TTG Chapter 34

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (34)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 34: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

Wei Xun is still confused. He knocks on his temple and his memory quickly returns. Wei Xun thinks of his memory before he was unconscious and realizes what it is. He quickly looks at his information.

At present, his attribute is like this——

[guide information]

[Code: Bingjiu (only in this journey)]

[rank: Silver five stars (rank of C 9) 9 + 10]

[death countdown 40:13:05]

【 points: 7300 】

[mental pollution value (SAN): 24]

[incubation Countdown: 35:12:20]

“It’s more difficult.”

Wei Xun sat up and swept his eyes. He knew that he wanted to be in an illusion and in Wu Laoliu’s Diaojiaolou room.

He previously used the “experience ball for new scenic spots” provided by Shi Tao, which increased the development progress of new scenic spots by 45%. When he used it, he said, “hotels do not encourage taking shortcuts. When you use the experience ball to complete the development of new scenic spots, you may encounter some” small “problems.”

It’s just that the “trouble” doesn’t know where to hide and hatch. Now it’s the fourth day of the journey. It seems that it has to come out on the fifth and sixth day.

Wei Xun was not in a hurry. He looked at it at random and threw it behind him. He was more concerned about the “adjustment of the drunken Western Hunan project” prompted by the hotel before he was unconscious.

“So it is.”

After browsing the new project information quickly, Wei Xun suddenly realized: “jump project.”

This corpse turned flying fox king is the second scenic spot, which is similar to the existence of the rotten corpse group. If Wei Xun didn’t kill it, it would hide the ghost baby when washing three. Passengers must go through many difficulties according to the clues, find the husband and wife tree before the three dynasties wine and fulfill the last wish of “Pingping”.

Once the “Pingping’s head” (actually a ghost baby swaddling on a tree, the core of the seal) is buried under the tree, the corpse flying fox king will completely unseal it. During the three dynasties, it will sneak attack, swallow and kill ghost babies.

But now, the corpse flying fox king has been solved by Wei Xun in advance. Without its hindrance, passengers can only complete the project according to the normal process.

After looking at the time, it’s already 9 a.m. Three hours before washing three, Wei Xun was about to get out of bed. Suddenly he felt flustered. With his hand under the quilt, Wei Xun fished out a wooden box.

The box didn’t seem to be closed tightly. There was a crack. From this crack, Wei Xun could smell the thick ginseng fragrance, and he couldn’t help feeling eager. Alienation consumes too much energy, and he loses much blood. Although he absorbs the essence of corpse flying fox, he is still physically deficient.

It’s a good thing. It’s definitely good for him.

But here


Wei Xun gave a meaningful snort.

* *

“Director C, it’s director C!”

“Guide C is back!”

As soon as Wei Xun appeared, the passengers who had been looking for him for a long time were pleasantly surprised, shouting and shouting, and became a sea of joy. When Bingjiu slowly said that he was not missing, but to kill the corpse flying fox king in advance, the most dangerous monster in the second scenic spot, the passengers were stunned.

It’s too unbelievable and shocking – what’s the concept of corpse flying fox king? It’s equivalent to the rotten corpses in Xiaolong Yizhuang, and it’s more difficult to deal with than them.

Unexpectedly, it was quietly solved by Bingjiu!

Wang pengpai was in a trance. He knew the meaning of Bingjiu better than other passengers. The corpse flying fox king was solved in advance, that is, they can jump to the scenic spot.

This is a super dangerous journey in Western Hunan. They can jump scenic spots???

Wang pengpai was shocked. At this moment, he could hardly wait to sign Bingjiu into his own brigade immediately. This fucking fairy guide must not miss it!

But imagine Bingjiu’s identity and his own task. Wang pengpai is depressed. It’s a sigh. What a good tour guide you say, how can you.

Wei Xun has a panoramic view of all the passengers’ expressions. He has never been the kind of person who does good deeds silently. If he doesn’t return home, it’s like walking in royal clothes at night. What he has done must be known and remembered.

Jumping spots is too rare and strange. Passengers will not react for a while and have to digest it slowly. They were still in a trance when the third washing project was announced and the passengers began to prepare things.

