TTG Chapter 340

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 340: The Sahara of Death (23)

“I really can’t control it. Ha ha, ha ha, it’s very useful. Really, the energy you give me is really very useful!”

Half life Taoist was so happy that he shouted happily, “I’m out of the cold mountain with my sword!”‘ I love you so much! “‘ You deserve it! ” While slashing at Wei Xun. The blue long sword on his hand has completely turned white, as if covered with a layer of frost and snow. The awe inspiring and cold momentum is completely different from that before. It seems that even the air can be split, and even Wei Xun feels the extremely cold cold——

Because half life Taoist rushed at him with a sword just now! Wei Xun absorbed too much energy. Too much energy filled his body. It was as difficult to digest immediately as if he had eaten. As a result, he was unable to move slowly. Fortunately, Fengniao stood on Wei Xun’s shoulder. It was impossible to see the half life Taoist so presumptuous.


An Xuefeng directly blocked the sword, then spewed out a fire, and burned all the frost and snow on the sword, so as to stop the madness of half life Taoist. Wei Xun’s eyebrows jumped and he hugged the Phoenix directly. He saw a layer of frost hanging on his golden and red feathers. Even if there was a Phoenix Fire, it could not melt in time. This still killed the chief and consumed part of his power.

It’s enough to see how strong the sword is when it comes out of the cold mountain. And this is just a sword move. Half life Taoist has no supporting title.

“I didn’t think, I didn’t think…”

Half life Taoist priest was still murmuring to himself. There were too many surprises and too many miracles, which made his face look like laughing or crying. He stretched out his hand to Wei Xun, as if to hold him tightly, but just moved, half life Taoist priest fell straight down – fortunately, he was caught by corn shoot tentacles.

“He’s in a coma. It’s no big deal.”

Is it really a half life Taoist overdraft? Is it really the energy poured by Wei Xun that he uses his sword to get out of the cold mountain?

Wei Xun thought of the semi-finished Hanshan sword, the uncontrolled sword move, and the change of ancient oasis butterfly fragments in his heart just a moment ago. But the immediate matter was more important. An Xuefeng glanced in the direction of Zhang xingzang, looked back at Wei Xun, and said in a dignified tone: “are you okay?”

Objectively speaking, Wei Xun is definitely not good now. He has broken arms and legs, his whole body is injured, his heart wound is not healed, his chest is blurred, spider silk and mutated cocoon silk are intertwined, his hair is black and green – the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude is shown on the cocoon silk in color, making it look like moldy and rotten, let alone covered with a layer of dirty ice cream.

“I’m fine. I’m just a little full.”

Wei Xun is satisfied and lazy. He really eats too much and has indigestion. The energy transformed from a lot of pollution fills his body, especially in the injured place – the injury needs energy to be cured. That’s right, but there is too much energy in a moment, which leads to the blockage of Wei Xun’s body.

The injury and fracture of his right arm and leg have been cured, but the blocked energy makes these two places completely unable to move, just like paralysis, and I don’t know how long it will last.

However, Wei Xun didn’t care about this. He smiled wantonly and cheerfully, and his tone was a little excited: “can the giant chief swallow it?”

This victory has yielded a lot. The giant chief is dead. Her body looks really ugly. The old chief, who was sucked dry, polluted and frozen, showed a kind of lifeless gray white. The giant eyes in the middle of his face were completely sunken, revealing a large number of black insect bodies hidden in the giant.

When the old chief dies, they will also die, but the dead black worm will soon turn into a special corrosive stench slime, trying to take the enemy away in the last fight – this slime is very destructive to giants.

Wei Xun is not a giant. This mucus is not harmful to him, but it is very insulting to cleanliness. Fortunately, the mucus was frozen by the frost before it burst. It’s not dirty and smelly.

Wei Xun is talking to Tong Hege and corn shoots. This is the corpse of a giant chief. Although I don’t know what else she can extract, she must be taken away if she can take it away.

