TTG Chapter 346

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 346: The Sahara of Death (26)

The astrologer really just said this sentence. Then he stood up, looked at Bai Xiaosheng with an expressionless face, and suddenly raised his eyebrow slightly. Then he made a serious gesture and said to Bai Xiaosheng lightly, “then we’ll make a deal.”

Then the astrologer glanced at the Phoenix from the corner of his eye, pretended to nod meaningfully, and then he turned neatly back to the campfire.

Be a Riddler, right? Who isn’t a Riddler yet?

The astrologer snorted and put his right hand in his pocket. David immediately gave him a place by the fire and said curiously, “Captain, what did you discuss with the know it all? You look very happy and laugh.”

what’s so funny!

The astrologer immediately flattened the corners of his mouth, stared at David with sharp eyes, looked straight at him, raised his hand and begged for mercy, and made a zipper around his mouth. Then the astrologer sat down, his hands folded against his lips, and the corners of his mouth seemed to tilt up again, but this time David dared not say anything more.

Captain, he really likes know it all. He’s so happy to say a word!

David sighed in his heart. Then he looked at Ma Katie, who was still eating dates, and couldn’t help saying, “Katie, you’re so lazy.”

Otherwise, with Katie’s orange title of “good teacher”, as long as we try to recruit student development organizations, we will never be less powerful than know it all!


Over there, Wei Xun thought deeply and returned to the campfire. An Xuefeng flapped his wings and landed on the back of his chair. The astrologer’s tricks could not interfere with him, but an Xuefeng really cared about what the astrologer and Wei Xun said. Although he has a good relationship with mystics, an Xuefeng knows that he can’t fully trust astrologers.

No one knows where fate will stand. If fate does not choose you, you will be ruthlessly abandoned by astrologers.

However, even if he cared, an Xuefeng didn’t take the initiative to ask. If Wei Xun wanted to say, he would take the initiative to tell him.

Wei Xun was really lost in thought. The astrologer’s words contained a lot of information. So the astrologer said he was deceived and made a wrong decision, including slicing??? And the man behind him who was hostile to life and announced that he would screw off his head because the astrologer recognized Wei Xuechen as him?

This was really a little unexpected for Wei Xun, but he had a feeling of “it was so”. When Wei Xun thought of the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance, he saw the figure of Wei Xuechen and his blue purple eyes——

Wei Xuechen’s eyes are black. Wei Xun can be sure that they are not the usual brown or dark brown pupils of Asians. Wei Xuechen’s eyes are very black and seem to have been dyed with ink, so that his eyes will give people a cold and dangerous feeling and make people feel difficult to approach without glasses.

Although many titles as like as two peas can change the color of the eye, such as devil dealers, at that time, Wei Xun and Wei Xue looked at each other, but Wei Xun felt that the blue purple eyes were almost identical to his own.

Wei Xun also thought that Wei Xuechen had always arranged the tour guide with the title of cold-blooded person in Bingjiu, and Wei Xun came to replace Bingjiu.

Is it because my brother had long expected that he would come to the hotel and didn’t let him in in in order to prevent – protect him? But in fact, the word protection is not suitable for the relationship between Wei Xun and Wei Xuechen. They should be the relationship of test, experience, climbing and challenge. They are brothers, and there is also the subtle competition and pursuit. Of course, it is mainly Wei Xun chasing.

Is the astrologer’s prediction and slicing problem his own fault, or is there some level of ‘substitution’ or deception? Just as he often pretends to be his brother now, has his brother ever pretended to be him?

Wei Xun doesn’t understand why his brother did this? What is he worth pretending? He disguised himself as a playful man in order to deter, survive and gain more benefits. What’s that brother for?

Or did he and his brother just have some similarities in fate and were mistaken by hotels and astrologers?

No, No.

At first, I thought he was you. “This sentence has a strong directivity. The astrologer wants to find him and the foreseer is him. If the astrologer can see fate, the similarity of fate can not escape his eyes. The meaning in the astrologer’s words is more inclined, so my brother disguised himself as him.

Even though this has not been confirmed and the astrologer has revealed too little information, Wei Xun still has a subtle sense of pleasure in his heart. This feeling is unspeakable. Even Wei Xun’s heart beats slightly faster, and Wei Xun feels that the cold hairs on his arm stand up because of stimulation. What does Wei Xuechen want to do? What is he planning?

But anyway——

“The astrologer said he would give me something”

Wei Xun couldn’t suppress his happiness and whispered to an Xuefeng.

“Something very valuable”

If Wei Xun is right, the astrologer’s slice??? Will be controlled by the hippie, which should have something to do with him, that is, this slice??? The astrologer should give it to him.

But the astrologer admitted the wrong person (cheated) and gave it to the wrong person! That means his slice should be for me!

“Is he going to give you a prophecy?”

An Xuefeng didn’t know that Wei Xun thought so much. He felt that Wei Xun was happy, but his mood became more and more dignified. An Xuefeng knows how much the astrologer bears grudges. Before he went to Western Europe, he had to take David with him. An Xuefeng’s temporary residence was the real residence of mystics. At that time, the astrologer gave him a voodoo doll with the name of the hippie and a needle, and asked him to put the doll into the Inca Sun Gate.

“Since you like the sun, spend the rest of your life in it.”

