TTG Chapter 339

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 339: The Sahara of Death (22)

When the butterfly fragments were fused in the past, the butterfly tattoo once fell on Wei Xun’s left hand, along his left arm to his left shoulder, and finally to his left heart. As if by coincidence, Wei Xun’s left hand is intact now.

When he held the handle of the blood sucking knife, he felt that the handle felt soft and had some very short fluff, which was completely different from the feeling of a normal hard handle. The empty sense of hunger is getting worse and worse, which Wei Xun is very familiar with. When his alienation becomes a devil, only other demons can make up for his hunger and fill the hole in his heart.

If the devil’s alienated food is the devil, and the Vulcan’s alienated food is the belief of other spiritual pollution, it can be inferred that the food of the Maria butterfly is likely to be polluted at 30 degrees north latitude – of course, it is also possible that the Maria butterfly is afraid of 30 degrees north latitude pollution, so when the pollution occurs, the people affected by its butterfly fragments will swallow the pollution first.

The former or the latter depends on whether the blood sucking knife is attacked by the polluter. It needs Wei Xun to absorb the pollution and help, or whether the blood sucking knife is a butterfly mouthpiece and sucks the pollution. But it doesn’t make much difference to Wei Xun now.

The hunger was even stronger than then. Now people’s lives are getting better. People in families like Wei Xun have basically never felt what is called real hunger. It is a hunger feeling that the internal organs seem to be tightly clenched by people, burning to almost painful. Even the brain has become dizzy. They can’t think of anything except crazy appetite.

Wei Xun tasted this sense of hunger and showed a distorted and happy smile. He desperately wanted to know the relationship between the power of the pure abyss and the pollution at 30 degrees north latitude. Wei Xuechen first gave him a suit so that he could feel the power of the pure abyss to learn to extract the power of the abyss from butterfly fragments, and then the yin-yang butterfly gave him a blood sucking knife that can absorb the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude. What’s the significance of this order.

But now his contact with the blood sucking knife seems to lack something. He touched a little pollution, but the pollution is leaked from the blood sucking knife – a simple mouthpiece is like a sucking dry. If there is no connected body and stomach, the absorbed pollution will only spill out after it accumulates to a certain extent.

Now Wei Xun wants to be the stomach of the butterfly straw, but he clearly holds the blood sucking knife, but the blood sucking knife doesn’t give him any reaction for the time being. Even Wei Xun couldn’t even pull it out.

Do you want to use your mouth? No, it shouldn’t be. Maybe his alienation is not enough.

Time is running out. Wei Xun’s action of holding the blood sucking knife seems to make the old chief feel a threat. The smell of fishy, sweet and rotten is diffuse, and a black line emerges at the edge of his giant eye – a tide of insects composed of countless black insects!

Compared with the symbiotic black insects among quasi giants, the black insects raised by the old chief are obviously more huge and terrible. Wei Xun even felt that little rose was in a slight panic, and more spider silk was secreted and wrapped around Wei Xun, which was defensive. Now the little rose is like Xiaocui in those years, which can make him feel afraid. The whole black insect group is at least as powerful as the old magic insect!

What’s more frightening is that they didn’t attack Wei Xun directly, but drilled into the giant eyes one after another. Under the dead silence pollution, Wei Xun couldn’t hear the action of the black insects, but he could see a shadow spread down – these black insects were extremely smart, and the giant’s hard eye shell protected them so that they could drill under the enemy.

At this moment, Wei Xun is like lying on a fragile thin ice. Under the thin ice is a piranha that wants to choose people and eat them. Unable to pull out the blood sucking knife, even the maniac’s knife can’t pierce the giant’s outer skin. The spider silk package is more like self deception. It’s impossible to resist the invasion of black insects that can pierce the giant’s skin.

However, the entanglement of spider silk isolated the viscous liquid on the giant eye, so that Wei Xun could escape from the swampy giant eye. As long as Wei Xun wanted to, he could do it at any time——

When the sharp blade came out of the scabbard, there should have been the sound of the blade grinding through the scabbard, but there was no sound. Wei Xun not only didn’t escape, but he even forcibly opened most of the spider silk cocoons. These spider silk were controlled by him and pulled out the madman killing knife. Wei Xun’s only active left hand still held the blood sucking knife, but the madman killing knife controlled by spider silk pierced his chest and stabbed his heart!

