TTG Chapter 338

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How big is the yin-yang butterfly? His age has always been a mystery. But judging from his height, he looks like a junior high school student. Wei Xun combines the expression of little rose spirit, and it’s easy to hold him with one hand.

At present, the situation is critical. Wei Xun doesn’t intend to talk too much with Yin-Yang butterfly. He shook hands only to feel the pollution of Yin-Yang butterflies – as he expected, there are two kinds of pollution on Yin-Yang butterflies, which belong to the assimilation of ancient oases and the dead silence of black desert. The two kinds of pollution harmoniously expressed in the old chief fight in yin-yang butterflies and destroy everything madly.

But if you add the power of the abyss, the situation becomes different.

When Wei Xun shook hands with Yin and Yang butterflies, he gave him a little pure abyss breath, which almost immediately alleviated the mutual impact of pollution in his body. As Wei Xun guessed before, the alienation of tour guides is not only a means to become stronger, but also a way to protect themselves.

If the yin-yang butterfly can communicate the power of the abyss and show alienation, it should be able to withstand the pollution attack. But the problem is that in the repetition of the scene here, the tour guides can’t show their alienation and can’t do this.

Without Wei Xun’s action, the yin-yang butterfly might not have died here, but his body would be irreversibly damaged under the attack of double pollution. Half life Taoist mentioned that Chen Cheng and Tang Shuangcheng Tianbao, the only three who survived, suffered wounds that could not be cured even in the hotel. Wei Xun also guessed about this.

All this happened in just a few seconds. Wei Xun, who felt the problems of Yin-Yang butterfly, loosened his hand and threw him to corn shoots, while he stared at the war in front of him. Originally, he couldn’t see the chief without a keepsake, but now, after being exposed to the pollution of Yin-Yang butterfly, Wei Xun can see the tall figure of the chief faintly!

The corn shoots lifted Wei Xun high. His height was flush with the chief’s giant eye. Wei Xun’s eyes focused on the narrow, blood red sword inserted in the center of the giant eye.

“The yin-yang butterfly has a magic knife that kills people and sucks blood. It is a weapon used by people who play life. It is the mouthpiece of the Maria butterfly.”

What an Xuefeng told him echoed in Wei Xun’s ears. Why did the usual weapons of life playing people be handed over to yin-yang butterflies? Compared with psychic media, yin-yang butterfly’s character is really different. He is not a smart man appreciated by his brother, but he is very suitable for Wei Xun’s appetite. If Wei Xuechen specially trained the yin-yang butterfly to him, is this butterfly mouthpiece equivalent to handing it over to him with the yin-yang butterfly?

Poop, poop.

There was only a more and more violent heartbeat in Wei Xun’s ear. The butterfly fragments on his heart were hot. He longed, he wanted — he wanted to touch the sword!

Wei Xun could feel a slight itch on his wrist, like a filament sprouting and winding. Every time the butterfly fragments are restless, he will show some performance similar to alienation. White filaments are as thin as spider silk, like cocoons of something. An Xuefeng said that Maria butterflies are dangerous, and dreamers and Zhang xingzang also said that they must be cautious.

It’s tempting, rare but extremely dangerous. It’s like a Deadly Poppy. Then it leaves him a lot of butterfly fragments and butterfly mouthparts. What does my brother want to do?

He seems to be walking on the road that Wei Xuechen has long arranged, but everything in front of him is a chaotic fog. He can’t tell whether it is an abyss or the truth.

But Wei Xun just smiled, and his eyes twinkled with interest.

It’s been a long time… This exciting feeling. He felt a burst of adrenaline and his whole body was slightly hot with excitement. No matter the abyss or the danger, even if he is injured or dying, this dangerous situation and this unknown become more and more charming, which makes Wei Xun want to explore and conquer.

Not to mention, Wei Xun knew an Xuefeng was there without looking at the sky.

The death of the tour guide will lead to the destruction of the whole brigade, which is also the reason why Wei Xun was unwilling to join the journey home in the early stage. But an Xuefeng will not restrict him. Wei Xun clearly understands that joining the way home is not a bird in a cage, but more powerful backing. The strength of an Xuefeng is the tightest guarantee.

Freedom is freedom within a certain range, but with this range, Wei Xun is more unscrupulous!

Seeing the unknown viscous liquid seeping from the chief’s giant eye, as if he wanted to swallow the blood sucking knife, Wei Xun no longer hesitated, aimed at the opportunity, threw the corn shoot tentacle and threw Wei Xun to the chief’s giant eye out of thin air!

Compared with the chief, the half life Taoist priest looks very small. He replaces the yin-yang butterfly and the chief. The half life Taoist priest holds a peach wood sword and flies vertically and horizontally on the giant like a crane. It makes people doubt whether there is really lightness skill in the world.

But it looks good, but the output is not high. The chief is rough and thick. He can’t be hurt by ordinary weapons. It’s said to be a fierce battle. The angry chief didn’t pay much attention to him, but they were prepared to watch the yin-yang butterfly fight before.

Peach wood sword itself is not an attacking sword. The blade of the wooden sword is not open. It is simple and pure. It can restrain all sneaky evil and arrogance. This peach wood sword has been used by half life Taoist priest for several years, and even the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude can be restrained. So he and Wei Xun chose this sword when making plans. They wanted to cut pollution and weaken the chief.

But it’s hard for half life to feel it when you really make a move! Different from the imagination, there was not much pollution on the giant chief. It seemed that the pollution on her body was absorbed by something and gathered to the huge eye in the face.

