TTG Chapter 343

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 343: supplement

To tell the truth, this death notice startled Zhu Yuande. After all, most of the divination or prophecies he heard after entering the hotel were “you will have good luck on the next journey”, “lucky boy, you will find a series of Title tasks”, “you will join the strongest brigade” and so on. No one has ever said that he will die in a minute.

However, the people in front of him made Zhu Yuande feel a deep cold. Behind him was the deep darkness. The campfire of Hongsha giant tribe was extinguished. The cold and humid feeling at night wrapped around his neck like airtight water mist, which made Zhu Yuande suffocate. He subconsciously pressed his hand on his throat.

But the “blind man” wearing small round black glasses in front of him seems to be able to see his every move.


He made the final judgment, then skipped Zhu Yuande, who was about to stop talking, and walked forward, but he stopped again just two steps away.

“You, did you just say that Yuande would have an accident?”

Chen Cheng’s brigade, who noticed the situation here, was just on one side and was just about to come over, but when the mysterious man stopped, they were like gerbils watched by snakes. They stood still and dared not move. One of them summoned up courage and dared to kowtow, but the astrologer ignored them and went straight to his wheelchair.

“Astrologer, what do you see?”

The half life Taoist asked anxiously. He noticed the astrologer’s prediction of Zhu Yuande. Wei Xun in the wheelchair looked at him with great interest, that is, an Xuefeng said before that the astrologer’s ability was limited and he couldn’t see more, but he was still curious.

Will the astrologer see his disguise? In particular, Wei Xun found that although the astrologer came to his wheelchair, he did not “look” at him, but looked at the ANN Phoenix standing on the back of the wheelchair.

Everyone calmed down and focused on this direction. However, after a while, the astrologer said:

“I’m blind now. What can I see?”

The astrologer said impatiently, “see a group of dead people, huh?”

“Ha ha, this is the lucky word of the captain this year.”

David, dressed like an astrologer, shrugged and smiled to ease the atmosphere: “you know, our occult science is always a little mysterious.”

David believes that disability is the lucky word for astrologers this year. When an Xuefeng lent his wheelchair, he pretended to be blind. When Lily had an accident, the giant eyes in the middle of the desert giants’ heads also seem to indicate that the “eyes” are very dangerous in the repetition of this scene.

Astrologers are bad tempered and impatient, especially when he says “a group of dead people”, his tone is a little careless. It sounds like a casual remark, which is perfunctory when he is impatient, but Wei Xun and his party know that astrologers are right.

In theory, they are indeed among a group of dead people – seven of Chen Cheng’s brigade have died in history, and they are standing in the tower now.

“Don’t leave this tower tonight.”

The astrologer didn’t say why Zhu Yuande was decapitated, but it was enough to arouse the sense of urgency of half life Taoist. He went to Zhu Yuande and stayed with him for five minutes. Nothing happened in these five minutes, but the half life Taoist was still worried. He took them to the low sand tower adjacent to the tower, where the chief’s male giant and children lived. They were half trapped in the earth, like an earth fortress, which was safer.

And normal communication began here.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, old guys. If you want me to say that the feeling of being down-to-earth is much better than the cold sea, ANN, I think your flame is stronger. Does the desert bring you more enthusiasm? No, no, your flame is still a little pink. AHA, have you finally found the other half?”

David exchanged warm greetings, but the Phoenix was too lazy to pay attention to him and didn’t even spit out a small fire. David was happy and didn’t care. The little fire dragon stopped on his shoulder, just like David’s eyes. He greeted Zhang xingzang one by one. Finally, his attention fell on Wei Xun.

“This is Bai Xiaosheng.”

Zhang xingzang hurriedly introduced that he was afraid of the word “male and female are indistinguishable” and clarified it on the spot without waiting for David to speak.

“I said how know it all became so charming.”

David teased and laughed, then surprised, “oh my God, my baby said you were in a wheelchair? Know it all. What happened to your leg?”

The west always likes to call Bai feibai a “know it all” instead of Bai Xiao Sheng. Different titles have different translations. It is said that there is also a “know it all” in the white church of the first brigade in the West.

“A little thing, it doesn’t matter.”

Wei Xun replied perfunctorily, his eyes always falling on the astrologer’s hand. An Xuefeng said that the butterfly fragment of the astrologer was in the astrolabe tattooed on the back of his right hand. Wei Xun was very curious about the state of the butterfly fragment of the astrologer. After all, when he saw the puppet master at that time, Wei Xun’s feeling was not as strong as it is now. Maybe the butterfly fragment of the astrologer was more lively than that of the puppet master?

But it’s a pity that the astrologer’s right hand has been in his pocket since he came in, and it hasn’t been exposed at all.

Marty Katie and psychic lily also arrived later. They all wore the same small black round glasses on the bridge of their noses.

“The captain said that this is a more dangerous journey than the unsolved level. It should not exist.”

The secret school whispered and exchanged information with Zhang xingzang.

“This is a repetition of the scene of the previous generation’s unsolvable journey ‘ancient oasis’, and some changes have taken place.”

Zhang xingzang said, “it’s more dangerous… Indeed, who else is here?”

He did not say anything about the right to pursue dreams, nor did he disclose the current situation of the dragon. After all, Zhang xingzang is not familiar with mystics. He will be more cautious when it comes to life playing people.

“Rex the blood wolf, the blood Baron, and a black werewolf.”

A total of eight new arrivals, plus an Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang, are exactly ten, corresponding to the current number of Chen Cheng’s brigade, just as half life Taoist speculated before.

