TTG Chapter 342

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 342: The Sahara of Death (24)

Centaur Katie whispered with a little surprise and admiration: “Captain, the wheelchair you brought is really useful!”

Who did an Xuefeng borrow the wheelchair for? Anyway, it could not be used by him. David and Katie opened their brains and made all kinds of conjectures, but the astrologer ignored them. He looked ahead and saw all the giants of the red sand giant tribe loyal to the new chief with primitive dance. After the new chief showed her eldest son and hermaphroditic ‘daughters’ and her symbiotic black worms, Showing her two male dwarfs.

Just then, Lily’s ethereal voice came from the dark: “Captain, I can’t see Rex, the blood wolf and the blood baron. They may have left the red sand giant tribe.”

Lily is a psychic. With the help of special black candles, her eyes can see many strange things, and Lily left her spirit on the astrologer’s side. Although she can’t see it, she can transmit her voice.

The party they came in had already separated, but the astrologer kept Lily watching Rex and others.

“Ann is coming. If they don’t go now, they can’t go for a while.”

David smiled, and Lily smiled. Then she said, “I see, I see more things, red, red sand, the name here… Maybe it’s the red sand giant tribe, and I see –”

“Lily, close your eyes!”

However, the astrologer immediately interrupted her and snapped, “come back now, right away.”

As soon as he spoke, he didn’t get any response. David and others immediately realized that the situation was wrong. David immediately released the little fire dragon and brought Lily back. However, Lily’s state was extremely bad. She had tattoos, dark black eyeliner, pale skin and red lips. Her eyes were deep peacock green, as if she could see everything.

However, at this moment, the green and charming eyes of the peacock turned black. Lily was shaking violently, just like a seizure. Even David could hardly suppress the power. He said in a dignified and urgent voice: “Captain, Lily saw something dirty!”

The astrologer didn’t speak, but reached out and grabbed Lily’s chin and twisted her eyebrows. At this time, Lily desperately wanted to curl up, as if to become a cocoon, but when the astrologer stretched out his hand, Lily suddenly stopped curling up. She became docile, her face was full of that sick and obsessed expression, and her mouth couldn’t help whispering messy words. It didn’t sound like the original female voice, but more like a male voice, and it sounded like a strange and incomprehensible ancient saying.

The astrologer listened, then his face changed slightly.

Instead of holding Lily’s chin, he put his hand on Lily’s cheek. Surprisingly, Lily no longer convulsed and trembled. She slowly closed her eyes and gently rubbed the astrologer’s arm like a small animal. She was gentle and careful, with slight joy and greed.

After five minutes, Lily finally calmed down. She seemed to have received excessive stimulation. Tears fell down her cheeks. Lily began to sob softly, and the astrologer withdrew her hand. Katie took her in her arms and gently patted her thin back. David looked a little agitated and stopped talking. Finally, he asked:

“Lily, what do you see?”

“Sorry, Captain, sorry.”

Lily’s first reaction was to apologize. Then she said hoarsely, “I, I looked at the giant new chief next to the high platform.”

Lily’s eyes are very important to get as much information as possible in a strange place. After all, the astrologer opened up the Maya journey, which is also 30 degrees north latitude. He can’t use too much power here. So lily is not wrong. She is an old team member and knows how to be measured.

The problem is with the ‘new chief’.

“I’ll visit my old friend.”

The astrologer said, “David…”

“Captain, I’ll go with you!”

The astrologer wanted David to stay, but this time David was very determined. In the end, the astrologer was impatient. He simply stopped caring about him and walked to the tower where the chief lived. And David followed him step by step. When he was about to get there, David suddenly said, “Captain, Lily had a similar reaction when she saw the playful man.”

The astrologer didn’t speak. David said to himself, “then, Captain, you made that big prediction, and then…”

Later, the astrologer sliced himself, cut out a part of the pessimistic self destruction, and became a scholar???. No one knows what he did this time. If they hadn’t come to fight among themselves, even the occult didn’t know that the captain had made a slice.

“I’m worried…”

In fact, even Deputy David didn’t know much about divination in those years. He was just worried.

If, if the new chief really has something to do with the hippie, it will lead the astrologer to make any more predictions or become pessimistic, then… The astrologer has no slices to cut again! David is worried about the captain’s safety!

“David, your brain is only as big as a goldfish. Do you really forget what I told you?”

Approaching the chieftain tower, the silent astrologer finally opened his mouth, took a deep breath and said patiently: “do I have to say again that I was really misled, deceived, made that ridiculous prediction, and ridiculously cut off the fool who was pessimistic about myself?”

“Captain, you can’t be misled!”

However, David retorted seriously and comforted: “everything still has a turn for the better, I believe you!”

They all think that the astrologer absolutely made a terrible prophecy in those years, but now he denies the prophecy. It is precisely because he is too optimistic after cutting off pessimism that he denies it directly from the root.

“Yes, yes, you’re right.”

The astrologer rolled his eyes, stopped arguing with David and went directly into the chief tower——


He suddenly stopped David, then took out two small round glasses that were completely opaque and gave David one by himself.

“After going in, don’t open your eyes or look.”

The astrologer took out another walking stick. The dress really looked like a blind man.

The buildings of the red sand giant tribe have no doors, only a door opening ten meters high, while the door opening of the chief tower is three or fifteen meters high. After the emergence of the new chief, if she is not as tall as the old chief, she can only live in the old tower of the original chief, unless she builds a new house herself. But if she is taller than, the giants of the whole red sand giant tribe will build a new tower for her.

