TTG Chapter 337

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 337: The Sahara of Death (21)

“It’s too hot.”

Yin and Yang butterfly murmured and gasped deeply. It was muggy and humid. He was sweating after he came here for a while. High humidity will bring mildew and decay. Yin Yang butterflies have seen a lot of smelly, juicy and moldy food in this primitive tribe. Especially some fruits, they are like balls full of smelly water, swollen to the point that they burst when touched.

If they can still be called food.

As for why Yin and Yang butterflies see – ha ha.

At the thought of those tall and ferocious giants throwing rotten fruit at him, the yin-yang butterfly couldn’t help showing a disdainful expression.

Although some butterflies suck the juice of rotten fruits and even animal and plant corpses, the yin-yang butterfly is not – well, he can’t change into an alienated state now. He is not affected by the mutant yin-yang butterfly. Of course, it is normal human aesthetics. Of course, throwing rotten fruit looks more like a peaceful means. In addition to throwing rotten fruit, these deformed and ugly giants did not ‘attack’ him.

But the yin-yang butterfly decided to leave immediately.

“It’s too dangerous here.”

Unable to change into an alienated state, the yin-yang butterfly felt that he was almost naked. He was uncomfortable all over, especially when he was alone. He was the only one who came here. The giants also frantically chased him and threw rotten fruit. Yin and Yang butterflies can only bear it temporarily——

This makes the yin-yang butterfly who just killed and released herself very uncomfortable. He decided to leave the giant tribe on the spot. One more thing contributed to his decision.

“Butterfly… Seems to be in the east?”

After avoiding the giants who threw rotten fruit, the yin-yang butterfly who settled down a little faintly felt its own little butterfly! Although this perception is very vague because it cannot change into alienation, the yin-yang butterfly still decided to have a look.

He gave Wei Xun a yin-yang butterfly before. It was a Zixiong butterfly. But soon the butterfly didn’t respond. The yin-yang butterfly suspected that an Xuefeng did it. After all, this person is suspicious. With his background of Yin-Yang butterfly, I’m afraid an Xuefeng is not at ease with what he gave. Alas, who let him come from the butcher alliance and be in Weixun and Bingyi Shura field.

Yin and Yang butterflies don’t care, but now, here, he senses butterflies. This is not normal.

“Wei Xun is here?”

It is also possible that after all, people on their way home have gone to the death Sahara, and this may be a dangerous, dreamland, or a layer of desert in the death Sahara.

“Is an Xuefeng looking for me? Or…”

Or is an Xuefeng not with Wei Xun? Wei Xun stays here alone?

No matter what the situation is, the yin-yang butterfly is in love and reason. After all, Bingyi asked him to take care of Wei Xun. As for how to get out of this strange place——

Just find Wei Xun. Even if an Xuefeng is absent, he will find him soon. When an Xuefeng comes, he will go out as he wants? Moreover, the mystics are here. With their relationship with the way home, as long as he is with Wei Xun, he will be taken out sooner or later.

Yin and Yang butterflies are too lazy to use their brains and have strong mobility. They directly go out of the tribe to find butterflies.

But he was stopped on the edge of the tribe!

“Click, click -”

The sound of metal impact sounded. In the harsh sound like the friction of countless metal scissors, a huge dark shadow shrouded. Long, sharp and sharp limbs pierced the sand and stone ground. The black and red back plate like a shell glittered with metal like light in the hot sun. The smelly, jagged jaws were dripping with poison.

It was a giant mutant centipede five meters long, with a dark rope rope at its big jaw, like a horse bit. Yin Yang butterfly felt completely locked by it. Yin Yang butterfly held the blood sucking knife tightly, but at this moment, his attention was not on the giant centipede.

“Call -”

It’s hot and smelly. It has the power to set off a sandstorm and can blow people out. But it’s not the wind, it’s just the breath of a giant. Above the giant centipede is a huge, grayish red one eye, which is larger than the turntable and almost covers the sky above the yin-yang butterfly. The big eyes were gloomy, like an inorganic frosted glass plate, without any emotion.