At that time, the astrologer said this lightly, but it was a pity that the voodoo doll accidentally fell into the sea behind, and an Xuefeng failed to take it back. But Ann Xuefeng doesn’t believe that astrologers have only made such a doll – who knows if there is also an astrologer’s curse when they have been trapped in the Inca Sun Gate for so many years.

An Xuefeng is really afraid that astrologers will vent their anger or curse the life playing people through Wei Xun. After all, the blood of blood relatives must have various effects. He told Wei Xun about his life and said seriously that if the astrologer wanted blood, hair, nails or other personal items like you, and said he would give you divination, he would never promise!

“Maybe, but he said the formal conversation was at the end of the year”

Wei Xun is also curious about what the astrologer predicted in those years. If he recognized the wrong person, what he predicted at the beginning should also be wrong – the astrologer wanted to predict for him, but it was for Wei Xuechen? If so, Wei Xun would like to know about these two prophecies.

“Yes, this year’s warm-up match is likely to be on the west side.”

An Xuefeng said, “if the dreamer becomes A-2, it’s more likely in the West.”

Among the top tour guides in the East and West who participated in the year-end celebration warm-up competition, the dreamer and the lizard Duke are now S2, and Wei Xun also earned the priority to choose the side in the East, so the journey location is likely to be in the West.

At that time, Wei Xun will still go abroad to the territory of the Western District, and the astrologer’s ability will not be limited. Will he do a divination for Wei Xun then?

I don’t know why, an Xuefeng is more worried.

“What do you think of your luck?”

An Xuefeng advised: “astrologers always favor only those who are favored by fate. Just like when they first came in, astrologers took the initiative to remind Zhu Yuande that he is a little similar to half life Taoist, but he is not a kind-hearted good man. He is much more paranoid than half life Taoist.”

Half life Taoist met those people with bad lives (such as a star Tibetan before), but he avoided them and didn’t make positive contact with each other, but astrologers

“If your life is very bad, you may be killed by him.”

An Xuefeng directly exposed his background: “according to astrologers, since your life is so bad, you deserve to meet me.”

“He’s good or bad”

However, Wei Xun felt even more stimulated. According to an Xuefeng, it should be very unlucky for an astrologer to cut off his pessimistic part in despair – Wei Xun only felt that he saw the unknown side of Wei Xuechen indirectly through the astrologer. He sighed: “I like it.”

An Xuefeng:?

“Woo woo!”

But before they could speak again, suddenly, a violent gasp came from the corner of the campfire, accompanied by a sound like a whip, which attracted everyone’s attention. Zhang xingzang and others stood up and surrounded in an instant. Wei xun’an Xuefeng then arrived. He saw that in the crowd, Zhu Yuande was blankly covering his forehead and his eyes were still in shock. Chen Cheng next to Zhu Yuande pulled out his sword, and a tentacle was quietly trying to hide at the tip of his sword——

It’s corn shoots! Zhu Yuande’s tentacles were sucked from the corn shoots!

“No, no, don’t blame it, don’t blame the worm, it’s my nightmare.”

Seeing everyone gathered around, Zhu Yuande was so frightened that he stuttered, but his first sentence was to defend the corn shoots: “I had a nightmare, well, that is, I almost had a nightmare. I should fall down and –”

“Then he pressed on the worm.”

Chen Cheng helped him explain: “this is the worm of boss Wei. It’s either bad or careless.”

The worm is here because they were feeding it dates just now.

“Why do you sleep?”

However, the focus was not on this. David asked seriously, “didn’t you say no sleep tonight?”

“I don’t know, so suddenly…”

Zhu Yuande couldn’t say one, two or three, but others immediately reacted. The eyes of Wei Xun, Zhang xingzang and others had fallen on Yu’s brothers and sisters. My brother held my sister and seemed to be comforting her. Just now they were still eating dates, but the half life Taoist immediately found that it was wrong.

He touched them gently, but he didn’t expect it——


The Yu brothers and sisters fell down directly because of this slight touch. They still opened their eyes and breathed normally, but their eyes had no focus and could not wake up anyway.

They opened their eyes and ‘fell asleep’.

“Woo woo”

At this time, the dream chasing dragon lying on Zhang xingzang’s head suddenly made a low dragon chant. It had never called so before. Its voice was dignified and strange, as if the wind had blown through the canyon corridor. But Zhang xingzang immediately understood its meaning.

“They both fell into a nightmare.”

Zhang xingzang said seriously: “there are no signs. We didn’t feel it before. This is not an ordinary means… This is the ‘history’ in the scene replay!”

Zhu Yuande and Yu’s brother and sister, who should have been swallowed by the old and disabled giant, fell asleep at the same time. This is by no means simple, and the words of the psychic Lily just reflect Zhang xingzang’s statement. The psychic Lily squatted next to her brother and sister, and her hands floating on them seemed to feel something and were trembling slightly.

“Here comes the giant.”

Lily suddenly opened her mouth, but her words made everyone cold behind her.

“In their dreams.”

The author has something to say: [astrologer’s nightmare]

Wei Xun (small voice): do you owe me something?


Wei Xun (small voice): for example, a principal?


Wei Xun (determined): I know you were cheated by my brother, but it doesn’t matter. I’m here now.

Astrologer:—— Wei Xun grabs

“Bring it, you!”

Astrologer: police? I’ll call the police. Someone here is shameless!


[cold joke]

Why do astrologers always hit David?

Because he is David!


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