“Guide C will kill the corpse flying fox King now?”

When Miao Fangfei and Miao Fangfei were taking water by the Xiaolong stream, Shi Tao was still a little confused and didn’t come back. Seeing that the bucket with water suddenly left his hand and fell into the water, he subconsciously stretched out his hand to reach it, and his feet slipped.

“Be careful!”

Miao Fangfei grabbed Shi Tao’s hand in time and hooked the bucket back with a bamboo pole. Shi Tao, who almost fell into the Xiaolong River, saw that the turbulent water was full of cold sweat. This is the place where the Xiaolong river near qiebi village has the most urgent water. He has only one arm. It’s not easy to climb up if he really fell in.

With this, Shi Tao didn’t dare to be distracted any more. He thanked Miao Fangfei.

“To tell you the truth, I can’t believe it.”

Miao Fangfei didn’t blame him. He shook his head and sighed: “director C is really too strong… It’s our blessing to follow his team.”

As soon as the voice changed, she became serious again: “but we still can’t take it lightly.”


Shi Tao whispered seriously, subconsciously touching his stomach. Just now the bucket fell, and it was the ghost baby making trouble again. Mischievous ghost babies really hurt people. Babies don’t know good and evil. Ghost babies are paranoid. Making trouble is a small thing. If they are a little unhappy, their pranks will even make people fall into a dangerous situation.

Although they agreed to brush the favor of the ghost baby, this little thing really makes people dislike it.

In addition, there is one more thing.

“Miao team, brother Shi, you’re back.”

Back in qiebi village, Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao met Hou Feihu and others who went out to get water. Because ghost babies like pranks, they now travel with at least two people wherever they go. For example, if Shi Tao was alone, it might be dangerous.

“Triangular maple, four wheel grass and bitter bamboo leaves have been found, but there are still fragrant leaves.”

“OK, fragrant leaves. I’ll go with Shi Tao later.”

Miao Fangfei nodded and even said with concern, “be careful when you get to the stream.” Then she briefly said that Shi Tao almost fell into the washing water.

“Brother Shi Tao doesn’t have it!”

Facing his worried eyes, Shi Tao calmly smiled: “it’s all right, just don’t go away.”

“Brother Shi Tao thinks of director C. hey, I’m thinking of him, too. He’s really strong and powerful.”

“All right, we should go.”

Hou Feihu looked at his watch and urged: “time is not much.”

“OK, I’ll see you later, brother Shi Tao of Miao team!”

Miao Fangfei and Hou Feihu looked at each other, and then one of them went in the direction of xiaolongxi and the other in the direction of qiepi village. After taking a hundred steps, Miao Fangfei heard Shi Tao beside her breathe a sigh of relief.

“You were in a bad mood just now.”

Miao Fangfei whispered, “I didn’t say it. Everything is normal.”

“Say it’s this.”

Shi Tao smiled bitterly: “but this kind of love…”

He shook his head and lowered his voice, “I’ll pay attention next time.”

Miao Fangfei nodded. In fact, although she seemed calm, she was also restless.

Yu Hehui is back!

The man in the brigade came back quietly. They didn’t find anyone at first! It was at the end of the Taofu project, when they couldn’t find Bingjiu and were anxious. Yu Hehui suggested that if you shoot around with a camera, you might find clues. After all, those who have the strength to take Bingjiu away are definitely supernatural ghosts.

Miao Fangfei thought it was reasonable. They all teamed up to look for it. When they gathered and got those supernatural photos and examined them carefully one by one, she suddenly felt a shock in her heart.

Yu Hehui?

Yu Hehui?!

When did Yu Hehui come back?!

For a moment, Miao Fangfei was confused. She intuitively thought whether Yu Hehui’s appearance was related to Bingjiu’s disappearance. She couldn’t scare the snake. She found an opportunity to remind Hou Feihu, Shi Tao and others.

Now Bingjiu is back, but Yu Hehui doesn’t disappear anymore. Miao Fangfei and others unanimously decided that everything would be the same without knowing Yu Hehui’s real identity and purpose.