A giant was bending over to look at him.

It is condescending and staring at him. The yin-yang butterfly can even see some black insects crawling on the giant eyes, but the giant eyes do not blink. This scene is strange and disgusting, which can easily cause people’s fear of giants.

The next moment, the giant reached out to grasp the yin-yang butterfly.

“The stone tower where the giant chief lives is in the middle of the tribe. It is difficult for us to sneak in without attracting the attention of other giants.”

Half life Taoist racked his brains and said everything he knew.

“It’s easy not to attract the attention of giants. In contrast, it’s more difficult for newcomers here.”

Zhang xingzang said carelessly, “infected person, can you determine the specific location of the blood Baron?”

“I really can’t do it… Well, it’s too far away. If it’s within a kilometer, I might try.”

The infected person was helpless, but he couldn’t help glancing at the man who was combing the spider silk on his wrist. It’s strange that the infected people originally determined that this person was by no means Zhang xingzang, and even basically determined his true identity.

But now the real Zhang xingzang came, but he called this man Bai Xiaosheng, which confused the infected people.

Do you want to play like this? Why? He’s just a small A4 tour guide. Even to deceive him, he won’t act until now. He’s infected. What can he do, huh?

Unless this person is really Bai Xiaosheng, or Zhang xingzang has been deceived, or – Hey, whatever!

It doesn’t matter who this person is. Infected people are now worried about their lives. When he sensed that people from the Western butcher alliance had entered here, the infected people had felt bad. He looked at Chen Cheng and his party, and his anxiety could not dissipate. Zhang xingzang and others didn’t avoid him any more. The infected person also guessed what half life Taoist Wei Xun had speculated before.

So… Did he lead the blood Baron out to kill?

The infected person thought deeply.

Now it’s just speculation, but if one of the newcomers dies, and then look at the changes in Chen Cheng’s team, we can basically determine some things. Sure enough, calling him without telling him was a hint that the infected person understood this kind of thing. There’s not much time left for him. If he doesn’t take the initiative, when Zhang Xing hides their orders… There’s no more room.

Run away and kill with the blood Baron?

Don’t be ridiculous. This scene is repeated. It’s too restrained for their tour guides to alienate and return to zero. This has put out many ambitions of infected people. They just want to leave quickly.

“Go to the petrochemical forest the day after tomorrow, today…”

“I can try to lead out the blood Baron, but he won’t necessarily believe me.”

Here, Wei Xunzheng and Chen Cheng finalize the time. According to their journey, Chen Cheng will go to the petrochemical forest scenic spot the day after tomorrow.

There was not much time, and during the scene replay, Wei Xun did not forget the power struggle of the dreamer.

It’s almost 6 p.m. now. Wei Xun plans to kill the giant chief today and ascend the throne as a new chief. If all goes well, lead the red sand giant tribe hunting team to kill the great worms and recapture the butterfly fragments tomorrow. It’s not difficult to find an Xuefeng’s return knife. We’ll leave for the petrochemical forest the day after tomorrow.

An Xuefeng and dream chasers can’t play their normal strength. Wei Xun doesn’t know the astrologer, but the people in the West who haven’t met can’t let him trust him. The power of him, Zhang xingzang, half life Taoist and yin-yang butterfly alone cannot kill great worms.

Therefore, it is very important to master the red sand giant tribe. Wei Xun should make use of the power of the giant.

Take the infected person. Wei Xun wants to keep a back hand. After getting the little rose gene, Xiaocui is more confident. She infected some mutant black worms (those symbiotic on the quasi chief’s hair) with Toxoplasma gondii from the infected person, which is also a hindhand. If the chief is not weak enough to fight, Wei Xun can pollute her with Toxoplasma gondii.

Of course, this is the last way, because Toxoplasma gondii is not fully under control, so bring the infected person, and an Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang stare at him to prevent him from making any small moves.