Blood gushed out, but stabbed, not pierced. In the past, when an Xuefeng opened his chest, Wei Xun didn’t have any impression, but an Xuefeng said that the stimulated butterfly fragments made Wei Xun mutate more seriously. Without alienation, Wei Xun is not interested in returning to zero. What he thinks is the butterfly fragments that stimulate his heart!

All this happened very quickly. The black bug shadow had gathered at the lower layer of the giant eye under Wei Xun. Wei Xun felt a dense sense of sudden stabbing without pain. He was not sure whether the spiral spike on the black bug’s head had pierced the giant eye and stabbed his body. The rules of mutual aid alliance have the favor of ancient magic insects, but these black insects are just similar to ancient magic insects in strength, not real ancient magic insects!

They are not affected by the badge, and of course they will not be soft on Wei Xun! The corn shoots watching the battle anxiously stretched out their tentacles and tried to roll Wei Xun out, but most of them were directly torn off by the crazy chief. The other tentacles suddenly became swollen and deformed and fell off the corn shoots like necrosis – it’s pollution!

The butterfly mouthpiece leaked a lot of pollution, and Wei Xun’s heart was pounding. He could not feel the pain, but the heat of butterfly fragments. When the heat reached the extreme, it gave people a strong feeling of ice freezing. The cold wandered in his body, and even his breath became white fog – no, it was not white fog, but countless snow-white filaments!

The snow-white, cocoon like filaments extended from the heart, wrapped around Wei Xun’s left arm, and then spread to his left hand holding the blood sucking knife! These filaments even suppressed those restless black insects, but Wei Xun didn’t care about them at the moment. As Wei Xun expected, the deeper variation and filament winding made him finally establish a certain connection with the blood sucking knife!

Wei Xun could feel the pure and terrible energy surging in the blood sucking knife and was crazy to find the exit.

As long as more time is given, Wei Xun can completely master the blood sucking knife and dry the chief. But the chief seems to have found a trace of reason from madness in the extreme sense of danger! Its huge and powerful arms are no longer waving wildly, but directly wipe on its huge eyes to completely erase the sundries on its eyes.

The chieftain’s giant hand swept like a high wall of death. It was very fast. Even some black insects that didn’t have time to drill into their eyes were directly crushed by the giant hand. If the giant hand ran over Wei Xun, it would really crush him into fine meat mud without residue, but Wei Xun was immersed in a blood sucking knife and had no action to avoid!

“唳 -”

At this critical moment, there was a sudden whine in the air! The space seemed to shake and distort for a moment in the sound of the song. A hot Phoenix Fire fell from the sky and directly burned the chief’s right hand into black charcoal. An Xuefeng shot it, but at the moment, the space of the scene replay is particularly unstable. Just a flame makes this space fragile.

If he does it again, the ancient oasis scene is doomed to be broken, but there are Chen Cheng brigade and new entrants. If the ancient oasis scene collapses again, I’m afraid an extremely bad thing will happen!

Fortunately, an Xuefeng was not the only one who shot.


There should have been a sharp sound from the left side of the chief’s body, but it could not be heard under the dead silence pollution. I could only see a gray line spreading and spreading to the whole body like a cobweb. It was not a line. It was frozen into gray giant skin by extreme cold!

From the waist of the chief to avoiding her arm, from avoiding the black worm in the hair to flying to the giant’s face until reaching the giant eye in the middle of the face, the desperate half life Taoist took less than three minutes.

But I don’t know what Wei Xun did, but the situation has been bad since three minutes, but this has long been expected by half life Taoist priest, and he also believes that as long as Wei Xun makes a move, as long as he survives the chaotic period, the situation will eventually develop in a good direction.

Just get through it!

Ann team dealt with the chief’s right hand. He must resist the giant’s left hand!

The cold light leaked to the ground and was frozen for thousands of miles. The extreme cold slowed down the speed of the chief’s left arm and blocked the half life Taoist in front of his left hand at the critical moment. There was no time to see Wei Xun behind him. He half clenched his teeth and put his hands against the sword, recalling the sword technique given to him by Chen team in the past.

“Sword out -”

The voice that can’t be heard is only the mouth shape. The snow line on the Youlan sword is spreading, such as the rapidly growing snowflakes, which makes the small half of the Youlan sword turn white, but only the small half. Half life Taoist’s face suddenly turned red and pale. He vomited blood, and his strained breath almost dissipated.