What can I do? The half life Taoist’s brain rotates rapidly, and the posture of pollution gathering, his small peach wood sword may not play any role. In addition, the angry and manic chief’s giant hand waved wildly in front of him, which even caused the hot sand wind. As soon as anyone gets close, he may be hammered into meat mud and completely inaccessible.

The red sand giant is hot, especially the angry giant chief. Her gray skin turns red. If the surrounding temperature can drop sharply, she may be seriously injured, but – huh??

Half life Taoist priest hasn’t come up with a solution, but he saw a man draw an arc in the air and straight into the chief’s giant eyes!

Who is this man who is not afraid of death??

The man who is not afraid of death is Wei Xun – indeed it is Wei Xun!

“No more?!”

Half life Taoist priest scolded in surprise and couldn’t hear the sound, but he seemed to see the chief’s huge hand just lifted up and rubbed against Wei Xun – this rubbing was fatal! Half life Taoist madly contacted Wei Xun with the lead wire, but he didn’t get any reply. The lead wire is not broken and Wei Xun is not dead, but I’m afraid the situation is not optimistic.

The plan changed. Half life Taoist immediately put away the peach wood sword. After a short hesitation, he took out a bronze sword box.

“Some places can’t use stored items, but the person who uses the sword can’t leave his sword. Therefore, the purple title ‘swordsman’ is very important for people like us, because it will give you an exclusive prop ‘sword box’

When holding the sword box, it seems that there is a sound of inculcation, which blows half of life with the hot wind, and is dispersed by the wind. Half life Taoist priest has many swords, peach wood sword, copper coin sword, willow wood sword and thatched sword, but these swords are not killing swords.

He has not been a swordsman for ten years. He uses zombies more than swords. The loss of half life sharply weakened the half life Taoist’s own strength. He could only hide behind and rely on foreign objects. Even the “Tianwen” who could barely use was like a mouth gun. He didn’t shoot directly, and the sword took the key of the enemy.

The sword box and the special sword that was not cast were buried to the bottom of my heart by the half life Taoist priest with the failure of the keepsake delivery and the disappearance of team Chen and those predecessors on the battlefield. I thought I would give it a last shot when I went to the battlefield in the past ten years.

But now, the scene of the ancient oasis reappears. Chen DUI and others in the past appear in front of him. They have a fierce battle with the prospective chief, and Wei Xun – countless complex thoughts are filled with the half life Taoist’s brain, but he seems to be thinking nothing. Just three seconds after Wei Xun leaped, he took out the sword box and pulled out the most special sword!

The temperature suddenly dropped, and frost bloomed around the half life Taoist. In his hand is a long sword with a cold light shining. The body of the sword is forged like ten thousand years of cold ice. It is blue, mysterious and cold. In the middle of the sword, there are lines like pure white and snowflakes.

It’s just that this sword is a little dull. It’s just a semi-finished product, like some important process hasn’t been completed.

But at the moment of drawing the sword, the sudden drop in temperature turned the hot and red chief’s skin gray and full of cracks, like petrification!


Chen Cheng seems to be aware of something in the distance, and subconsciously looks in this direction. The dream chasing young dragon opened and closed his wings restlessly, as if he wanted to fly. Zhang xingzang sneezed, twisted his eyebrows and muttered how cold it was. Even an Xuefeng, who paid close attention to Wei Xun from high above, looked at the half life Taoist who drew his sword from the corner of his eye!

But half his life didn’t care about these at the moment. His sword hand was covered with a thin layer of ice. If he wanted to take down the sword, he might have to stick a layer of skin. But half life Taoist ignored these and rushed up along the chief’s arm at the moment of drawing his sword! He’s going to find Wei Xun and kill the chief!

Beside the chief’s huge eyes, Wei Xun’s situation is not optimistic. Half life Taoist priest saw right. The giant’s arm really rubbed him. The strength of this rubbing made Wei Xun’s right leg and arm fracture, and his body deformed to a certain extent, which hurt his internal organs. If it hadn’t been for the little rose spider silk cushion, Wei Xun would have been more seriously injured.

Wei Xun expertly vomited blood and couldn’t feel pain. The advantage is that the fracture won’t interfere with his thoughts, but the seriously injured body will really drag him down. But fortunately, this push also made Wei Xun fall into the center of his giant eye.

Right next to the vampire knife.

The blood sucking knife is extremely narrow and thin. It is more like a sweater needle than a knife. It looks ugly, but Wei Xun can feel that a lot of pollution is converging on the blood sucking knife and absorbed by it. This reminds Wei Xun of the magic mosquito mouthpiece Xiao Jin gave him when he offered his loyalty.

The magic mosquito mouthparts are well used in previous trips. It can painlessly suck blood, weaken the enemy and transform it into the most essence of energy. This butterfly mouthpiece, called a blood sucking knife, is absorbing pollution.

At this moment, Wei Xun was so close to the blood sucking knife that the butterfly fragments on his heart became more and more hot. The heat burned his heart, burning Wei Xun——

Wei Xun licked his lips. He felt a familiar sense of hunger.

The giant seemed to feel something. More and more viscous thick slurry secreted by the giant eye almost drowned the blood sucking knife and nearby Wei Xun. Wei Xun no longer hesitated.

His intact left hand grabbed the vampire knife.

The author has something to say: [on the past and present life named after blood sucking knife]

Yin Yang butterfly [simple and simple]: blood sucking knife!

Wei Xun [indicate the essence]: Butterfly mouthpiece!

Play with sb. []: bloodthirsty shadow knife


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