TTG Chapter 345

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 345: nutrient solution 650000 Jiageng

How will Lily’s giant come? No one knows right now. Wei Xun noticed that the faces of Chen Cheng’s brigade did not change much, but had normal worries and nervousness. He focused on Zhu Yuande and Yu’s brothers and sisters killed by the disabled giant in history. None of them had any special expressions.

It seems that the result of Lily’s life watching was carried out in private. The well was not told by half life Taoist.

“Guys, let’s not sleep tonight.”

David suggested, “look how the damn giant came and find out… Bah, this meat can’t be eaten. It smells of pollution and decay!”

David’s face changed immediately after he bit the sand lizard meat kebab, frowned bahbahbahbah, and finally threw all the meat into the fire.

“There is also pollution in the monster meat?”

Zhang xingzang took a piece of meat that hadn’t been roasted, frowned and sniffed: “it’s really a little. After eating it, we will be more vulnerable to the pollution of ancient oases.”

Zhang xingzang had also roasted some meat. The dream chasing dragon next to him opened his mouth and saw that Zhang xingzang’s defeated family threw the barbecue into the fire. He was angry and gave him a tail, and then blinked at Wei Xun in the wheelchair.

Wei Xun was a little sorry. The meat in his hand was roasted by an Xuefeng over a low fire. The skin had been roasted to a crisp honey color. It looked crisp outside and tender inside. It smelled sweet and delicious with only some chopped dates. David said there was pollution in the meat. Wei Xun knew why the meat was so attractive to him, but he really wanted to try it.

It’s a pity that David is bad for him. He can’t eat in full view of the public now. Wei Xun collects the barbecue while David borrows dates from Chen Cheng.

“Hey, brother, can you give us some dates?”

David approached.

“These dates are owned by the boss. If the boss has no opinion -”

Chen Cheng looked at the hundred eldest men in the wheelchair and asked for his consent before throwing a small sack of dates. We didn’t attend the red sand giants’ dinner. We didn’t eat much in the tower. These or whole or divided meat were sent by the giants. They were more cautious and didn’t dare to touch the meat of those giant monsters. They always ate the palm dates of the hundred eldest.

They can’t eat meat and have no storage props. They can only eat dates here for the time being. Fortunately, they picked more at that time.

“Fortunately, Bai Xiaosheng has foresight.”

Half life Taoist praised. At the beginning, Wei Xun casually gave Chen Cheng the task of picking dates. The more, the better. Chen Cheng and his brigade were agile. They picked a total of hundreds of Jin of dates. Boss Wei didn’t say so. They always took them with camels, but now they are just in use.

The ripe date is golden, waxy and delicious. It tastes different from other dates and is closer to the best golden honey date. It’s waxy and rusty. It’s sweet but not greasy. It’s delicious.

David ate a few grains of Kwai, but the dates were too sweet and thirsty, so he went outside to pick up a stone and came back with a small fire dragon fire. He quickly picked up a small stone pot and cooked it on the bonfire.

It was difficult to boil water in the stone pot, but there was a small fire dragon beside it. The water in the pot burned quickly. First, almost one cup for each person. It’s not that the West also has the habit of boiling boiled water. It’s common sense to boil the water you want to drink in the wild. In particular, most of these water come from oasis streams and are not pure water.

Seeing that the stone pot was empty after boiling water, Chen Cheng politely borrowed the pot from David, then boiled water and put a lot of dates in the pot.

“Do you want to cook dates?”

Knowing that Chen Cheng was the “protagonist” of the scene, David approached him professionally, sat next to him, commanded little fire dragon to help heat up, and asked curiously.

“Can dates be boiled?”

“Dates are called desert bread.”

It was Wei Xun who answered him. This kind of talk about various background data was Bai Xiaosheng’s unique skill. Wei Xun basically repeated what Chen Cheng had said before, the relationship between dates and Arab mythology, the homonymy between dates and Phoenix Greek, which looked very skilled. He said that David was dizzy and distended, and hurriedly shouted stop, Then laugh and joke.

“There are Ann and dates. Tonight must be Christmas Eve.”

He pretended to hold up the marching kettle with water: “let’s respect the dates!”

Although Bai Xiaosheng’s words made everyone subconsciously eat more dates, even for a good omen, even astrologers ate a few and unexpectedly tasted Chen Cheng’s dates soup – of course, the first cup of cooked soup and cooked dates were brought out by Chen Chengsheng and contributed to boss Bai.

