TTG Chapter 336

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 336: supplement

This time, there are 12 people in Chen Cheng’s brigade. Two people were swallowed by the disabled giant. Now, with him, there are still 10 people alive. But their average strength is only high-level, which is much stronger than the Zui Mei Xiangxi regiment led by Wei Xun at the beginning, but it is too weak compared with a strong person like an Xuefeng.

As the infected person perceived, Wei Xun, a stronger Western butcher guide than him, assumed that the lizard Duke didn’t come in, but even if the other party was a blood Baron, he could kill Chen Cheng and them all.

In particular, the problem is that the people who come in also have the brigade of mystics, which is an alliance. If they don’t kill the people in Chen Cheng’s team, these people will die, which is a dilemma. This can be compared with the so-called intra team confrontation at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. There is no room for relaxation.

At first, the half life Taoist also proposed to kill Chen Cheng first. Anyway, it’s just a replay of the scene. But now the situation has changed. If you kill again, half life Taoist will never agree.

Wei Xun looked at Zhang xingzang and found that he was looking at Chen Cheng. What half life Taoist can think of, Zhang xingzang and an Xuefeng can also think of. If they really come to the end, how will they choose.

“Bai Xiaosheng, what do you want me to do?”

Noticing Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes, Zhang xingzang turned to him and jokingly complained, “you’re staring at me behind my back. Come on, what idea did you think of?”

Wei Xun smiles. Yes, he is pretending to be Bai Xiaosheng. This is good news. In the eyes of others, the deterrence of Bai Xiaosheng, a think-tank on the way home, is deeper and heavier than that of Wei Xun and C-1. He can also easily let Zhang xingzang and them carry out some plans.


The Phoenix stopped on Wei Xun’s shoulder gave a soft low cry and rubbed Wei Xun’s cheek. It meant encouragement and was obviously supporting.

… but Zhang xingzang felt a little hot when he saw this scene.

“You go and call them to chase dreams. You can’t divide any more before you enter the Hongsha tribe.”


Zhang xingzang responded neatly and then gently insinuated: “it’s like this… I know you’re pretending to be me. You must have some plans, but…”

But can you stop being such a mother! Zhang xingzang has goose bumps all over and doesn’t go down now!

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows, looked at him with a smile and didn’t speak. Zhang xingzang trembled at this look. He didn’t dare to look again. He ran away, so he went to find the dreamers behind him.

Wei Xun turned to Chen Cheng: “it’s dangerous next. I need you to tell me all the specific information of your team members.”

This was 20 years ago. Even half life Taoist couldn’t recognize who those players were. The tradition of metaphysics is that the dead don’t erect steles or set graves, and they won’t be talked about after that. Life does not bring, death does not stay, they die in the hotel, can no longer live a normal life, if the grave also stays here, it will be too poor.

Half life Taoist only found out the general names of the people in Chen Cheng’s team during the bonfire conversation last night, but Wei Xun asked for more detailed information. The key to the replay of this scene lies in the Chen Cheng team, especially those who have died in history. If there is any confrontation and any opportunity, it must be closely related to them.

Boss Wei… Chen Cheng is still used to calling boss Wei when he thinks about it. This man has too many secrets. He not only changes his name three times, but also has more new people. To tell the truth, he doesn’t look like a serious guide or businessman anymore.


Chen Cheng looked at the second brother of Wei. The young man’s eyebrows were worried, but when he looked at boss Wei, his eyebrows relaxed, which was a kind of trust.

Chen Cheng doesn’t know what he thinks. Obviously, he is not a person who can easily trust others, but he feels strangely that if second brother Wei trusts boss Wei, this person should be able to believe.

Obviously, it’s also the first time he met Wei Laoer.

He kneaded his forehead and heart, meditated, and said frankly, “Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao, you should be familiar with each other.”

Tang Shuang plays with bones. The main purple title is “white bone goblin”. Cheng Tianbao is a Taoist of Maoshan. The main purple title is “decay”. The effect is similar to time acceleration. However, at present, the title has a stronger effect on dead objects and a weaker effect on living objects. He mainly plays with zombies and animal corpses.

Half life Taoist raised corpses from Cheng Tianbao, but half life raised living corpses.

In addition to Chen Cheng, seven others are still alive.

Yu Hexuan and Yu feiluan are twin brothers and sisters. They mainly use talismans and seal characters. My sister is good at Thunder talismans, and my brother is good at sky fire talismans. They are all attack talismans and seal characters. Both have the title of “novice talismans” in dark blue.

Liu Hongyu and Tong Fu are a loving couple. Tong Fu plays Tai Chi Double swords and has the title of “one of the descendants of children’s Tai Chi Double Swords” (dark blue). Liu Hongyu also uses a knife, but it’s not a murder knife. It’s a “Lancet” for curing diseases and saving people. He is a doctor in modern times and a doctor in Chen Cheng’s team on his journey.

In addition to these two pairs, the other two men and women are single. He Yunlai is the one who was bitten by a disabled giant with Cheng Tianbao. However, he has the dark blue title of zombie “Mao Jiang”. He has survived, and the title is still in some variation.