Now every time Yu Hehui takes action, he is with Hou Feihu. Fortunately, Hou Feihu is here. Otherwise, it’s not easy for them to stare at Yu Hehui.

“Wait until the third time.”

Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao return to their room, pour the stream they just brought back into the tripod pot, and cover it with something to prevent dust and sundries from falling in. Then they set off to look for fragrant leaves in the forest of qiebai village.

“In order to respond to changes, he will always fall.”

Fragrant leaf is the leaf or bark of tea pear. It has the effect of soothing the liver and relieving depression. It is a kind of herbal medicine needed when washing three. When washing three, put the triangular maple, four wheel grass, bitter bamboo leaves and fragrant leaves into the stream. The stream should choose the most turbulent water, which means “a long history”. Triangular Maple can remove rheumatism, four wheeled grass can keep babies from crying at night, bitter bamboo leaves can remove all unclean things, and fragrant leaves can detoxify and remove blood stasis.

It’s all a blessing to the baby.

It is said that in the traditional customs of ethnic minorities in Western Hunan, babies are born. They are fed brown sugar water and four seasons tea two days ago and milk on the third day. After drinking milk, the baby officially began to live a “human” life. Washing the three dynasties is the third day. The ritual of bathing the baby means washing away all filth. From then on, the child can grow up healthily and be a clean man.

After learning about the ceremony of washing the three dynasties, Miao Fangfei and several of them had a simple discussion about whether they would turn around this time. After all, they were pregnant with a ghost fetus.

“I think we have to be serious this time.”

Miao Fangfei said, “you can’t do it all at once. Later, you think it must be the opposite. You still have to see the content of the ceremony.”

When they draw the peach talisman, they do the opposite because the purpose of drawing the peach talisman is to separate pregnant women from “evil spirits”, but they are pregnant with a ghost fetus, so they have to find ways to avoid it.

But washing three is different. Washing three is a blessing to the baby. No matter what kind of mother, she hopes the child can grow up healthily. Instead of Pingping, she really gave birth to children. As a mother, she should also have good expectations for the ceremony of washing three.

“Just follow the requirements.”

Miao Fangfei gritted her teeth and made a decision. Choice is particularly important in the journey. It can be said that each choice determines the fate of passengers. Therefore, brigade leaders are very important. They are usually assumed by people with the titles of “prediction” and “observation”. Miao Fangfei is poor at this point, which can only be judged by experience.

Fortunately, so far, she has never made a mistake.

Washing three needs a variety of things. We should prepare an abacus (I hope the child can have a plan when he grows up), prepare to weigh gold and silver (I hope the child will enter gold and silver in the future and live a rich and noble life), put a little green onion (I hope the child is smart), tear a little window edge paper and put it into the water (I hope the child has a clear mind and eyes), and prepare fifteen or six kinds of things.

It’s not easy to find everything in the long abandoned qiebai village. The window edge paper has long been rotten, and the abacus and so on have been rotten and can’t be found. It’s onion, which can be found in the dehydrated vegetable bag brewed by Lin Xi. It can be used after rehydration.

The good news is that every time two things are prepared, the favor of ghost baby will increase a little. Although it is not easy to find something, it also inspires Miao Fangfei and them. This choice should be correct.

* *

“Prepare less things.”

On the other side, in Yingzhu Miao village, four men with stomachs get together and make eye contact. Of course, his eyes can’t express the complex words. Wang pengpai tore the corner paper and wrote on it and passed it to Zhao Hongtu and them to see it.

After reading the note, Wang pengpai burned it with a lighter.

For the same washing three projects, the decisions made here are quite different from those made by Miao Fangfei. In the final analysis, they were shocked when they just learned that Bingjiu had killed the corpse flying fox king. Yu he’an saw that the horn needed to be prepared on the list, so he took out the old yellow cow hide and wanted to grind a little horn powder. But just saw the blood and tears flowing from the big bull’s eyes on the cow’s head.

Yu he’an immediately told Wang pengpai the news to them.

“Grinding ox horn is not good. Rhubarb must be right.”

