TTG Chapter 341

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 341: 640000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

The astrologer’s wheelchair is really good.

Wei Xun tried and felt very satisfied. He was inconvenient to move in reality. He also sat in many wheelchairs. In terms of comfort and convenience, the astrologer’s wheelchair was better than his previous one. Moreover, the wheelchair was as clean as new. Wei Xun could smell a faint smell of disinfectant, as if he had just cleaned it.

Moreover, the wheelchair is not a prop. It is obviously specially made, which interests Wei Xun very much.

“Are astrologers disabled?”

In the wheelchair, Wei Xun is curious to communicate with an Xuefeng. It is reasonable to say that any injury can be cured in the hotel, especially the astrologer is still the leader of the mystery brigade. But Wei Xun directly thought of Chen Cheng’s situation – the astrologer is also the pioneer of the 30 degree journey, so his body is also damaged by pollution and incurable?

To tell the truth, Wei Xun is very curious about this. He wants to know what kind of state this so-called incurable pain is, especially in——

Wei Xun glanced at Chen Cheng from the corner of his eye. Chen Cheng was concerned about standing next to the half life Taoist who had just woke up and lowering his head to say something to him. The half life Taoist was beaming with excitement. He pulled Chen Cheng nagging and couldn’t be happy.

But Chen Cheng’s strange situation at that time, Zhang Xing told them after hiding back.

The smell of battlefield pollution.

Battlefield, Chen Cheng, half life Taoist, sword out of Hanshan mountain.

Haven’t the older generation who disappeared in the battlefield ten years ago died? Half life Taoist took out the unfinished Hanshan sword and repeated it in this special ancient oasis scene, so he contacted Chen Cheng and Chen team on the battlefield?

Maybe it was not just the relationship between half life Taoist priest and Wei Xun thought of the fragments of ancient oasis butterflies jumping on his heart at that time.

The elements are complete, so we communicate with each other? But an Xuefeng personally checked that Chen Cheng has no problem now, that is to say, he only contacted each other in a very short time?

But even if the time is short, it is definitely a big discovery.

At present, an Xuefeng, Zhang xingzang and others pay more or less attention to Chen Cheng. Wei Xun’s attention is also on Chen Cheng’s side, but his attention is probably different from an Xuefeng and them.

If it was Chen Cheng’s blessing on the battlefield that made the half life Taoist successfully use his sword to get out of the cold mountain, why did the half life Taoist not control this move and chase him Wei Xun to chop?

Butterfly fragments of ancient oasis

I’m afraid the means by which the hippies got the butterfly fragments was not so bright. Even ten years later, Chen Cheng still took revenge.

But now Chen Cheng has obviously returned to “normal”. He is concerned about the physical condition of the boss. Why did he suddenly get into a wheelchair?

“You don’t understand. The boss in a wheelchair is the strongest.”

Half life Taoist priest is now blowing Wei Xun hard, which makes him unique in the sky and earth. The praise is so strong that even Zhang xingzang joked: “half life, didn’t you say you want to set a white sky sack?”

What did Bai Xiaotian do? What does it have to do with Wei Xun?

Half life Taoist scoffed and ignored Zhang xingzang’s arch fire.

“JOJO.” ‘no, he can walk normally’

The Phoenix landed on the back of the chair. An Xuefeng knew what Wei Xun meant by asking: “chirp, chirp.” “astrologers are very accurate in divination. Most of his trips this year are in wheelchairs, perhaps related to divination.”

“He always has some strange habits in divination.”

Although half life Taoist couldn’t understand an Xuefeng’s words, Zhang xingzang was curious about the wheelchair. He had been locked up for nearly ten years and was really not familiar with mystics. The half life Taoist explained to him, “for example, when ten thousand teams are divining, they must use turtle shells, grass leaves, copper coins, ritual swords and so on. The habits of astrologers are a little metaphysical, and they are different every year.”

“Like this year, maybe it’s just that you can have good luck in a wheelchair… By the way, is the yin-yang butterfly awake?”

It has been almost an hour and a half since killing the chief. The reason why Wei Xun didn’t ascend the throne as chief immediately was to let everyone adjust their state. Whether Zhang xingzang is a dreamer, or Chen Cheng’s half life Taoist, or yin-yang butterflies and infected people, there is something more or less.

An Xuefeng even just took back his wheelchair and didn’t let the astrologers meet Wei Xun in advance.

“The astrologer is the main person??? Being controlled by the hippies, there may be something fishy between them. ”

An Xuefeng never loses his vigilance even if he is a good friend for several years. He is also outspoken when talking about life playing people in front of Wei Xun – Wei Xun is Wei Xun and life playing people are life playing people. There is nothing to say about trusting Wei Xun and doubting life playing people.

“Wake up, wake up, just a little doubt about life, don’t want to come out.”

Speaking of this, xingzang smiled, like talking about something fun. When the yin-yang butterfly finally came over in a dark cloak, Wei Xun couldn’t help laughing – the saliva smell of corn shoots on the yin-yang butterfly. When he was in a coma, his head was hit by corn shoots several times. The abyss worm was persistent to food. Before, the corn shoots were small and did not show up. It would mark that the food was a characteristic of adult worms.