However, the infected person took the initiative to say this, which Wei Xun rarely expected. He only heard the infected person say: “I broke the butcher alliance badge. If found, the Duke will send someone to chase me… The blood Baron is the only elite guide of the butcher alliance who is better than me. Therefore, it can also be said that I have a hostile relationship with him.”

“But the Baron doesn’t know about it now. He will probably believe me, but I must make sure that the Duke didn’t come in.”

“He can see everything through the Baron’s eyes. If it is in the scene replay, he can immediately notice that my badge is broken. Then…”

The infected person did not say, but everyone present could understand what he meant.

Infected people can sense the blood Baron because he put some ‘gadgets’ on the Baron, but infected people don’t dare to do so at the lizard Duke.

Will the lizard Duke come?

Wei Xun looks at Xiaolong, who is patiently cleaning up his scales (licking). He arches Zhang xingzang and Wei Xun together with his own strength, and then happily crowns between them. The dragon tail entangles Zhang xingzang and Wei Xun for a while. The whole dragon is very happy.

It is said that there will be subtle feelings among the top-level tour guides. There is no strange phenomenon now, but Wei Xun can’t guarantee that the lizard Duke really didn’t come.

Fortunately, the tour guides here can’t use alienation.

“I wrote down what you promised.”

Wei xunchong nodded to the infected person, and his words were full of energy. He directly regarded him as agreeing. Then Wei Xun gave a brief order.

Half life Taoist sneaked in with him to determine the situation of the chief. An Xuefeng made a high-altitude patrol to pay attention to the overall trend of the red sand giant tribe. Zhang xingzang, dream chasers and infected people stayed behind to protect Chen Cheng brigade. At the same time, he was ready to meet (and stare at the infected people) at any time.

Before taking over the red sand giant tribe, Wei Xun will not let the people of Chen Cheng brigade have any contact with the newcomers.

At 6:00 p.m., the hunting team returned, and the whole red sand giant tribe cheered. The male giants and little giants in the tribe came out to welcome them. Even if the hunting team brought back not enough prey, their performance was warm enough. After the breeding season, many male giants were shy and timid, holding the fruit and looking forward to throwing it to the prospective chief.

The partner of the prospective chief has not been finalized. They all have a chance before she becomes a real chief!

But the prospective chief did not appear.

Although Wei Xun made all kinds of bad assumptions, even the worst plan, in fact, this action was much smoother than he thought. Following the trembling butterfly, they found the yin-yang butterfly outside the red sand giant tribe!

But the situation of Yin-Yang butterfly is strange. He is covered with blood and waving a blood stained long knife. There is clearly no enemy in front of him. He seems to be fighting with the invisible air!

The most important thing is that Wei Xun didn’t hear a sound even when he was close!

“Dead silence, black desert pollution”

Wei Xun immediately thought of the pollution of the black desert! It is reasonable to say that this is a repetition of the scene of ancient oases, and there should be no pollution belonging to the black desert. But they came here from the black desert. In theory, they are still dying!

There will be two kinds of pollution at the same time, which shows that the red sand giant tribe is absolutely the key!

“No, I think the chief is very strong. The yin-yang butterfly is not his opponent at all.”

The voice of half life Taoist priest came to Wei Xun’s ears from the lead wire, but made Wei Xun frown.

Half life Taoist can see the chief? Why can’t he see it.

“Lend me the keepsake”

Wei Xun soon thought of something. After he got the ancient oasis keepsake, he looked forward and saw the huge figure nearly 25 meters high.

“Can you still see it now?”

“Of course!”

He can only see it when he gets the keepsake, but half life Taoist can see it directly. Why? Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly and quickly revised the original plan. The layers of the madman’s killing knife were exhausted after killing the prospective chief. He can no longer rely on the old skills of the madman’s knife, let alone

“Half life, you will attack later”

Wei Xun returned the keepsake to the half life Taoist priest and spoke quickly: “without the keepsake, I can’t see her. The giant chief’s situation is special, and I may not be able to attack her.”