However, the corn shoots hesitated and dared not answer the similar questions. Wei Xun gave it a little attention and found that the mood of the corn shoots was very strange, both eager and afraid. Feeling Wei Xun’s question, the corn shoots muttered and shook their tentacles: “father, father, it’s terrible and fragrant…”

My father is so delicious now. The greedy corn shoots want to drool, but at the same time, he feels that the smell on his father is a little terrible. The tangled tentacles of the corn shoots are tangled together. He is afraid and greedy. In the end, he can’t help but tap the butterfly caught by the tentacles——

“Give me the yin-yang butterfly.”

Seeing that the head of Yin-Yang butterfly was hit by corn shoots several times, Wei Xun couldn’t see it anymore. Wei Xun was thinking when the corn shoots obediently handed the butterfly. Corn shoots think that greediness should be the abyss breath in his heart – yes, Wei Xun absorbs a lot of pure energy transformed from pollution, and part of the energy is transformed into a more pure abyss breath in his heart.

Moreover, due to the large amount of energy, these pure abyss breath is extremely rich, and there is a feeling of forming crystal silk. Because the wound on Wei Xun’s chest was not healed, these breath leaked a little. The corn shoots feel terrible. It may be the smell of pollution on him. Otherwise, he doesn’t have much

Wei Xun was stunned when he saw the yin-yang butterfly handed over by the corn shoots. In a trance, he understood why the corn shoots hit the butterfly head again, because the head of the yin-yang butterfly was a little alienated! He looked as if he had fainted, with a layer of fine fluff on his cheek, butterfly tentacles sticking out of his forehead, and his hair dyed with the gorgeous color of butterfly scale powder.

But the problem is that the tour guide can’t be alienated here! Why do yin-yang butterflies show some characteristics of alienation? Wei Xun instantly thought of his heart. Is the suspected change of Yin-Yang butterfly caused by the condensed abyss breath, or because of the variation of butterfly fragments?

Is it because the alienation of Yin-Yang butterfly is also a butterfly, or will all tour guides be affected by him?

Just then, Wei Xun saw a butterfly trembling and flying towards him from the yin-yang butterfly. It was a beautiful butterfly with two different colors. When spreading its wings, it was like lava glowing in the night, and when its wings were closed, it was like frost. It was the mother of the yin-yang butterfly and the source of his orange title.

Yin Yang butterfly!

The butterfly, like drunk, fluttered and fell on Wei Xun. Wei Xun was curious about what he wanted to do and didn’t stop it. The next moment Wei Xun saw the butterfly fluttering and closing its wings, but he wanted to fall on his chest——


“It wants to suck your blood.”

An Fengniao fanned the butterfly and the yin-yang butterfly eight feet away with one wing. The tone was not good.

Suck a fart!

“The silence pollution will soon dissipate. The movement here will soon attract the attention of the red sand giant tribe. You should stop bleeding first.”


Butterflies want to suck blood… It seems that it is still a change influenced by the breath of the abyss?

If it’s not just for butterfly alienation, doesn’t it mean that the guide next to him will change as long as he pokes his heart in the future?

Wei Xun thought it was interesting. He was ready to try later, but an Xuefeng was right. The red sand giant tribe will soon become restless after the death of the chief. Wei Xun must determine his status before that and truly become the new chief of the red sand giant tribe!

“It may hurt a little.”

Although he realized that Wei Xun was not afraid of pain after his words, an Xuefeng’s actions were still as gentle as possible. The Phoenix bird bowed his head, and the well controlled Phoenix fire started a fire on Wei Xun’s chest, and immediately burned the wound together, and the hard core stopped the blood. But the skin on the chest was blackened and looked a little ugly. Fenghuo not only disinfected the wound to stop bleeding, but also burned a lot of cocoons.

An Xuefeng found that the cocoon silk on Wei Xun became extremely fragile. As soon as the fire burned, it directly turned into ashes. Only the cocoon silk on his left hand was tough and covered Wei Xun’s hand, like a pair of snow-white gloves.