Yu he’an was worried: “I’ve worn ox horns before, but it’s not good for Rhubarb to shed tears this time.”

Yu he’an had worn ox horns before, but there was no accident. This time, the old yellow cowhide shed blood and tears, that is to say, the grinding of ox horns will have a bad impact.

“I wish the baby as strong and powerful as a cow.”

Wang pengpai touched his chin, thought a little, and then asked everyone not to prepare anything on the list that had “blessings” for the baby. Especially those like “prepare bird feathers, wish baby as light as a bird” and “prepare tiger teeth, wish baby as fierce as a tiger”.

These words were written on the note, because when Yu he’an said “old yellow cattle shed blood and tears, is it bad to prepare ox horns”, his baby’s favor dropped by 2 points.

It seems that the child in their belly is evil and can understand what they say.

Since then, Wang pengpai and others have exchanged notes on any situation related to washing three.

Wang pengpai suspected that the things they prepared for the third washing may become an increase of babies, which is related to the later projects. Now he can conclude that ghost baby is the right choice. The baby doesn’t know what dirty things are. Strengthening the baby here is purely idiotic behavior.

Fortunately, after a series of love stories, Wang pengpai’s words and Zhao Hongtu’s words can be heard, and they don’t ask why. This is actually a very dangerous behavior. These passengers are not experienced enough and are easy to trust. Their character will always suffer heavy losses in the future.

Thinking of the king surging, he sighed secretly, but he has his own fate, and he still has to go his own way. At least this time, they should be able to survive.

After all, there are nine.

When Wang pengpai remembered that Bingjiu was brought back by Wu Laoliu, he felt restless and itchy. It’s an evil door. It’s really an evil door. He was a little regretful that he took the initiative to watch the excitement in Western Hunan, especially when Bingjiu came back, he often measured him with a look that made Wang’s surging scalp numb.

Wei Xun glanced at Wang pengpai and saw his conditional reflex back to a simple and honest smile licking the dog, so he picked his eyebrow. Wei Xun leisurely sat on the bamboo chair and watched Wang surging. They were ready to be busy, holding a wooden box in their arms. It’s from Wu Laoliu.

At first glance, he knew that it was the ghost of Wu Laoliu, which was almost a conspiracy – Wei Xun’s character of pursuing stimulation and adventure. The more obvious the trap, the more he wanted to step on it, and he had to break it.

If there were other traps, maybe Wei Xun would have taken the bait, but ginseng is the entrance thing, and Wu Laoliu is composed of maggots——

Thinking of this, Wei Xun turned his stomach. After leaving with the box, he wanted to contact the hotel to sell the ginseng. Anyway, he took it and didn’t use it as waste. But before Wei Xun wanted to sell ginseng, a maggot shook his head and brain, climbed out of the crack in the box, and stood up at Wei Xun happily.

Wei Xun:?!?!

At that moment, Wei Xun was almost suffocated when he saw the exhibitionist standing in front of him and lifting his coat. When he realized that the maggot consciousness was in his mind and communicated with him, Wei Xun was numb.

It’s over. He’s out of his mind.

Thanks to the maggot’s timely collection, their four maggot brothers have developed offline and successfully occupied Wu Laoliu’s right index finger. This is the first time they organized an operation, successfully broke the plot of Wu Laoliu to put maggots in the ginseng to harm Wei Xun, and sent the maggots to the master.

Please tell me what to do next!

Wei xunmu, he never thought that he would become a maggot head one day. A mosquito is enough to break the bottom line. Another maggot——

He can’t, he can’t, the bottom line must not retreat step by step.

Just when Wei Xun almost sold all the maggots to the hotel, all the passengers came to see him. At this moment, Wei Xun saw Wang pengpai.

It was this eye that changed the fate of maggot.

Because Wei Xun saw a circle of red light flashing on Wang pengpai, just like the special effect named by the boss in the game.

Wei Xun certainly understands why this happens. It’s just that he didn’t expect to see such an aperture soon!

Wei Xun put his hand into his pocket and held the metal name plate.

When discussing the agreement with * * before, Wei Xun asked, after signing the agreement, did he directly join an Xuefeng brigade?