Wei Xun can’t see the chief?!

Half life Taoist priest was stunned for a moment and directly said, “give it to me.”

“I’ll help you”

Wei Xun looked at the sky above his head. There was no Phoenix in the burning clouds, but Wei Xun knew an Xuefeng was there.

He really wondered why the chief was so special. Wei Xun indulged his curiosity. He could feel that the more curious he was, the more he could feel the power given to him by the orange Title explorer. This is what an Xuefeng taught him. Although he can’t see the complete role of the title without the tips of the hotel, an Xuefeng, who also has the title of explorer, naturally knows the key.

Exploration itself is out of human curiosity about the unknown. The more curiosity, the more the title of Explorer will respond to you and assist you! Wei Xun took out the dying butterfly, slightly closed his eyes and calmed down to let his curiosity spread and feel it carefully. Not only is it the title of explorer, Wei Xun can feel the butterfly fragments on his heart trembling, as if he was transmitting some information to him.

The combination of the two made Wei Xun’s speed ten times faster. Finally, when the yin-yang butterfly could hardly hold, Wei Xun suddenly opened his eyes and a flash of orange light flashed in his eyes!

“Attack the chief’s eyes”

Wei Xun briefly told half life Taoist.

Why are there two kinds of pollution at 30 degrees north latitude? The title of the explorer told him that the key was the eyes.

But butterfly fragments told him——

Wei Xun looked at the yin-yang butterfly. His hands were very narrow and thin, with a long knife with a strange arc. His eyes were dark, as if he were thinking about something. Until he saw that the yin-yang butterfly was caught by the chief, he no longer hesitated.

“Do it!”

In the periphery of Hongsha giant tribe, yin and Yang butterflies are covered with blood and fight and retreat. One of his eyes was covered with blood, and his whole body was cut like a sharp blade. There were wounds everywhere.

The good news is that the centipede exudes a strange smell, perfectly masking the blood smell. Otherwise, with the giant’s sensitivity to blood, countless giants should have been attracted by blood.

The bad news is——

There was no sound, even the air did not fluctuate, but there was a huge palm from the sky to the yin-yang butterfly, like the palm of the Buddha. There was a knife edge on the huge palm, which was stabbed by the yin-yang butterfly with a blood sucking knife. But the wound was so small that the giant’s skin was so hard that even the blood sucking knife could not completely penetrate its flesh.

The blood of the blood sucking knife made the yin-yang butterfly regret. The yin-yang butterfly was pale and gasped hard, but he didn’t sound any gasp.

“Silence” is like some kind of pollution passed on to the yin-yang butterfly. Fortunately, he can’t alienate now, just like passengers, otherwise the consequences will definitely be more serious.

But the pollution made the yin-yang butterfly lose the chance to escape, unable to suck blood, and he couldn’t continue his voyage. Even if the giant didn’t use any destructive means, but just caught it with his hands, the centipede was just “curious” to climb beside him, and it had scarred the yin-yang butterfly.

It also annoyed the chief. She no longer kept her hand and wanted to kill and crush the deformity completely – the deformed blood can never be inherited. She lifted the deformed descendant, killed him / her and buried him / her. That’s what instinct has told the desert giant for thousands of years.

When the mountain like palm is quietly covered again. The yin-yang butterfly hid clearly – he really hid, but I don’t know why. When he came back, he was still where he was and was caught by the giant!

Panting violently, the yin-yang butterfly covered with blood is like the monkey in the heart of the Tathagata bergamot, and there is no room to dodge. What is the concept of gripping him like a stone column with gray white and hard fingers, holding him high, hanging his feet in the air and being carried to an altitude of 25 meters?

The hot wind blows around the yin-yang butterfly. The night is coming, and the sky is surrounded by fire clouds. The hot wind rolled the gravel, so that the vertical and huge reddish brown eyes in front of us accumulated sand, like dusty rubies and judging fate.

