TTG Chapter 344

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 344: The Sahara of Death (25)

“My right hand is very good.”

Facing the invitation of Bai Xiaosheng, the astrologer nodded slightly, but his right hand in his pocket didn’t move: “don’t bother.”

His tone was a little cold, but it was really gentle compared with the tone of scolding David. Wei Xun hooked his mouth and just wanted to say something more, but the return of Yin-Yang butterfly broke the strange atmosphere between Wei Xun and astrologers at the next moment.

“I killed it.”

The yin-yang butterfly is short and returns to the tower with the roaring wind. When Wei Xun talked with astrologers just now, there was a strong wind outside, just like the Hamadan wind they met when they came to Sahara on the first day.

At first, it was just the sound of the wind, and then almost in an instant, the wind was blowing violently, and the sand crackled like hail on the tower. The wind roared and rolled up the sand, and a lot of sand blew in directly from the door opening and swept into the people in the tower. The door opening of the tower is very high and wide, which can only be blocked by fat insects such as corn shoots. As soon as the corn shoots were about to block the door, the yin-yang butterfly came back.

He looked dusty, with messy hair and covered with red sand. He looked a little embarrassed and didn’t look very good. Wei Xun saw that he was holding a knife in his hand. Red and dry sand adhered to the knife body and looked like blood.

“I wanted to catch him alive, and he was obedient, but when I reached out to him, he suddenly attacked me like crazy.”

The yin-yang butterfly made a twisting movement: “it wants to break my head.”

“Dare it attack you?”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and sent yin-yang butterflies out. It is precisely because yin-yang butterflies are androgynous in the eyes of these giants and have the noble status of the daughter of the chief. According to the strict rules of giants, the old disabled giant should directly obey his words and come here.

“This is very wrong… I think it should come to ask for pardon and eager to return to the tribe.”

Katie was also very confused. She murmured, “fear, fear and hope. It is eager to exchange its prey for something. What I see should be good.”

How could she see what the giant was thinking? Wei Xun is thoughtful. Can this person read his mind?

“Katie of mystics has orange titles of ‘Sagittarius’ and’ good teacher ‘.”

Understanding his doubts, an Xuefeng whispered to Wei Xun: “when she is in the dominant position, she can see the real desires and emotions of the ‘students’ or the leaders, and exert influence on them. The higher her status, the closer she is to the role of a teacher, the more she sees and affects. ”

“A great title”

Wei Xun marveled that Katie could see so many things just because “women” suppressed the status of male giants. This person is not simple.

“It’s true that astrologers have always wanted to cultivate her, but it’s a pity that Katie doesn’t want to be a leader… She doesn’t like hard work, she prefers freedom.”

“It didn’t resist before.”

Mysticism seems that everyone can speak Mandarin. Although Katie’s words have a little accent, it doesn’t affect her understanding. Yin Yang butterfly is always very cold to outsiders. He turned his head indifferently: “it happened suddenly. It’s like crazy.”

“Tell me the specific time, place and…”

Wei Xun’s eyes moved slightly: “its body disappeared?”

Yin Yang butterfly said that the disabled old giant suddenly attacked him and wanted to break his head, which made Wei Xun think of the astrologer’s prediction of Zhu Yuande. As previously speculated, the newcomers and Chen Cheng brigade are antagonistic. If the people in the brigade did not die in historical time, would the corresponding newcomers encounter some danger? Or something else?

Is it because of this power that the crippled giant suddenly goes crazy, or is it because in its eyes, the yin-yang butterfly has become “Zhu Yuande”?

So Wei Xun asked for a specific time and place, and he noticed that the yin-yang butterfly came back empty handed. According to Wei Xun’s understanding, if the yin-yang butterfly kills the disabled giant, it will at least bring back part of its body.

“Yes, its body turned into red sand.”

Yin Yang butterfly obeyed, reported the time and place, and then lit her knife. In addition to the blood sucking knife, the Yin Yang butterfly also has a habitual knife. It takes too much energy to use the blood sucking knife. Every time you use the yin-yang butterfly, you feel like it will be squeezed dry. Therefore, in addition to fighting between life and death, or determining that it can supply a large amount of blood for the blood sucking knife, the yin-yang butterfly uses this spare knife.

As Wei Xun saw before, the knife was covered with scarlet sand.

After receiving the knife from the yin-yang butterfly and checking it, Zhong Weixun heard that he was still talking: “red sand, and then there was a big sandstorm outside, and its body completely disappeared in the wind and sand.”