Zhu Yuande is very lucky. He has the title of “the grandson of destiny” in dark blue. His fingers are all threaded (his fingerprints are regularly formed into a circle, which is called a snail). As the saying goes, “one bucket of poverty, two buckets of wealth, three buckets of four buckets of tofu, five buckets of six buckets of pawnshops, seven buckets of eight buckets of officials, and nine buckets of ten buckets of happiness” (Dou is a circle thread). But during this journey, Zhu Yuande’s luck seems to have failed.

“The last is Yun Ying. She is the youngest in our team.”

Speaking of the last person, Chen Cheng hesitated and finally said, “she has the purple title ‘Yin and yang body’. At that time, when the disabled giant appeared, we almost died, but later the disabled old giant withdrew unexpectedly. I think it should be Yun Ying…”

Looking at boss Wei’s indistinguishable face, Chen Cheng deeply doubts whether the constitution of yin and Yang occupies an important position in the giant tribe.

As soon as he said Yun Ying’s yin-yang body, Wei Xun thought of the yin-yang butterfly.

Chen Cheng brigade is a yin-yang body, two women and seven men.

“Are there two women and two men in mysticism?”

Wei Xun asked an Xuefeng and got a positive reply. Although not all the people came in, at present, only astrologers can be determined, but Wei Xun keenly found the corresponding relationship in it.

Yin Yang butterfly, two women, plus seven men — corresponding to Chen Cheng brigade.

Sure enough, as half life Taoist speculated, it is both corresponding and opposite.

But is this too coincidental?

There are absolutely few people with Yin-Yang body. If the yin-yang butterfly does not come this time and there is no corresponding person with Yun Ying, will they be pulled into the scene again? Or will someone be forced by Yin and Yang?

Many things think carefully, I just feel very afraid of thinking carefully.

Wei Xun looked at the half life Taoist and half life knew what Wei Xun meant. They also need more, more detailed information. Not just the living.

It also includes two players who died before.

“Team Chen, it may be offensive.”

The half life Taoist whispered in a gentle tone: “can you talk about the two sacrificed players?”

What he didn’t ask during the night talk before must be confirmed this time.

“There’s nothing to talk about. If it can help.”

Chen Cheng shook his head: “Hao Yun is our elder brother. He is an experienced elder brother. He knocked out the B9 returning to zero. He also blinded the eyes around the head of the disabled giant. He dealt with the butcher guide in the west, dragged the giant, sacrificed himself, and won valuable time for us.”

Hao Yun, whose name is Hao Yun, has no luck. He has been a senior passenger in the brigade for many years. Hao Yun is the most senior and the first to die in their brigade.

Then he talked about another person: “song Feixing is the second best in our team. He has the purple title ‘blame ghost’. When dealing with B9, he mainly attacked, hit B9 to zero, and then…”

Then it was eaten by the disabled old giant.

As the half life Taoist said before, after the tour guide was disposed of, the two people in the team were seriously injured, which could not be saved, but the inch butcher tour guide attracted the desert giant when it returned to zero.

The victim was chewed and swallowed by the disabled giant. Wei Xun wrote down that it would be better if he could know when, where and how other dying people died, but the problem is that half life Taoist doesn’t know, and Chen Cheng can’t know now.

While talking, Zhang xingzang and the dreamer led the team. Wei Xun read it one by one, recognized his name and had an idea in his heart. When the half life Taoist told him about the Hongsha giant tribe, he didn’t mention the original chief of the Hongsha tribe, because this time Chen Cheng and his team just opened up new scenic spots. One year later, the original chief of the Hongsha tribe had died, and the “giant bride” became the new chief.

The giant’s life span is not short. Only when the original chief is about to die will the new quasi chief be determined. In addition, the hunting season is the time for the quasi chief to show his force and restrain people’s hearts… That is to say, the chief of Hongsha giant tribe may be dying.

“Find the chief.”

Wei Xun made a final decision. He didn’t intend to contact the new arrivals first. He had to take advantage of the other party’s lack of understanding of the red sand giant tribe. When he was in the exploratory period, he took the lead in becoming the chief of the red sand giant tribe and hold power later!

The most important thing for a giant to become a chief is to have his own hermaphroditic daughter. Xiaosha is a male giant, which is impossible.

Wei Xun felt the dying butterfly in his pocket. He never killed the butterfly. Even if the yin-yang butterfly wanted to come in, it was very likely to find him through the butterfly. Wei Xun didn’t do it.

This moment and that moment, yin-yang butterfly is quite suitable to be a daughter.

He thought.

As Wei Xun thought, the chief of the red sand giant tribe is dying.

Her skin was no longer a healthy sandy red, but a dull grayish brown. The face was bright in the middle, and the huge one eye was as dark as frosted glass. She is quietly waiting for death. When the hunting is over and the prospective chief returns, she will be expelled from the tribe and go to the bone burial place to wait for death, just like those old giants.

If she were still young and strong, the dwarf giants in the tribe would definitely become her males, but now the chief won’t compete with her daughter.

——But the problem is that there are not only many dwarf giants in the tribe, but also many hermaphrodites! This guy disturbed the hearts of the male giants in the tribe. They are still a super short deformity!

The chief can’t ignore it! She’ll meet this guy for a while.

Unlike others who stayed in the red sand giant tribe to explore and collect information, the yin-yang butterfly has slipped to the edge of the tribe and is ready to leave this terrible place.

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Male giant heart trap

Disturb the hearts of male giants

The daughter to be of the current boss’s dog, who will soon become the brother of the former boss

Let’s welcome the Yin and Yang butterfly!

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