The cooked dates are waxy and rusty. They are sweet and taste good. Wei Xun put them down after eating a few and took his own honey water to drink. The purified magic honey that can eliminate pollution now comes to Wei Xun, just like Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets, but the effect is not significant.

Wei Xun is not hungry. He hasn’t fully digested the pollution he ate before, and even has a little support. His body is full of energy, but his stomach is empty. It’s really strange. Wei Xun knows what he has to eat, but he still wants roast sand lizard meat more than dates. But it seems a little worthless to leave because of this——

“Boss Bai, I have something to tell you.”


Wei xungang took a sip of honey hot water with a cup and saw the infected person coming to him.

He just saw that the infected person had a low voice conversation with the Western butcher guide of Chen Cheng brigade for a moment. The infected person should have come to report the situation, but Wei Xun didn’t expect him to take the initiative. After all, the infected person had been very passive before.

What made him change so much? Is it the arrival of mysticism or when I fought with the old chief… The infected person also changed a little?

Wei Xun was very interested, and the infected person came at the right time.

“Come on.”

Wei Xun was rarely kind and even smiled at the infected person.

“Let’s go over there.”

The infected person didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. For a moment, he even felt that the people in the wheelchair saw through his heart. From the mysterious society and post infected people, he felt that he had become a marginal person. The arrival of this group of powerful tourists made him useless. These people gathered together. The blood Baron and Rex could never attack unless they were crazy.

There’s nothing wrong with being low-key. If the infected people wanted to be low-key before, but now the situation is different.

He looked at his arm and recalled the moment in the afternoon when the skin and flesh at his fingertips cracked and the cracks between his fingers were soaked with blood – this was not injury, this was his alienation, the mutant Toxoplasma gondii in his blood. Infected people prefer the city, which is called “insect God”.

The infected person clenched his fist and hid his bleeding fingers. It happened that the battlefield pollution would invade. Chen Cheng and the dreamer didn’t notice his vision. The change soon ended, and the infected person no longer bled, but this matter stirred up a storm in his heart. This change occurred in the place where the change was impossible. It was what the insect God felt, and it was the insect God who heard a call, and this call——

From the abyss.

From the man in the wheelchair at the moment!

Is it Zhang xingzang, Wei Xun, Bai Xiaosheng, Bingyi, or


In any case, the infected person is now eager to get close to him and understand him. The thrill of controlling this power and the excitement of restoring power are intertwined, which makes the infected person completely give up the original plan! The infected person knew what he had to do to reflect his value, so he took the initiative to approach the Western butcher guide of Chen Cheng’s brigade to obtain information.

Now is the time to show value.

They went to the nearby chieftain tower, where the temperature is very low, but Wei Xun has Fengniao warm hand treasure. He is not afraid at all. The key is the infected person.

Wei Xun found that the infected person was not pale with cold and knew it well.

This person is likely to be slightly alienated.

But for the first time, an Xuefeng was present. The infected person didn’t say anything private, but reported honestly.

“B125, ghost state alienation, belongs to the ferry alliance. He is seriously injured after returning to zero. He has a strong smell of pollution and is already a living dead man.”

B125? The half dead and unconscious tour guide of Chen Cheng’s team even ranked the same as the devil businessman at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, and they were all ghost dissimilated. This coincidence really surprised Wei Xun. However, the next sentence of the infected person raised Wei Xun’s eyebrows.

“They have something to hide from you.”

The infected person said, “the tour guide will also die. Before the end of the journey, there are 11, more than 10, damned people in Chen Cheng’s brigade.”

The infected people think that there are nine people coming with astrologers (plus 11 people from an Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang), not the eight people they say. They hide one person!

“Who do you think that man is“

Wei Xun is interested. They have also discussed the tour guide of Chen Cheng brigade before, but the half life Taoist believes that the tour guide is from the west, has nothing to do with their East and Chen Cheng brigade, and should not be counted as him. Zhang xingzang also feels that although the tour guide is still alive, he was seriously injured by someone after returning to zero. He is basically dead and should not be counted in this scene replay.

But Wei Xun wants to hear what the infected person says.

“I think the black werewolf who sneaked in is very likely to be the silver moon killer. If it is him, the extra person is the lizard Duke!”

The infected person’s tone was unusually firm: “I know about the silver moon killer. According to the grapevine news, he likes keeping and guarding the palace, especially the golden orange department. I suspect it has something to do with the lizard Duke. The lizard Duke may sneak in as another identity, similar to the slice… But this is just my speculation.”