“Kill it so soon? How did you do it?”

Some people questioned that David didn’t believe it very much: “man, although you are very strong, I want to say that the tour guide will be subject to many restrictions here. Even if it is slaughtered by you, you have to kill it for a long time, not to mention you say it’s crazy.”

Indeed, it’s only ten minutes since the yin-yang butterfly went out. Without a blood sucking knife, it can’t be alienated. Even if the giant is old and disabled, it’s six meters high and has infinite power. How did the yin-yang butterfly kill it completely in such a short time?


The yin-yang butterfly only sneered back without saying much, but the light from the corner of her eye glanced at the adults in the wheelchair. The reason why he can kill the old and disabled giant so quickly is that he can be slightly alienated now. The pure abyss breath remained in his body. Although it was very light, it was extremely pure. Even the yin-yang butterfly felt that this feeling was more pure than what he felt when he was still an adult.

Yin Yang butterfly is hard to describe, but it is precisely because of this power that he can achieve mild alienation without feeling out of control.

Sir, this is definitely a change after contact with adults!

Yin Yang butterfly was very excited, but quickly calmed down. His brain turned rapidly and soon understood everything! The adult must have expected the problem of the old disabled giant and let him go out alone to perform the task, so that he can find this!

The heart of Yin-Yang butterfly is pounding. No one knows what alienation means in this place better than him. Especially now they are in a bad situation. Adults must want him to keep it a secret and bear it, and then wait until when to cooperate unexpectedly! Sir, this is ready to use him!

But, but

However, yin-yang butterfly hesitated. He is now a member of C-1. According to the psychic media, he should have a good relationship with those tourists, change his mind and start a new life. And the adult specially trained him like this, and then handed him over to C-1.

If he turns against the water this time, his future will definitely be bleak. What’s more, what’s on the wheelchair now is not the master of Xi life, but his slice, which makes the yin-yang butterfly tangle.

Alas, the adult’s orders really made him contradictory and distressed! Is there always a variety of contradictions between the slice and the Buddha? Yin and Yang butterflies dare not respond to the expected eyes of adults in the wheelchair. They simply look at an Xuefeng with a straight face.

Anyway, it must be right to see an Xuefeng! Sir, an Xuefeng is the connecting passenger of C-1 and the most powerful passenger. Sir, you’re just slicing. We can’t do it!

“Wow, what are you laughing at?”

David boasted, but seeing the yin-yang butterfly looking at an Xuefeng, he didn’t say any more, and smacked his mouth. It’s true that someone is covering the yin-yang butterfly now. The yin-yang butterfly has become so hard. It seems that it’s true that an Xuefeng covers C and the mutual aid alliance covers the yin-yang butterfly. It’s not an opportune play.

Wei Xun wondered why the yin-yang butterfly could kill the old and disabled giant, but before he talked with the yin-yang butterfly, the anxious voice of the half life Taoist came.

“The sandstorm is coming. Did you see the sandstorm?!”

Half life Taoist hurried here, with an expression of inexplicable anxiety on his face. Even if there was a lead wire, he couldn’t completely calm down.

“This sandstorm is ahead of schedule!”

Sandstorm advance? What’s the meaning of this?

But soon Wei Xun and others understood.

“Lily saw that Zhu Yuande, Yu Hexuan and Yu feiluan would die at the hands of the disabled giant, and then he Yunlai. He would be lost in the sandstorm.”

Half life Taoist was a little incoherent: “but the sandstorm should come the day after tomorrow, that is, after they reach the petrochemical forest!”

The people present quickly understood the meaning of the half life Taoist. In recent days, the disabled old giant would continue to play with its prey and swallow some every day. When Chen Cheng brigade goes to the petrochemical forest, new events will happen.

Perhaps the old disabled giant dared not set foot in the quarry (petrochemical forest) of the giant tribe, or something happened to it. Next, the people of Chen Cheng brigade no longer died at the hands of the old disabled giant, but began to die in other dangers.

For example, this huge sandstorm.

“Did the giant’s death advance the next death?”

Zhang xingzang reacted quickly: “does that mean that the three people who died in the mouth of giants won’t die?”

“The probability is not high.”

Wei Xun said flatly, “everything is possible before the end of the scene replay.”

“I don’t think it’s good to advance the danger.”

Half life Taoist frowned: “it will bring more danger.”

