TTG Chapter 335

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 335: The Sahara of Death (20)

The male giants of the red sand giant tribe have been angry recently.

Just after the breeding season, a new little giant was born. When the hunting season came, all the tall male giants fell out of favor – the female giants liked Tall Male giants and hoped that their cubs would grow taller. But when the cubs were born, they immediately changed their mind and preferred short male giants.

Compared with adult giants, little giants are really short, less than two meters at birth. Moreover, giants are not a very patient race. Male giants more than ten meters tall and grumpy are also very aggressive, and their cubs can be killed at any time.

As a result, the male giants more than ten meters tall stopped, and the male giants several meters tall began to be favored. The shortest male giant Lola, only six meters tall, was even more popular. Many female giants gave him prey, and even the prospective chief fell in love with him – until the male less than two meters tall arrived!

How could there be such a short male in the world!

Laura was shocked, and other male giants couldn’t believe it. Giants didn’t have so many complex ideas, but they had primitive envy. The love of female giants meant whether they could eat enough in the hunting season and store enough food to spend the next extinction season.

Fortunately, there was only one short male giant, and he became the male of the quasi chief. Other male giants still had a chance – but soon, several short males came, which completely broke the tranquility of the Hongsha giant tribe!

There are six dwarfs who can almost take care of the newborn cubs of the whole red sand giant tribe! All the male giants have an instinctive sense of crisis. They are so jealous that they rarely get together. They have to expel these dwarfs before the hunting team comes back! Of course, they dare not kill and fear the punishment of the female giant.

They just hurl feces at these dwarf giants with hatred – dirty males should not stay in the tribe! If they have a little self-esteem, they should leave the red sand giant tribe before the female giant comes back!

“God, it’s worthy of repeating the scene of 30 degrees north latitude. It’s really dangerous enough.”

As soon as he landed, Rex, surrounded and intercepted by countless giants, hid, wrinkled his lips because of the stench in the air, but also showed an excited smile.

The lizard Duke obviously wanted to leave their werewolf alliance and was too arrogant to abide by the agreement. Rex, the blood wolf, chose to bear it and secretly sent werewolves to search the eyes of the Sahara——

The Duke of lizard specially asked them to guard here. The returnees also came to the eye of the Sahara first. There must be some secrets here. Maybe there is a new channel for death!

When all the people on the way home disappeared (Rex suspected that they had gone in!) and only the yin-yang butterfly was left to kill the butcher on the west side, no one stopped the werewolf alliance. The search was very smooth – no, not smooth! Rex suspected that his men were stupid, but the werewolf with the most sensitive sense of smell didn’t find anything!

This is totally unreasonable!

And the yin-yang butterfly killed so many Western butchers, but the lizard Duke didn’t suppress it, which made Rex wonder if the lizard Duke found another key place and wanted to swallow it alone!

Rex didn’t give up. He sent more werewolves out to look for it. However, he didn’t find any new clues, but found a group of uninvited guests – the mystics who had been on the plane for most of the day! The situation in the Sahara was too unpredictable. It was only one day, but it seemed that the whole journey had passed. Mystics came not slowly, but when they came The cauliflower is cold——

The journey home has entered the Sahara of death, and we can’t contact him. The death of the Western butcher is almost the same. The lizard Duke hasn’t seen any movement, and the werewolf alliance is still in the eye of the Sahara. Mysticism has to come here first, kidnap some werewolves, then kill some Western butchers, and try to contact him on the way home.

However, an accident happened when the astrologer came!

“Hum… It seems that this place has something to do with the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.”

Rex’s eyes flashed a cunning light. As soon as the astrologers came, they were involved in the replay of the scene. Rex didn’t think he was much worse than them in terms of strength. He was a tour guide in terms of identity, but the werewolf alliance also had tourists, which could not be because of the tourists.

The only and biggest difference is that astrologers are the pioneers of the “lost ancient Maya” journey at 30 degrees north latitude!

The journey of 30 degrees north latitude will only be abnormal because of the pioneer of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, which makes Rex jealous and excited. I don’t know why. Not only the astrologer and his party, but also his blood wolf Rex, yin-yang butterfly, blood sucking Baron, two werewolves and a butcher guide.

But a butcher guide and a werewolf died strangely and violently. Their bodies looked miserable. It was like they were chewed by something. There was only a pool of rotten meat left. Even Rex didn’t notice anything strange! This silent death was frightening, but before they found out what these people died for, dozens of ugly and terrible giants were smelled of blood and flesh Attract.

They are all people of different forces, and even in this situation, it is impossible to cooperate. The remaining eight people fled in all directions, and Rex, the blood wolf, was not with another werewolf – to tell the truth, he was close to the traitor PTSD. Rex originally claimed that the werewolf alliance was the most united and cooperative, but during the funeral palace trip in the suburbs of Beijing, silver moon killer and charge MIA gave him a blow in the head.

If he was selected because of his strength, how could walker, the black wolf, be selected? He is not a strong wolf, just a passenger who has just reached the peak. Rex always thinks whether the wolf is also a traitor. He won’t stay with this man!

“An organized giant tribe with a preliminary civilization… Where will this be?”