The chest was pressed out of breath, and the chest back of Yin-Yang butterfly was pinched by giant fingers, just like a hamster. He was held as high as the giant’s eye and would soon fall from this height. He did not struggle and meekly calmed the chief’s anger.

But in the next second, the figure of Yin-Yang butterfly suddenly disappeared from the giant’s palm and became a group of colorful butterflies!

Dark blue title, butterfly!

Too many titles of Yin-Yang butterfly are associated with his alienation state. Many of those titles can’t be used and can’t play their strongest strength. However, some titles with lower grades can be used reluctantly, such as turning the body into a butterfly, which was originally used to escape.

But the yin-yang butterfly did not escape! He can’t keep turning into a butterfly for too long now. If he can’t escape far, he will definitely be caught up by the giant. In that case, it’s better to fight to the death! The soft and fragile butterflies flashed a spatula light, and the blood sucking knife thrown by the yin-yang butterfly pierced the giant’s eye!

As he thought, “the eyeball” was more fragile than the skin, but after the blood sucking knife pierced the giant’s eyeball, the yin-yang butterfly’s brain buzzed, and there was no blood color on his face! Pollution poured into the yin-yang butterfly from the giant along the blood sucking knife, making his body spasm. Unable to maintain the butterfly, his butterflies fell and dissipated one after another, and the figure of Yin-Yang butterfly appeared in the air again.

But this time he fell straight down.

The giant whose eyes were pierced by the blood sucking knife roared angrily for the first time, waved his fist in pain, and his eyes broke into countless cracks like falling glass, but the yin-yang butterfly could not see.

Pollution poured into his body like poison. Even if he can’t see the San value now, the yin-yang butterfly knows that his San value is definitely declining rapidly. Using a blood sucking knife is a desperate fight. Even if he knows that it will suck pollution, the yin-yang butterfly has no other way. Only this knife is the sharpest and most aggressive.

His eyes were as colorful as a kaleidoscope. Those strange and gorgeous lights and shadows occupied all his vision. The burning pain and suffering made the yin-yang butterfly want to die. He let out a painful, silent gasp and clenched his fingers like spasms. He wanted to alienate and become a butterfly, but he couldn’t achieve it in this damn place!

The word death passed through his mind, but the yin-yang butterfly waved it directly behind his mind. No, he can’t die here! Like the last gasp before death, yin and Yang butterflies concentrate to the extreme and try their best to get rid of the influence of pollution! Just then, the yin-yang butterfly saw a red, weak butterfly.

Butterflies should have disappeared. Why do butterflies appear again?

Yin Yang butterfly’s brain full of noise couldn’t think of so many things. He exhausted his last strength and wanted to reach out and catch the butterfly. He didn’t seem to do it. The butterfly disappeared in front of him, but the hand of Yin-Yang butterfly was held by one person!

He no longer fell. Something held him and held his hand. It was cold but powerful, firm and calm. The familiar breath and feeling even waved back part of the pollution, which made the yin-yang butterfly an inspiration and barely found a trace of soberness!


Subconsciously, adults haven’t spoken yet. The yin-yang butterfly is happy, confused, excited and excited. Try to look up!

As a result, he saw a face that he would never forget! The one who holds him, the one who holds his hand——

It’s a male and female Zhang xingzang!


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Yin Yang Butterfly: what is this, ah???

Yin Yang Butterfly: I’m afraid of ghosts, but ghosts don’t hurt me at all. I’m not afraid of people, but people hurt me all over. I’m a wounded butterfly. My world has been desperate. Adults, butterflies, please give me some strength——

Zhang xingzang:?? Although I can’t accept it, is it really so ugly?!

Zhang xingzang: I like chasing dreams very much!

Wei Xun:.


Today is the 500 red envelopes hidden by Zhang xingzang. Boo, boo, boo!


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