Butterfly mouthparts, blood sucking knives, the power of the abyss, 30 degrees north latitude pollution

The Phoenix’s eyes are dark. What do people want to do?

“An Xuefeng, do you think there’s any secret about my body?”

It’s amazing. After the chest wound was healed, Wei Xun obviously felt that the breath of the abyss and the power of pollution were no longer leaking out. The corn shoots were pasted, and skillfully tried to swallow the chief’s body into his false mouth.

If his heart can hold butterfly fragments, what’s special about his body?

“When you get back, explore the mystery of my body with me.”

Facing Wei Xun’s gracious invitation, an Xuefeng answered first, and then sighed helplessly: “don’t say such misleading words… How does the blood sucking knife feel?”

“It feels surprisingly good.”

Wei Xun waved his knife and suddenly smiled. He opened his mouth, but there was no sound. An Xuefeng felt the smell of pollution. At the same time, he noticed that the crimson blood sucking knife turned black on Wei Xun’s hand.

“It is the power of the remaining dead pollution.”

The blood sucking knife became the original color, and Wei Xun’s voice sounded again. He smiled and said: “there are still some ‘dead silence’ and ‘ancient oasis’ pollution in the blood sucking knife. I can release them and cover myself.”

Wei Xun wrapped the blood sucking knife around his waist, but the soft and hard knife wrapped around his waist like a belt. The white glove made of cocoon silk on his left hand had dissipated naturally when the wound on his chest was “cured”. If pollution is available, it will be more convenient for him to pretend to be a chief. Although there is not much pollution in the blood sucking knife, it can be saved in two or three days.

Moreover, this is a replay of the ancient oasis scene. Other giants should also have the pollution of the ancient oasis. If it’s not enough, just kill a giant. The black desert is very useful and rarely polluted, but I’m not afraid. Isn’t this a great worm that hasn’t been killed yet. In addition, you can borrow it from the dreamer.

As if feeling something, Wei Xun looked into the distance and saw Zhang xingzang’s dreamer and Chen Cheng coming.

“Symbiotic black worms, pollution, androgynous smell, dwarf men, giants, pets, and daughters.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “it’s all ready. The new chief can ascend the throne.”

“Have you forgotten that you can’t go now.”

An Xuefeng looked at Tong Hege who rushed over and tried to cure Wei Xun’s wound, but he couldn’t start (after all, he was blocked by energy, not hurt). Fengniao rubbed Wei Xun’s neck. Wei Xun can’t move his right arm and leg now, so it’s very difficult to move.

“I’ll go to the astrologer first and ask for a wheelchair.”

Jinwu fell to the ground. Under the cover of night, a burning bonfire was set up in the middle of Hongsha giant tribe. All giants were present. They will witness the birth of a new chief tonight!

The author has something to say: Tonight Jinjiang collapsed, and my posting box disappeared. I was shocked!

There will be a change tomorrow noon or afternoon, boo boo!

[food chain 1]

Corn shoots [Yin Yang butterfly]: Butterfly head, suck!

Comatose Yin Yang butterfly [wants to eat Wei Xun’s blood]: suck blood, I’ll take a SIP – PA!

Yin and Yang butterflies are exterminated by an Fengniao

Food chain, broken!

[food chain 2]

Wei Xun [using butterfly straw]: it smells good to suck giant pollution!

Giant [drinking rotten fruit]: ton!

Rotten fruit residue [buried]: perfect fertilizer to raise symbiotic black worm larvae!

Black bug [back to Wei Xun’s hair and settle down]: symbiosis – PA! Wei Xun’s hair is gone!

“Wei Xun hates insects,” said an Fengniao, who stole Wei Xun’s hair and put it in his feathers.

“I didn’t touch your hair!” An Fengniao said solemnly

Wei Xun looked at an Fengniao, who was wrapped in a lot of white curly hair and expanded into sheep: cute!

[astrologer’s good luck]

An Xuefeng: Astrologer wheelchair zero yuan purchase



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