Of course, there is no shadow of the new tower and the materials are not enough. The most important thing at present is hunting and plunder. The new chief also announced that there will be a grand hunting tomorrow, so the new chief can only temporarily succumb to the original tower.

It is said to be humble, but Wei Xun feels that the tower is high enough to serve as a bird cage for an Fengniao and spacious enough. They and Chen Cheng brigade are all making floor shops here, but the smell is a little scary. Put corn shoots to clean up the house, and everyone in Chen Cheng’s brigade is also very active to help. Wei Xun, who has nothing to do, is in a wheelchair and deep. In fact, he is chatting closely with an Xuefeng:

“I felt someone peeping at me”

At the celebration just now, he told the other giants to start hunting (great worms) tomorrow through Xiaosha.

“Maybe it’s lily of mystics or astrologer”

An Xuefeng said, “they just like to look East and West.”

Then he said, “before, Bai Xiaosheng was left to them to see, but he had to tell him the result of the” look “. If astrologers came later, you can ask directly.”

“Not just watching”

Wei Xun thought: “I have some other feelings.”

Just now, he felt the blood sucking knife in his waist tremble slightly, as if it was some kind of induction, some kind of palpitation, and then Wei Xun felt a subtle desire and hunger.

The longing for butterfly fragments, the hunger for new, 30 degrees north latitude pollution. It was like a wild animal living in his heart and began to try to influence his perception… Wei Xun felt his hand trembling. After he recovered, he found that he had held the small hand of the yin-yang butterfly pushing the wheelchair.

“Cough… You can’t be used here for the time being. Keep an eye on the infected person.”


Wei Xun sent away the yin-yang butterfly and then asked Ann Xuefeng, “the astrologer has opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Should he also have butterfly fragments?”

“Of course, it’s not a secret. It’s in the center of the chart on his right hand.”

An Xuefeng thought he understood Wei Xun’s subtext: “of course, people who play with life also have ideas about this butterfly fragment,??? There seems to be something strange about being completely obedient to him. After all, the astrologer once said that he would screw off the head of a big guide – of course, the person who can play life has gone in. ”

Moreover, the Western butcher alliance also took this opportunity to try to step down on the eastern butcher alliance, symbolically looking for the trouble of occult science. As a result, it was completely burned, but it was twisted by astrologers. In those years, the astrologer’s bad reputation in the butcher alliance was almost second only to an Xuefeng.

“Is the astrologer’s prophecy really so magical?”

Wei Xun was curious, but Fengniao shook his head: “his strength here will also be limited. He should not see through the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude. But it’s OK to take a simple look. ”

You can show Chen Cheng’s team members when and why they died. After knowing this, they can also control the right to move in the next scene replay.

Just then, Wei Xun noticed something moving at the gate of the tower.

Zhu Yuande of Chen Cheng’s brigade happily prepared to throw out the cleaned garbage. Although the worm of boss Wei looked very edible, he opened his mouth when he passed by with the garbage, before coming, team Chen had a special chat with them, emphasizing the strength and unpredictability of the senior Wei.

Zhu Yuande deeply remembered that it was not good to use the worm as a trash can, so he smiled and bowed to the worm and continued to go out. The worm did not embarrass him.

“Yuande, although you are lucky, you must not lose your sense of propriety.”

Before he came to the hotel, he was just an ordinary businessman. Except for luck, he was very ordinary. The earnest teachings of the family were deeply remembered by Zhu Yuande.

People who are too lucky are always floating. They always feel that many good things should come and don’t need to be maintained. However, Zhu Yuande’s family are very cautious. His mother firmly believes that people’s luck is constant and less. Therefore, when Zhu Yuande’s luck reaches the extreme from small to large, his mother will always have inexplicable anxiety.

Before, Zhu Yuande thought his mother’s anxiety was just thinking too much, but after he entered the hotel, he found that his mother’s worry was reasonable.

He has the title of dark blue, the grandson of destiny, and then upward is the purple title, the son of destiny, and the final orange title is destiny, which is excellent luck.

But in places like hotels, “good luck” always represents more “possibility of progress.”

That is, more danger.

In fact, Zhu Yuande didn’t sleep well these days. His heart was always pounding. He had an inexplicable sense of fatigue. This made him a little distracted on the way of throwing garbage——


“Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

Zhu Yuande apologized for bumping into a stranger at the gate of the tower.

What a strange man. He is very tall and thin. He still wears black round glasses and relies on a blind stick at night… Ah, he should be an acquaintance of boss Wei. After all, he is disabled.

“Boss Bai is over there.”

Zhu Yuande kindly pointed down the road: “the ground here is uneven. Walk carefully.”

Although the strong may not be afraid of potholes at all, it’s just a reminder. What’s the trouble. Seeing that the other party didn’t speak, Zhu Yuande had a good temper and smiled, ready to throw away the garbage.

But the next moment, his shoulder was held against the strange man’s blind stick.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t go out.”

The man’s Mandarin is very standard, with an unspeakable, pleasant and arrogant tone.

But then the man’s voice aroused a chill in Zhu Yuande’s heart.

“Or you’ll die in a minute.”

The author has something to say: Astrologer: people can’t. don’t blame the uneven road

Astrologer: I’ll screw off the hippie’s head

Chen Cheng denounced the life playing man: thief!

Play with sb:)

Play someone: you can’t even beat my brother.

Play someone: right, brother

Wei sb.:?


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