The answer is’ no ‘.

[it’s your obligation to join an Xuefeng brigade]

** * gentle way [although his brigade is a little strict, I believe you can do it]

In other words, after signing the agreement, he did not directly join an Xuefeng brigade, but tried to get in.

“Does an Xuefeng know about your agreement?”

After hearing this, Wei Xun was speechless and asked youyou.

** * after listening to it, laugh and make a long voice [of course – I don’t know, that’s interesting, isn’t it?]

Wei Xun feels more and more that this * * may have a grudge against an Xuefeng, absolutely. Otherwise, how could this pit him. When he didn’t know, he signed such an agreement with Wei Xun.

However, this also suits Wei Xun’s wishes. If he really signs the agreement, he will directly add the brigade. He is not happy.

[he always selects members himself, and his team members often hide their identity and travel with scattered teams. Maybe you’ll meet soon. When they show up after you sign the agreement, you will know]

[maybe it’s better for you to seize the opportunity and come on]

Come on, fart.

Wei Xun murmured in his heart at that time, why do people always disguise their identity? Of course, the wanted will always disguise their identity! Or there are strong enemies and deadly enemies. In a word, this brigade doesn’t sound like a good bird.

However, the effect of this agreement is quite in line with Wei Xun’s mind. He can know whether the people of an Xuefeng brigade are around. At that time, he can control sovereignty whether he wants to hide or show himself.

Wei Xun doesn’t like being picked by others. He is also a choice.

From the words of * *, Wei Xun can also hear that an Xuefeng’s brigade is estimated to be at a high level. Wei Xun is actually a newcomer to the hotel. He doesn’t know what will happen after taking the team. If the levels of the two sides are too different, it will be difficult to meet them. This is in line with Wei Xun’s intention. There is no time for the left and right * * to join the brigade. Take your time.

Who knows when Wei Xun returned to Yingzhu Miao village and saw Wang surging, he saw a red light on him!

Wei Xun:???

An Xuefeng is by my side??

No, no, maybe it’s from an Xuefeng brigade.

For a moment, Wei Xun thought whether it would be a serial set set by * *. After all, from the time he mistakenly entered the dangerous journey to the time when he received the task of a novice tour guide, Bingjiu disappeared. He happened to be 51% similar to Bingjiu and was selected to replace Bingjiu.

There are too many coincidences.

When Wei Xun was in absolute danger, * * * appeared in time and came up with an agreement that he couldn’t refuse and the treatment was absolutely generous.

Now, Wei Xun knows that Wang pengpai in the team is hiding his identity. He is a member of an Xuefeng brigade.

Ordinary people have long been confused by this series of boxing, or they won’t connect this series of coincidences at all, but Wei Xun is not ordinary people.

After he analyzed all this, he became more interested and stared at Wang pengpai in a fair way, which made the fat man goose bumps all over.

Why did Wang pengpai come?

What do you want to get from the journey to Western Hunan? Or for Wei Xun?

Or… Wei Xun remembers that when he first got on the bus, both Wang pengpai and Lin Xi knew that Bingjiu had the title of “painless”. Lin Xi is the person around Bing Jiu, and Wang pengpai is because of what.

Could he have come for the sake of “C 9”?

That’s interesting.

Wei Xun wondered whether the disappearance of the original Bingjiu was related to an Xuefeng brigade.

Is it true that Wang pengpai’s arrival confirms whether “Bingjiu has disappeared”?

What would Wang pengpai do if he found that “C 9” was still there.

Upward reporting? Control C 9? Or let C 9 “disappear again”?

[you will become Bingjiu, enjoy the dignity of Bingjiu as a tour guide and bear all the dangers on him]

Now, every word * * said seems to have deep meaning.

“I want to know what’s on his mind”

Wei Xun talks with maggots in his mind. He knows too little and wants to know too much now. You have to be prepared.

“Quietly, don’t let him know”

Wei Xun’s lips were slightly hooked and his eyelashes were down, covering the light of his eyes. The devil ordered his loyal servant.

“Can you do it?”


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