“To be honest, the last trip (funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing) After that, I heard that there was a big purge in the werewolf alliance, but Rex didn’t catch the silver moon killer. He said that the butcher alliance had negotiated with him and the silver moon killer was no longer in the werewolf alliance, but the werewolf couldn’t believe it. Maybe the silver moon killer dyed his hair. To be honest, Rex can’t see it. ”

“Anyway, it’s definitely not easy for the black werewolf to come in here.”

Blood Baron, blood wolf Rex and black werewolf are not easy to deal with.

“It involves some stereotypes, huh? It’s like we kill the people who should die to survive. If these people die like history, we can’t live. God, it’s boring.”

David shrugged: “I think we should pay more attention to the dangers of this ancient oasis journey. For example, those giants and tour guides may have a bad mind, but they are not afraid. They can’t give full play to their strength here.”

David said carelessly, “and the captain also said that our passengers can change everything and let those damn guides go to hell. Ah, of course, I’m not talking about chasing you.”

The dream chasing dragon didn’t look at him at all. He rode on Zhang xingzang’s shoulder, grabbed Zhang xingzang’s hair with his front paw, stood up half his body, tilted his head and looked at Wei Xun. It seemed to be tangled with something. Since Wei Xun got the blood sucking knife, the dream chasing dragon seemed to be aware of something. It no longer flew into Wei Xun’s arms, but it was a small expression that the Dragon didn’t understand.

Is it a guide who will feel the knife, or a guide who can only grasp the journey of 30 degrees north latitude and grasp the fragments of butterflies? Can passengers feel it?

Half life Taoist, they don’t have different expressions, and neither do infected people. Wei Xun paid more attention to the astrologer, but he always avoided looking at him.

Until Renma Katie spoke, he finally attracted Wei Xun’s attention.

“When we came, we saw an old ugly giant. I mean, it was really old and its dirty skin was drooping. I saw that it had the bodies of two giant beasts in its hands and its head was broken, as if it were to be dedicated to the chief.”

Katie casually mentioned one thing: “but he is afraid of us. To be exact, the old giant is a little disabled. He is afraid of the female giants in the tribe.”

A decapitated body? Old ugly disabled giant? In addition, the astrologer predicted that he would die in a minute. The decapitated Zhu Yuande and Wei Xun raised their eyebrows and looked at the yin-yang butterfly. The yin-yang butterfly quickly went out to catch the giant. Wei Xun revealed a little about the repetition of the scene to these people.

“The giant should have killed a lot of people.”

The psychic Lily said slowly, “I see a lot of people’s shadows behind it, five, a total of five.”

Lily’s words made Zhang xingzang and others frown. The disabled giant killed two before. That is to say, now in Chen Cheng’s team, including Zhu Yuande, three people will be killed by the disabled giant.

“Lily, can you…”

Zhang xingzang was about to stop talking. Lily looked back at the direction of the astrologer. The astrologer simply said, “go, you can open your eyes.” lily nodded and went back to see the life of Chen Cheng’s brigade, but Wei Xun paid more attention to the astrologer’s.

He felt a subtle and familiar feeling on lily, like the breath of the abyss, but it was very, very shallow. Only he could detect it. The breath of the abyss seemed to be contaminated after seeing something in her eyes, just like Wei Xun couldn’t see at first, otherwise his eyes would be polluted.

Did you say that he was a psychic lily, not an astrologer?

And his words are also very meaningful – you can open your eyes in the past, but you can’t open your eyes here, that is, the astrologer knows some of his secrets?

How much do you know?

Wei Xun blew away an Fengniao (Fengniao:?) on the back of the wheelchair, but after the Fengniao flew away, the astrologer’s eyes still fell on the wheelchair and were not attracted by Wei Xun’s actions.

Wei Xun understood that the astrologer didn’t come to see him on purpose.

“Astrologer, thank you for your wheelchair.”

Wei Xun said tentatively, “did you expect this day earlier?”

Is this wheelchair for me?

“Really, Captain, is that so?”

David is also very curious. Astrologers have been sitting in wheelchairs for a full year, and even specially designed multifunctional wheelchairs with excellent quality, which are comparable to hotel props. They have to sit in wheelchairs wherever they go. Is it just to transfer the wheelchairs to Bai Xiaosheng here?

David said happily, “the captain used to say that only know it all can keep up with his ideas. Hey, it seems that you still like know it all.”


The astrologer seemed to be lucky. The corners of his mouth tightened and showed a slightly ironic expression. However, he seemed to want to say something, but he endured it in the end.

“David, you are such a fool.”

David was used to being scolded. His skin was not good. It was like a breeze passing through his ears, but Wei Xun was more interested in astrologers.

He avoided, endured, didn’t look at him and didn’t want to have a positive dialogue with him. Wei Xun found that after coming here, the astrologer basically didn’t say much, nor did he show any dominance and control of sovereignty. Instead, he kept a low profile and even had some tolerance for him.

Be patient. What’s the reason?

But don’t Wei Xun is not that kind of calm character. At the beginning, Wei Xun couldn’t help but want to advance an inch.

“Astrologer, how do you feel?”

Wei Xun said solemnly: “I found two kinds of 30 degrees north latitude pollution of Sahara and ancient oasis on the chief. The fragments of Maria butterfly will have a subtle impact on the replay of this scene. Tomorrow we will go to round up the star driller worm. Before that –”

Wei Xun hinted implicitly: “I want to confirm the situation of your right hand… Let’s talk over there, OK.”

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[Wei Xun’s trilogy of advancing with an inch]

Wei Xun: ‘confirm…’ I’ll have a look

Wei Xun: “feel it…” I felt it

Wei Xun: I love this——

Astrologer: no!

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