Zhang xingzang and Chen Cheng ride on the “worm express”.

In fact, Zhang xingzang wants to die together with chasing dreams, but as the “booty” of the new prospective chief, he must stay with Bai Xiaosheng. Otherwise, if he runs away again, Bai Xiaosheng’s prestige among these giants will be greatly reduced. As the half life Taoist said, Zhang xingzang knows that he is actually regarded as a precious short male giant, In the eyes of others, she still belonged to the giant woman, and her heart was full of mixed feelings. There’s an unspeakable sense of shit.

But look at Bai Xiaosheng. He even dares to pretend to be a female giant. What’s the problem with him being a male giant? At least his gender is still right.

Zhang xingzang silently magnified the pattern and guided the way forward. After all, there was no leader in front of them, and the worm express ran ahead of the hunting team.

The prospective chief should run in the front, which is also testing her physical strength, sense of direction, speed and endurance. After all, she is not a native of the red sand giant tribe. She is half an outsider. Killing the original quasi chief has convinced some members of the hunting team, but some giants are still swinging and want to see more.

But Wei Xun doesn’t care. He is paying attention to Chen Cheng.

Killing the giant bride, replacing her and becoming a new quasi chief himself can be said to have changed history. Of course, this is just a repeat of the scene, and what really happened will not change. But the changes here will subtly affect Chen Cheng.

Wei Xun found that Chen Cheng seemed to be in a daze all the time. He sat cross legged with his long sword and meditated quietly. Even Zhang xingzang could not attract his attention. Only half life Taoist could get his attention, but he was only limited to staring at half life Taoist and making his hair hair straight in his heart.

Wei Xun wants to arouse more Chen Cheng’s reaction and hopes to find something from it. But before, the bodies of the giant bride were eaten by the hunting team, which has completely disappeared. The rest, related to her, is only——

Wei Xun took out a Black Unicorn beetle the size of a cantaloupe and stuffed it into Chen Cheng’s arms. It’s one of the only symbiotic black worms left!

Chen Cheng:?!

Even Zhang xingzang was stunned and tut tut tut in his heart. Bai Xiaosheng is really capable of anything in order to get information. It’s really damaging to directly stuff insects into people’s arms. Zhang xingzang glanced at the half life Taoist with the corner of his eye. He found that the half life Taoist was still watching with joy. He was completely watching the excitement. Zhang xingzang was so happy to watch.

“Boss Bai, is this…?”

Chen Cheng paused and finally recovered and looked at boss Wei. It’s strange to say that Wei Laoer should call them boss Wei and Wei Laoer when they first met, but after the lizard dragon appeared, Wei Laoer secretly told him to call them boss Zhang and Zhang Laoer in the future.

Now it’s even more strange. After the fierce battle just now, I have to change my name and call it baieldest and bailaoer. Calling a name is like Meng’s mother moving three times. Chen Cheng can’t understand it.

“It’s all right. I think you’re quite suitable for raising insects.”

Wei Xun understated: “you fit my eye. This insect will send you to the red sand giant tribe. It’s dangerous. You’d better hold it in your arms all the time.”

In fact, he just wants to see if Chen Cheng will have any special performance after he gets the symbiotic black worm in advance. After all, half life Taoist said that he would kill the chief of the nine brothers tribe in the future. The mutant black worm with stronger toxicity is Chen Cheng’s mace.

But Chen Cheng’s expression became more and more strange.

The black bug in his hand made him think of Tang Shuang’s green Niang inexplicably. The three keywords appreciation, predestination and bug were superimposed. In boss Wei, Chen Cheng always felt that there would be some strange effect superimposed.


So although he was supposed to go down on the surface, he looked at his nose, nose and heart all the way, didn’t communicate with the black bug, and didn’t make any other moves except holding it. On the contrary, Wei Xun, who had been observing him, was quite disappointed. After running in the desert for more than two hours, the buildings of the red sand giant tribe vaguely appeared in front. Wei Xun also closed his heart and planned the next plan.

However, there are several men as short as Zhang xingzang in the red sand giant tribe at the moment. However, their current situation is worse than that of Zhang xingzang – the female giants who will pity and cherish jade are not here. They are being bullied by a group of male giants more than ten meters tall.

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