When the footsteps of giants outside went away, Rex murmured and frowned. These giants were powerful, but he could kill them if he wanted. The problem was that the strange and polluted smell on them made Rex dare not start easily. Especially when others found that they could not become alienated, Rex was more cautious.

But danger also means opportunity!

It doesn’t look like death here

Rex grinned.

A new, 30 degrees north latitude scenic spot in the Sahara?

The next second, Rex smelled a strong stench. As soon as his face changed, he quickly hid from the rain of dung falling from the sky.

Although these giants look like beasts, smearing their feces may get their smell, which makes the giants relax their vigilance, as a werewolf, Rex can’t stand the smell.

He can’t stand it. Someone can.

“Captain, why don’t you wipe some.”

David, a member of the red sand giant tribe, a mystic brigade and a fiery red magic robe, was now covered with a stench. The little fire dragon on his shoulder couldn’t stand spitting out a small fire and fell on people’s back.

David is trying hard to sell the unidentified smelly object in his hand to the captain, and vowed: “I just went out for a walk, and those giants didn’t chase me anymore, which shows that this thing is really useful. The same smell will make them accept us.”

“Oh, David, you’re disgusting now.”

Ren □□ Di stamped his hoof unbearably, showing a suffocating expression.

“Hey, those giants don’t chase you.”

David complained, “I really don’t understand. Can giants also be gentlemen? Why only chase us.”

“Maybe it’s a group of giants.”

Another sister giggled and said vaguely, “I like you and want to turn you home.”

Indeed, only men were attacked, while the two women of mystics were not threatened at all. They couldn’t be clean.

“Lily, you disgust me.”

David made a vomit expression, and then continued to persuade the stubborn captain: “Captain, seriously, even if you don’t wipe it, at least wipe some on the wheelchair. Don’t you think those giants are very aggressive against you? There are only a dozen giants chasing Rex, and there are dozens chasing us!”

“Shut up, David, and stand away from me. You stink.”

After he talked for a long time, the astrologer finally opened his eyes and said impatiently: “are you sure those giants don’t attack you because they are shocked ‘Oh, my God, why are there such shameless people who are covered with feces and don’t leave our tribe’

The astrologer pinched his throat and sounded sour and funny. People laughed, but Lily and David looked dignified.

“Are those giants really so, uh, smart?”

David asked, the acceptance of the same smell is the category of beasts. But if it is true, as the astrologer said, the giants have rich emotions and ideas, which is a little beyond his imagination.

“Be careful, take this as a journey without solution… No, it’s more dangerous than without solution.”

The astrologer said seriously. His eyes were slightly closed. There seemed to be starlight flashing in his eyes. He looked dignified and charming: “the stars said we shouldn’t come. This is a place that shouldn’t exist…”

“If we kill the dead, the murderer will survive; if the dead die in history, we will die; when the dead survive… We will eventually die, but the ‘passenger’ will change everything.”

* *

“If someone comes in, it should be about ten.”

On the other side, Wei Xun and his party, who could see the shadow of the red sand giant tribe from a distance, didn’t rush back. The butterflies in Wei Xun’s arms moved, as if they felt something. And the dream chasing dragon behind also heard the news – the infected person said that maybe someone from the butcher Alliance came in.

An Fengniao also whispered to Wei Xun that he felt the breath of 30 degrees north latitude… Maybe an astrologer.

There are new people coming in, and the ingredients are complex and the forces are different. Wei Xun and his party decided to postpone entering the tribe and plan everything first. Instead of resisting his decision, the women giants went to hunt some prey on the spot – they never returned empty handed.

Although he doesn’t understand the giant language and can’t communicate directly with the giants, Wei Xun’s spiritual power combined with the expression of little rose spirit is super strong. Coupled with the keepsake of half life Taoist, Wei Xun can roughly communicate briefly with the giants on the spiritual level.

Although only a few words make him extremely tired, if he can feel pain, it may be accompanied by a severe headache. Wei Xun rubbed his temples, cheered up and listened to the analysis of half life Taoist: “why?”

Since it was confirmed that new people came in, there were still a lot of people. Half life Taoist fell into inexplicable anxiety.

“Chen Cheng’s brigade has 12 people. It’s dangerous to open up new scenic spots… Our appearance reduces the risk, so it will naturally be supplemented.”

“There are only ten people now.”

Chen Cheng added, his eyes darkened: “two people have died.”


Half life Taoist answered and then talked to Wei xunmi.

“You, me, and chasing dreams should not be included… Perhaps with the infected and star driller worms, we are the people who lead to the repetition of the scene. But then came in an team and Zhang team, I’m afraid they will be included. There are twelve people in team Chen. If they correspond to each other, that is to say, ten more can come in. ”

“This is a relationship of correspondence and confrontation. Wei Xun, can you understand what I mean?”

Half life Taoist is rarely depressed. Wei Xun can feel his mood fluctuations by pulling wires.

“That is to say, it is very likely that the people led by Chen Dui died and were killed by them. Only then can the new comers leave here safely and survive!”

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David swaggered around the red sand giant tribe with an unidentified object.

Seeing him, the male giants were shocked and turned pale.

How could there be such a shameless man!

They were at a loss!

David [happy]: Hey, Captain, this thing works!


Today is 500 giant red envelopes from male giants! Boo, boo!


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