He can’t get out of the cold mountain with his sword! Incomplete sword, the long lost orange title, incomplete him, can’t use the peak sword move in Hanshan sword!

But incomplete sword moves still have a strong momentum! The chief’s left hand was white, like a lizard about to molt. This shallow layer of white cream did not completely turn the red skin into lifeless white, but it still effectively slowed down the chief’s action. The price is that the half life Taoist was swallowed and vomited blood, and his face was very white.

However, he has a hook in the corner of his mouth. He doesn’t hurt at all! The pain of recollection and the stinging pain of mental tension to the limit can not be felt by half life Taoists one after another!

It was silent and fierce. It was waving the sword again and again. The snow lines on the Youlan sword fluctuated and were stained red by blood. The giant’s action was extremely slow, but it was still advancing. The half life Taoist was trembling all over, clenched his teeth and retreated slowly. He tried hard all over his body, his neck was stretched, and there was a sound in his mind. He kept waving his sword in the cold mountain, but he couldn’t completely freeze the chief’s left hand after all.

When he got something behind his feet, the half life Taoist showed a helpless expression. He knew it was Wei Xun’s body. He can’t go back any more. If he takes another step back, he will step on Wei Xun. The scorching temperature has fallen. It’s an Xuefeng. Even if he can’t do it, he can take Wei Xun and half his life away at the most critical moment.


not reconciled to.

Really unwilling.

It’s not to be unwilling to kill the chief. There are Wei Xun and Zhang xingzang infected with him. The chief can be killed anyway. Half life Taoist priest is unwilling to feel a little, a little opportunity! That feeling made him don’t want to give up and want to give it a try again!

Half life Taoist priest’s lips moved. He had no extra strength to open his mouth. More than blood spilled from his mouth. There were spots of blood on his eyes and ears. The snow lines on the Youlan sword spread and covered half of the sword body at most, but he couldn’t completely cover the sword body in the end. The breath of reaching the peak slipped inch by inch, the snow lines began to decrease, and the breath was about to lose its hold——

However, at the next moment, the body of half life Taoist who was about to retreat again was blocked by one person.

“Long wait”

Wei Xun’s voice was tired and satisfied. At the next moment, the Taoist priest felt a hand against his waist, and then a force was instilled into him. This power is pure and powerful, but it exudes a violent and restless atmosphere.

“I can’t hold it. I have too much strength – I’ll give you some”

Wei Xun ordered: “kill the chief quickly.”

“Damn it, what the hell is this?”

Some people in the distance are paying attention to the war here, but they are not Zhang xingzang and dreamers. According to the plan, they should have met in the back. They were aware of the turbulence in the surrounding space and the moment an Xuefeng shot, Zhang xingzang was about to pass, but the next moment he suddenly changed his face!

Something’s wrong!

Something was wrong and he felt a disgusting strange feeling – the same feeling he felt when he went to the battlefield for the first time and was exposed to battlefield pollution for the first time! This pollution torrent is usually accompanied by terrible and difficult monsters, but this is just a repeat of the scene. Even if this side is destroyed, they will only return to the black desert or the eye of the Sahara. It is impossible to have anything to do with the battlefield.


Zhang xingzang keenly looked at Chen Cheng, but found that the man had been looking at the direction of the half life Taoist. It was clear that there was nothing there, but he had been staring at it.

Zhang xingzang felt that the man’s momentum was a little strange – a little strange.

Zhang xingzang can’t see it, neither can dream chasers, nor can Wei Xun, who hasn’t been exposed to pollution.

But half life Taoist and Chen Cheng can see it.

From the beginning, he could see the twenty-five meter high giant and the boy who drew his sword on the giant like an ant. Chen Cheng saw it clearly. He saw the boy take out the sword box and the boy take out the blue and unfinished Hanshan sword.

Is this a dream.

Chen Cheng is not sure. The young man’s face is strange and familiar, but he forged the Hanshan sword for him. Chen Cheng will never admit his mistake. People usually dream of the most intense emotion in reality. However, this was 20 years ago. He hasn’t seen the appearance of Cen Qin’s youth. If this was made up by a dream, it would be too real.