Most of the big people at the top of the western region’s passenger list have “known” about the infected people. At the beginning, the relationship between the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke was relatively confidential, but he found out along the vine, so he had a guess.

Although it is far fetched to judge that the lizard Duke has other identities and can sneak in with the silver moon killer according to the fact that the silver moon killer likes to keep a golden orange palace, the infected person didn’t say anything more, just said:

“The astrologer can certainly see whether the black werewolf is a silver moon killer and whether the lizard Duke has sneaked in.”

So astrologers, why didn’t they mention it at all?

Maybe it’s because they’re not sure, maybe it’s because the black werewolf has nothing to do with the silver moon killer, but in fact, the most important purpose of the infected person is to hint at “Bai Xiaosheng” and an Xuefeng. Mystics can’t absolutely trust him. He’s still very useful for infected people!

“What do you think?”

After the conversation, the infected person left low-key, but Wei Xun didn’t go back. There was no one around. He took out the meat kebab and asked an Xuefeng to bake it with a small fire. A mouthful of meat went down and left his lips and teeth fragrant. The taste was as wonderful as Wei Xun imagined. He sighed comfortably and said hello to Xuefeng.

“The silver moon killer is a traveler. He has never traveled 30 degrees north latitude. His strength here will be stronger than astrologers.”

An Xuefeng said seriously, which means that even if the silver moon killer really disguises as a black werewolf, the astrologer may not be able to see it, but

“You have to be careful of astrologers. He has a strange disposition. He will help whoever fate stands on. ”

An Xuefeng thought about it and gave Wei Xun some details about the past when astrologers made major predictions and ordered people to listen in.

“The astrologer later said that it was the hippies who deceived him and made him see his fate wrong. He didn’t have a good relationship with the hippies.”

If you start from??? It would be a big mistake to be controlled by the astrologer to judge the good relationship between astrologers and astrologers. An Xuefeng seriously warned Wei Xun: “I know you are very interested in him, but you should be more careful. Astrologers have a strong sense of revenge and bear a special grudge.”

* *

“Captain, captain.”

After eating the dates, David was boring to dish his little fire dragon. Suddenly, he saw the infected person coming back alone. There was no figure of Bai Xiaosheng behind him. After observing for a while, he saw that Bai Xiaosheng really didn’t come back. He leaned on the astrologer who was closing his eyes and refreshing twice with his arm.

“Bang bang.”

After the astrologer impatiently opened his eyes, David ‘Bang Bang’ twice and motioned there with his eyes.

Bai Xiaosheng didn’t come back. He must be waiting for you, boss! Didn’t you just talk in detail for a while!

“You ‘Bang’ what, am I a puppy?”

Although he was wronged again, when he saw that the astrologer really got up and walked over there, David hummed a minor, waved his hand to Chen Cheng’s curious eyes, and whispered with a smile: “you know, stars are hot tempered -”

But before he finished, David couldn’t laugh because he was seeing Bai Xiaosheng’s wheelchair coming back this way and just ran into the astrologer!

God, isn’t Bai Xiaosheng going there to wait for astrologers? Just have something to talk to them?

God, it would be embarrassing if it did. The astrologer would screw off his head when he came back!

David’s eyebrows were frightened, but in fact, the astrologer and Wei Xun who met face-to-face were not as embarrassed as his brain. The astrologer bent down – he wanted to bend down, but somehow the astrologer finally bent his knees and squatted down, his eyes flush with the guard in his wheelchair.

He didn’t look at the Phoenix. Wei Xun could feel the astrologer’s eyes on him all the time. But their meeting has attracted the attention of everyone near the campfire. This is not a good place to talk.

“We will have a formal conversation at the end of the year.”

“I just want to have a word with you.”

But before he spoke, the astrologer said it first. His voice is very light, like the sound of Qi, lingering in Wei Xun’s ears. Only he and an Xuefeng can hear it.

When the astrologer stared at the Phoenix and motioned with his eyes, Wei Xun understood that the astrologer wanted to talk to him alone.

What do you want to say to him alone? Do you want an Xuefeng to leave? Wei Xun was really curious, but he didn’t lose his caution. The Phoenix flew away from the wheelchair and stopped at a distance where he couldn’t hear the conversation and could help at any time, but the astrologer didn’t care about him.

He stood up and leaned over Wei Xun’s ear, whispering like a whisper, but his words made Wei Xun breathe!

“I thought he was you.”

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