“Anything should happen when it happens.”

The astrologer, who had been silent, finally said, “it is clear that early or late will bring danger.”

I don’t know if Zhu Yuande will encounter other dangers and what is hidden in the early sandstorm, but as the astrologer said, Wei Xun feels that the surrounding temperature is falling sharply, and the desert night with low temperature is even colder, just like winter.

The tower is not warm, especially where it is in contact with the ground, it can almost completely absorb the temperature of the human body, which is very evil. The crowd moved to the bunker where Chen Cheng brigade is located. The space here is relatively small and warmer.

Chen Cheng and his colleagues have long found a lot of dry and hard skins, which should be the private collection of the former chief male giant. Those huge skins are spread out like carpets, which are relatively clean except for the smell of rotten fruit. However, these unprocessed skins are difficult to prevent the loss of temperature. Only a few of them should be prepared for young giants. The relatively soft skins are still useful.

Several layers of animal skins were spread on the ground, and a fire was lit in the middle. The people sat together in groups. The strong old tourists were not afraid of the cold, but Chen Cheng’s brigade and tour guides were shivering with cold.

“It’s all sand outside. I can’t see anything.”

Soon, Zhang xingzang, Lily and yin-yang butterfly came back from the outside. They went to check the place where the old disabled giant died and the sandstorm outside. The situation was worse than they thought.

“It’s more serious than the Hamadan wind. You can’t see your fingers. The wind blows people away.”

“If the sandstorm doesn’t stop tomorrow, there may be a problem with the hunting plan.”

Zhang xingzang saw the dream chasing dragon Yan lying by the fire, and the tip of his tail was shaking. He didn’t know whether it was because of the cold. Zhang xingzang directly pulled a piece of hot charcoal and stuffed it into the arms of the dream chasing dragon, making it warm all at once. The dragon is not afraid of charcoal. However, yin-yang butterflies and infected people cannot do so.

The little face of the yin-yang butterfly who came back from the outside was pale and stiff. After entering the hotel for so many years, alienation has made them almost immune to cold and heat. It’s really uncomfortable to suddenly feel such cold.

“This is not just a sudden drop in temperature, but also pollution.”

Yin Yang butterfly added, “otherwise I would be so seriously affected.”

He shivered and hesitated for a moment, and finally chose to sit near the wheelchair. Then he sighed comfortably.

Fengniao’s temperature radiates to him. Even Yin and Yang butterflies absolutely admit that an Xuefeng’s strength is extremely strong.

Wei Xun agrees that an Xuefeng’s warmth can almost overcome the extreme cold brought by the cold-blooded. That coldness seeped into the bone marrow, making people cold in legs and feet and numb in hands and feet. However, when the Phoenix was lying on his knee, like a small sun, continuously transmitting the heat to Wei Xun’s whole body, all the coldness was gone.

Just then, Wei Xun felt someone’s eyes. He looked up and saw the astrologer looking at him.

This is the first time an astrologer has’ looked at him ‘.

Is it ‘cold’, cold-blooded?

In full view of the public, Wei Xun met his eyes. He didn’t have that strong sense of being peeped, just as astrologers were just looking at him and didn’t use their own title or power.

Finally, the astrologer looked away, but Wei Xun was interested in playing. He nodded and shook his head calmly: “no hurry, we’ll go there and talk later.”


But to Wei Xun’s surprise, the astrologer did not refuse, but acquiesced. This really makes Wei Xun interested. In fact, he has been looking forward to having a private communication with astrologers.

Not only because of the butterfly fragments, but also because of the close relationship between him and the playful man.

“Is this the dialogue between smart people? God, only psychics and witches can understand your eye contact.”

Katie, who was watching, was amazed. She was not only roasting the fire, but also roasting some meat: “Hey, lily, would you like a piece of roast sand lizard?”

“The giant will come tonight.”

However, lily, a psychic who hasn’t spoken since she came back, suddenly said that the temperature around seemed to be lower.

“Red, huge, deformed face, appeared in the cold night.”

Like the voice of the witch’s prophecy sounded from Lily’s mouth: “it is dead, but it will not rest until it takes away the damned man.”

The author has something to say: tomorrow will be Jiageng and bow

Wei Xun: there is a close relationship between astrologers and pranksters


Kitty: smart people make eye contact!


David: Captain, you have prepared a wheelchair for Bai Xiaosheng for one year! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!




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