But it was really like a dream. It was intermittent. His eyes were sometimes blurred and sometimes clear. He seemed to hear Cen Qin’s voice or not, but he could always feel the cold mountain sword. Chen Cheng could clearly feel that Cen Qin was pulling his sword and couldn’t use his sword moves before he used it.

“You can’t use it. It’s not that you don’t have talent and don’t work hard.”

There was a trace of warmth in Chen Cheng’s eyes, vaguely remembering his conversation with cenqin. It’s comfort, but it’s also a statement of the facts.

“Maybe we’re in the wrong direction. You can’t get out of the cold mountain with a sword because I’m still alive.”

When I was alive, you couldn’t use it. They tried to transfer the keepsake and let Cen Qin understand the move of sword out of cold mountain – although it was the title given by the hotel to the strongest, no matter the title, they only learned the sword move, but they still couldn’t learn it anyway.

Maybe it’s because he’s still alive. I’ll dream of this. Maybe it indicates that he’ll die soon. The picture in front of him gradually blurred, his mind began to pull away, and the sense of pollution around him became more and more serious. Chen Cheng knew that this was a sign that he wanted to wake up.


Unwilling ah, many years of planning and layout failed one by one in the end, but still could not escape the final fate.

Not reconciled.

His eyes closed slightly. Vaguely, he seemed to hear another sword coming out. The half life voice was stubborn and had the same reluctance as him.

Sword out, sword out, when can we get the sword again.

“… Hanshan”

Sighing, he responded softly, but the next moment, Chen Cheng suddenly opened his eyes! A pure, powerful, strange and familiar force diffused from cenqin, responded to him and contacted him. It didn’t feel right. Chen Cheng sensed who his power was pouring to and who he was establishing contact with! No, it’s not just a dream, it’s a dream——


However, at the next moment, Chen Cheng’s attention shifted instantly. Who directly moved his eyes away from cenqin? That feeling is——

It’s an ancient oasis butterfly fragment!


It was the thief who stole his butterfly fragments!

Chen Cheng was immediately angry.

The thief has to disguise Cen Qin and steal his Chen Cheng’s power!

Good idea!

Chen Cheng suddenly broke out. The violent mood fluctuation made him open his eyes the next moment – there was darkness in front of him. Sure enough, it was all a dream just now. The companion who had just resisted a flood of pollution was still sleeping. He woke him up. It was rare to hear the wheezing and angry voice of team Chen.

“What’s the matter, team Chen? Who’s angry with you?”

“Fool, you must be angry.”

“That’s impossible. Team Chen is never angry with me. What’s more, everyone was sleeping just now – Captain, don’t you dream of being angry?”

Tang Shuang made an active joke, but Chen Cheng gave him a gloomy look. Tang Shuang picked up a skeleton in fashion and didn’t dare to talk any more.

But as he said, Chen Cheng is very angry. He is really angry and can’t sleep!

Chen Cheng’s teeth itch at the thought of the thief!

“I used my sword to get out of the cold mountain!”

“What is this?”

The chief who had absorbed most of the pollution was weak and split by the snow-white knife light. When the knife light fell, two startles sounded at the same time, but the former was both startled and happy, while the latter was only startled! A flame surged up and blocked the cold light. Wei Xun’s angry voice rang out: “watch your sword! Chop the chief. Why did you chop me?”

Wei Xun, who completely mastered the blood sucking knife and absorbed a large amount of pure pollution power, was about to explode. The butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis in his heart kept moving, as if there were some new changes – that’s not good!

But Wei Xun couldn’t stop absorbing power. It happened that the half life Taoist was nearby and was very empty. Wei Xun simply injected some of his power into him.

Who would have thought that the half life Taoist then waved a terrible senhan sword Qi, which not only cut at the giant, but also at him!

“Ha ha, I can’t control it, ha ha!”

The author has something to say: Wei Xun: Yes, yes, the redundant son-in-law of the Wei family dares to eat the Lord!

Half life Taoist priest: Hey hey!

A new insomnia duo appeared!

Dream chasing Dragon:.

Captain Chen:.

Good brother finally began to carry the pot! My brother said he was very good (Wei Xun said he was very happy)

Today is the 500 red envelopes sent by the rebound black pot (?). Tweet, tweet!

PS: it’s equivalent that team Chen can dream about things here and even make a certain impact. It’s not that he’s back!


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