Of course, the corn shoot is not yet an adult. This time it is only stimulated by the smell of the abyss. In fact, the smell is not bad. It is similar to the smell of wet soil, but wrapped in the yin-yang butterfly, everyone knows that he has been overdone by worms.

Not only was his head hit, his blood sucking knife was gone!

But the yin-yang butterfly didn’t dare to show any unhappiness. He even pulled his cloak uneasily. Now he looks very much like the man in the wheelchair, but the yin-yang butterfly doesn’t dare to look. Sitting in the wheelchair, it was the indistinguishable Zhang xingzang. Before, he sensed that the familiar pure abyss breath was filled from this man.

There are two Zhang xingzang in front of him. Obviously, one is in disguise. Not only that, he also saw his own blood sucking knife around the man’s waist!

Not everyone can control the blood sucking knife! This is a weapon lent to him by adults. Without adults’ permission, even psychic media can’t use it, let alone make it soft and wrapped around their waist. Moreover, the yin-yang butterfly can’t communicate with the blood sucking knife at all, which means that the other party’s priority in the blood sucking knife exceeds him!

So who is the man in the wheelchair?!

More importantly, he heard Zhang xingzang’s conversation before – this is the astrologer’s wheelchair!

A name echoed in the heart of Yin-Yang butterfly, and his legs were a little soft.

Pure abyss breath, control of blood sucking knife, astrologer wheelchair, disguised face, an Xuefeng’s care (Phoenix falls on the wheelchair)

The answer is coming!

The scene of the ancient oasis is repeated. Butterfly fragments were just determined at the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance. An Xuefeng suspected to have found a slice of Lord Xi life

No wonder, no wonder an Xuefeng doesn’t let adult C take part in this journey. Now the yin-yang butterfly understands everything!

Sir, you have suffered!

The fist of Yin-Yang butterfly is hard, but now the situation is that even adults (sliced) can only stoop to a wheelchair. What can he change with a little butterfly?

Forbearance, only forbearance, felt that other people’s eyes fell on themselves, obviously assessing his loyalty. These people even marked him with worms. Indeed, he is no longer a member of the butcher alliance and has joined the mutual aid alliance, but, but

“Let me push the wheelchair.”

Yin and Yang butterflies swallow their anger and lower their voice.

This time he must go back alive. He will go to Lord C and tell him all this!

“You come.”

Seeing that yin-yang butterfly is so honest, Wei Xun understands that he should understand. When yin-yang butterfly came over, Wei Xun smiled and looked at him. There should have been an exchange of eyes here, but yin-yang butterfly kept his head down and didn’t look at him – huh?

Wei Xun feels a little strange, but yin-yang butterfly is so honest. He may have just been frightened by his dual identity and is secretly mending his brain. He is nervous.

Wei Xun liked other people’s brain tonic, so he didn’t say much.

At 8:00 p.m., the new chief’s ascendance ceremony officially began. All the giants in the tribe were present. The female giant hunting team sat in the front. Behind them were the short male giants with little giants, and then the tall male giants who were not favored. At the periphery were the old, disabled and bottom giants.

In the middle of the tribe is a ten meter high bonfire, which is like a burning tower, lit in the center of the red sand giant tribe, and next to the bonfire is a huge animal skeleton, which is 25 meters high and simple! This high platform has been built when the old chief was young. It is her height that the giant tribe has an unwritten rule.

The new chief should be stronger than the old chief, especially in height! If the new chief is higher than this tower, the other giants will unconditionally swear loyalty! For example, the original quasi chief was only 22 meters, which could not compare with the high platform, so it led to the dissatisfaction of the female giants in the hunting team. She had to subdue them in other ways.

But now, the new chieftain came. When the chieftain up to 30 meters appeared next to the high platform and directly pushed down the original high platform, all the giants were so excited that they gave out sharp and lively cheers! They danced like ecstasy. The second tallest female giant in the tribe kicked over the campfire. All giants began to jump and dance wildly on the charcoal. The whole Hongsha giant tribe fell into a carnival!

However, some people are not affected by this warm atmosphere.

“Captain, is that really a giant?”

The four mystics sat on the edge of the tribe. David’s little Fire Dragon flew back and fell on his shoulder. He vomited a small fire in doubt.

“I always feel it looks a little strange, but that pollution is really strong.”

The corn shoot is an old movie emperor. Several tentacles in the middle of it are twisted together into long arms, and a lot of tentacles on the head are wrapped together into a head. With the mixed flame of Wei Xun in the middle, and the pollution released by Wei Xun, a little silence and the integration of ancient oases, it can be imitated as false as true.

“Is that the point?”

The astrologer said impatiently. He stood with his arms in his arms. His expression was a little gloomy and mean. He didn’t sit in a wheelchair. The astrologer was much higher. The condescending deterrent made David’s voice become smaller.

“Fool David, the point is who is using our captain’s wheelchair.”

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[question: who is using the astrologer’s wheelchair?]

a: Hippie slice

b: Bai Xiaosheng

c: It’s impossible to distinguish between male and female, Zhang xingzang

d: An Xuefeng

f: Yin Yang butterfly (?)

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